The Disingenuous Rush to Call the Race [Video]

As Written By Laura Ingraham for Lifezette: The Disingenuous Rush to Call the Race.

Trump detractors on right and left would like to fast forward to Hillary’s inauguration — but not so fast.

OK, so let’s get this straight:

As of today, Nate Silver’s “polls-plus” analysis gives Donald Trump a 25.1 percent chance of winning the election.

Most of the British betting houses are giving him about the same chance, with 3 to 1 odds being offered, according to Oddschecker.

On PredictIt, Trump’s chances are selling for 28 cents — meaning they give him a 28 percent chance.

So there’s a pretty strong consensus that as of today, Trump has a one in four chance of being elected. That’s a better chance than the bookmakers are giving that the Washington Nationals will win the World Series (those odds are about 5 to 1).


Watch this video when Laura joined Fox News to discuss the Clinton Foundation!


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