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Doctor Slams Political Correctness Before Obama at National Prayer Breakfast

  • Maverick

    I see this country going in a direction that disturbs me greatly with the current administration. Chicago and D.C. both have banned hand guns from the “people”. The gun violence and murder rate at these two locations are the highest in the land. The logic of the liberal base is well under scrutiny. To be politically correct I recommend that liberals start using logic before instating laws that will only make them a Wal-Mart greeter. Just my thoughts. Have a great debate, I have already made up my mind.

    • Sol_of_Texas

      Mav — Part of the “liberal” and “progressive” mentality is that they will all be members of the “Inner Party” and therefore exempt from the rules others are forced to obey. They can’t see themselves placed in the role of Wal-Mart greeter.

      I agree with most everything you said except I would have used “establish” rather than “instate”. You made me think about that for a minute because I usually think of instate as placing a *person* in an office or position.


    • Shane

      Liberals are not capable of logical thinking when it comes to info that conflicts with their beliefs. Liberals are as fanatical about their political opinions as Muslims are about Islam.

      • marie

        Liberals have been brainwashed too long.

        • SA

          You got it.

    • SA

      I believe people are somehow brainwashed with the way Obama speaks. And that they have no knowledge of discernment with what he says.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Where did this video go? Can we say oblowhole’s censors?

  • APFL

    Listening to Dr. Benjamin S. Carson’s speech is like a breath of fresh air…

    • Stargazerlily17

      I met Ben Carson at Campmeeting one summer, he is one AMAZING man of God! If only black men of Ben’s stature were the leaders of the black community instead of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Farrahkahn, what hope underprivileged youth would find!

    • Donald York

      I agree, but, he wont be invited back next year. I bet Moochelle was rolling her eyes through the whole speech.

      • zoe paine

        Did you notice when Obama leaned over to Mooooooochelle…. I bet he said, “He’s BLACK you know.” As Mooooochelle did her best “bobble head”. LOL

  • Guest

    Any bets on how long this guy stays alive?? ovomit doesn’t like being ‘bested!!’

  • Guest

    Any bets on how long this guy stays alive?? o’vom-it doesn’t like being ‘bested!!’

    • Tan Orangu

      I believe that were something were to happen to Dr.Carson over this speech,the DC area,including Baltimore,would explode as when MLK left us.Dr.Carson is as God .Obamatime would be history.

  • Faye Shamblin

    Obama needs to be slammed completely out of America or be charged with the crimes he has committed which is fraud and treason he is a liar thief and killer 4 Americans in Libya and should be found guilty sent to prison with the death sentence NOW

  • VirgoVince

    Any bets on how long this guy stays alive?? obuttplug doesn’t like being ‘bested!!’

    • romill

      I doubt he is in danger. He is too well known & well respected.

    • missnellie

      He truly is in no danger…..he is too well know – as I have learned – and highly respected. Obama may be well known but he is not respected and his fame come from the bowels of the earth.

      • Guest

        I’d love to agree with you, but are you forgetting Larry Sinclair, Steve Bridges, Andy Breitbart, a few men from the chicago bathouse and only God knows of others??
        I DO hope you’re right!!

      • VirgoVince

        Wish I could agree with you, but are you forgetting Larry Sinclair, Steve Bridges, Andy Breitbart, a few guys from the chicago bathhouse and God knows of any others!!
        Makes one wonder, doesn’t it??

        • missnellie

          Definitely food for thought…thanks…but I still side with the opinion that he is in no danger.

          • VirgoVince

            Let’s pray you are right, it would be terribly obvious, beyond a doubt!!

  • Tim Martin

    Awesome presentation…too bad Obama didn’t seem to enjoy it. Obama looked a little angry.

    • sadmom4

      I noticed that too. He looks very uncomfortable.

      • Donald York

        Like a prostitute in church. lol

        • weewone

          like a two bit whore!

          • Linda

            What is the equivalant of the word “whore” for a man who whores himself in his participation in his seedy actions, – not to get off the subject, but when I saw weewayne’s reply, I had to say something. Any response? By the way, Carson was absolutely brilliant and right on target – I am so proud of him standing up like this.

          • Jim Morgan

            Linda, I believe the word is “gigolo”, I did notice a few times during this awesome speech when McShello was clapping, her husband was frowning and even gave that evil stare to Dr. Carson as the good doctor tactfully and with surgical precission, removed her husbands ‘family jewels’ before their very own eyes.

          • axmickl

            I wish you would stop insulting Whores!

        • sadmom4

          Yes, exactly!!

        • Patton823

          Thats a poor comparison, If a prostitute is in a church then she is open to ways of improve her situation. Obama would rather blindly chug along with his agenda whether it improves the situation or not.

      • keepersleeper

        He’s always uncomfortable when he’s outmatched intellectually.

        • romill

          obama (I never capitalize his name out of dispect) won’t forget that man. Dr. Carson put him down in such a clever way. Noone of any intelligence could have missed that.

        • axmickl

          Then he must be uncomfortable all the time.

          • keepersleeper

            So true!

        • Patton823

          Thats most of the time

      • romill

        Dr. Carson made obama look very small. Now, THAT is an intelligent. I can SEE/HEAR it. I don’t need the MSM to TELL me how smart he is.

    • RockitD

      Truth has a way of doing that!

      • keepersleeper

        Truth hurts, only when it faces liars! Obama is a LIAR of the greatest magnitude.

  • Glenn Nelson

    Dr. Carson did an excellent job of speaking. He does not deserve to be put down in any form or way, but held with honor as a statesman. He provided his comments in a non-threatening way, and yet came out and told everyone the truth. This man should be asked to stand before all of Congress and lead them to a direction of honest debate and resolve of the debt issues we are all facing. His approach would surely go a long way.

    • Stargazerlily17

      OH Glenn I absolutely agree with you, Dr Carson needs to come before the house and senate and tell them what he knows from his experience. I can tell you that I heard under obamacare a simple stroke will NOT be treated if the patient is 70 or over and that is a fact, just ask the neurosurgeons who attended a meeting a month or so ago, they all read obamacare from front to back and YES there are death panels called patient review boards, their identities will be secret.

      • romill

        Dr. Carson even had the courage to call it what it is: DEATH PANELS!

  • APFL

    Dr. Benjamin S. Carson for president!

  • John W.

    Someone made a mistake back in ’08-this is the guy who should have been elected.

    • axmickl

      There are a few other decent black men out there. Any one of which could and would have done a better job than the marxist.. Cain was a good example as was allen Keys. Any of these worthy men would have made a better president than John McCain would have. The problem isn’t so much the democrats as it is the republican power structure that keeps sending loosers up to the plate.

    • Marie

      Blame the communist media that now exists in America

  • Steve Dufau

    Obama, like his Heroes Marx and Stalin, don’t let the masses see anything that makes sense and is the truth. low information voters might get a clue.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Finally, it showed up.

  • Jerry Eaton

    wow i loved that

  • sadmom4

    Notice Obama does not clap!! This man goes against everything Obama is, and he is not even two feet away from him!!! Wow. That was a very courageous speech. Bravo!!

    • ccalreds

      I couldn’t agree more. Very courageous. Wow! he was awesome Obama could learn
      a few things from him if he had a willing heart. But he thinks he is above all that. He
      loves himself to much.

      • ONTIME

        Yep, I hope there are thousands more just like Dr. Carson…

    • romill

      What a stark comparison of two men who achieved success; one by sheer courage & determination, the other by fraud & trickery with the help of Soros, the unions, minority groups, the media, One was GIVEN an education, a job, a house, a job for his wife, etc. The other made it all on his own with the help of God & love of his country. Who is the hero here?

    • Shane

      Yes, this is a great speech! This guy shamed Obama and Obama could do nothing about it. Be sure to Like this video and tell all your contacts about it.

      • SA

        Cudos to Mr. Carson!!

    • Mary Randle

      He did clap after the speech was completed as I did; I was listening to what he was saying; you do not have to clap every time someone makes a great suggestions; take it all in and applaud the complete speech

      • blackers443

        Notice not one person agreed with your lame comment, nothing wrong to drop your selfish ego and clap for someone who makes sense.

      • Rosetta Allen

        Obama did NOT appreciate nor respect this speech, EVERYTHING he has ever written, said, and done is the exact polar opposite. HE DOES NOT BELIEVE in personal accountability, this man and those like him are everything RIGHT with American, and Obama and the self important whiny little bigots like him, they are everything wrong with American today.

        • SA

          It appears he is trying to degrade and tear down all we stand for. To break the country. Like moral and values are wrong and controlling your right to act on what you believe is not the right thing. It’s his way or the highway. We pay all of them up there, we are their employer, But they do not believe that. They are above us and can do whatever they want. Please vote them out.

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    Obama is praying? For what? His liberal agenda which promotes LBGT lifestyle…rejoiced at the 55.5 millions abortions in the last 4 decades…Makes mandatory our payments to the abortionists with his Evil Obamacare…and…The Death Panels to eliminate those “units” that he feels should not be allowed to receive life savings treatments for those over 70 who requires neuro care…let them die on the stretcher in the ER… just give them a shot of morphine to speed their departures faster…choke them….kill them with a gun if they dare to survive the Morphine…and….lets not forget the killings of international and domestic “terrorists” who don’t agree with him with drones…Not to mention his fierce hate for America and the American people to include class warfare…envy of the rich…Disgusting…I know God is good…but…will God retaliate?…

    • sickofit

      Don’t forget the murder of aborted fetuses that survive!! Obama passed a law that the doctors should not in any way help them, so they “dispatch them” with a pair of scissors to the heart. Living, breathing babies…… When I first saw obama, my heart cried “EVIL!!!!” I guess it was right.

  • suzy-Q

    obama does not look amused, in fact he looks like he wants to take a nap!!!!! he does’nt like to hear anyone talk but himself!!!!!

  • Pakinpastor

    Thank you doctor! And right in ffront of the liar in cheif! I wish there were more Americans that had this attitude! We have had the perfect example of how to live our lives, found in the Holy Bible, and we have rejected His Word and replaced Him with stuff and things. His Word declares that if we are willing and obiedient, we shall eat the good of the land, but if we refuse and rebel, we shall be devoured by the sword. Is. 1:19 or we could quote 2 Chronicles 7:14 or maybe Deut 28. We have gone so far off track, that I wonder if it is possible for us to return back to the ways of God. Our children are being dumbed down in our schools and we are falling further and further away from God and His Word. We are headed for some seriously hard times here in America, and all becasue we have opened our borders to other gods, and practiced their abominations before a Holy God. We have brought it on ourselves, and have no one to blame but us.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    I found it ironic the mention and support for the Heathcare Savings Accounts which obamacare outlawed and in a move of doiuble jeapardy, if you remove that savings from that useless outlawed account, you will get extremely heavily penalized!

    • Staci

      HSAs are not outlawed – complete misinformation. The ONLY changes to the HSA is that you can no longer use it to purchase non-prescription items (like Tylenol unless prescribed). Not sure what the problem is with that. My small business still has a HSA insurance plan (which is compliant with Obamacare). The account is not useless and you can still contribute over $6000 a year to a family plan. If I change our plan to a non-HSA plan, the money grows tax free in perpetuity until I access it for any medical expenses using my HSA debit card.

  • scot_belle

    I watched Obama the whole time Dr. Carson was speaking, and the look on his face was like he had bitten into something that was distasteful. I found myself applauding Dr. Carson, not only for his speech which was over-the-top-great, but for the plucky courage he exhibited in the face of what he knew full well was a closed-socialist/marxist/communist-muslim supporting-mind…sitting not more than two feet away and actively radiating his stoic disapproval. Maybe, just maybe Dr. Carson, and more educated men/women of like mind, will courageously continue to step forward to face down such obvious disapproval from the elitest in chief. On this, I now see a glimmer of some hope.

  • Jim Morgan

    I would vote for this minister, Obama must have been fuming to listen as everything that Obama has stood for during his entire career was stripped bare as the very problem America faces.

    • caskinner

      He is a neurosurgeon.

      • Calservative

        A neurosurgeon with a lot of nerve. Get it? A lot of…

        • caskinner


  • ginger

    Dr. Carson for President…now THAT is an American!!! notice that obama never applauded….perhaps the words Dr. Carson hit home??? One can only pray so.

  • Jchristensen

    It is a shame that this man does not have thw tirtle of President of the United States when he shows so much courage and wisdom. We need to have more leaders like him.

  • David B.

    I wonder if the good doctor was removed afterwards and dealt with in a very harsh way for slamming Obama,god only knows he deserves it!

    • Don August

      You should really phrase your sentences a little clearer! Your closing of “God only knows he deserves it” leaves very unclear exactly who the “he” you refer to is, Dr. Carson or Obama. I assume you meant Obama, at least I hope that’s who you meant! Dr. Carson is AWESOME!

  • har82

    Strange, this video doesn’t load for playing lol. Could it have been pulled ??.

  • sunny

    Dr. Carson is a patriot and a very courageous man. Watching obama’s tight-lipped mouth as he listened spoke volumes. I very much doubt if it touched his heart one iota but at least he was a captured audience listening to a learned black man who symbolizes what it means to be all you can be and who is a success today because he would not become a victim or a ward of the state. God bless you, sir.

  • rosech

    The video takes a while to load and then suddenly it is there. I appreciate this gentleman for speaking up for all of us and a put down to Obama and his approach to making us slaves! I came from poverty as well, but I was taught get an education. My first degree I got on scholarship and in 3 years. My Master was a given for a new career. Choices are ours and we must not let anyone from this Administtion put us down and take away from us.

  • Din dayton

    I just tried to view the video and it would not play. Has it been yanked?

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Rev Carson gave a fine “politically incorrect” speech. :-)

    The War of 1812 is an often neglected subject of American history. Though the US Army suffered several setbacks, the US Navy comported itself well. In fact, the Navy performed valiantly in the Great Lakes Region, especially at Lakes Erie and Champlain.

    • JibJab

      Medical doctor,not clergy

      • Sol_of_Texas

        Apologies. That was my bad. I have only just now become acquainted with the man and his views (both of which I admire).

  • TheBigGeezer

    have they pulled down this video? I can’t make it play. obama-style all around.

  • Don

    Video will not load!! Do you think the Obama PC police might have gotten to it???

    • geeshim

      I’m watching it now. Keep trying.

  • geeshim

    What?? He wasn’t a victim held down by the man and dependent on the government for social justice?? What is this world coming to?

  • geeshim

    What?? YOU built that? It wasn’t someone else that made that happen? Who would have thought it?

  • SallyE

    Wow. What a doc!

  • Jean

    Dr. Carson for President 2016

    • romill

      That would never happen. Dr. Casrson is a good man. He does not have the communist party endorsing him. That’s how you win in this country.

  • RockitD

    I’m a huge fan of Dr. Carson! I first heard about him on CBN and anyone who hasn’t seen Cuba Gooding portray him in “Gifted Hands” needs to rent or buy it right away. So much wisdom as well as knowledge(genius neuro physician!). No wonder he doesn’t like political correctness as many have put him down for his pro-life stance.

  • sadmom4

    Where is the video now?

  • Made in America

    Obama could have at least pretended to be interested

  • David Veselenak

    Obaa-baa-ma reveals the small petty little pyschotic twerp that he is by not once giving this real American his due! This Muslim-Marxist, new Hitler, NWO-ist puppet has got to be made to go and at this point, it doesn’t matter how! History is being repeated and the sheeple are too stupid to understand this!

  • Decisive

    Super Speech! I fully agree with Dr. Carson’s assessment that the United States of America was designed for people who took the time to think before opening their mouths; a nation where liberty and justice were not just words, but permeated the actions of the citizenry; a nation that understood the Bible and what God expected of man; a nation that was to be a light (i.e. example) to the rest of the world. The reason that the liberal agenda is winning in this nation is because we the people have not lived up to the standards established by our forefathers. We have become lazy and unwilling to invest the time, effort and energy into disciplining ourselves and our children to become all that we can be. It is high time that we the people took back our nation from the liberal centrists who want to be our rulers; put the politicians in their place, as servants to the people; take back our schools; and instill pride across this nation. Once we decide that humans must be responsible for their actions, we will solve the fiscal crisis in this nation. If we just took the 5th Commandment, “Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother”, to heart and families took care of their own, we would reduce entitlement spending by over 50 percent.
    As a final word… the body language of president Obama during this speech speaks volumes on the character and belief system of our current chief executive. It was apparent to me that he was extremely uncomfortable with Dr. Carson’s words and parables. This speech did not support the party line of the democrats of dependency.

  • krayzrick

    Am I the only one that noticed Obama didn’t applaud the man?

  • freewind

    I have tried to watch the speech on several different sites and it refuses to load. Has it been scrubbed from the internet? I have adobe flash player

    • leithel1

      Turn off Active X Filtering, then Adobe flash will play the video. Click on the gear in the upper right of your screen, then select safety, then select active X filtering to turn it off.

  • missnellie

    I had never hear of Dr. Benjamin Carson….but after listening to him speak so eloquently in front of the man who is throwing our nation into the toilet, I will follow this man and read his book. He spoke the truth and did so with grace, interest and eligence. Obama just sat there….totally disinterested and to be rude. Thank you, Dr. Carson, you are an inspiration for me….one I need so badly as I mourn what I believe is the beginning of the death of America. Thank you, Dr. Carson, for being so honest, unafraid and bold. You are surely not popular with Obama now but for doggone sure you – through U-Tube – will reach many people. God bless America!!!!!!!

    • JibJab

      World renowned neurosurgeon & former Baltimore street rat.You should look him up online & study his life story.Very inspiring,as was his speech

      • missnellie

        I have come to learn that there is even a documentary about him. Yes, I intend to study him and cull from his wisdom. Thank you.

  • Michael Meyer

    Nailed obama good.

  • mallen11

    I listened to the doctor’s entire speech and I was impressed but I noticed that -0 was not. The doctor was right on target even though there were a few things I disagreed with, he spoke the truth about our country. One of the main things he said was that Jesus was his mentor and we need to stop being so PC but to speak our minds. We need more men like this who will speak the truth in front of -0 and WDC.

  • Bob Marshall

    This gentleman is correct when it comes to our educational system being in shambles. I bought the first textbook in America,The New England Primer,The McGuffey’s Readers and the Blue Back Speller. My mother was born in 1921and she was using the McGuffey’s Readers 1-6 when she was in grammar school. I gave the books to my library in hopes some young people would look at these text and realize the part the bible and God played in our founders and the students from the 1600’s to the 1930’s.this is a speech i am sure Obama didn’t want to hear.

    • jenjen

      And, he didn’t want America to hear it, either!

  • Mary

    Dr Carson is a man of GREAT courage. Many people may think exactly the same thoughts, but few would have the courage to deliver that speech with Obama sitting two feet away from him. Obama looked like a petulant little prat. He never applauded, never gave an approving look, and half the time had his chin in the air looking down his nose at Dr Carson. Obama needs to understand that there are MILLIONS of us who KNOW that he is paranoid, who know that he is a complete sham and a pathological liar, and who believe that he will one day be humbled like many arrogant men before him — Hitler, Ceaucescu, and Mussolini to name but a few. God bless you, Dr Carson.

  • Hussein

    Beautiful speech by this gentleman….wish he had laid hands on the fraud and cast the Devil out in the name of Jesus

  • ccnova67

    The looks on Obama and Biden’s faces was PRICELESS!!

  • jvb1980808

    He makes SO MUCH SENSE his words can’t POSSIBLY be getting through to all the liberals seated at this breakfast.

  • Andrew Thompson

    Moral decay, and fiscal irresponsibility…, if that’s not a shot across the bow, I don’t know what is.

  • Ballistic45

    Applause and Kudo’s Dr…..

  • del

    Good speech says a lot about the jerk in the white house…..doesnt approve of PC behavior like the dopeocrats agenda….speak up like freedom of speech…approves of no PC against the ovomit agenda

  • Tina

    Wow… how interesting.. how joyful. Why is that man not our president.. best sense I have heard for years.
    Did notiec that Obama did not clap, barely smiled.. I think he was pissed off… hope that gentleman watches his back.. Barry doesn’t like to be made to look stupid.. and he was.. and I loved it!

  • caskinner

    Now this is the kind of man that should be our president. Such a good decent man. A man that we can all look up to. Pray for someone like him to lead this country.

  • keepersleeper

    Obama looked miffed…HA HA HA! Dr. Carson is so accomplished, not only in the medical field, but well versed in history and politics. Too bad he wasn’t the first REAL black president!

  • keepersleeper

    Obama looked SMALL in the presence of Dr. Carson.

    • JibJab

      Obama knew he was in the presence of greatness.

      • keepersleeper

        You know it! Obama has NO credentials to compete with Dr. Carson’s intellect/education…NONE!

  • keepersleeper

    I’ll be sending Dr. Carson a “Thank You” card for speaking so eloquently and bravely in front of that fraud called President.

  • keepersleeper

    Well, I hope Dr. Carson doesn’t lose his position at the hospital for being so honest and I also hope he won’t be targeted by a drone from Obama! Pray for him.

    • SRH

      Ben Carson is God in the eyes of black & white Americans in the Balt-Wash,DC area,I think Obama would be a foot note in history if he was percieved to act against Dr.Carson with malice.

      • keepersleeper

        That’s good to hear. Dr. Carson has garnered the respect of many nations for his gifted skills and I’m SURE obama felt the magnitude of his presence.

  • texson 1950

    Absolutely a breathe taking speech…and obama`s facial smirks said it all…God Bless you, Dr. Carson

  • keepersleeper

    I would love to hear what the race baiters have to say about Dr. Carson’s speech…diametrically opposed to Obama’s policies! I loved it! Seems God has blessed Dr. Carson in more ways than one! He had more clarity in this one speech than all of Obama’s disgusting jawboning!

  • Richard Brandt

    We live in a world where the speaker will be called a sell out by some people.
    The first new thing I heard about race and religion in the last 50 years was something that Dennis Prager said. Dennis is Jewish and it is relevent to his status in terms of what he said. He said “When your group is mistreated, just as when you are mistreated, you have a choice. You can work for a world in which no group or individual is mistreated ….. or you can be angry.” I think many people are not told about that first option. Either path can be stayed on for a lifetime.

    • caskinner

      Excellent comment.

  • Charlie

    It’s to bad that this man Dr.Carson is not our president rather than current one. Smart patriot that believe in the values of our nation.Truely a great speech,an honor to listen.

  • Wmichaelmic

    I have never in my entire life seen a more disrespectful person than Obama. The speech Dr. Carson shared with us was truly inspiring, and apparently, not what Obama wanted to hear. I believe his attitude to be one which is the least bit Christian. Shameful, period!

  • leithel1

    Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Thank you. When you are forced to be politically correct, you are forced to lie. Let ’em know that “a Spade is a Spade.” Just in case you have never seen one. Look at obama, he is a real narcissistic prick. obama is being politically corrrect, as a Muslim he is present but as it is not a Muslim prayer breakfast he is not attending.

  • romill

    Catch Dr.. Benjamin Carson’s speech at the WH Prayer Breakfast. Very impressive. We need more like him.

  • randydutton

    Dr. Carson is my new hero. And how appropriate he condemns political correctness considering Obama condemns those who dissent.

  • twiceshy

    Obama is a rude, arrogant, arse in the way he treated Dr. Carson. Shame on him. He is the devil representative on this earth and hates everything that is good and decent about this nation.

  • Johnnygard

    When I saw the length of this video, I didn’t intend to watch the whole thing, but it just kept getting better and better. I’ll bet when Obummer got home, he asked Michelle if that story about the flag and Francis Scott Key is true.


    I’ll bet it took a specialist surgeon to remove Obama’s fingers from his big ears…..

  • Timur

    Verbal spanking for Obama!!!

  • sukhotai

    Outstanding Dr. Carson. Your words speak volumes of truth and honesty. Enjoyable to see our Marxist leader squirm as all he stands for is displayed for the fallacy it all is.. Thank You.

  • Paul Brown

    This guy is good but he talks about them being Christians, but odummer is NOT a Christian, but a confirmed Muslim pig.
    Look at odummer sitting here, like he is planning his next move on how to screw the American people somemore. This pig is one evil lying pig.

  • freedomringsforall

    May God continue to bless him and his wife.

    I played high school and college ball and i could not agree with him more.

    The brainiacs need to be more encouraged and have as much support as possible because they will be the ones that should dramatically help us into the future.

    ONE nation under God

  • Don

    This is the MAN we need leading our country!!!! He gets my sincere respect. Truly a man with a vision!!!

  • greg99

    That gentleman was absolutely brilliant, in my humble opinion. Every black person in America should’ve watched that video. Why? Because if they found themselves agreeing with, or encouraged by, that Christian doctor, they would’ve realized how very far from barack hussein obama’s mindset they really are! One need only focus on obama’s facial expressions and posturing, to see how uncomfortable this speech made him. It’s rather obvious. The doctor exploited the failures of obama’s policies consistently throughout his speech…obamacare, education itself (not feeding money back to the teachers’ unions), patriotism, faith in God (not the democrat messiah), and perhaps the most important aspect in complete defiance of hussein obama’s beliefs…the strength of the free-thinking, educated, success-driven individual!

  • LMB

    Wonderful message.

  • axmickl

    Why is it that the black community never sings the praises of men like Dr Carson? Instead, they support the Jessie Jacksons and his ilk. They will never see the light just like their phony leader.


    At about 21:00 minutes, Dr Carson starts talking about how he would improve healthcare as a doctor, then it looks like the President loses interest in Dr Carson and starts using his Blackberry.

  • DockyWocky

    I doubt if Obama even heard the man. He was too busy praying – to Allah.

  • Terry Adams

    Finally someone who tells it like it is. do you thing obama is listening or is he just getting angry. I bet this guy is never invited back. lol we should vote this man into office.

  • BDnSC

    Can’t help but think Obama is sitting there wondering why he disinvited the original speaker.
    Romill is right…what a stark, refreshing comparison between these two men.

  • Frank629

    how come i cannot get the video ….banished off the airwaves by an obama executive order maybe?

  • bimmrr

    Guess the Doctor won’t be invited back by Dear Leader ! Bravo, Dr. Carson !!!

  • sbr823

    I guess Dr Carson will never get invited to dinner at the White House by obama. Even though the video was small you could still see the anger on obama face. I wonder if obama will classify Dr Carson as a terrorist and call in a drone to silence him?

  • Anthony Alexander

    Now here is REAL BLACK man that has EARNED the respect he deserves…..the chump sitting to his right is just that, a chump…..Obama has NOT earned any respect

  • gbandy

    Obama does not clap nor does he salute the flag. But I will be he had his fingers crossed

  • am2sweet

    Obamas demeanor went from having his nose stuck in the air to having his head down with a bored look. He obviiously didn’t care or believe anything Dr Carson had to say. And for once there was a man who spoke the truth and what to do about things. We need more people like him in charge of our country.

  • jdelaney3

    Beautiful and powerful! At last, commonsense and patriotism on full display. In its simplicity and honesty, it was nothing short of inspiring. We need to keep our eyes on this special American.

  • Dorothy Towle

    Obama is a rude and crude man…he showed his true stripes throughout Dr. Carson’s speech and especially at the end. What a little man he is. Dr. Carson’s speech should go viral…everyone, no matter your color, no matter your party, no matter your religion should hear this.

  • drattastic

    Started watching to get a feel (27 minutes is a long time for me to watch a video) then I couldn’t stop watching it. Why can’t we have people like this running things ? I’ll wager nothing this man said opened obama’s mind one iota but we can hope .

  • Paul Burnham

    Now here is a guy that makes perfect sense.

  • Mary Randle

    The president did applaud; we listened attentively as I did and applauded when Dr. Carson was finished. I agree with Dr. Carson on all the issues; but just let us keep this in perspective, it was not all about the president. Everything that happens in this country is not the president’s fault. What are the churches preaching? They need to do their jobs, no matter what laws are put on the books, no Christian will adhere to them if they do not align themselves up with the word of God.

    • blackers44

      It may not be all his fault but what is his fault is being to the far left as to act that 50% of the country doesn’t count. He has spent us in to oblivion, doesn’t want to pass a cut in spending, than when the right agree to tax hikes for the reach, now he doesn’t want to keep his word in cutting spending. Obama will go down in the books as the worst president in history.

      114 ROUNDS OF GOLF
      If were Bush you all would haver flipped out, remember waterboarding, now its
      OK to kill americans no matter what, and don’t have to explain or courts rulings
      This was made with the software Adobe Photoshop
      see how it was made on You Tube

      Let me know if you would like me to add more to this list.
      maybe the mainstream press would like to ask him some questions, however
      you will notice he’s the first president who doesn’t take questions at press conf.

      • blackers44

        Sorry for my mis-spelling of words have a cast on my hand

  • Luci Tomlin

    Absolutely amazing! His love for God, family, and Country is very obvious and his speech CLEARLY shows it! He spoke every word of wisdom from his HEART not a teleprompter! Constant applause from everyone but 0’Bama! Surely that did not go unnoticed! I sat in front of my computer, watched the look on his face change from envy to smirk, to tolerance, to boredom, to arrogance, to avarice, then back to sneer! I could almost hear him say to himself: “So WHAT! YOU have a career you worked for, you grew up poor, you overcome obstacles, scorn, ridicule and racism that I never had to worry much about! YOUR mother raised you, inspired you and CARED! You EARNED what you have, but I AM the PRESIDENT and you’re NOT”! He made 0’Bama look like what most of America have always deemed him to be! Except for minorities of all races, Government dependants, and ovulating women!

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    What a great American! God bless him.

  • blackers44

    Hell, this man would make a far better president a 1000 times over than a man who couldn’t drop is dogma for a moment and clap for comments that make sense to most all of us. That’s the ego of Obama and inscurity all wrapped up into one bad spot on america.

    • zoe paine

      Did you notice how tight his jaw is set? He looks like he could bite a rail road spike into & Mooooochelle’s fake eyelashes look like a hummingbird’s wings. If she doesn’t stop blinking, the glue holding them on is going to break down & the lashes will go flying!!!!!!!

  • mallen11

    Did you notice that Dr. Carson did not praise -0 in his speech but what would be better for America?

  • spanky

    Dr.Carson should be our President

  • brian888

    Are you interested in the Presidency in 2016, Dr. Carson? You can count on my vote.

  • dk_in_tn

    Obama is stunned–he did not clap. Dumbed-down voters elected Obama and the rest of us have to live with that mistake.

  • Flunking_retirement

    Well said!

  • angiebabe

    The good doctor should run for President! I’d vote for him in a heartbeat! Even Michelle Obama couldn’t stop herself from clapping for him several times! The Big O just sat there like a big lump and wasn’t even good enough to shake the man’s hand! This from the guy who keeps saying we can’t let our differences get in the way? With Obama, it’s his way or no way, and no one is going to get him to admit anyone else’s opinion matters! Unfortunately for him he got caught on film, but he looked like he’d rather have been anywhere else but there; he’ll probably stop attending these prayer breakfasts unless he gets to choose the speakers!

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    God Bless Dr. Ben Carson! He speaks the Truth from the heart of a Patriot. He is more TEA Party than Libtard Dem or Repub. He knows more and has more on the ball than the Marxist Occupier in the White House. GREAT Video!

    I hope America is watching.

    May God Save America from the Dictator Wannabe.

  • Wanda Nazelrod Polyniak

    Isn’t it ironic that I didn’t see this reported on TV? It is so sad that the media (with the exception of the internet) doesn’t want anyone to see this……. So terribly sad!

  • squeak

    Dr. Carson, Thank you for your brave speech in front of Obama & the whole world… you Sir, are a true American with the love you have for this great Country, Constitution, Freedom & the American People … God Bless You & God bless America

  • Robert B Nordstrom

    Dr. Carson is an inspirational example, who is the exact characiture of Obama in Seinfeld’s Bizarro World episode. This man is so intellectually above the snide and exceedingly small Obama, even the “low information” voter could see it. The last time Obama had the facial expressions exhibited while listening to another man speak was in the first debate with Gov. Romney (who by the way axmickl is not a “looser”, as you insinuated)! Gov. Romney would have provided the exact kind of real leadership we need so desperately in the U.S. He would have meant what he said about bringing people together as opposed to Obama who spoke in rhetorical platitudes that he had no intention of following through on. This President has been the most divisive and spiteful we have EVER had lead this nation! It really is TOO BAD we didn’t have BEN CARSON as our first African American Commander in Chief!

  • Mud rat

    To bad President didn’t have mentors such as Dr. Carson in his life.

  • KBearsGal

    Pastor Carson is AWESOME and a true Soldier of the Cross!!…He spoke TRUTH. I would love him to run for President….he has a true heart of SERVICE to others…..a heart of humility for sure.

  • Marie

    Such a stark difference between Good and Evil.One man seems to be at peace with himself while the other (Obama)seems to be always angry.Always demonizing,blaming,acusing& lying.

  • Gary Jones

    It’s time the SOB is belittled for his blame game and ignorance.Obama is a traitor and only serves his own agendas as a tyrant rules.

  • Larry

    the “conservative audience” – are ALL dreamers – Dr. Carson slammed not Obama, but all narrow minded Americans who fail to accept that our country’s symbol, the Bald Eagle, has a right wing, and a left wing, and that that combination makes it able to soar. As our country should as well. He spoke of values far more associated with the President’s, than of those of the tea party and neo-cons!

  • snake61

    2016 – Dr. Benjamin Carson for President, Alan West VP. Body language
    is a telltale sign. Obama was very uncomfortable. And did you see it
    when Dr Carson was giving the history lesson on the War of 1812. I
    could swear I saw a little bubble above Obama’s head saying, “Wait a
    minute, that’s not the American history I was taught by Bill Ayers.”

  • Susan Heneghan

    Thank you, Jesus, for this good, intelligent, brave, Godly man

  • Grandmother3

    Sadmom4, we must have been looking at different versions of Dr. Ben Carson’s speech. He touched on every issue that President Obama is trying to achieve for us; improvement in, fair taxes, getting both sides of the aisle [Congress] to work together. Another fyi; I see the First Lady and President Obama applauding while seated. Then President Obama stood and continued to clap. Peace!

  • jdelaney3

    Can’t get enuf of this guy. Wow! Just what this tattered republic of our needs. He’s retiring from his medical profession this summer. Let’s hope political office is in his plans. I’m thinking Dr. Carson is running. None too soon.

  • boblonben

    Good man..great speech..need more like him and his family. Agree completely PC is unhealthy, need to be responsible, etc. Hire him next !!!

  • Daniel Kerbein

    Well put, Doctor. And there is a whole range of political correctness practiced by those of the more conservative persuasion: We aren’t supposed to talk about the bankers and speculators who drove our economy into a ditch, or call for their prosecution. They just made a mistake. Oh, well… We also aren’t to talk about how we were led into the war in Iraq, the level of, shall we say, reasoning that did not include the facts or the truth about Sadam, 9-11, or the oil under the ground. We don’t get to talk about how the Iraq war was a multi-trillion dollar ten-year scam about which we can say nothing except, “Oh, well…”

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