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“Don’t Think” Obama ’12 Ad

Not only does Jostie Flicks present a humorous and satirical Obama campaign ad, they also cite their sources:

Broken Promises: (Miami Herald)
Increased Debt: (
Unemployment Rates: (Forbes)
Doesn’t follow Constitution: (NY Times)

  • Max

    pure greatness.  The only way anyone could vote for Obama is if the don’t or can’t think!  

  • George Bernard Vieto

    Jimmy Carter had a wonderful smile too and look what happened.

  • Bob Marshall…
    If this doesn’t work  visit youtube and watch two videos. then, you won’t have to think. The videos say it all. the first is  Romney Obama the Same?   The second is The Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection.

  • Jimmy D.

    Unclear is the first thing that comes to mind.  The pitch appears to be to dis O, then the conclusion statement looks to be pro O.
    Let’s be clear, it’s time for an Obamaectomy.

    • JocasseeJo

      “I Think” this is what they call satire. See I get to think because I am not an Obama supporter – ha ha ha.

  • Weinmann

    what a dumb ass–I would never vote for him for anything , except for having him thrown in prison forever–
    Of all the people I dislike, he tops the list—

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