Dems Use Hangers, Turpentine, and Sexism To Promote Abortion in Texas

The Texas Legislature got off to a dramatic start on Tuesday with one lawmaker brandishing a coat hanger on the House floor as the chamber took up the abortion measure that has roiled the state and the country in the weeks since a 13-hour filibuster derailed its passage in the last session.Thompson and others who accompanied her on the floor brandished several props including wire coat hangers, knitting needles, feathers and turpentine. She charged that without rape and incest exceptions beyond the first five months of pregnancy, sexual assault victims would use those tools to obtain abortions.

UPDATE: The Texas House has given provisional approval to tough new abortion restrictions, making good on a third attempt to pass the measure this year. Lawmakers debated for more than 10 hours Tuesday, before voting on the Republican’s signature legislation. They approved the bill mainly along party lines. A final, formal vote is scheduled for Wednesday. The measure will then go to the Senate, where the Republican majority is also expected to approve the bill.

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