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Do You Trust Your Family’s Safety To Local Police Response Time?

YouTube personality ‘ratedrr’ says “These are my thoughts, my opinions. Hopefully I shed a little bit of light on why I believe the way I do. I appreciate everything you all have done for me and everything we’ve accomplished. Hopefully moving forward we can grow together as a larger community and make more of a positive impact in 2013.”

  • Big D

    Police are not the first responders, this is a government lie to ensure citizens dependency on government. The responsible citizen is the real first responder. In all emergencies not just violent crime. Average police response 23 min. Fire department 5-10 min. If you stand and watch your home burn down you are a unprepared fool, same with a break in or violent crime, a armed citizen can resolve a violent crime at there home in seconds and live to tell about it. Do not except being a victim as the brady’s and the libs want you to be.
    Don’t misconstrue my comments
    we love and appreciate our police man and fire man. Brave young and women, but there are responding to an emergency call there are not at the incident when it occurs
    One is action the other is reactionary

    • WellNowDear

      A lot of killing can happen in 23 minutes.

    • Vic Bailey

      Then the cops show up and shoot the homeowner! All to much of that going on! Don’t try to make cops heroes, they are PUBLIC SERTVANTS and they AREN’T the best money can buy, most of them are rejects from other law enforcement agencies, and Gung Ho dipshits! Most of them have NEVER been is a firefight and know NOTHING as how to keep things calm, so innocent people are not hurt, collateral damage doesn’t bring a life back! Cops make mistakes, and when they do people DIE! Semper Fi.

  • pointdan

    According to, 170 million people were killed in the 20th century by their own governments after their right to bear arms were taken away from them. The Second Amendment protects the others. 27 words . . . 27 very important words. Sen Feinstein wants to take our guns from We the People while she holds a full carry handgun license. Hypocrite is too kind of a word to describe her.
    You want our guns Obama ??? You and your ears COME AND TAKE THEM . . . .

    • FLBuck

      I think that this senator and the other gun-grabbing, constitution-defying numbnut libtards that they need to be reminded that they work for us, “We The People”. They also need a remedial course about the Constitution and what its written contents curtails.

  • Wolf-Talker-1

    Of course I do, that is why my home’s first line of defense is two Alaskan Malamutes that are on the top ten dangerous bite list and then me, a 9mm Lugar; .25 cal. pistol, a .22 cal pistol, .22 cal rifle and my Air Force weapons training.

    • runnindeer

      I think the question was did you trust that your local police would be able to protect your home and family quickly enough in an emergency?

  • WellNowDear

    In my case they may find my place sometime tomorrow if at all. Not everybody lives 5 minutes away from a Police Station.

  • runnindeer

    I do trust my local law enforcement to protect us but since we live a long way out from the police station I put our safety as my priority and call them to help . They are my back up team another words. I won’t go in to what methods I find to be effective in stopping folks who plan to do harm or theft to us. Let’s just say they work and are well within the law.

  • Sol_of_Texas

    I do disagree!

    The 16th Amendment (as well as the 18th) clearly does not promote individual liberty. It granted the federal government an authority that had previously been prohibited.

    Oh yeah – and when seconds count law enforcement is only minutes away.

  • Vic Bailey

    Most cops are cowards, why would I want to wait on a coward to save my family! Back in the good old days it didn’t take swat teams to get the bad guys, because the MEN back then were MEN! The bad guys knew that the MEN were bad enough to handle the job, Bill Tilghman from Oklahoma and people like the Arizona Rangers did what it took to get the job done, no questions. Now days the criminal have all the judges and lawyers on their side to stop the cops from doing their job, so I will be tried by 12 and NOT carried by 6! Semper Fi.

  • marmo43

    we live 11 miles from our sheriffs department. a lot can happen in the 30 minutes it would take for them to get in their cars and drive to our residence. i will protect myself if i have to especially in a life or death situation.

  • dudley74

    We live waaay out in the county. Response time for any law enforcement is 30 minutes at very best. Several loaded 12 ga pump shotguns, a 30-06 and loaded handguns are in strategic locations in each of 8 rooms. Every family member has been taught to shoot center mass – if absolutely necessary to preserve life and safety. I have had 4 occasions in my life to use a firearm to prevent from being robbed, or worse. I have absolutely no doubt that in two of those instances I would have been severely injured or killed.

  • Patriot_765

    Two weeks ago we had a prowler in the backyard at night we called 911

  • Bob Marshall

    One of the many reason for citizens keeping their fire arms is because the police can’t be everywhere at once.

  • Jim Crowe

    The Highest Court in the US says ” NO “!!!!!

  • KenNamVet

    I’m 21 miles from my local Sheriff office. My outside sign says” Nothing Inside Worth Dying For”.
    Semper Fi

    • MaryEllen White

      My outside sign is a pic of a gun and “Enter at your own risk”

  • D. Guardian

    ….In 1994? in answer to a lawsuit, the supreme court ruled that there is no innate right for any particular individual to be protected by the police. They get there when they get there and that is that. …………..WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE?……..I know one, arm yourself and be ready for when that time comes. Do what you have to do.

  • Nellie McConnell

    In our area if the police are busy they may not respond within an hour. I have an alarm and it does seem to help but I still want to protect myself until the Police get to the house. My shot would be faster! We have had several invasions and many break-in’s in the last 4 years. More than we have ever had in last 30 years. I don’t open my door or leave the door unlocked in the day time. Not safe!

  • Pakinpastor

    Are you kidding? Why not ask a real question, like “Are you ready to defend your home against Fire, Burgular or mass chaos?” When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away. Yeah, it’s an old cliche’ but it fits. And the local Sheriff is a very decent guy, but I will rely on my training I got at Gunsite, out in Paulden, Arizona. Top notch instructors, moving targets, and a walk through shoot excercise before you get your permit. I train regularly and my friends are all either Law Enforcement, EMS, RN’s and Firefighters. Surround yourself with good people, and pray this government get’s their head out of their ass, or we’ll all need my friends!

  • mickey

    It’s not the law abiding citizens who own guns that are doing the bad shootings. It’s the nutcases, and Muslims/Radicals, who do not belong in our Amercian society, you cannot trust a Muslim.

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