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Democrats: Let’s Ban Profits!

  • Chrs

    Quote mining in it’s purest form. Liars for Jesus are all around us. One day, maybe I’ll find an honest Republican.

    • TruthDetector

      “it’s [sic] purest form.”

      Illiteracy on public display.

      One day, maybe I’ll find a literate Liberal…

    • Bird Dog Patriot

      So what you are saying Chrs is that liberal/commies are so stupid they will just agree with whatever somebody else tells them. I would agree. You will never “see” what you call an “honest Republican” because your world vision and propagandized mind is 180 degrees out of phase with reality. These people are socialistic at best and communist/fascist at worst. That one lady said she would go along with anything Herr Fuhrer says. That is SCARY!

      • Mike

        So she was a German dem. that’s the only logical conclusion from your post. Maybe she is an illegal alien who is really a Nazi. Send Sheridf Joe after her. I was a little confused that there are no honest are Republicans. . That’s rather sad. Used to be a great party.

        • Bird Dog Patriot

          Like you ever cared about the Republican party? Right. And for your attempt to be intellectual, “So she was German dem. . . .” What? Does the mention of fascism always refer to Germany? No. It is a philosophy that can be adopted by any mind-numb robot that believes their leaders are to be followed blindly. I can say drink the Kool-aid and it would refer to another socialist, Jim Jones. The point is totalitarian nuts come in many names. Honesty is something a Dem knows nothing about. When you speak you lie.

      • DrewbeScrewed

        What’s scary among the many is a democrat woman saying she’s in support of improving our failed educational system, when in fact, the school system has been under the control of the same party she supports…delusional at best or simply in denial.

    • Dennis VanMeter

      to say I don’t know if we will ever have a politician who is truly
      honest, Democrat or Republican.

  • Liberty Rock


    • fort9erdon

      If we did that, we’d be as bad as them. You are not American if you truly advocate what you are saying. Have you ever heard the term, ….. due process?

      • John Raymond Hass Sr

        and when we get Obummer out of the white house it will be long over due!!!

      • lorlan4

        Yes sir, you go ahead and sit on your due process long enough and it will be too late!!!

        • fort9erdon

          Oh, so you are willing to trade in our due process for mob mentality and lynch mobs! No, it will be too late, if we were to succomb to the tyranny you suggest.

          • lorlan4

            Yes, in this case (the present) you will probably be begging for mobs to come and help you. Don’t see the big picture, do you??

          • fort9erdon

            YES, I absolutely see the big picture. Unfortunately, your suggestion, is short term victory, lynch a few tyrants, BUT, then you better get ready to accept tyrany and lynching as “normal”. If you are seriously advocating lynch mobs, without due process, to solve the immediate problem, you are far more dangerous that the commie democrats! You just want a “testosterone” buzz, to show you’re a tough guy, and think you way solves anything! TRULY PATHETIC!

      • panors77

        WEll?? I can understand the frustration, but of course BO just did away with “due process” by signing the NDAA into law a few months ago.

        • fort9erdon

          True, but that can be undone, with the stroke of a pen, as soon as we get a new president.

  • TruthDetector

    And you would expect something else from the government-educated?

    • JimJim

      I do believe just a few Republicans were government educated. Do y guys ever think about what y say. I’d say, your teachers did a lousy job of teaching ynthe use of logic and facts. So any Rep who went to public, government school, is stupid. That’s too bad.

      • TruthDetector

        “Do y [sic] guys ever think about what y [sic] say. [sic] I’d say, your teachers did a lousy job of teaching ynthe [sic] use of logic and facts.”

        The Illiterati are out in force.

        Or in this case, farce…

      • TruthDetector

        Unable to interpret your gibberish and gobbledygook; I’ll try to reach that great Democrat Intellect, Joe Robinette Biden, for a translation.

        • oliver

          that is the way they spesk in the real world.. you just have to guess what is being said. the only thing you can understand is when they laugh.

      • David Peacock

        what system did you go;;;; to the school of pig latin???????

  • David Peacock

    while interviewing these and the pro-choice nuts;; it became painfully embarrassing to allow them to be called Americans.

    • Loper

      Abortion is legal in the US. Until it is not legal, it seems very legal and sane to be pro choice. I disagree with pro life but you are of course allowed to have and speak your opinion. My opinion is as valid as your as my value system and beliefs are different than yours. Only uneducated people do not see disagreements as part of our great democracy. try practicing the teaching of your leader, Christ. He was very tolerant and didn’t name call like a juvenile.

      • panors77

        Sooooooooo…..Christ didn’t call the pharasees “vipers and snakes” and such. If you’re “pro choice” are you also in favor of partial birth abortion? Do you support the killing of a “fetus” if it survives the abortion after it’s born? Myself I can’t see Chritst putting an “ok” stamp on abortion really….since he does have a hand in creating the little life in the first place, but ok that’s just me. Talking about juenile……did you even watch this video of your fellows doing the name calling? Just sayin…………..

      • David Peacock

        that would be liberals.

      • nightingayle

        you should watch some abortions horror videos and you would have to be dead inside not to see how horrendous it is and the pain that poor baby is going through..they do fight for their little lives.. pulling thier heads off and arms and pieces…killing them is murder…they have souls.
        Oh so, educated, by the way this is not a democracy, it is a republic…it was built on goodness but its turning evil and only evil will come our way if that is what people choose.. Watch Isaiah 9:10 Judgment or read Harbinger byJohnathan Cahn…..and you will see what i mean.. God looks at the killing of innocents as the most grievace sins and that is what abortion is….if this is what you choose, I would hate to be you in the videos of people who have died and resucitated and what they see, kids, blind people and adults have experienced it. Educate yourself and be a better person for our country.

  • StopObama2012

    Let’s ban stupid.

    • fort9erdon

      But then there would be no more democrats

      • StopObama2012

        That’s the point, right?

      • Liberty Rock

        Our Country Would Be Better Off Without Democrats

        • fort9erdon


          • Domino

            lets plez All start calling them Libturds :)

          • rs1123

            No, let’s not get into calling them childish names. That nonsense is THEIR approach, and they use it because ridicule and pee-pee humor is all they have to fight with. Being called a Democrat or Obama supporter is already as insulting as can be.

  • Marlin Covert

    Landslide for MITT in November…….

    • Dennis VanMeter

      As long as he wins.

      • 1947rhoda64

        Everyone has got to pray and I mean pray that Romney will win. I got an email from a couple that bought MItt Romneys house in Utah and they didn’t even know the Romneys until they bought their house and they said there was nothing fancey in their homes, they had a picture of Jesus Christ in their bedroom. They had no fancy furniture, no swimming pools, no tennis courts, no maids, or butlers, or nothing fancy about Mitt Romney and his family. This couple said that they had never been so impressed with the Romney household as they were. They had tools in the garage that had tape wrapped around them to keep them together. Even Mitt’s skiing glove was threadbare and Mitt took them all the way through their home and they saw everything and so all of you can see what this couple that knew nothing about the Romneys until they bought their house. They said no one would be sorry to elect Mitt to the presidency because of how they were treated and how the Romneys lived.. So please pray and please don’t stop praying until this election is over.

        • Goatie

          This is an excellent story, 1947. A tv ad should be made of those people telling the story. Also, I heard a man on Fox News last night who worked with Mitt Romney and he said that Romney was a penny-pinching _____. An ad should be made of this, as well. People need to be made aware of who he really is. God Bless America. And, yes, I agree. Pray. Pray. Pray

  • winlockmike

    Just listen to those dumb azz people. When it starts lets start wiuth the il co. see how that goes first

  • Bob Marshall

    Don’t Democrats realize that Obama’s slogan FORWARD is a socialist slogan? To place a cap on the amount of profits takes away the incentive to create more jobs. It is because of profits that businesses are able create more jobs and expand. The only jobs the government seems to create are government jobs. Jobs in the private sector are created because of supply and demand. If a business isn’t making enough profit, how can it stay afloat. Socialism doesn’t work. Especially in America.

    • Tony Bianchi

      They do realize it. That is the scary part is they are mostly socialists too. BTW, socialism doesn’t work anywhere. Never has, never will.

      • oliver

        Juse how dumb can anyone be?? if there are no profit trere are no jobs then what are the welfare people going to do?? don’t guess they have looked that for.. they can’t see but to the end of there nose..

        • panors77

          We’ll all stand in line like the Soviets did. Remember “We’re” the dumb ones cuz we didn’t sit in a poli-civ class being indoctrinated by a communist prof.

          • rs1123

            And as bad as it gets, and worse and worse, the Dems will say ‘See? This is all the fault of the Republicans and George Bush and the wealthy!’

            Obama said the other day that he wanted everyone to make the effort and to share in the proceeds, and then he guts the work requirement from welfare, so those people don’t have to do a damned thing but cash a check!

            Obama said “we tried their ideas and they didn’t work”. So…is he saying we used Marxism to build this country from nothing into the world’s leader? I don’t THINK so. Let’s go back what we had when things were much better – including the search for communists in our government, how about that one Mr.O?

        • rs1123

          We need to get more people driving the economy instead of riding. We cannot just redistribute the same pie into more pieces, we have to grow the pie. The Democrats do not understand that. It reminds me of a long ago TV ad for an international help society who told about sending seeds to people in some poor country, and the people ate the seeds instead of planting them.

      • Brazzos

        Tony Bianchi. An Italian name associated with Mussolini. You are a facist, whose national symbol is two arms in the UP position

        • Domino

          u no likey??? go live in greece! pbfttttt….

    • Granpa David

      They think with emotions and within a template. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t work. Their logic stops where the template tells it to stop and within the group ( group think, or intellectual incest) . their leaders are recruited from the faculty lounge, with no real world experiences. they spend their whole life in the student – faculty- government environment. The real world outside is evil, stupid and and selfish. They get their money from us , but they won’t admit it.

    • Braxos

      Hey Bob, you idiot, FORWARD is the motto of the state of Wisconsin. The fact that you say FORWARD is a socialist slogan, then that makes you a socialist, punishable by death, if the Republicans have their way. Now you are a pariah.

      • David Peacock

        you seem to have a very narrow liberal outlook;; get more into the total universe.

    • rs1123

      My otherwise and formerly intelligent brother has fallen for the argument that we need Obama because he will make sure millionaires pay a higher tax % than their secretaries. Yeah, that will fix the economy all right. Stupid stupid stupid.

  • Bird Dog Patriot

    Anybody see “Idiocracy”?

  • Margaret

    Ignorance is bliss. Where do they think jobs will come from or do they or have they all signed up for entitlements and forgot who pays for them? I sure hope we can fix stupid in November.

    • ginger

      That is the point,,they don’t think…they are ignorant and want to stay that way it’s all about “fairness””” …goood grief the air must be stale in that convention so people are drinking the kool-aid.

    • panors77

      “JObs” will come from their government. Thing is these people don’t realize that their “new government job” will be forced upon them at gunpoint. This along with the free issued housing, food, clothes(uniforms like Mao had?)etc. Standing in line……….

      • Domino

        forced on a train to FEMA camps, chipped, n good soldiers they are will work for food,ect… Hunger Games not too far off the mark their I believe.

    • 1947rhoda64

      I don’t think these Democrats have even thought that far because they are so stupid that they think the government will take care of them the rest of their lives, but if their are no money, no jobs, no nothing, exceptly an American Holocaust then they will be like the rest of us and go to prison just like the black people that have no jobs. The Black people are worse off than the whites and I don’t understand why they can’t see that. I know they are smart people, but undoubtly Obama and his evil corrupt deadbeats have them brainwashed and they think that their people in the WH can do no wrong. I hate to tell them if they vote Obama back into the WH that when the election is all over Obama and his co-horts will throw these people under the bus like he has done everyone else including Oprah, and alot more people that had help vote these evil corrupt people into the WH.

  • Margaret

    I wonder if they stop to realize there could be a ban to their personal profits in the near future.

    • oliver

      wonder if all these lazy people that get the welfare check and food stamps every mounth ever stop to think how much profit they are making?? there profit is a 100% that is way more than any business ever made..but then these people never thikn if they did they would not be dim-a-gogs

  • tyedyed69

    Why don’t these people move to Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, ,Somalia, or Syria. Sounds like they would love it there with their attitudes and thinking. My guess is they would realize just how wrong they were in a few days. Too bad they are still here thinking The United States should be like that.

    • Catherine Allen Alphonse

      That sounds like a great idea…then they can live what they want everyone else to live…see how they like it. I think they would realize just exactly how it would be and want to come back.

  • Captain Kirk

    If the “in the tank”, “democrat”, “bias”, major media would do their job, this would not be a problem.
    Did any democrat interviewed disagree with a ban on profits? Is there any hope?

  • Light_V_Dark

    Ban Bible believing religions, and firearms as well. Let’s just Forget about history. It’s YUCKY, NOT ORGANIC, NEGATIVE AND VIOLENT—JUST BE NICE AND COEXIST, OR WE WILL ****ING KILL YOU!

    Alexis de Tocqueville wrote—
    Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.


    There exists… in the human heart A DEPRAVED TASTE FOR EQUALITY, which compels the WEAK TO ATTEMPT TO LOWER THE POWERFUL TO THEIR OWN LEVEL, and reduces men to prefer equality in slavery to equality with freedom.

    • Sam

      That is one screwed up comment coming from a twisted mind.

      • Light_V_Dark


        Sarcasm is lost on children, but moreso, ON ADULT CHILDREN¡! <='Q Have a smoke, you'll FEEL BETTER!¡

      • Light_V_Dark

        What goes through the diseased mind of a Narcissistic_Suicidal_Homicidal_ADULT_CHILD_OF_THE_NIGHT, every second of every day¿?


        Extract 3 Provocation of Narcissistic Rage 

        The narcissistic individual, at this phase of development, is prone to intense anger, an IRRATIONAL RAGE, which may take the form of acute explosions or be chronic and vengeful. This narcissistic rage is provoked by the slightest—real or imagined—narcissistic insult, such as not being seen, understood, or appreciated, in the way one feels he deserves. Narcissistic envy may arise; one hates anyone who has (or seems to have), a rich inner life or external acclaim and feels pain about not having what the other has. 

      • Light_V_Dark


        “Narcissistic ENVY {ALWAYS ARISES»lvd} may arise; ONE HATES ANYONE WHO HAS [OR SEEMS TO HAVE}, a rich inner life or external acclaim and feels pain about not having what the other has. ”


  • donl

    Ban Profits?? I saw all the empty seats at the democratic national Communist convention!! Ever wonder why Commie?? Because we are a FREE people. And we will FIGHT for our FREEDOMS ! So go ahead “make our day” you Communists bastards!!

    • David Peacock

      and they finish with a 15 million dollar shortfall; go figure;

  • Sam

    What nobody has mentioned is that besides private companies not surviving without profits, but there are a large number of normal people, not the so-called one percent, who have additional income and/or retirement income from the dividends that are paid out from company profits. If profits were banned we would have more unemployment and more government control and more people living off of government crumbs. The downfall of the USA..

  • richard_fl

    Honestly, when you think you have heard all the lame brained ideas, never under estimate the Dems to march out someone who is dumber than the last…………..AMAZING!!!

    • Swampfox

      All the people in this video are equally dumb.

  • ginger

    Those folks are dumb as a box of rocks…they have no idea how the economy works..perhaps because they don’t work or invest in companies that create jobs…and pay taxes,, and keep the country going,,unbelievable!!

  • defender3

    It is not surprising that Democrats do not support profitability, in as much that they support a Marxist-communist president! Wake up America!

  • Irma

    Judging by the looks of the age spans in these interviews, it is sadly apparent that the education system in the USA is an enormous FAILURE, and has been for at least forty years; and all the money that has been spent on “education” is down the sewer. What colossal dumbkoffs! For their own good – and ours – they need to be isolated from society… they suffer a dreadful brain disease which could be contagious if exposed to young, impressionable minds

  • Seabee combat veteran

    Does every one of those Democrats THAT ARE FALSELY WEARING A FLAG TYPE GARMENT, understand that it is illegal? Probably not!!! Check out the U.S. Codes on Flag Laws!

  • tthan43

    Who will feed all the begging, starving, living in the street democrats?

    • ARMYOF69

      The French..liberty, equality etc….send them all to Paris

      • pliver


        • ARMYOF69

          I did say ” The French”…You’re safe.

  • the_uglydog

    COMMUNISTS! Not Socialists they’re outright Communists.
    The Democrats are no longer Democrats, they are Communists. They will use the same
    playbook as all dictators from the past. Divide, agitate, protest loudly and
    violently, align splinter groups and haters, eliminate religion, take over,
    then eliminate all opposition. Stalin did it, Mao did it, Hitler did it. Now
    we’re watching it happen here.

  • Keith Dexter

    as long as employees are treated well they can make all the profit in the world as far as im one guy at the top getting a 100 million dollar bonus maybe that could be cut and a little givin to the blood,sweat,and tears hardworking regular workers

  • Richard Brophy

    These people are stupid! How much more unthinking can they be?? Even though a corporate profit ban is not possible (because the corporations will simply shut down), they’re talking about excessive taxation to limit the profits of corporations. But when you remove the motivation of corporations to strive for profits, there will be less and less of them over time. So who will pay for all these entitlements these people are talking about?
    How have we come to have so many idiots in our country?

  • MIKE6080


  • nightingayle

    What about their messiah…he makes mass money and is very greedy about it. He will not even help his brother with his hospital bill which would be just change in his majesties pocket…their president is a greedy person ..I think we should cap HIS profits…yes yes yes… these people are stupid

    • panors77

      Communist dictators are “exempt”, heh. Remember Orwell’s “Animal Farm”??

  • leaping1

    The more liberals talk, the more ignorant they depict themselves. What effin idiots they are and as Michael Savage says: Liberalism is a mental disease, which they definitely prove!

  • Gary Jones

    What democratic s are saying we will feed you until the businesses leave and then let you starve. Then import Mexican and Muslims for cheap labor and they will beg businesses to return. They will bring about hope that it works,then change the name of the USA to M&M

  • Plznnn

    Wonder how these moron Liberals would like it when they ban their wages to a certain limit, and they lose their jobs because of loss of a companies’ profits. And when these Liberals make a profit when they sell their home, they have to give it to the Federal Government.

    • panors77

      If BO gets in and ends the presidential term limit, something like “wages” will be done away with. We will all be “issued” monthly rations to live on. Things like “selling your home” will also be done away with as all “property” will be seized by his government.

  • lonestarlady

    I have a better idea, let’s ban Democrats!

  • panors77

    So there you have it? Corporate profits and/or “profit” in general…..”bad/evil”. Right out of marx’s manifesto and these people have no clue cuz they’ve been conditioned to accept communism through their upbringing and college profs. Wow…..this is truly scary. Shiff should also add with that question about banning consumerism too. Ban consumers and make them stand in line like the Soviets did for their monthly rations, totally dependent on their government masters.

  • Barney the Purple Dinosaur

    Ban Progressive Socialism and godless Communist Marxism.
    Obama is a Progressive Socialist hand puppet for George Soros.
    No Jobs.
    No Obama.
    Do the math.

  • harry mole

    The only thing the government can create is…poverty.

  • jim

    with out a profit there is no expanding no more people put on to work so more people make less money and can buy less.then we become like old russia

  • Alice Smith

    I really would like to know what percentage was represented in this video from all that he asked this question. It’s a scary thought that if, out of every 10 people, he got this response. Surely, there must have been some that asked out loud how a company could do business is they didn’t make profits. I really would like to know the percentage that gave this response.


      I agree, but as you know, only bad news get the airwaves. Still, that is really scary, that we actually have voting public with such total ignorance of how any country can survive without commerce.


    If you don’t make a profit…..why be in business at all???? Why would you work just to break even??? It’s not profitable to even stay in business….at all….these people obviously don’t know how business works….no profit=no expansion of the business to employ more people or provide better opportunities and benefits…I don’t understand how people can be so short sighted and ignorant !

  • 1947rhoda64

    What kind of idiots do we have as Democrats. These people have got their head in the sound and want the Federal Government to take care of them the rest of their life. I have never seen such idiots in my life. Just as long as nothing affects their money they could care less if other people proftis be banned. I tell you one thing that if these idiots tryed do this to the American people talk about a war, there will be the biggest war that these evil corrupt people have ever seen. I can’t believe that these evil people were able to get into the WH. I am praying that the Lord brings his wrath down of these evil corrupt deadbeats and I hope it will be soon. My husband and I have worked our tails off all our lives with two children and one of them being a handicapped daughter and I tell all of you one thing that these corrupt people won’t take what we have worked our whole lives for. So if any of you feel like these crazy people then I think you better move to a foreign country because the American people won’t put up with any of these evil people. I think they are so Demon possessed that that is all they have on their minds and they do not care about another person except themselves. These self righteous idiots is all I have to say about them. I have never been so sick of one politicial organization in my life than I have the Democrats. I am 65 yrs old and I have never encountered such evil corrupt deadbeats in all my life and I kinow in my heart the our Lord Jesus won’t allow these people to continue with evil corrupt ways. All of you need to think about what these idiots are doing and if Obama is voting back into the WH that these deadbeats would ban everyone’s porfits. So think of what could happen to each of you and your families, friends, and everyone else that do not agree with what they would try to do to us. So think who would help and not hurt each of you.

  • easyemail

    these people scare to me.. does anyone have any common sense anymore

  • Txconfederate

    I would say that it about time to drain the swamp

  • ARMYOF69

    I feel sorry for donkeys. Donkeys are smarter than these morons. What have donkeys done to deserve being the icon for all these idiots?

  • Schiff hunter

    Peter Schiff did a good job. Now, like a good little Bund member (remember Nazi Germany, Japan, Russia, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, etc…he gets to imprison and interogate the interviewees, who do not believe in Peter Schiff ‘s views, like a good communist.

  • Vazir Mukhtar

    If other businesses keep their books as do the producers of motion pictures, they should have no problem showing that their businesses do not make profits. When was the last time a motion picture producer/distributor was fined for tax evasion or cooking the books?


    Let me see. No profits, means businesses close , which means No one is employed except in government jobs. But wait, government people get paid out of WORKING people’s taxes. Since there will be no one paying any taxes, there will be no government. Then I guess it will be the good old wild west all over again. So I guess , what these morons are saying is, THEY WANT ANARCHY. Isn’t that a terrorist’s ideal situation? Therefore better arrest all those idiots today.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    The American people both Demo and Rep are dumb, lazy and worthless!

  • Reid

    They would love do do just that and it would never occur to them why we would become a third world country almost over night. There are so many really stupid people and it’s flat out scary.

  • Jason_Wise

    Spoken as a true Socialist.. DNC delegates and attendees who support explicitly outlawing profitability. They are True Losers in life to say that!

  • Saxondog

    CHINA BANS PROFITS,Regulate industry,and we should do this now,starting with the President.He should make the average income of the average American,including banning his “Lifetime Profit Paycheck” and while were at it lets ban politicians,Union leaders,and the Lobbyist from making any profits from their activities.
    Now democrat,lets ban those profits made by the NON-PROFITS LIKE ACORN,PBS.and Planned Parent hood. See banning profits will work,All senate and congressional members are not allow to “profit” beyond their base pay.
    The free profit ride is over,Yes Lets ban Profits now,starting with Walmart,CBS,Haliburton,NBC,ABC MSNBS, now were going somewhere,can’t forget the Federal Reserve,got to ban their profits,and of course General Electric Corp. Ban the Unions from Profits,the Health care Industry,oh forgot Obama care does that.
    Who else,lets see,All politicians cannot make Profits above their base pay, then lets see.Got to ban the profits of COLLEGE PROFESSORS,yes they cannot be paid for speeches,travel,anything that is not classroom activity is a profitable action,so ban those college professors profits.
    What about the Profit from people like Van Jones,does he really need money? He does not have a job does he,so ban those profits.
    Of course the BIG CORPERATIONS LIKE GM cannot make a profit,but then what happens to their product line? Is it fair that employees of GM get more money than other American workers because of the ban on GM profits?
    Of course the foreign Corporations would leave America,but hey we don’t need those evil Corporations like Toyota,making cars here,all those fired Auto Workers can just work somewhere else. And don’t forget the airlines,and the Aircraft companies making profits are evil,they would of course move to other countries,and those people would lose their jobs too,but hey. Who needs those Jobs,everyone can work for the Government,equal pay for everyone,equal Housing,equal food,equal clothing,must also have equal pay across the board,can’t have really smart executives making more than the Janitors can we,ban those profits.
    Wow we did it,no more profits,everyone is equal,No Jobs,No private cars,No different homes,No special schools which make a profit,all education now Government operated at no profit.
    No special for profit Hospitals,everyone has equal health care by those volunteer Doctors who are going to stay here and develop new ways to let you die because they cannot be worried about your health,that might require something expensive,and we have banned profits,so it is unfair to allow you to have an expensive surgery,and everyone else would not be treated fairly.
    Wow we have done it Democrat people,the world is perfect,No corporations anymore,no Ivy league schools making those evil profits,No department stores making evil profits,can’t have some buying stuff others do not earn enough to have,that might be a profit,so we all wear the same cloths,No more cars,because no more corporations to make them,unless you move to Mexico where their are Profits.
    But hey we all ride the same bus,we can have sing along every morning on the way to our Government controlled jobs,everyone is equal,finally true utopia,freedom at last from those evil products from those evil companies. Thank you Democrat!
    Oh almost forgot,no Internet,Microsoft,cell phone choices,cable TV,It is all Government Programming,no new Movies,to much profit,no actors they left,no music groups,they left,can’t have the Big houses,cars,planes,boats,to many profits in those corporations making all that stuff.
    The really scary thing is the people in the video,are they just to blind and deaf to not here their own words? So many of these people only repeat,they can’t seems to think or problem solve,they grab a phrase and just go with it,no thought as to the outcome of their RASH ideas.
    No Profits means the end of Capitalism,and that is exactly what the Russia of 1950’s had,except of course for the ELITE COMMISARS,they had to have nice products,homes,planes,cars,clothing,because hey their the smart guys,not corporation smart,but politician smart like OBAMA,you know never operating or managing a company for profit,yea like Obama,never employing a work force or meeting a payroll,yea like Obama,never establishing a profit margin so you can expand the company,growing Jobs and income for your hard working employees that work harder because they see the growth,and rise in their incomes,their lives are better,their children are better,well educated because those company profits enabled them to afford better schools,products,services,and investments for their retirement, but hey who needs that smart rich,CEOs in America,the end of their greed,and Obama and the DEMOCRAT Party did it,banning profits would mean the end of all that comes with a Constitutional Republic,capitalistic system.
    Right on!

  • Bill Ewing

    Every ‘School of Law’ and ‘School of Economics’ need to be burned to the ground with the ‘law’ and ‘economics’ professors prominently displayed, attached to stakes in the resulting inferno.
    We need to start over with the Constitution being taught as the ‘Law of the Land’ and NOT ‘case law’ of unconstitutional decisions by activist judges, which are systematically destroying the Constitution.
    The Economics of Adam Smith should be required LEARNING before ANY potential professor is allowed to step behind a teaching lectern or podium..

  • Shannon

    The thing that I think is really hysterical about these idiots is: They don’t even have a clue that Peter Schiff is playing them all as fools & simpletons! LOL This should be a TV ad for Romney!

  • Shannon

    HYSTERICAL! LOL – This should be a TV ad for Romney/Ryan! These idiots & fools don’t even have a clue that Peter Schiff is playing them as morons!

  • Nancy Lebischak

    Profits good, money goes back into the company to help it grow, to expand so it can produce more for the consumer, that’s us the people, don’t even need a high school education to figure that one out. Ban profits, bad, company does not expand, less output, less sales, people fired, bad for consumer and worker. If all those people really think that way, then we are in deep.

  • Shannon

    Seriously – did anyone take a good look at who made up the audience at the DNC (including the delegates)? Enough said! Other than that the stadium looked empty to me – they bused everyone in and still couldn’t fill 20,000 seats.

  • Grelberforever

    How comical! NOTHING MOVES UNTIL SOMEBODY SELLS SOMETHING. If there is no profit, why would a salesperson sell something? He/she can’t support a family on a wish and a prayer. Given that premise, if there are 0 or limited corporate profits, investors will sell their stocks, and corporate values will eventually shrink until it is no longer profitable to operate. No (or low) profits>no (or lowered) production>fewer employees>higher unemployment>foreclosures>homelessness>higher crime>need for more welfare. Darn stupid DNC Reps! So short sighted. Everyone that owns stock is NOT A MILLIONAIRE!



  • sparkysr15108

    I cannot bring myself to believe that there are actually MORONS that believe corporate profits should be banned!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW am I glad I got out of that culture of morons (the democrat party). these people(?) have brain damage. Where would the products that they buy for daily existance come from???? Do they actually think that Herr Obama can just make it appear out of thin air?? How many corporations would stay in business with out a profit? DUH!!!! Get off your lazy ass and go to work or better still, start a business, and operate it a loss or for no profit, ding bat. lets see how long you operate and eat and enhance you living standard. you would be back on the couch laying on your back accepting your monthly government bribe like you are now, in no time, MORON

  • Navy Vet

    About the time you think this country is overpopulated with “dumb asses”, you find even more at the Democrat convention.

  • Dr G

    Not much of a challenge to make stupid people look stupid.
    Why don’t you try this exercise with the anti-abortion religious “right” characters?
    That would be equally humorous…if your the type of person who like pulling wings off flys!

    I am too busy for this asshat BS…have a great weekend!


    My God, these people are such morons… No wonder they are voting for the marxist in chief! Everythig is a free ride and paid for by someone else!!! Anyone notice all the women weigh more than the men? Just an observance. I guess bellying up to the free lunch buffet on the tax payer dime pays off! No shortage of food stamps there!

  • rs1123

    The Democrats could take every dollar of private sector profit and it would not come close to spending as much as they want to, in order to continue buying their hold on people and the government.

    I hate being right in this case but I have long believed the Democrats were about party and power and not about the USA or about the individual. They will bring down this country if they can and they don’t care, just so long as they are behind the wheel when it happens so they can claim the authority to remake it as they see fit.

  • Gloria Wedemeyer

    Well, I wonder if all these so-called smart people then would support where the government tells every worker what he can and can’t make. Say a Janitor cannot make more than $25,000 or a doctor can’t make more than $l00,000 even those he has probably given up more than l2 years of his life in schooling and internshipas etc, a secretary can make no more than $30,000. That is what this country is learning toward. If I wanted to start a business, then I would find another country to start it in so that I will be rewarded for my knowledge and long hours. The Ameican people better be careful what they wish for. No would will be incentived to work a little harder. We will just become a nation of robots.


    Don’t think for one minute that dems are stupid! They know exactly what they are doing. They are running the script perfectly, as a super-computer (much quicker than our feeble minds) has instructed them, to achieve the outcome they programmed it for – to achieve One World Government. They are not miss-speaking, they actually believe what they are saying and doing. Our reactions are also feed into this computer, which tells it the next “move” to make, to take ALL power from the people and create a pure dictatorship. This is the ONLY WAY to achieve a One World Government. As long as there is a country like America, it can NEVER happen. Bob – “Don’t Democrats realize…?” Yes, they do realize socialism doesn’t work in America, but it doesn’t have to, if we let America become socialist anyway, which is what we are doing! Americans are no longer diligent and brave enough to KEEP THEM FROM TURNING AMERICA INTO A SOCIALIST COUNTRY. We are definitely not diligent, knowledgeable, and courageous enough to turn her BACK INTO A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, once the damage is done! The question is long pass, how do we stop this, it is finished! The question is can we fix it? Do we even know how?

  • Texas001

    If you are on the government “take” why would you think that all businesses small or large shouldn’t make any money or profits. Because you idiot if businesses don’t make money, they fail. When they fail then no more taxes to 0bama. No taxes to 0bama and you a$$es are off the welfare roles. You see most liberals can’t see past their noses and so that is why we have the worst president this country has ever had and that is why jimmy carter is smiling.

  • wizard

    These eople need to take a few economics classes taught by qualifie economists.

  • servant

    Remove Profits and remove ALL jobs.
    That makes about as much sense as cutting your throat, in order to not be able to eat, because your want to lose weight!
    Democrat = a collective heads up colon people!
    As they say “It’s as NO BRAINER IDEA” from brain dead “Kool-Aid” drinkers!

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