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Eerie Similarities Between America & Pre-Nazi Germany

  • Rebecca

    Wow Victoria I was raised also that you do not hate. That to hate is like wishing them dead. So I never ever say I hate anyone because I don’t wish anyone dead. What is sad is that I believe these liberals really do hate us in every sense of the understanding of the word we were raise with.

  • Rebecca

    Oh , I forgot, I love your show. The liberal Obama lover openings are hilarious. I have to stop the video and finish laughing so I don’t miss the rest.

    • DAY

      love you victoria…. hope your show lasts a long time,,,, obamalamadingdong is an illegal alien muslim terrorist aiding the muslim brother hood…

  • Al Neuman

    What they say is generally true, about the liberals’ incredible hypocrisy. They claim to value free speech, yet do all that underhanded stuff to try suppressing messages they don’t like.
    Same for womens’ rights, which the libs can’t say enough about. how important they are. Why in the world then does the Left support the Islamists all the time, when their treatment of women is horrible.!
    ( All the while bashing Israel, the ONLY country in the Mideast which DOES respect human rights!)
    The phony hypocrisy of the Left is obvious and disgusting.

    The only negative about this video is the injection of religion, guaranteed to turn a lot of moderates off. Even though i’m Christian, i’ve never understood why some Conservatives insist on conflating THEIR religion with being a good Conservative. It’s a very narrow-minded view and guaranteed to alienate many young people and others. This is a dangerous path for the Republican party to go down.
    Haven’t they heard about separation of Church and State?

    • fort9erdon

      Al, Separation of chuch and state is a myth. This nations founders specifically worked on a document that was “Christian oriented” on it’s face. This nation was born in Christianity. The constitution prohibits the government from “establishing” a religion. It also prohibits anyone who would suppress any free expression of religion, the part the atheists conveniently try too ignore. Now, my challenge to you is for you to show me in the constitution, ANYWHERE, you can find the words, “separation of church and state”. You can’t. They do not exist in that document ANYWHERE, either originally, or as amended! It’s a myth!

      • Eagle 2

        Thank you! You are one of the few who understands what the constitution says and means. We have been brainwashed into this “separation of church and state” myth. The government (thankfully) is prohibited from “establishing” a state religion (as England had) and is prohibited from supressing the free expression of religion. Thank you again!

        • fort9erdon

          You’re welcome. Now, how do we get this message out to liberals??? Well, I can see THAT is a lost cause. They are too full of “kool-aid”!

  • Reelman1946

    I have read many WW2 books on nazis (lefty national socialists)…
    imagine 1 man in 1 small country…and 50 million dead….
    that was 50 million…
    but many schools avoid teaching WW1 and WW2…so kids are clueless as to the nature of evil…

    communists, then nazis and now the cult of allah…
    history should put us on alert but the dimdems are fantasy-based…

    We The People flush the arrogant apostles of utopian socialism in Nov.

    • DAY

      the fifty million dead will be in this country. our money will soon be worthless, and since we import fifty percent of our food and most of our oil and gasoline, we will starve and have no way to grow anymore, or fuel our military, which will be over run. find a place to hide and start hoarding food and ammo…. you’re going to need it…. the illegal alien muslim will soon be coming after you with his million man army…

  • Ms MoomMist

    My mother taught me the same thing about the word ‘hate’. Keep up the great works and we all be singing with Victoria. “I would never say I hate you!”

  • Mys77

    It may not be bad now… but fast forward a decade or more and with the erroding of our constitutional rights, and the bias media coverage, the taking away of our right to bear arms, and denying our freedom of religion, and taking away the rights of parents over the teaching of their children….. it sounds to much like a perfect set up for a Hitler want a be. Don’t think it can’t happen…because being oblivious and indifferent is how it happens before you know it.

  • Sighet

    As a young Jewish girl I actually lived through Nazi
    Germany and Stalin’s takeover of Eastern Europe. We are seeing both philosophies’
    acted out in direct conflict with the US Constitution and the free market. Our
    current government a Red Fascist government is cherry picking and bombarding
    the American people with both Fascist Communist laws and ideology. In my
    experience the Red Fascist follow a practice of exploiting our freedom and
    liberties, despite the fact, that they have no respect for your rights or the
    U.S Constitution at all. Red Fascist uses the war of words, propaganda, free
    speech, agitation, elections, and race, to collect every advantage possible. If
    it serves their objective they won’t hesitate to justify questionable or illegal
    practices. Red Fascist defend corrupt behavior such as lying, cheating,
    sabotage, espionage, subversive organizations you name it. They can never turn
    down destroying this nation’s character on principle; character assassination
    is their weapon of mass destruction. To the Red Fascist morality is strictly
    the white man’s con used to manipulate and exploit other races. At every
    opportunity they pass unconscionable, unconstitutional laws that ban free
    thought and expression, attempting to destroy any spontaneity. In the end the Red
    Fascist just like Hitler and Stalin both will cannibalize their selves and
    everyone around them, believing what they are doing is brilliant, right, and

  • JennieW Save and share this 10 minute video to save America. See also: YuriBezminov KGB U Tube to see what the power mongers plan to do to the leftist fools who put them into power. The power mongers plan to line up the leftist fools (whom they call “useful idiots”) and shoot them before they wake up and realize that they have been deceived and used.

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