‘Don’t Lie!’: An Infuriated Ben Carson Blows Up At Media During Press Conference

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson blasted reporters Friday evening, contending the media had largely misreported a story about his claim to have been offered a West Point scholarship. On Friday morning, Politico reported that Carson admitted to having “fabricated” a story about being offered a scholarship to attend West Point. That report was hotly contested and Politico ultimately amended it, later adding an editor’s note. Carson was answering questions at a news conference when a reporter implied he said he received a full scholarship. “I never said I received a full scholarship,” the retired neurosurgeon quipped back. “I never said — wait a minute, don’t lie! I never said I received a full scholarship. Nowhere did I say that.” “There have been reports today—,” the reporter said. “Politico, as you know, told a bold-faced lie,” Carson said. “They have been called out on it by The Washington Post and The New York Times and I’m sure there will be several others who call them out on that. Because there are actually some people with integrity in your business.” The Republican presidential contender then took jabs at the media, arguing reporters didn’t vet President Barack Obama as much when he sought the nation’s highest office. “I do not remember this level of scrutiny for one President Barack Obama when he was running,” Carson said. “In fact, I remember just the opposite. I remember people just – oh wait, we won’t talk about that. We won’t talk about that relationship.”

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