Driver On His Way to Work Gives Ferguson Protesters a Piece of His Mind

A Ferguson protest on the I-5 in San Diego, California tied up commuters on the way to work Wednesday morning. Before police showed up to remove the dozens of students blocking the northbound lane, thousands of drivers were tied up and stalled, ABC News 10 reports. One particular driver decided to take matters into his own hands – Tyree Landrum told reporters that he felt angry about the Ferguson decision too, but these students would be costing hardworking people their jobs. “I got to go to Ross right now, homie. If I don’t get there, I’m going to get fired. I’ve got six f****** kids to feed, homie … m*****f****** get shot every f****** day. Deal with it the right way, not like this.” He wrestled a bullhorn away from a student, pleading with the group to end the protest. Among the thousands of drivers were several medical staff, who acknowledged the unintended consequences of keeping these drivers from getting to work.

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