Dinesh D’Souza & Bill Ayers Battle During Contentious Debate: ‘I’m Not Proud to Be an American’

Former Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers faced off with America director Dinesh D’Souza for an intense debate on The Kelly File tonight over whether America is a fundamentally good or an “inherently evil” nation. Ayers said America’s done horrible things, while D’Souza argued America has done great things with his power that other countries would horribly abuse. Ayers made the case for radical change in America, citing the Founders and the way civil rights protestors took action. D’Souza said that Martin Luther King Jr. broke the law “non-violently” and was willing to accept American consequences, unlike the Weather Underground, which he said was born from “a kind of anti-Americanism that was fostered in America.”

via Mediaite

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