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Duck Dynasty Star: ‘They Told Us To Stop Praying To Jesus So It Wouldn’t Offend Muslims’

In an interview with sports spectrum magazine Willie & Phil Robertson, stars of Duck Dynasty, talk about fake bleeps, praying in Jesus’ name, and getting flack from Christians. When the editors of Duck Dynasty asked the stars to stop saying “In Jesus Name” during prayers because it might offend Muslims, Phil Robertson had to stand his ground.

  • darlene

    people watch duck dynasty cause we love them the way they are pray and all

  • Take 2

    B U T a US President can build a secrete Oval Office to pray to Allah through Mohammad.

    • Clint

      I don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

      • Take 2

        The Oval Office must not face east? Obama had a private Office built to avoid Congressional oversights – uses personal non regulated cell phone – Fax – email – sign in book for visitors. and most likely facing east to pray – no shoes and a special hidden closet for his rug!

  • Trebor1

    And how will they feel if we Christians STOP WATCHING because of this kind of thing? If Muslims are so offended here they can leave!

    • Stanley

      They aren’t going to leave! You people will be the ones that leave! Why? Because you don’t have the back bone to look after your own interest So BYE!

      • 5live5

        you might be surprised how much BACKBONE us Christian VETS have!!

        • mogul264

          Yes, but it is time to STOP turning the other cheek! An old preacher once said, “If someone slaps your cheek, turn the other. If they slap THAT one, then I say, the THIRD blow belongs to YOU! We have now been slapped on all FOUR CHEEKS, and MANY times~! So, it is time to “return the blow”! I, myself, won’t stop at ONE!

    • Clint

      I think it is time to double down on the offense to muslims and anything and everything that is a part of Islam.

  • TheSunDidIt

    So, will we obey God or man? I choose GOD.

  • regulus30

    is the potus/left wing a group of muslim sympathizers ? what do you Christians think;; is it time fir another middle east crusade? if Duck Commander wants to win the hearts and minds of 60% of Americans the answer will be “FUC666K-EM”.

    • bjones41

      You are very offensive. I’m sure I’m not the only one that says that, but many other readers. That is not a word conducive to the subject.

      • regulus30

        don’t read it Fred.

      • regulus30

        and you have mistaken me for someone who cares what you and others think.

      • regulus30

        let’s see there are 11 likes and zero negatives;; you must be sure and mark me down teacher;; does that mean I DON’T GET PIZZA AS A TREAT?

        • 5live5

          regulus30, Thirteen with mine!!

          • regulus30

            thanks for your support; some people are very touchy about profane words; it is understandable if they are politically correct i guess.

    • Rubygirl

      Funny (not haha). This is EXACTLY what we are talking about…making like the Robertsons are saying words that need to be bleeped. Your comment is inappropriate to the subject matter.

      And don’t forget that Duck Dynasty is THE #! show on cable so more than 60% are watching…just saying

      Although I can understand your “need” to say “words” with all this PC muslim slime!!!

      • regulus30

        likes [14] ;;dislikes [0]; just saying.

  • CaptTurbo

    I can’t get enough of these folks. I wish I was a neighbor.

    • Hydro

      That shoudl not be hard, move to a Muslim country and take them with you

      • 5live5

        Hydro, I think he means the Robertsons!! Not the muslims!

      • mogul264

        And be sure to tell them you are Christian, if you are! They will be SO gracious and pleased!

  • localnet

    Screw the rag heads. Enough said.

  • HDMania

    F**C the muslims..they can all go home..

  • Surfer4314

    To be honest, The Muslim faith offends me as a God fearing person. when is it going to be ok to say enough BS about Muslims. I am so sick and tired of the PC crap that the government is shoving down on us. It has to stop. Muslims are more than welcome to go back to where they came from , Please leave america now .America belives in God

    • duif100

      Not one of the Muslim countries is the utopia they try to sell to the world.
      Why don’t they stay if it is so good?

      • KellyKAFIR

        Because it is their mission field to convert us or get us all under Shari’ah.

        • junkmailbin

          that is to have us submit or enslave us

    • StellarStella

      It’s only getting this far because Obama is muslim, and is pushing his sponsor’s agendas. They want world domination for their horrible “religion” (doctrine of hate, no religion to it). Every time I think of that, I think of Pinky and the Brain! LOL Meanwhile, they are forcing their way into American culture because of the muslims currently in OUR White House.

      If impeachment would have already been done, we wouldn’t be continuing to hear all this nonsense. muslims are just emboldended because of Hussein in our government.

      They can freaking change the channel if they are “offended”. And quite frankly, what DOESN’T offend them? Bacon, pork, Lego toys, women, children, non-muslims, etc etc etc etc. The list never ends. They just need to move back to their own country, where life obviously is perfect from sunrise to sunset.

      • 5live5

        Unfortunately Surfer, they like children! I still say anyone that molests a child should have the same operation they perform on bulls!!!

        • Mark

          I have to disagree. A child molester does not need that part of their anatomy to molest children. The only solution for child molesters is elimination….preferably slowly & painfully.

          • 5live5

            I agree, but first slowly and painfully, just like a bull!!

      • spookym

        “Obama is Muslim”, explain.

        • Mark

          What is there to explain? He was raised as a mooslim, and therefore is one, even if he no longer follows the evil cult known as islam. He has, on many occasions, expressed his affinity for isalm.

    • Guest

      Muhammed was a pedophile. That’s a documented fact. (Or perhaps child molester would be more appropriate?) And many wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised to be told that he liked camels, too. And I do NOT mean the cigarette.

    • Goldmouse

      When the Muslim in the White house is no longer in Control

      • Herr Capitan Fick

        They are in control and they will stay in control!

        • Hydro

          Only if the American People have lost their resolve to fight – Our forefathers fought England when they had very few resources – endoured unimaginable hardships in doing so – but they one due to their resolve and we today can accomplish the same result if we just stand up and Impeach these imposters – take the time to research who we vote for – don’t just pick a candidate because of the party they are running with – I’m a stauch Republican because of the Platform they claim to run on – but have voted for many Democrates because they were the better of the two running – Example look at John McCain – his service to the country was beyond the call of duty – but he has forgot why he was fighting in the first place It was for God and Country – how we as a people could have sunk so low as to have elected the Fake in the WH is beyond me as Americans are smarter than that – Our courts have been Liberalized and many dissitions coming from them display this fact – Gay Marriage – how can that even be a term – Marriage according to God’s word is between a Man and a Woman – how would pro-creation be accomplished otherwise – even the Gays wouldn’t be around – God didn’t create Adam and Larry – he created Adam and Eve to be able to have a companion and raise children. It’s time to take back our country from the moronic maniacs that are suppose to be doing our bidding – not the American people doing theirs

      • spookym

        Obama is not Muslim; unfortunately, he is christian.

    • 5live5

      Surfer, what bothers me the most is that they say they leave their own country to escape the conditions and when they come here, they want to turn it into what they left!! If that is what they want STAY OVER THERE!!!

    • Baf

      It offends me as well. Besides, what muslim is watching this show to begin with? If it offends them….. too bad, so sad. If I don’t like a show, I turn the channel. If i don’t like whats is on the radio, I turn the dial. I don’t give a rats behind if it offends them. The popularity of this show should tell the producers something!

    • Mark

      I agree! There are many things in the world today I, and many others I know, and millions of people I don’t know find offensive. Islam, sharia law & whining mooslims are only a small part. I don’t see people rushing to our side defending us because we’re offended.

    • Linda Dawson

      The point of Political Correctness is to silence your political opponents.

  • proudtexan62

    And we care if it offends the Muslims, why????? We don’t say anything about their praying to their allah. They need to get a life and stop thinking they can dictate what Americans do it OUR country and if they are offended by what we do in OUR country, they can go back to THEIRS with our blessing!!!

    • Clint

      They can go back to the deserts and pack sand.

    • Me_in_Canada_eh

      Right on. I like the way the Aussies dealt with this issue a few years ago. If you don’t like us, you can leave!

  • SammysDad

    Offend the muslims???? I’m offended that they want them to stop praying to Jesus, I’m offended in just about everything this administration is doing, I’m offended that illegals are kowtowed to and Americans aren’t, I’m offended that we must buy health insurance, I’m offended that vets are not allowed on the WW2 memorial and Michele’s Fat Internet Site stays up.
    Overall Americans are fed up and offended by everyone trying to bend over backward for tiny minorities in this country.

    • 5live5

      Sammysdad, I gave you one UP only cause I couldn’t give you FIVE!!

  • YRofTexas

    Robertson Family – Hold fast; hold firm – do not give in. God is backing you up and loving the witness you are doing. Whatever happens, stand your ground and God will provide!

  • BH206L3

    They forget that Phi is a very very well educated man, You get into it with him and you are going to loose the debate. And Willy is just as educated and devote as well, A+E needs them more than they need A+E.

    • YRofTexas

      Absolutely TRUE!

  • Michael

    The muslims can always return to their own countries. Their religion doesn’t save anyway.

    • mallen11

      And it has nothing to offer that helps anyone. I don’t hear or see them doing anything to help others in this nation; in fact, they take but don’t give and they done’t even have to buy health insurance.

  • Jo

    I love the wisdom that comes out every time Phil opens his mouth. Robertson Family, keep telling the truth and speaking the name of Jesus! It’s working! May God protect you and give you favor in all areas of your lives. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen! Truth overrides facts always. God’s truth never fails!

    • YRofTexas


    • parlayer

      This Family is certainly a Class Act, Respectful, in their words and actions?? I would aspire to be as good a person as those gentlemen.

      • Clint

        In the 40’s and 50’s the Robertson’s would have blended into the background because they would have been no different than their neighbors. What makes them special is that they are not mainstream and they retain the values of years gone by. I wish them all the success that they can endure without changing them. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is God, and their is no other.

    • Terri


    • winlass

      We love what you are teaching the children! More prayers going up so blessings come down!

    • 5live5

      He is already Blessing them as proven by their success!! I pray that it continues!

  • darth vader

    If the muslims don’t like who we pray to,let them ALL go back to their stinking desert and live on camel dung!

  • Vicky

    When the contract is up, They should just move over to “The Blaze” I’m sure they would be more than welcome there!

    • YRofTexas

      I, for one, would not be able to see them if they moved to “The Blaze”. They are great witnesses right where they are…in the middle of secular tv! Ok, let them syndicate and show up on The Blaze and A&E…I ain’t selfish! LOL

  • Gabby354

    If they are offended, they can watch something else.
    Freedom OF religion. Way too many people agree with the Robertsons to listen to a minority who seem to be offended anything and everything.

    • 5live5

      The producers just don’t understand that the constitution says Freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion! If they cancel the show because of their prayers, they ought to SUE the producers for restricting their freedom OF religion!

  • Ray Allen

    f–k muslims

    • YRofTexas

      Rather, I pray that muslims come to know Christ. If they come to know just who Christ really is, and not some prophet..some regular man…then they would find such joy in life and they would turn from this satans spawn of a false religion – islam.

      • Mainman12

        I agree with you about praying for them. However, I’d hesitate to call Muhammed a regular man, unless that is, if one considers Hiltler and Stalin “regular” men. Muhammed the mass murder of the 7th century. We should all know and remember that in the 7th century Egypt was 99 percent Christian. Consider what the murderous muslims have wrought throughout the mideast.

        • YRofTexas

          I know. Muslims are responsible for so much pain and sorrow on earth…

      • 5live5

        Yrof, I know that is the proper thought, and I hope my Lord can forgive my thoughts, but for most of them I hope the only way they come to know Christ is on JUDGEMENT DAY!

  • parlayer

    Said just the way it should have been said, Perfectly done. Keep it coming, don’t change a thing. In Jesus name, Amen.

  • Terry Wilcox

    If Muslims don’t like Duck Dynasty… they can be-head themselves… in Allah’s name.

    • parlayer

      on video.

      • YRofTexas

        Oh dear…

        • parlayer

          not like they haven’t done it to non-muslims and posted online. good enough for christians, good enough for them, by the same hands.

    • jdangiel

      I’ll help.

  • Brendajanetorres

    The Muslims DON’T have to watch it, problem solved! I don’t think it would hurt their ratings any…

  • sooner4ever

    Muslims aren’t watching. Furthermore, it’s offensive to believers that they aren’t allowed to have their religion honored as much as the networks honor a death cult of misogynistic pedophiles.

  • Samurai_Sam

    Hold your ground Phil we love the show the way it is and I don’t consider myself a really religious person. If the Muslims are offended they can watch sponge Bob squarepants, or better yet move to a country that doesn’t allow freedom of speech. Hollywood and the liberals can stuff it!

    If they continue to edit your stuff just refuse to continue the show. We’ll miss ya’ll but you need to stand your ground. Amen to you brothers!

    • YRofTexas

      Yes, I would hate to lose the show, but as Christians, we have been too cordial, too complying..we need to stand our ground, and trust that God will take care of us.

  • 19greg45

    Well duh!! How many muslimes does A&E think watch Duck Dynasty anyway? There can’t be that many. Keep on praying guys. The ones that don’t like it can use the channel change button or the on/off button, instead of making trouble for the rest of us who enjoy your show. It’s way past time for the easily offended to just piss off and leave people alone.

    • 5live5

      Hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and they will confuse their TV remote with the remote on their suicide belt!!

  • mathis1689

    When a Christian church of any kind can legally and openly operate in Saudi Arabia and when Christians aren’t threatened with death by Muslim terrorists then I’ll start worrying about offending Muslims. Until then I could care less if they’re offended.

    • YRofTexas

      Good point !

  • Old1946vet

    I am so tired of not offending Muslims. If THEY don’t like seeing and hearing prayers thanking Jesus Christ then DON’T WATCH THE SHOW!

  • duif100

    I am offended when Muslims pray to allah.
    It offends me to all those asses in the air.
    What if they all f4rt ?

    • YRofTexas

      Now, now. They think that this is showing respect to their allah. They just don’t know any better. They think they are worshiping the God of Abraham, but they’re not. Its very sad…


    I love the “Ducks”!

    • YRofTexas

      Yeah..with the Led Zepplin music at the forefront..really sets the independent, maverick, non-conformist, rebel theme!

  • AKgal

    God Bless DD and your entire family’s ministry. I gladly watch DD reruns instead of ungodly entertainment!!

  • Terry Wilcox

    When Muslims accept America as their Country… they must accept that AMERICA was founded as a Christian Nation, they must behave as all other religions within the boundaries of this great nation… PEACEFULLY and RESPECTFULLY of all other religions, allowing all to exist in peace! Not to supplant Muslimism nor to take over the sovereignty of this nation, of FREE thinking people. If OUR religions offend the greater Muslim Religion… don’t move here.

    • CQ

      The problem is liberals who would trade our freedom for submission to Muslims. That is what they are asking every time they tell Americans we should stop what we are doing because it offends Muslims.

  • babsan

    Who cares about these barbarians,they sure do not care so that takes care of that complaint.Obama and his terrorists can all move back to where they came from,but that would take away the take over of America

  • munkybiznus

    Islam shouldn’t be allowed in the US in the first place,,, One of the basic tenets of Islam is the overthrow of our gov’t

    • YRofTexas

      As I understand it, there are some sections of cities in Michigan (I believe) that have warnings posted that it is dangerous because you are entering a sharia zone. So, apparently, they have succeeded in taking over some cities. And since Obama has several Muslim brotherhood members in his Homeland Security cabinet, its just a matter of time that we have their influence in every segment of our governments…

      • munkybiznus

        You must be speaking of Dearbornistan, Right outside Detroit

        • YRofTexas

          It may be near Detroit, I admit I do not know the name, or even if it has a name, but there are growths of towns such as these.

          • 5live5

            Oh it’s definitely Dearbornistan!!! I’m 62 and as a kid I used to go there with my parents to visit my aunt. had a good time. Now I wouldn’t go there for money!!

      • StellarStella

        It’s like a fungus.
        we need some strong fungicide to spray on DC and Michigan!
        DC has the second highest muslim population, with Dearborn or Detroit (not sure who is first at this point) being first.

      • Ruth

        Dr.Jack Van Impe just announced on his show Sunday , that 20 major US cities , Cleveland in my state, are already in the process of implementing Sharia/Muslim court systems. …This is a fact , and was also in NWD…Van Impe lives in the Detroit area….Wake Up America before it’s toooo late. ..!!!

        • 5live5

          Ruth, I’m from just east of Cleveland and I haven’t heard a thing about that. Would you post a source so can check that out?

      • glop

        Did you know that the keys to the city of Detroit were given to Saddam Hussein several years ago? It is a documented article. Pray for the keys to come back.

    • StellarStella

      That’s why our traitor prez is in the wrong office! He needs to be removed.
      However, it won’t solve the problem now – he has loaded our government with muslims in all kinds of positions, even some people with MB ties. Why do you think Hussein closed off the White House? It wasn’t to hurt you and me – it was so they could add Islamic influences in our own government seat. You can bet there are prayer places all over there now. They need to be torn out as soon as someone American gets into office again.

    • Clint

      Enter, stage left, the one and only, Barack Hussein Obama!!!!!! How better to overthrow the government than to have a muslim plant in the uppermost office in the land?

      • munkybiznus

        Non-military cuitizens in America have so LITTLE understanding of what FREEDOM means, it makes me sick….. Israeli’s have the BEST idea, EVERYONE in the US, MEN AND WOMEN should be required to serve——at LEAST one tour

  • bungicord

    I enjoy offending muslims. It makes me happy.

  • CQ

    I have no tolerance for Americans telling me I need to modify my behavior to avoid offending immigrants, and immigrants, Muslims especially, have no business being offended by Americans behaving like Americans.

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    Just like painful itchy hemorrhoids, Muslims should be removed. Women offend them, pigs offend them, dogs offend them, the name of Jesus offends them. Too bad, their garb offends me, so does looking at their smelly butts sticking up in the air.

    • YRofTexas

      If their faith were changed; if their eyes were opened so that they could see the evil that is written in the Quoran, as well as understand the history of this radical religion of islam…its roots, its history in detail (slavery; at one point 3/4 of the people of the world were slaves under islam). Current worshippers of islam would flee and seek refuge outside islam.

  • YellowJacket2

    I recall the day that the Muslims opened their first Mosque in Richardson, Texas. They installed extremely large speakers and fed them with a high-powered amplifier. And five times a day they used that megawattage system to broadcast their call to prayer. The ear shattering out of tune chant could be heard for miles. And when the community protested they were told that nothing could be done because they had a protected right to practice their religion. So those that could moved away. And those that couldn’t used ear plugs. And then one day the Muslims protested about the loud noise of the bells being rung by the neighborhood Catholic Church. And guess what. The city made the church turn down the sound of the bells. Apparently we now live in a nation that gives precedent to Islamic Mosques over a Christian Churches . I’ve searched the Constitution from front to back and can’t find a single word about the primacy of the Islamic faith. And, I might add here, that this was the same Mosque that was running the Holy Land Foundation which was a front to provide funding for Muslim terrorist organizations. One of which high jacked four airliners. Two of them they rammed into the WTC, and a third into the Pentagon on 9/11. Thanks to the courageous passengers they didn’t get to ram the fourth into the Whitehouse.
    I don’t live in the Richardson area any more. But I understand that that Mosque is still breaking eardrums and still preaching hatred of America.
    And these are the people that Hollywood doesn’t want to offend. Hollywood, you offend the hell out of me with your stupid sanctimonious phony concern for the Muslims feelings. What really offends you is the name of Jesus. It grates on your anti God souls. I will support the Robertson’s and their right to say Jesus as loud as they want. And if you pull them off the air I will turn A&E off for good.

    • YRofTexas

      Excellent post! Where in Richardson is this mosque? I have lived in the Plano area since 1966, and I would love to know where this mosque is. Now, I will also state that I literally live across the street from a mosque right now – in Frisco. I have lived here for 6+ yrs. I have not ever heard any noise from them – ever..which is surprising to me, now that I think about it. Bear in mind that I live in the middle of the apartment complex, so the noise may be muffled. If they ever do start with the rantings, I will most definitely speak up…

      • glop

        I should like to recommend a book for all to read. It is called ”The Mosque”; my copy is not where I thought, so I can only give you the title. It will open your eyes to what really goes on in most of them. Another good true story is “The Torn Veil” by Gulshan
        Esther (Christian name), published by C.L.C. Books, Fort Washington, PA 19034. It’s a small book for quick reading; very powerful, tells what happens when family members of muslims turn to and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

      • mogul264

        I believe it’s near the corner of either Buckingham Rd, or Spring Valley and Plano Rd, in a small town which was called Buckingham. The town may have been absorbed into Garland or Richardson, now. A small town doesn’t have the means to resist something like this, which may be why it was built here.

    • parlayer

      Shoulder to shoulder with you on this. US Army Ret.

    • StellarStella

      Then the Catholic church AND the residents of Richardson should have fought harder!
      How did they even get a permit to build a mosque in the first place? Waving money in front of a politician’s nose? it is sad how much ground they have managed to get.
      How many people know they are commanded to build a new mosque every time they win something over an “infidel” (aka normal people). Mosques sprang up everywhere after 9/11 in celebration of the WTC hits. It should have never been allowed, but apparently money talks to smaller cities too. They are hitting heartland places, because things used to be quiet and people were trusting. Time to send them ALL packing, and to stop issuing ANY permits for more mosques ANYWHERE in America.

      • YRofTexas

        We also need to flush them out, and destroy the mosques, tear them down and put up a parking lot…ooo, I just had a song go thru my mind right now…in any case, you are right about their show of submission of a peoples by raising up their flag (mosque) as a showmanship of authority and power. Now these corrupt buildings are going up everywhere. Apparently those who implemented the 9/11 war on America studied well in psychology, and knew that if they fought us on our soil, that Americans would feel “guilt” and allow the muslim to plant seeds all over the place.

      • Clint

        Amen, a thousand times over, nay a million times over!!!

      • mogul264

        One of the reasons they use is our OWN ‘freedom of religion’ clauses! The ACLU jumps up and down and uses the law to force compliance! Never mind that this ‘religion’ is NOT a religion, but a POLITICAL SYSTEM using religion as a cover! This is NOT allowed by our Constitution, but the liberals gloss over this and claim it IS a religion, and we must allow it, and degrade ours!

        Should Islam and shariah become the rule here, God FORBID, these idiots will be eliminated along with the rest of us infidels. Those liberals that remain WILL then be tolerated only if they swear conversion to Islam, and then treated as slaves and useful idiots!

    • Bob

      Contrary to common belief, the First Amendment does NOT mean what people say it means by taking words out of context. It’s single sentence, single subject text states:

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

      So what does this mean? FREEDOM OF RELIGION! First the government will not force us into any official government religion. But it will not prevent us from worshiping God in the manner in which each of us believes is appropriate, and not shut us up about it verbally or in writing. Peaceable assembly refers back to the original definition of the word “church” which is simply a group of people gathered together to worship God. Obviously, the government is not currently going to address any violations of these rights.

      Exceptions to the First Amendment? I can only think of one. Any religion that believes and teaches that people that do not believe as they do should be killed or enslaved is OBVIOUSLY VIOLATING the First Amendment RIGHTS of the rest of us AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED!

      • Luther Robinson

        The Constitution says freedom of religion not freedom from Religion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ollie

      OH, you will turn A & E off for good! Do you honestly think they give a hoot! You’re a fool! You’re a gutless wonder,and so are your country pansies, that’s why they push you around! Now go sit down and be quiet!

      • Clint

        Is that Ollie, as in Alllah? A minor change in vowels, works wonders with the low information voters.. After all, hiding behind an anonymous post is so, ummmm, manly, don’t you think? Allah, excuse me, I mean Ollie, (slip of the conscience) you always seem to hide behind a veil by proxy, (and only for your women of course), The muslim males are so insecure in their masculinity that they kill their wives because the men themselves do not measure up to what God created men to be. A protector an provider for the present life and a teacher/instructor of the young for the subsequent generations. In short or long, one who is subordinate to God’s will and perpetuates God’s creation

      • Luther Robinson

        You are the FOOL I hope we as Americans do not shut up and sit down I would wish we standup and shout we are Americans not Muslims we welcome you to join us here and love our country do not try to change us love it or leave it!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • mogul264

        You’re probably right, but if we ACTIVELY BOYCOTT sponsors, TELLING THEM WHY, and start a write-in campaign to the A&E network detailing what our plans are, it MAY help. A&E is owned by a consortium of some Asians, Disney and others, Google to find out who. Write to THEM, as well!

        Money talks, and BS walks!

  • CombatVet


  • Tigerlake4

    I’m a Christian…but I would tell them to get Fucked!!

    • CombatVet


  • Tigerlake4

    Tell them to go gargle with a Glock and a full mag!

  • Viking

    I would be very proud to be part of the Robertson family. I just love this family, they are so real.

    • YRofTexas

      Feels, like you know them personally, doesn’t it??? Bizarre!

      • parlayer

        The “Real McCoy” although he was black. (Automatic oiler for train wheel berrings while train was moving), was the sales pitch after patent ran out.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Life is IN JESUS NAME or it isn’t LIFE. LOVE these guys. NEVER saw the show but, LOVE their message and the name of Jesus.

    • YRofTexas

      Hey, you need to find it and enjoy it ~ little 30 minute segments. I swear I just sit there with a permanent smile on my face. And laugh??? OMG…I nearly wet myself sometimes,they are so doggone funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheSunDidIt

    By the way Duck Dynasty folks, LOVE your message.

  • Ray

    f…k the muslim. they need to be beheaded.

    • YRofTexas

      No. no no no no….We need to pray that the muslim come to know Christ. It’s their souls that are in jeopardy!

  • D. Guardian

    …so why they don’t tell the muslims to stop praying to satan and leave Christans alone, this is our country, you no like , you leave, easy…

  • JW

    Enjoy your show, I really don’t think that those dirty night shirt camel jockeys watch Duck Dynasty anyway.

  • StellarStella

    Are muslims forbidden from using a tv remote to change the channel?
    Move along if you are “offended”. And quite frankly, who cares?
    muslims offend everyday Americans every day!
    Try using some of that “tolerance” you want from everyone, and leave people alone!

  • standforliberty

    Where is the Christian Mafia? It’s o.k. if Christians go to war and kill people but it’s not o.k to kill muslims and defend U.S. citizens because their afraid they’ll go to HELL…

  • Norma Jean Buhle

    re:Praying “in Jesus’ Name”: Phil knows that GOD’S Word says to ask (pray) in Jesus’ Name, but probably couldn’t remember the verse. Here’s one: John 16:23-24. Besides, Phil said that it is wise, and I would agree because it was Jesus’ who defeated satan, overcame physical and spiritual death, etc. When we acknowledge The Lord Jesus in all our ways, He promises to guide our path. Prov. 3:5-6 To tell a Christian to bow to your religion, eliminating “Jesus” is like trying to direct us to the religion of anti-Christ! We will not offend GOD. To be a Christian is a “free-will” choice. It is The HOLY SPIRIT, only available thru Christ, who draws someone to GOD; reveals who HE is to a person, so if someone does not want to be a follower of Christ, GOD allows that. He allowed satan to freely turn from Him, but GOD will be in charge of the final consequences. From that, everyone should choose wisely, as Phil indicated, and stop trying to force your unbelief on others. GOD Bless.

  • sunnyblues

    So…Muslims are watching Duck Dynasty, knowing what it’s about…and they might be offended?? Now that’s Hollywood logic!

  • Norma Jean Buhle

    There seems to be a lot of misconception about following Christ. Followers of Christ are only to present Christ, what He did, out of love, for mankind, and “advertise” Him (so to speak). We have no power to draw anyone to GOD on our own. The HOLY SPIRIT bears witness, after we have invited Christ into our hearts, that we have eternal life and witnesses that we are children of GOD.
    Romans 8:16, Eph. 1:13

    • YRofTexas

      yes, the Holy Spirit, which is part of the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I am amazed of the persons who feel that they have to “help” God. Some Christians don’t trust God’s Holy Spirit to take care of things. We are here to plant the seed of God’s love, and the Holy Spirit takes it from there. The muslims, on the other hand, feel that it is their “duty” to help their god allah by killing people, because their false god allah can’t do it on his own.

    • Norma Jean Buhle

      Freedom to speak: Phil knows that GOD’S Word says to ask
      (pray) in Jesus’ Name, but probably didn’t remember the verse. Here’s
      one: John 16:23-24. Besides, Phil said that it is wise, and I would
      agree because it was Jesus’ who defeated satan, overcame physical and
      spiritual death, etc. Here’s another reason we pray “in Jesus’ Name”. When we acknowledge The Lord Jesus in all our
      ways, He promises to guide our path. Prov. 3:5-6 To tell a Christian to
      bow to another religion, eliminating “Jesus” is like trying to direct us
      to the religion of anti-Christ! We will not offend GOD. To be a
      Christian is a “free-will” choice. It is The HOLY SPIRIT, only available
      thru Christ, who draws someone to GOD; reveals who HE is to a person,
      so if someone does not want to be a follower of Christ, GOD allows that.
      He allowed satan to freely turn from Him, but GOD will be in charge of
      the final consequences. From that, everyone should choose wisely, as
      Phil indicated, and stop trying to force your unbelief on others. GOD

  • LroF5LFjiB

    Muslims can simply turn the station. They can start their own show screwing sucks!

  • bonnie

    it was said, One will come from the dark side, gain power and distroy everything.

  • woodsman1946

    If my Christian religion offends you then please feel free to leave my country.

  • junkmailbin

    i could give a flying F about offending some arrogant Muslim he Constitution says nothing about protecting what you right to not be offended.

  • Norma Jean Buhle

    re:Praying “in Jesus’ Name”: Phil knows that GOD’S Word says to ask
    (pray) in Jesus’ Name, but probably couldn’t remember the verse. Here’s
    one: John 16:23-24. Besides, Phil said that it is wise, and I would
    agree because it was Jesus’ who defeated satan, overcame physical and
    spiritual death, etc. When we acknowledge The Lord Jesus in all our
    ways, He promises to guide our path. Prov. 3:5-6 To tell a Christian to
    bow to your religion, eliminating “Jesus” is like trying to direct us
    to the religion of anti-Christ! We will not offend GOD. To be a
    Christian is a “free-will” choice. It is The HOLY SPIRIT, only available
    thru Christ, who draws someone to GOD; reveals who HE is to a person,
    so if someone does not want to be a follower of Christ, GOD allows that.
    He allowed satan to freely turn from Him, but GOD will be in charge of
    the final consequences. From that, everyone should choose wisely, as
    Phil indicated, and stop trying to force your unbelief on others. GOD

  • disgusted

    Let them change the channel if they don’t like it

  • Guest

    Those truly stupid network people! Phil, take the show to another network that will guarantee you by contract that you don’t have to change a thing.
    As for offending the Muslims, they can go to he77, which is where they will be going anyway. They can do what most intelligent people do if they don’t like what happens on a TV program: CHANGE THE STUPID CHANNEL, STUPID PEOPLE!!

  • mallen11

    I pray that the Robertsons stick it out and pray what they want to pray. There are more non-muslim in this country than muslim and they don’t have to to watch the program. There are enough Americans who want this type of program to buy the sponsors products. Why would A&E want to change the programming; haven’t they heard us speak? We like it the way it is and that is why we watch it and if they want to try to make it like other programs with cussing, etc. then forget it. Hollywood needs to listen to those who watch and what they like. We have spoken loud and clear about Duck Dynasty.

  • marineh2ominer

    The only harmless function of muslims in the world is the joy of offending the barbarious brutal murdering b–t–ds . ALL MUSLIMS , ESPECIALLY ALL THOSE IN AMERICA ARE NOTHING MORE THAN PILES OF STINKING FECES . if they don’t want to be offended they can leave or convert , otherwise they are the filthiest evil in the nation .

  • areunuts?

    Then why should they be allowed to pray to Allah in our country, it should go both ways. We have to leave them alone to be who they are=, then make them behave the same way, and stop killing people because they can’t say the prayer from the Koran? Gods are suppose to love us all and we are supposed to love they neighbor as thy self. If they practiced that would they have to kill their own kind?

  • Myrtle Linder

    Did anybody ever stop a moment and consider how the Muslims, the illegals, offend us, the citizens. They belittle out SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST and expect to be treated like kings and queens. They should be booted out, then they would not be offended.

  • dlpannebakker

    Politicale correctness is none sense.
    If you do not like what you hear or see, be a grown up & walk away or look elsewhere.
    Being an American & living in these times of PC Obama & the rest is truley embarrassing & frustrating with all the childish antics.

  • Fred_K

    Muslims are allowed to be offended. In fact, I hope they are offended. The muslims probably do not watch the show anyway. I would not watch if they did not profess Christianity. If the muslims do not like the show they can go to a country that is under sharia law, and leave the US alone.

  • HrtbeatofAmrica

    Tough noogies I say

  • TPS12

    muslims can choose not to watch, that’s how it works when we all have Freedom of choice.


    Pleas show me the part of the constitution that protect against personal offense or hurt feelings? When they show it to me I want it used on President Obama because he offends me and many more people. I love my country but fear my government.

  • Jacki

    How about I stop watching? I like you praying. SO KEEP DOING IT. If Muslims are offended. They can change the channel.

  • suz

    muslims offend me they take from our country and leave garbage in their Path. Duck Dynasty should not be changed as it is suppose to be a reality show.

  • yaki534

    Frankly I do not give a care what the muslims think.I am not offended when they pray to their allah.Maybe I should be.

  • Mark Smith

    How many muslims do they think watch the show? My guess would be 000000.

    • notalib

      They probably don’t know what duck hunting is, what a duck call is and could care less. They should take note that it involves a lot of big shot guns in the hands of people that know how to use them. Especially if they are a flying muslim in duck camouflage. Now I’m not advocating violence so don’t give me a bunch of bs.

  • re

    why do minorities have so much power and the stations will kiss there you know what .they can pray in our schools but we can not pray In there’s. in fact they will kill you for it.

    • notalib

      Part of the reason are weak kneed, spineless politicians and partly because we elect these type of politicians. This is America and we need to really start to protect Her!

    • regulus30

      in business we call ti the 80/20 rule;;80% of the attention is paid to the 20% whiners.

      • John Cherish

        In business we fired the whiners, as they were usually dead wood and non-productive, ps most of them were Democrats does that tell you anything

        • regulus30

          in my businesses I used a tactic called :”i am going to give you everything you need to succeed”, if you follow my model you win if you are too stupid or ignorant to use it you will fail ; fired very few but had a truck load resign.

  • billconner

    This country was founded on Judea Christian believes, plus this goes against the Constitution last time I check this was America first amendment Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; Or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. this was so important to the founders they made it the very first amendment and the second amendment to protect the first cause you notice the very next one had to do with Guns the way I look at it if you don’t like it leave go back the crap hole you came out of and leave my country alone

  • nancyleecole

    We need to get all these Muslims OUT of our Country. This is a Christian Nation founded on Christian Beliefs. We don’t care about these Muslims and their beliefs. We need to stand up against this. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • notalib

    Excuse me but who gives a flying f*** what the Muslims think? This is our country and it isn’t mulim yet. It anyone one of them feel offended they can turn the channel or they can leave this country and go back to the hell hole they came from. I am sick and tired of our whimps in business or politics wondering what do the muslims say. This is America for crying out.

  • notalib

    These guys are so popular they don’t need their sponsoring station.

  • OldCorpsEd

    Phuk Muslims and their gutter “god” and pedophile “prophet”.

  • Ken Jackson

    Good job. Keep it up Phil. I watch the show because of the humor and the fact that I don’t have to be embarrassed if my grandchildren are in the same room. You folks are real, and really entertaining. And praying in the name of Jesus is the icing on the cake. Finally, a realistic comedy that has not denied the supremacy of God. Producers can, and often do, take a perfectly good show and ruin it by interfering with the natural run of things, by being politically correct, and by trying to engineer confrontations.

  • Herr Capitan Fick

    The government will put their P C on your women, kids and most of you weak minded men that let their women and kids control you! The gov only put their wishes on the ones that allow them to do it! The same with the guns! The gov will teach the women and kids to hate guns! It won’t happen over night but in a few years! You people are probably toooo stupid to see this but at my age with no kids I really don’t give a darn!!!!!!

  • Lari

    I’m offended by the muslims! They can haul their sheet covered heads back to their sand pit!

  • Don Sr.

    The president is not the omly person who has the right to apologize for something. We the people apologize to the rest of our country for the president we are faced with. We apologize for allowing a seed to be planted in our beloved country with muslims pushing their agenda. Thanks but no thanks to anyone who feels our Lord is a threat to them. If the leadership in America had just half the Christ filled hearts that the people of Duck Dinasty have what a wonderfull place this still would be. Our God teaches us to love even our enemies. It would do the rest a lot of good to take time to pray as we do and to read a truely while book…the Bible.

    • jane Doe

      I, as a citizen, truly apologize to the entire decent patriotic and moral, once wonderful and
      powerful and well respected country, for this person that visits the Oval Office in the White House; that is when is he not on vacation or playing golf. This Muslim oriented man is evil and dangerous for AMERICA. Remember shortly prior to his swearing in, he said
      “In five days we will fundamentally transform this country”.

  • naturalone

    Im so tired of this setup BS ,wish this country would come together,and throw these traitors out of office.they are stealing our heritage,not to mentionour constitutional rights.Wakeup AMERIKA,BEFORE YOU GET ROLLED OVER BY THE NWO.

  • Patrick Henery

    Rise up patriots… It’s time for the true patriots who love freedom and our savior Jesus to rise again .. Give me liberty or give me Death…

  • Rubygirl

    I am offended that I and my family have to be worried about offending the muslims. I’m a Christian and when they yell “allahu akbar” (sp) when they kill someone, I’m offended. I’m tired of obama proclaiming November as “muslim month”. I’m tired of our taxes going to the NPS to educate us on how happy muslim women are. I’m tired of our school children being MADE to observe muslim customs but can’t pray in public or say the Pledge of Allegiance. I’m tired of obama telling NASA to promote muslim achievement in space (what???). I’m really tired of having to worry about offending people who hate us.

    Robertsons, please stand firm. Your faith and family is what makes your show the #1 show on TV!!

  • Wayne

    Seems to me Islam is not a religion but a Pathology like Nazism! The fact that their Kuran was written by one man in his lifetime makes it look like a book written that people chose to follow as some sort of Idolic master. Islam does not like infidels and they don’t even get along amongst themselves. That is not religious like to me. Around the world Islam promotes Suicides, Murder and destruction With manuals teaching people how to do it! No one escapes Islam’s rath, men, women, and children are all targets!

  • suzeeqbl

    Duck Dynasty is feeding a great spiritual need in this country. Phil is so right we do have to be patient. This is a spiritual war.

    • jane Doe

      You are sooooooooooo right. The government et all are trying their best to destroy our
      faith, our country, our morality, our families, our integrity , IT SUCKS!!!!!

  • 5live5

    God Bless Them!!! I HOPE I offended a few!!

  • ChildofELOHIM

    From the Old Testament to the final chapters of the New Testament; GOD does make it very clear that either a person will be gathered to HIM, the LORD, GOD of Israel; or by default, gathered to the one that cannot… “save”, out of HIS hand!!!

    It is up to every individual, either one will accept CHRIST Jesus as one’s LORD; Savior; and Advocate… or be among the many that find themselves without a Shepherd, in that terrible day!!!! Do not allow the powers that be to separate any, and especially our nation, from the name and love of CHRIST!!!!

    Finally, it should be very obvious to everyone, if a person prays to a spray bottle… First Amendment!!! Pray in the name of Jesus… world crises; and whatever happened to that same First Amendment???!!!

  • Arizona_Don

    We once had a sign in our office which stated kill’em all let God sort out the guilty. When it comes to muslims the sign pertains.

  • ChildofELOHIM

    Everyone should know, whether they wish to believe it or not, there are GOD haters, among us!!!

    If you don’t believe it, try this experiment for yourself! For the next week or several days, politely, politely now, wish all individuals a “Blessed Day”! You will find, basically, three reactions! A.] A smile and equally polite reception! B.] Quite indifference. Or C.] Some form of hostile reaction! Or even on, occasion, what can or could be described as a ‘death stare’!!!!

  • pduffy

    If you are offended, turn it off. I don’t watch CNN (the communist news network) EVER! Why would a muslim watch a show that offends them? This is not about the muslims, but the hollywood producers that are offended by Jesus’ name.

    • jane Doe

      That is why there are different channels on the TV

  • phil62

    I just wish that Phil and the family could know the FAR FLUNG positive influence they have had and are continuing to have on our society. Every day another step is made and another person that was calling us backward, inbred, rednecks are learning that we are just the same as them but we believe in God and Jesus to lead our decision making. Like Phil said take it one small step at a time and sooner or later the crowd behind you is suddenly pushing you on for more. GOD BLESS THE ENTIRE ROBERTSON FAMILY and besides that the show is fun and hilarious.

    • jane Doe

      This program is one of sooooo few that shows, family, love, and morality.
      This Hollywood media and the TV programming is so radical and politically
      correct that there are only very few things that decent people can watch.

  • sanlyn

    If Muslims are offended – CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!!
    Keep it up, Phil Robertson.

    • jane Doe

      That is so right. MUSLIMS if you are offended
      get the h–l out and go back to your country. DO IT NOW !!!!

  • mark oheron

    F-CK Muslims get out of my country

  • John Moses Browning

    I love Duck Dynasty. I noticed the fake bleeps (Dang Californians!!) and I did wonder about that and who had control of the show.
    I am starting to be really ticked off with some moslems – mainly those that are forcing us to change the Whole of our Society to please those minority of moslems. No one is denying them the right to worship their God, their way.But don’t force it down our throats.
    I will not allow my tax dollars to pay for changes to public buildings and public schools to cater to a minority of the Population. They can adjust to the US as their Sacrifice to fit in. I’m not paying for foot baths, prayer mats & separate prayer area’s!!
    No freakin’ way.

  • Lou J Apa

    If you really think about it, Islam,
    the so call religion, and Nazism have quite a few things in common.
    Both were brought to the people through violence as Islam used the
    sword and Nazism used the gun. Hitler and Mohammed were both
    dictators of their ideology. Two books were written to reflect both
    ideologies, Mein Kampf by Hitler and the Quran by Mohammed. Both
    books preached violence to non-followers. Both ideologies have
    scapegoats in the Jews for Nazism and anyone who is not a believer
    for Islam. Both have their thugs that parade around enforcing their
    belief onto people in the form of the Brown-shirts for Nazism and the
    Religion police for Islam. In addition, women are thought in both
    ideologies to be baby factories only. The main difference is that
    Hitler was not a pedophile while there is a good indication that
    Mohammed was a pedophile as his wife was six years old and he was in
    his 40’s. Big red flag there I believe. In addition, Iran supported the Nazi’s in WWII.

  • barb

    God keep blessing the robertson family keep them safe, in Jesus Name Amen

  • GOP1

    I love those guys GOD Bless them and there families thats awesome ill watch every show

  • Tom K.

    Jesus – name above All names. There is power in Jesus’ name: healing, demons flee and lives are blessed and restored. The Robertsons are a blessing to families worldwide. God Bless America.

  • All American

    The Muslims are in our country.. They should follow our custms and rules as we have to do in their country. Who in Hell do they think they ar?

  • WhiteFalcon

    I would be happy to provide a muslim a one way ticket to the nearst muslim country along with a deportation order from this country. As far as I’m concerned, they can be purged from our society entirely, and they can take Ovomit along with them. Maybe we should flood the Congress with demands that muslims be purged from the United States.

  • Bo_Kassa

    Good for all those people who reject the prompts and false teachings of this world. Compromising your values and beliefs will only lead devastation and total destruction. The is but only one Lord and Savior and His name is Jesus Christ.

  • glop

    I’d much rather offend a muslim or any anti-Christ than to offend my Lord and Savior, Who is the Christ. The Father will be ashamed of those who are ashamed of Him. (Look it up in Mark 8:38)
    I am NOT ashamed of Him, Who has saved me and Who loves me more than anyone else ever can.

  • H. Slomers

    As a fellow member of the church of Christ, as the Robertson’s are (West Monroe, LA. church of Christ), I feel that sometimes the actions of A&E help illustrate the divide between the ‘world’ and Christians. As long as all of us continue to watch and tell others about these fake bleeps and editing of any mention of the name of Jesus, the distinction becomes very clear. The Robertsons continue to show to all who watch that there is a worldly way, and a way that provides peace and happiness beyond worldy minded comprehension.
    I noticed another article in todays Liberty Alliance, where I first read about this article. It was titled ‘Who would Jesus party with’. A better question regarding this issue is, How would the Master handle the editing of His name? I KNOW that He would look at those who do such things, and with all the love He has for You and me, pray that all would come unto repentence. LOVE THEM THAT DESPISE YOU.. If an enemy demands you carry his baggage for 1 mile, carry it 2. THESE ARE THE DEMANDS PUT ON US BY THE LORD. May we all come to a place in our hearts where we can fulfil the law of Christ, not eye for an eye. That was under the convenent that was nailed to the Cross.
    These steps are the way to a peace that ‘exceeds all understanding’. May God richly bless this family in their work of showing Christ to a dying world, and may He bless all who watch with interest, understanding, and even hatred.
    And…….may God continue to bless us all, especially the household of faith.
    Always remember, God IS in control, especially when you think otherwise.

  • Jim28thReg

    I have absolutely no respect for muslims-nada none. They contribute nothing but missery to the world including their own people. They should be treated just like all the illegals = herded onto a plane flown over their own country and dumped out at seventy thousand feet. OH and take a hundred congress men with each load. Just a thought – not really Jesus wouldn’t like it . HE loves them too and GOD only knows why.

  • Charles of Waveland

    Not only does Muslims hate the only Living True GOD, but the god of this world, allah ( saton )
    TREMBLES at the very name of JUSUS CHRIST.

  • ActualConundrum

    Why should America be worried about offending anyone in America. It is our job to offend our enemies. They are offended because they are our enemies. Our friends cannot be offended by America being America.

    I find all things muslim offensive. I am offended at the mere mention of Satan Allah. Since I am Ameican in America things that offend me should be squelched at every opportunity. Muslims should be thrilled with American Christians of this Christian Nation. At least we do not drag muslims from the streets and put them to death. As they do Christians in muslim countries and HERE. Let them go to a muslim country if they are offended here. It is beyond the pale for ANYONE to be offended by American Christianity in America. The very act of such evil is offensive in itself.

  • maureen

    i am a christian from canada i say keep doing what your doing morality, god and honesty thats what the world should be too all believe in what ever religion u wish but dont enforce your religion on someone else what phil and his people are doing is the right thing i love the show because they are modest decent hard working people who help when they can and love all what is wrong with that we need more decent shows like this . I think alot of the programming is way to far out there with a lack of decent moral fiber . I dont like nudity and sexual acts on tv i think that is why so many of our children are lost to whats important help thy neighbour respect your elders and compassion to all . Good luck and my you have your program for many many more years

  • Me_in_Canada_eh

    How about the fact that Muslims deny the divinity of Christ. I find that offensive. Does my opinion not count? I believe Jesus is the living Son of God, while the Muslims believe He was a good man who was a prophet and is now dead. What about my rights?

  • 733336

    Muslim pilots hijacked two planes into WTC from the outside.
    ————————–7 years later———————————-

    Muslim President is hijacking our constitution from the inside.

  • guest

    Well when they start worshiping their man made god allah .. that’s offensive to me too



  • jc

    What a farce, the Networks are owned and controlled by Jews

    • T Rowe Lamont Bentlyprice

      Be careful,those Jews are going to get you.



  • Linda

    I hear Phil would not even do the show without the prayer on the end. I love the show and many others do too. They won’t hurt their readership. If a Muslim happens to watch it, they can switch channels like I do. God bless Phil and the show.

  • lfhpueblo

    Muslims aren’t watching this show in the first place. Let’s get real. First they have to prove the muslims are even watching. Man, I’d quit that network pretty fast if they told me how I could or couldn’t pray. Those guys don’t need their money anyways. Let them have their episodes on something like a YouTube (or another format that would actually allow them to pray as they want), and let them sell their items that way and in the physical stores they are already selling through.
    Stupid networks bowing to Obama again.

  • Mad Mike

    Contrary to what Obama and his “feeble-minded” National press corp believe, America is still predominately a “Christian Faith Based” Nation! We have been since our inception! The Pilgrams ventured to the shores of a “brand-new America” to excape religious persecution in europe and seek the freedom to worship as free men. It has taken a “Radical, Muslim President” to threaten our historical roots. Imagine if you can, how unbelieveibly “arrogant and domineering” one man can be to think he can enforce the change of America from Christian, to (Muslim or Athiest), because he is such a convincing liar. The only one I can think of with that degree of conviction and evil is: Satan himself!

  • James Speros

    social breastfeeding at its worst.

  • kerry88

    It pleases me, a lot, that the Duck Dynasty people have stood their ground. They apparently realize that they answer to God, and Jesus says that we are to fear, or reverence God first. Why, because He can, if He wanted to, cause all of us to cease to exist. Faster than you can blink your eye, we could all be gone, and the universe would not even take notice. So, if the muslims don’t like to hear, “In Jesus’ name”, then go somewhere else in TV land. Duck Dynasty, thank you for honoring God.

  • msmotown

    God bless and protect the Robertson family. Phil will be rewarded for standing up for Jesus. It is so sad what is happening to this country, but God is still on His throne.

  • spookym

    How about Stop Praying To Jesus So It Wouldn’t Offend intelligent people. Oh, intelligent people wouldn’t watch this show so, moot point.

  • Mort Leith

    AMEN ! !
    God bless a show that finally made it past these evil satan-worshipping liberals in hollyweird

  • doktorzoom

    Nice fake quote in the video description! Phil Robinson never once says that the producers told him to not say “Jesus” — he said they were speculating about why the show’s editors removed the phrase.

    Pretty sure the producers know there’s probably not a huge Muslim Duck Dynasty audience…

  • Domenica Stone

    There is no God so the jokes on you.

  • Pogoman3

    We as Christians need to stand up and be counted. America was founded by Christians fleeing England and other nations from religious persecution. We do not need a Muslim to demand that we adhere to their feelings. If they do not like it they can go back to their nations where their women are required to live in the Middle Ages and treated for the most part as slaves. It is time that we as Christians, stand up and be not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. Beware America for we are being duped into believing that the Muslim faith is one of love for it is not and never has been for it was spread by the sword and not by the Love of Jesus Christ. Do not listen to what is coming out of the mouths of the Iranian government nor do you trust them or any other Muslim nation, but especially Iran. We as a nation must remain allies with Israel no matter what other nations are doing. Duck Dynasty keep up the good work you are doing for it is a witness to our Lord, our God.

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