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Dennis Miller Blows Up on O’Reilly’s Show Over Jihadists Receiving Welfare

  • MIKE6080

    Stop immigration and public aid , work makes you free


    LOVE Dennis MIller!

    • Apolloone

      I didn’t recognize him I can’t pinpoint the difference his voice is the same.Many of us share his frustrations we see our country being destroyed by this evil from within and without.

  • Amber

    He is right. Why should we pay for them to go to school, to eat, to live. Send them back where they came from.

    • CQ

      We have one less to send back to Dagestan now.

  • American_Gram

    We’ve all come from immigrants. Immigrants who learned the language. Immigrants who loved the freedom and opportunity this country offered. My mother came here at 15 (1910) – learned to speak English so well no one knew she wasn’t native born, worked as a maid for $12 a month. She loved this country. She expected to work.

    • David Allen Watson

      And she was welcomed.

    • ves

      The key is your Grandmother wanted to be an American … Learned the Language and had a WORK THOUGHT PROCESS … NOT A WELFARE FREEBIE THE US OWES ME THOUGHT PROCESS!!
      The Illegal Aliens Invading the US now … hate Legal US Citizens and want us to Change to fit Their Language and Beliefs … They think WE OWE THEM!! They are the same marxist communist socialist radical muslims that brought and kept Chavez and the Castros in
      My family was here before the US and WE were Settlers and American Indian … never been an Immigrant that was over hundreds of years ago!!
      WE don’t owe anyone admittance into the US or US Citizenship .. that also needs to be over for at least 10 or more YEARS!!

    • Shane

      Muslims are the worst possible immigrants as they are loyal to Islam first and their barbaric Sharia law conflicts with the rights given to all Americans by our constituion. Muslims simply do not share our values or our world view. Obama and The Jihad:

  • Carlos

    Obama is a closet muslim jihadist. No doubt about it.

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      And truly HATES the United State of America. What fools voted for this NON US citizen?

      • Spyder Dalton

        The fact that he is not in jail tells us that he was not “elected”.

    • romill

      O’Reilly KNOWS why obama won’t say it. He’s not dumb. He asks ALL his guests “why won’t obama say it? O’Reilly is hoping someone else will say the obvious answer for him because O’REILLY HAS NO B—-s so I’ll say it for him: because obama IS a muslim! I guess someone has to have the guts to say it. He just goes to those white-hating churches now (remember Easter) because he can’t openly go to the mosque. Remember, he said the “most beautiful sound on earth is the Islamic Call To Praye “r. We all know where his heart is.

      • axmickl

        He also said in one of his books “if there were ever a clash between Islam and Christianity, I would have to side with the Muslims”

      • krdave

        Romill, you and Carlos are exactly right. Most of the blacks would vote for him if he was red and had devils horns and a pitchfork, but I am surprised at the number of whites don’t believe what you two have said.

        • Apolloone

          Sadly I think you’re right about the horns even many of the predominately black churches are supporting this Usurper.Even his position on same sex marriage and abortion. I wonder if the word Woe is in the bible their pastors use.

    • Shane

      No, the Left in North America and in Europe have aligned themselves with Muslims because both Leftists and Islamists hate America. Obama only worships himself. Once again, the Left is allied with America’s enemies, as they were during the Cold War.

  • ves

    The large amounts of Taxpayer Dollars given to these people was STOLEN from SOCIAL SECURITY FUNDS … we give Their Kids Free College while we struggle to send OUR CHILDREN!!
    Look and Listen to these murders MOTHER and you will see where the Hatred for the US Began!!
    Ungrateful Sneaky Lying Thief that she is!!

  • Persuasive

    What a shame that we are all up in arms about the great community organizer! We are as disorganized as we’ve never been before or ever been. Read – I’d Much Rather Laugh! How You Can Save America from Ridicule and Ruin, because if you are waiting around for a miracle from our commander-in-chief your just wasting everybody’s time, and most of all your own. couragetolaugh[dot]com

    • CQ

      There are too many who are NOT up in arms about the president who is hiding his background info. The Democrats really pulled the wool over the eyes of their voter base back in 2008. Whoever was on the DNC back then ought to be in prison, along with the pretender they boosted into office.

      • American_Gram

        Hope and Change! Obama HOPEd to CHANGE this country to a socialist state from a republic.

  • barkingbird

    Obama said “I stand with the moosllums”………There is you answer Bill !!!!!

  • Earl Watters

    bill oreilly and miller both have no balls if they did they would quick beating around the bush and say it like it is obama is a muslim commie demarcate and all demarcates are nothing but a bunch of welfair commies with there obama phones

    • Steven J Wheeler

      God you a Moron learn to spell.Now watch carefully i’st Democrat and welfare you uneducated fool

  • Robert Linscott

    Why didn’t miller call oblowhole for what he is, An effin muslim nig”r!

  • Kenneth Bowman

    What many Americans fail to comprehend is the agenda of world communism allied with Islam. Islam is waging WAR upon Western Society, especially America. Like it or not, We the People better wake the hell up or suffer the consequences. During the middle ages Islam conducted a Jihad on the entire known world at the time. The Universal Christian Church [Catholic] authorized a Crusade to defend Europe against the Muslim hoards. They were justified in doing sol

    Definition of Thermopylae

    pass between the mountains and the sea in Greece, about 200 km (120
    miles) north-west of Athens, originally narrow but now much widened by
    the recession of the sea. In 480 bc it
    was the scene of a defensive action by an outnumbered Greek force of
    6,000 men against the invading Persians under Xerxes I. Among the
    defenders were 300 Spartans, all of whom, including their king Leonidas,
    were killed.

    A new era of Persians attempting to control the world that must be defended at all costs.

  • George Wentzel

    OK, I’ll be the one to say it. Cut his cord from the office NOW!

  • Rue

    I agree with Denis.. the very thought that this terrorist was getting welfare and living off the system while he planned to kill Americans is detestable. I say it is time we quit letting people into our country.. anybody.. at least until we can clean up the problems we have.

    • Steven J Wheeler

      Learn to spell this Idiots name it’s DENNIS MILLER not Denis you half wit if you want to agree with this Douche Bag at least get it spelled right

  • CQ

    Mass. taxpayers, probably Federal as well, no doubt helped pay for their BMW, the pressure cookers, and the backpacks.

  • Tom Thygesen

    What do you expect from the first president who himself has family members who are in this country illegally and living on welfare? The fact that Obama’s aunt has been living here for more than two decades living in public housing and getting welfare and hasn’t worked a single day that she’s been here, and has thumbed her nose several times at the immigration courts when ordered to leave, goes to demonstrate why he supports illegal immigrants. They’re helping to tear the country apart.

  • KJ

    Dennis Miller is 100% correct. And it makes no difference what Obama’s reason is for not owning up to Islamic extremism and effectively being proactive in dealing with it. It only matters that he doesn’t. And that, among other reasons, is why America is in decline and why Obama needs to be impeached. When a CEO is inept and involved in unlawful conduct, he is removed by the board of directors. There are plenty of grounds for impeachment. We just need to motivate our congressional representatives to do the right thing.

    Even Richard Nixon was honorable enough to resign.

    • Rhonda Thompson

      you cant impeach an illegal pres he and biden need to be removed and to be tried for treason

      • KJ

        Point noted. But there still needs to be an indictment or some manner of judicial proceeding surrounding his false American credentials (BC, SS no. and draft card). Uncharted legal waters …

      • Steven J Wheeler

        Your an Idiot

  • Billy

    The best of Dennis Miller. He is correct. We need him as the President of this great Nation.

    • Rhonda Thompson

      obama need to be put out office now

  • Joannenickelson Nickelson

    Note to Bill oreilly: you asked why 90% of the terrorist attacks are by muslim radicals, why don’t you read the koran and the other writings which dictate their actions. Any you ask why obama will not call them terrorist? Is he a muslim? I do not know but seems likely to me from his actions to his upbringing and heritage.

  • Ben McLain

    We have a zero-tolerance policy for comments containing violence (threats, suggestions or direct statements permitting violent or threatening acts or sentiments), racism (suggestion that one “race” is superior to others), crassness or profanity (any word or phrase considered by courteous society to be profane), all caps (a violation of internet etiquette), discourteous behavior (calling names, rude or insulting statements directed at another user/post) or violations similar in nature to any of these offenses. Posts violating our policies of posting are subject to removal and the user may face banning.

    Thank you for partnering with us to maintain a courteous and useful public environment where we can engage in reasonable discourse.

    • Steven J Wheeler

      But yet you allow this name calling of the President

      • Ben McLain

        Steven – My comment was cut and paste from this site’s policies page. They remove anything that does not agree with their bat-shit crazy right-wing nut-job pooints of view. But they permit racial slurs against our twice elected President. I’m on your side, dude.

  • Ben McLain


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    Robert Linscott • 11 hours ago

    Why didn’t miller call oblowhole for what he is, An effin muslim nig”r!

  • jobird

    Dennis is correct and not afraid of speaking the truth.I’m sincerely afraid it is way to late for this

    country to be saved.Americans have just had a preview of things to come.How’s that PC working out??? Thanks BHO

  • dragonfire777

    Obama is a muslimes sympathist and that is the truth. There is no other reason. I read Hitler’s “Mein Kamph” and in the book his fanatical and twisted ideas were spelled out. Had anyone read it, they would have realized he did everything in his book he believed. The time is coming for Americans to flush out the waste.

  • Rhonda Thompson

    he not a natural born citzen

  • rusureuwant2know

    They don’t want the people that actually need it on welfare/disability. Honest, Bill, you just be disabled and try it sometime.

  • Steven J Wheeler

    Miller is as phony as a $3 bill

  • Steven J Wheeler

    Oreilly’s new stooge since Idiot Beck fired from Fox News

  • Warren

    Of course we know they are correct. Obama and the liberals are the enemy of America. Nothing to discuss anymore except, what are we going to do about it.

  • bobmann101

    I do not think they have the same father.

  • Mr Lucky

    If Obama wasn’t elected a bigger problem exists here than you morons know!

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