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Dem Rep: ‘You Don’t Have a Right to Know Everything’ Going On In Government

It appears that Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton, the non-voting Congressional delegate for Washington, D.C., has a “slightly” different understanding of the separation of powers than do most of us. Speaking during a Congressional hearing Friday on the White House decision to ignore a House subpoena of David Simas, Obama’s director of the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach, Norton admonished her Republican colleagues with the following statement: “You don’t have a right to know everything in a separation-of-powers government, my friend. That is the difference between a parliamentary government and a separation-of-powers government.”

Do you agree?

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    She’s a f**king idiot.
    Separation of powers has nothing to do with an informed electorate and the FOI act.
    Anything the government does is recorded and is public info.
    This dumb black should read the constitutiuon

    • Glatik

      And people like er have that job?
      No wonder everything is a mess.

      • Rick

        I lived in DC during the war years. A very nice place to live then. After about 1963, or whenever they got home rule, the city started going downhill and hasn’t stopped since.

        • Combatvet52

          So now we know right from the guy who lived there, Thank you Rick

        • Spoony

          Boy! Howdy! You can say that again!

        • Charles O McVey Sr.

          I was stationed in DC from 66-68 and it was a pit hole even then, and has only gotten worse.

          • Rick

            My Grandmother and I lived in an apartment on Minnesota Ave. S.E. Charles at the time and we both moved to Mt. Rainier as I was just starting classes at Maryland University having being discharged from the Navy. Did any of your people, by any chance, live in the S.E. area during the 40’s? The reason I ask is because your name sounds familiar to me. My best friend, as a small boy at the time, was a fellow named Mickey McVey.

          • Charles O McVey Sr.

            I was not married at the time and had no children, however I do know that I have family all over the US. My Great Great Grandfather arrived here in the middle of the 18th Century having been forcibly removed from Ireland do to his support for Irish Independence he later joined the Revolutionary Army and fought through the Revolutionary war. He died around 1826 while living in eastern Virginia so it is possible that some of my family ended up living in and around the DC area. You have to understand that I am 70 years old.

      • Beverly Miller

        Truer words were never written. Background checks on everyone that runs for office.

        • laboop

          Mental competency checks too!

        • Tom K.

          @ Beverly Miller: Add random DRUG TESTS and we might have something.
          @ laboop: Mental competency test would weed out a bunch of knuckleheads.

        • raptureready

          Especially from CA, IL, and every other “Blue” state.

      • Edward Ebersole

        I agree with you there.

    • Marlin208

      They never read things first. As for the Constitution, well that out of date old piece of paper needs to be up dated anyway so why listen to a thing it says to do.
      You can bet that every one of the members of the black caucus feels this very same way also.

      • yaki534

        They never read the Constitution and surely did not read Obama care before they voted on it. Now how is that representing their constituents?

        • retiredli

          Did you ever think, they don’t know how to read.

          • yaki534

            retiredi, you have a valid point there.

      • Combatvet52

        Some of them can’t even spell the word Constitution let alone understand it.

      • homer1057

        Yeah: Right, thats the same analogy they use w/the King James Bible! they say, update it, update it, and they have over 225 updates and still can’t match it or come even close to what that “Blessed Book” says! The KJV Bible does NOT need updating, nor the constitution, it just needs reading and Obeying! P.S. On the matter of Updating: How is it that the KJV says “DUNG” and yet IF all the other 225 plus revisionns, they also say DUNG< when we alllll KNOW what the modern revision would be and yet…! So, it's not really about making things clearer or easier to understand, it's about watering down and diluting Gods word, and destroying your chance to KNOW the TRUTH! Stay w/the KING JAMES BIBLE and the U.S.Constitution and things will just as they were 200 years ago!

        • Marlin208

          Maybe if they read the bible they would know that God has taken away their sound mind. The way we are headed has all been predicted thousands of years ago.
          As angry as I get about all this I also know that it is part of God’s plan and has to happen for the Lord to return.
          Hold fast, the end is near and we win.

          • yaki534

            Most of them have no idea what a Bible locks like.

        • grnbert13

          I keep saying the same, my KJV and my little booklet of Constitution not need any change at all, Americans need to read it that’s a fact. Danjeannine, Marlin208, Homer1057,Combatvet52, Yaki534, God Bless You All ! ! ! None of those turds would be there if we do read it both Books.

        • Wm. A. “Bill” Fisher

          Dang right!
          If the King James was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me!
          Homer, you need to rightly divide the Word of Truth and not worry about which translation you’re reading. You know, it was written in Greek, right?
          As far as “dung” is concerned, dung is a perfectly fine word right now. You aren’t suggesting that a Bible use old slang that is considered uncouth are you?

      • wizard

        The Constitution is not out of date! It is the most valid document we have. If any changes need to be made; the means for doing so are provided by the Constitution itself. But such changes should never be made lightly nor without due consideration and much debate. Despite what many would have us believe the Constitution is not a difficult document to understand. It is just that so many so called scholars and politicians have twisted it for their own agendas. Some don’t even bother to read it.

        • willhen50

          This lady is the one who stated she had to support Obama no matter what her constituents wanted.

      • cspanjunkie1

        the constitution was very well thought out, the rights are for EVERYONE and there is no one in washington right now that has half the brains of the men who wrote the constitution and the principles of it, so, it is NOT OUT OF DATE- the premises and principles protect everyone in america if properly used & followed.

        • Marlin208

          UGH, I was being sarcastic. This is the way THEY feel about the Constitution, not me.

    • Rick

      I’m not surprised that the old bag is still around. DC, do I have to say more.

    • Algarmit

      How could you explain something that is against their believe and against their soul. anything that is negative to their soul is evil…

    • SCOOPNJ78

      She never learned to read thanks to the socialist teachers unions

    • Chris

      Same point I was thinking

    • Beverly Miller

      This shows what dumbasses’ we vote into office. Who does she think pays her outrages salary. The boss always has the right to know.

    • jim scofield

      You are assuming that she knows how to read

    • budman

      That is the problem. If you checked the number of Blacks in Congress, you will find that almost all of them are Socialist Democrats and do not really believe in our form of government, rather Socialism or even communism where the people have no say.
      I would say this woman likely is sympathetic to Communism.

    • Jayne Nielsen

      I agree w/you, danjaninieHey clueless wander allow me to enlighten your little Dimwit pea brain…WE, THE TAXPAYERS, PAY YOUR PAYCHECK so we are entitled to know as much about how this government is run; how you morons SPEND OUR MONEY!

    • tlc1532

      Who died and made this bald fool the guarantor of our “rights?” Unfortunately, she’s on our payroll, and it really is disgusting to have to support this kind of ignorance in our gov’t today.

  • Hilly

    She must be Sheila Jackson Lee’s twin sister. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

    • VicBailey

      Yea, Shelia still thinks they put a flag on Mars! Talk about an IDIOT! And these dumb $hits are making LAWS that are ALL Unconstitutional !!! Semper Fi.

      • Marlin208

        That is just like the idiot black that said the island would tip over if too many people were on one side. BRAAAAHHAAAAHAAAAA.

        • VicBailey

          That was Hank Johnson from GA. But have you ever seen a Socialist Liberal Democrat that wasn’t an IDIOT? Semper Fi.

  • Dale Putnam

    Seems to me… she has it all right… all right in that there needs to be a separation of powers… they can’t be mixed… so.. how about we start with an example…..???? How about we separate her from her supposed “power”???? I like it.. how about you?

    • elkhunt

      you cant—dc is the place of dumb asses,from the white house on down–dc would elect the crack head marion barry again if he ran—what a dumb ass pit

      • Dale Putnam

        You are right… IF we just kick her out.. and replace her.. I am thinking more along the lines of a Convention of States, and do away with DC.. entirely. Move the concept of government away from the locale… place it .. say… near the middle of the country… for a number of valid reasons… one.. would be fresh faces in government. ALL fresh faces.. and on a much smaller scale. In a new location, and with a brand new outlook on the concept of “governing”. And at that point… she has no place in government.. at all.. nor any of her associates, of the same mindset. They have already proven their worth.

    • Rick

      Wouldn’t do any good Dale. The blacks would just vote her back in like they did convict Barry.

  • CaptTurbo

    Typical ignorant criminal democrat.

    • dr john

      what a dumb asss ol witch–her fat ass doesnt know anything about government

      • TLady62

        They literally want us to become like Britain and treat the President like a monarch.

    • Don

      Their true name is demonicRATS.

  • mallen11

    Anyone who pays taxes has the right to know what is going on in our government. However, I don’t always want to know what is going on and I get tired of the news but always keep in touch as much as I want to know. No politician has the right to tell us what we want to know. Do they think they can control what is happening; not at all.

    • VicBailey

      You are safe, you will NEVER know what these crooked a$$holes are up to, the only president that tried to open up the crooked government dealings, they shot him! Like Jerry Clower used to say, time for a RAT KILLING! Semper Fi.

  • AZ BOB

    You see the result of changing the Founders Constitution with the 17th Amendment that changed it to the United Government of America from the United States of America

    • TLady62

      Indeed, although it is a good thing this buffoon isn’t in the Senate.

  • proudtexan62

    These people never cease to amaze. The GOVERNMENT IS WE THE PEOPLE, not her and her colleagues, the ill informed!!!! We elect officials to keep us an informed electorate. Key word, WE ELECT!!! That is likely one of the reasons she is a non-voting member.

    • I Live 4 Him

      As a “Non-Voting Member” with a lot to say that is WRONG, WAKE UP her constituents!! This lady needs to be VOTED OUT!!!! Why are WE paying her?????

  • e1313ruth

    This dummiecrat forgot who pays her salary and consequently who the boss is…The American people are the real boss….They are our employees…and it is past time to fire some of them..

    • VicBailey

      Fire them all and start over, and don’t let Lawyers or Judges to run for office, they steal enough already. If I were president there would be about 1/3 of the lawyers the next day after I was elected. They are the ones that are screwing up America. TOO many frivolous lawsuits! Semper Fi.

  • Coffee49

    Fine than these bastards dont have a right to tax my paycheck, too much power yeilds too many idiots

  • elkhunt

    what a dumb asss ol witch–her fat black ass doesnt know anything about government

  • Pete Bundy

    She is a special kind of stupid

  • Daniel Gray

    Someone tell that bald headed butt plug that if she is that ignorant of how this country works, then maybe she should leave. And why is she there anyway? She has no voting authority and as such nothing she says can be used.

    • Robertb

      Wonder why she shaved her head. Lice Perhaps.

      • Daniel Gray

        Nope, to let the breeze tickle the inside of her empty head

  • Brian L.

    Not only no, but HELL NO,

  • VicBailey

    She must be kin to Hank Johnson, the congressman that thought Guam was going to turn over when they put all those Marines over there! Total MORONS! They are taking things that are illegal I’m sure.
    Semper Fi.

    • Don

      Obama thought he had visited 57 states durig his first run.

  • msmotown

    And who pays her salary?

  • John OMalia

    And who is to decide what we are permitted to know? Someone like her who thinks the separation of powers has something to do with freedom of information? My God, and she’s an elected official. Elected by a bunch of fools.

  • davnkatzr

    I KNOW there are some very intelligent and knowledgeable black politicians – male and female. My question is why do the libturd MSM parade stupido idiots like Sheila Jackson Lee and this “pistol”? Are they trying to paint ALL black politicians as ignorant, stupid, lack-of-intelligence, clowns and hoping we all ignore the smart, logical, Tea Party conservative black men and women as being equally ignorant, stupid, etc.? Won’t work because our Tea Party conservative politicians – who happen to have dark skin (men and women) – demonstrate a level of intelligence and logic that it makes most libturd and a big percentage of GOP appear totally thick between-the-ears.

  • rs1123

    She’s almost as dumb as the congressman who thought if we put too many troops on the island of Guam that it “might tip over and capsize”.

    • ¡El Poder de Cristo te obliga!

      ….or as dumb as the Congresswoman who said she was proud to be born in a nation who left an American flag on the surface of Mars back in the late 1960’s!

  • ABBE

    But I bet that DWEEB thinks she does! What a silly libtard!

  • marylou45

    I’m so glad people like you make these outrageous comments because you let us know who we need to vote out of office. Thank you.

    • BEK

      And who should we remove from office in your opinion?

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Well now we know all I need to know about Ms. Holmes.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    It’s because the ends justify the means they know their criminals and don’t want to admit to it.

  • Marlin208

    Well I guess that is the way it is because NONE of them seem to know what is going on in this government either.
    Holy cow, what a bunch of morons we now have running this once great nation.

    • mbnick

      She is a great example of why the approval rating of Congress is what it is.

  • ABBE

    getting elected to any federal job requires a lobotomy. Hers was indeed an intense operration

  • theoldguy44

    Forgive her abject stupidity, after all, she’s a Democrat and they are all morons.

  • coconuisse

    Obviously, (to be kind) this woman is a “graduate” of one of our fine government schools. You know, the ones that spin facts to suit the thrust of their agenda. It is, perhaps, to be expected, since she represents an area which has only the cream of the brainwashed as its constituency. It would, therefore, do no good to point out to this woman that she was appointed to be the servant of her citizenry, NOT the master of them, as the liberals see themselves to be.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    The court needs to introduce these clowns to the RICO act that they use on the mob.

  • M.J. Marsalek

    Unfortunately the people who could vote Eleanor Holmes out of office are the very ones who voted her in and want to keep her. In the meantime, I agree that the people don’t have a right to know everything the government does – only the things that the American taxpayers pay for.

  • Dean

    I think we should reinstate the committee for unamerican activities. I think we should give the committee some jaws and powers. I think that committee should have zero tolerance for zero tolerance. I think the muslim brotherhood should be called out for what it is as a terrorist organization that threatens the very core of the USA and should be treated as the enemy which they are. I think any sympathizers to terrorists should not be tolerated. I think anyone that has taken an oath to uphold the constitution should do so and any one who doesn’t should not be in office. ANYONE. I think the American people have a 100 percent right to know who their President is no matter how embarassing and damaging it may ultimately become and even above all the screaming and name calling that will be heard and even if we become the laughing stock of the world. I think it is better to know. Then we can start doing something about it. I think those elected officials that don’t do something appropriate, and I don’t mean a slap on the hand, should not be empowered to represent us. We the People.

  • mbnick

    Just a classic example of a greedy Obama moocher who has not figured out who she works for. Is just another in a long list of reasons why we must now remove all Democrats from public office, our Courts and our schools. If the lazy voters let the moochers and fraud voters outvote them again then you can plan on putting your hands up and keeping them up.

  • AL VET

    This government remains “of the people, by the people and for the people.” When an elected official refuses to represent the will of the people, claiming dictatorial powers, they should be removed from office. I remind Ms. Norton that all elected officials are servants of the people.(Elected to “SERVE” and not to “RULE.”)

  • JYuma

    Why she is able to even sit in that seat an run her Racist mouth is the question. the people of DC have no vote. By the Constitution. on top of that she is offensive to look at, her an the right reverend for NY.

  • theronald

    Apparently she never heard her king claim that his administration would be the most transparent in history. And, unless she is talking about matters of national security, she is full of crap.

  • disqus_xLn56CDAGb

    ….except that WE PAY YOUR SALARY. How would you like to be “separated” from that, you worthless t$@t. Tired of your type in government. How would you like to share a nice cozy spot in the unemployment line with the rest of the population that you all deny are out of work? I would be willing to bet that I could find a more savvy individual in that same unemployment line that could do a better job than you. Please volunteer to leave.

  • crittergirl

    I’d like to separate her from the U.S.A.

  • Algarmit

    She is a moron… that is the only way she qualify to be a democrat and a liberal… dumb she is…

    • ChicagoThunder1

      No , no and no They know they are criminals and they don’t want to admit to it and remove any doubt.

  • squeak

    Well Eleanor, i beg to differ with you, We the People put you all in office, in OUR HOUSE…. It must have slipped your mind, YOU ALL WORK for us… besides who are you to tell us we have no right to know everything that is going on in the Government … does that include all the other things going on that you Socialists Democrats hide from us & vote on behind closed doors …. how some of you women get elected is beyond me, have you ever read the Constitution ? Stupid is ,as Stupid does !

  • Macjamm

    And a well informed electorate put this creature in office ??? I don’t think so,….

  • DaveM

    tHIS SUB HUMAN LIFE FORM HAS BEEN ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE. Sure top secret and such is understood but the reality of hiding everything is no right!

    • Michael E Heis

      Just realize that she very well may have access to that Top Secret info that we do not!!!! Now that is a scary thought.

  • Tim Casey

    I hope she doesn’t presume to know what we need to know just like a good little commie.

    • ChicagoThunder1

      She lives the dream of 1984!

  • Veteranasm

    A poster child for abortion !!!

  • Anthony Alexander

    If she is college educated she should go back and get a refund….she has it all wrong……stupid mook….

  • 1catfish

    The mess in america is the direct result of stupid white liberals being used by the black caucus, NAACP and the likes of Sharpton and Jackson. All you need to do to know what is going on is wait for a spook to opens his mouth,

  • yaki534

    She is a typical liberal that hadn’t read the Constitution or does not understand it. Our Representatives and senators are supposed to represent the citizens in their district. We MUST know what they are doing It is our right. Fool!

  • OldVeteran

    When the “elected” behave in a fashion that causes concern to the citizens…..the people DO HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW. This “person” must have a lot to hide……

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Another stupid black put where she has no understanding. Who put her here? Care to guess? Un-intelligent blacks and low or no information voters on the Gubmint Tit!

  • Mrs. Tana Lampton

    Does this “Representative” not know that “We the People” have EVERY Right to know EVERYTHING?! What part of REPublic does she not understand? – Tana Lampton, Agua Dulce, Ca.

  • WVRidgerunner

    typical Eva Braun statement

  • Combatvet52

    Eleanor Holmes Norton is a pea brain idiot it’s OK for the government to know when we fart but not know what’s going on with our tax dollars and all the other crap they pull, go soak your head in a barrel of horse dung.

  • Charley

    If we must change the Constitution I would like to see all federal politicians be paid by their home and where their pay and allowances would be controlled by the people and they would not be able to raise their pay and would be more responsible to their voters .

    • Combatvet52

      Well said Charley

  • robocop33

    She IS correct that we as citizens do not have the right to know everything the Government does BUT, and that is a huge but, unless it is a State Secret that would cause the United States harm if a foriegn Government because aware of it, then yes we do that the right to know. What she is trying to conceal IS NOT a State Secret, just a secret that if revealed would embarrass a political party or individual who may have been doing something illegal. The PEOPLE do have a right to know about that you ding-bat!

  • Freedom

    Sad the people that the electorate vote in to office. This woman just proved that she has zero qualifications to hold office! That’s why voter ID laws are desperately needed. The rally cry of the Democratic Party, “vote early and vote often” needs to be corrected!!!!!

  • Candyman101

    Just another dingy liberal showing her stupidity and lack of respect for the American people.

  • Tiredofsocializm

    Will the stupidity of some of these buffoons ever cease? We have a right to know every frikken stupid thing these morons do!

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    Hey, Eleanor Holmes Norton, (a pretentious elitist moron using three names) WE the PEOPLE have every right to know what our government is doing, unless of course it really has something to do with national security, not some made up national security issue contrived to cover up wrong doing. You moronic twits work for US, we are your boss, we are not your subjects. If you don’t know the Constitution, then you should be removed from office. As for you Conservatives, of which I am one, it is high time we start calling out the leftist idiots every time they make verbal gaffs, just like they do when Republicans make them. Remember, two can play the same game and it is more fun.

  • homer1057

    SOOOO. Please Ms. Norton: what rights do we have in this govt? To be public slaves, and do what people (Hypocrites) like you and our closed and controlling govt tell us to do? What happened to the %$#@@!% “TRANSPARENCY”? Another lie! One never has to lie when the truth is what they seek, and always has to lie when all they desire is to CONTROL the masses! You need to read the Constitution, and at the same time, READ the KING JAMES BIBLE! That Constitution is 94% directly/indirectly from the KJV bible! Why don’t you read it, then talk this stuff….IF you had any sense you wouldn’t be able to do so! See David Barton of Wallbuilders inc (

  • littledon

    Miss Rep Demo, even if you are talking about my race, and my people! Why do you know so much about what’s going on today, are you part of the can and not the due!
    God Bless America!

  • I_P_Frehley

    Dear Clueless Demagogue, Uhhhh yes, we actually do have a right to know, seeing as you are our public servant. If you have a fondness for oligarchies, tyrannies and the like please feel free to relocate (or be forcibly repatriated) to any of the numerous shitholes in Africa, S. America or the Middle East. Thank you, that is all.

  • Bill Caterino

    What is she NUTS? Who put her in that position? She should be required to take a course on the laws of this government!

  • Dave L.

    Typical boothead, hasn’t got a clue.

  • Emanon65

    And you don’t know your constitution, you brainless wonder. But what can we expect of Libtards. Not much!

  • firemanfred

    Thank God she’s a non-voting member…with her outcome based education history, they shouldn’t even allow her to speak. I hear DC wants statehood status, with morons like her spread through this city, I doubt the rest of the educated Union will ever let that happen ! Residents there elected her as their representative, if that’s the best they have to offer DC is in big trouble. My advice to her is head back to Burger King, you may, and I say may have the intelligence to make a living there serving shakes, but anything more advanced there, flipping burgers requires some physics and aerodynamic skills, may be too difficult for you.

  • BlueViolets

    As long as we pay the salaries of all government employees and elected officials through forced taxation then we have a right to know what, where, when and why of everything they do.
    And she, along with most of Congress really are in dire need of schooling about our Constitution. Perhaps several classes as they all seem to be slow learners.

  • Patrick Henry

    What a MORON!!!! IS this idiot the best that the people of Washington DC can come up with??? I feel sorry for you people then!!!!

  • Trisha55

    I think it is time to make all candidates for office pass a civics test and a Constitution test before they can become an official candidate. I would include all offices from city/county to state to federal and include President and Vice President. Supreme Court nominees, cabinet nominees, any appointed office and all appointed judges should be included. There would probably be a very high attrition rate.

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    Sorry, but I cannot stop laughing. Sounds like she could fill in for Holder.

  • cspanjunkie1

    after hearing her phone call shaking down an donor for more money into her pet project (this donor had given to some other causes) she wants this corp. to know that she “chairs” this project and wonders why she did not get some of the money, she left her address so I plan on sending her a shredded constitution page because she and the democrats are really doing it to us

    • cspanjunkie1

      anyone want to send in shredded constitutions with me? just asking

  • Robert L Nipper

    My God….this is someone in a position of authority? She has no concept of “separation of powers”. She’s on a par with the dude that thought Guam was going to tip over!

  • Sandy

    she is part of the problem….she is the one who denied litle minority girls the right to go to a private school in DC, for starters…and she is THE REASON we should have full representation for DC in Congress…..

  • Ron

    and you wonder how fools like this keep getting elected again and again–actually I wonder no more

  • smogdew

    What an embarrassment this woman is to ALL of government and to her people. Just one more crybaby black person thinking she has all the answers. Sorry

  • Mys77

    Dumb broad….dumbest comment I have heard in awhile…I am sure there is more coming.

  • retiredli

    You mean they are doing something?

  • marmo43

    wait a damned minute. Who does she thinks she works for. it isn’t Obama, its her constituents. I hope she is up for re-election and gets fired real quick.

    • cspanjunkie1

      apparently now the oath is to the president, not the people (my opinion based on what is happening now)

  • Leijona

    It just goes to show you how stupid the people that elect an idiot like this are. The people have a right to know everything, all the time. Separation of powers has to do with avoiding a dictatorship, but it does not seem to be working any more, since Obama thinks he is a king, and nobody calls him on it. This lady was, is and always will be a moron.

  • Mom

    Well, an uneducated electorate will elect the uneducated by way personality, race, or good-looking smiles, or just because the name is seen around frequently. Why bother with history, economics or civics classes for students. They are just obstacles to the progressive agenda. Is it any wonder that our country is RE-gressing?

  • babsan

    This is the problem in DC these days.The Muslim Plant and his Abortion party idiots do not have a clue how America was founded and the way the government was set up.The Most Transparent Fraud in WH is the complete opposite with a bunch of the same idiots around him.Conclusion is :The DEMONcrat party is evil and corrupt to the hilt


    Yes yes, we have a right to know. We are the ones footing the bill and we should know everything. How the hell do these people get into important positions they have no business occupying??!! onumbnuts comes to mind. You remember barack insane obama. The liar that ran on a platform promising a transparent operation of government. Meanwhile there is a daily obstruction of justice constant lying and the NSA is eavesdropping on all of us.


    Maybe we should sign an order to ship all blacks back to Africa and just not tell her until the ships are loading???????

  • pFeather

    Does this ignorant woman understand the term “checks and balance” in the American government? Obama doesn’t have Carte blanche to do whatever he pleases and Congress and the Supreme Court are equal powers in the American government. They are not subservient to the corrupt Obama administration nor are the American people.

  • Chopper

    Just another dumb jiggaboo. Maxine, Al, Jessie, Eric,Barry, Ruam, can’t think of them all right now. Too many of them.

    • Mac Boy

      – FAR TOO MANY in our Gov’t !! – – – –

  • John Beam

    Wow…just…WOW! My mind cannot fathom what is going on in the worm-eaten brain of this idiotic woman. I mean, what does she “think” separation of power MEANS? Does she honestly think it means that the three branches are separated in the sense that they work separately from each other, and nothing is shared between them? It’s quotes like this that should be used as evidence of mental defectiveness and incapacity of serving in ANY public capacity. She should be laughed out of the House.


    …..and here I thought that Looney Toons was off the air!

  • william russell

    Hey all this is how the liberal progressive democrats think and operate. Keep Americans dumb and un infomed and continue to tell them what they want to hear so they vote for democrats over and over. If the average person would open their eyes and see all the government is doing, all the scandals and all the lies than maybe the usa will get back to the greatness we once had. Just obama care, the bill was passed people we were promised keep you doctor, keep your plan, save $2500 a year and now that the plan is in effect those are lies and each year the plan becomes more and more expensive to the american voters but we did not know and were not told, but now we have to pay for it. American voters suckers because you al;l do not care and demand information and vote people out

  • BEK

    This woman is batsh*t stupid. If her brains were dynamite, she couldn’t blow her nose.

  • Stan Parrish

    Typical retarded liberal. Parliamentary or constitutional republic are procedural forms of government. Neither one allows for their government to hide what they are doing to their citizens from those citizens.

  • AmericanIcon

    When I ran a business, any hired help this stupid – and arrogant – would be in the market for a job more suitable to her talents – door stop or wall hanging would probably be the best her talents could handle.

  • D. Guardian

    first democrats destroy the educational system, then they elect the dumbest of the drop outs into political office, and, as expected political mayhem ensues. I bet she doesn’t know what the constitution is…

  • Antogeny

    It is true that “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” If only we could TRUST our government to tell us everything that citizens should know! Too bad the woman is too stupid to know that “Separation of Powers” has nothing to do with it – National Security is the BIG issue – and I have never felt LESS secure in my life! Our “security” has been turned over to IDIOTS who have NO “foreign policy”, don’t understand that the world is a dangerous place, and have absolutely no intention of preserving America. The fools won’t even close the boarders and we have no clue who is coming in – uninvited, uninvestigated for criminal backgrounds and contagious diseases, and with their hands out for freebies!!!

  • Sheila Simmons

    The hell we don’t.


    Is she on drugs??? She’s a freakin’ idiot!!!

  • Arcturus6

    Consider the source. What you have is a Democrat bag lady spouting off her ignorance and not having a clue as to what reality is! The last thing she and her cohorts want is a truly informed electorate. Heaven forbid having voters who can actually think! Why do you think the Democrats oppose Voter I.D. laws and are pushing illegal aliens down the throats of American citizens? They want an electorate of totally ignorant masses of moochers, wannabes, welfare cheaters, illegals and any other form of human garbage they can find to keep them in power!!!

  • Jerry

    I wonder, what education, if any, she does have?

  • Harold

    America is a constitutional republic, I am sure glad this low IQ democrat has no voting powers. In this case I admit to being racist, ‘she is just a dumb N—–. Who let this person out of her cage anyway?

  • WardMD

    True, ONLY if those the goings on in Government involve National Security.

    LYING to the American People about Obamacare, or Benghazi, or the IRS Scandal, or Fast-and-Furious, etc. ARE NOT “National Security” – they are Executive Branch INCOMPETENCE!

    WE, THE PEOPLE (and especially Congress) DO have a RIGHT to know: WHAT did Obama Know, and WHEN did he know it!

    I urge you (all of you) to go READ the articled of impeachment against President Richard Nixon (of Watergate infamy)… You will see an eerie similarity to what Nixon was accused of doing (or SEEKING to do), and what Obama and his Administration have ACTUALLY DONE (okay, ALLEGEDLY done). Richard Nixon, for example, only SOUGHT to use the IRS against political enemies… Obama has DONE SO! Compared to Obama, Nixon was a Boy Scout!

    This is THE MOST CORRUPT administration in my lifetime (I’m nearly 60)!

  • akoby

    She really is ignorant. This is supposed to be a government BY the people, FOR the people. Yes, we do have a right to know what our government is doing.

  • Joe

    What a stupid thing to say, but why am I not surprised? This is the norm for Democrats in this day and age. I’d bet there are many, many patriotic Democrats that are turning over in their graves with what that party has become.

  • Ray

    Good reason to keep DC from having a vote when it produces idiots like her & Marion Barry as their heros

  • Chardonna

    She’s a moron and should never open her mouth again. What an idiot. How in the hell did she get elected? Thank goodness she can’t vote in Congress.

  • LittleMoose

    I think Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton should read the Declaration of Independence.

  • Sunshine Kid

    The Dimocrats are living up to the first three letters as I spell it. No, I’m not PC by any means!

  • Mac Boy

    Just another “equal opportunity” – “Quota Niqqer” from the 60’s ……………

  • Charles O McVey Sr.

    This woman does not have the least idea of what Oversight means. She is as bright as a burned out 15 watt light bulb when it comes to Congressional Oversight, she needs to look at the First Article of the Constitution to really read Congressional Power and Authority.

  • Arnold Young

    This stupid female Afro-American with a man haircut is giving the Afro-Americans a bad name. She is an ignorant half wit and to how she got to where she is— I just don’t know. She must belong to the “get a free phone crowd” I don’t pay and taxes bunch.

  • Mr T

    Really, you ugly sow? Who’s government do you think it is? Go back to,….wherever.

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    If too many WH advisers are forced to testify on the Hill, the Capitol Building might capsize and tip over.

  • Alfred King of Wessex

    I would suggest that all professional politicians, before being
    permitted to run for office at the state or national level, be required to pass
    a test that measures their understanding of US history, economics, common sense,
    logic, and even an IQ test. If we had such a test….I’m sure the morons like
    this woman, ( as well as Congressmen that think “Guam is in danger of tipping
    over”.) would be sent on their way to more fitting jobs, like serving as wash
    room attendants or hat check girls.

  • guest

    Deport the old hagg to Kenya with Commie O’bommie!..

  • Public_Citizen

    Actually, in practice it works the other way around.
    It’s really a good thing that this intellectual giant is a non-voting member of our Congress.

  • laboop

    Then you don’t have the right to my money! honey!

  • patches64

    and YOU don’t HAVE to be reelected!

    • Michael E Heis

      Don’t worry, her ignorant black constituents will turn out in droves to re-elect their black slave master.

  • Take 2

    That’s a depending on who or which Party is in the White House statement. Not worth the breath or all that smart. A select committee should have access to 100% of any Administration communication. That would stop all these secrete gun sales ie murders etc. It would prevent or capture Anti – American overthrows or attempt. It would stop IRS NSA spying on American crap. Read Dreams from My Father a few times. Why do or she think the Peace & Freedoms Act was created. POLICE POWER is not pertaining to just cop’s BUT Robber ‘ s ie overzealous Government individual’s.

    • Michael E Heis


      • Take 2

        I was across the board after reading all the previous comments – sorry. I should have replied to individual’s comments.

  • Wayne

    Politicians that think this way need to be removed from office immediately!!!!
    She needs to read and understand her oath before she takes office. And if she didn’t agree with the oathe, she should’ve not assumed office !!
    Now she has violated the oathe and the citizens she represents!

  • icemancold

    Typical OBAMA person

  • Lowell

    “We, the People” are the government, and “We, the People” have every right to know what every one of our “employees” are doing, from the President, (in this case, the Resident) on down.

  • dave

    A black PELOSI and clueless. just can’t idoit proof the democrats.

  • fished

    its time to clean house of all the scum bags in our country like this idiot black liberal azz sucker

  • El Camino

    Exactly the sort of people that should NOT be in office.

  • howard weatherly

    In my opinion anyone who is that viscious and ignorant of our form of government should spend more time listening than speaking. She has not earned the priviladge to breath the same air as me. (I am sure there are others that feel the same but I choose to be the target here, hence me rather than us)

  • David Stovall

    ” Government, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master, never for a moment to be left to irresponsible action.” George Washington

  • NoLibLiz

    This from the party whose leader promised a totally transparent administration!

  • Tommyzax

    They are just SO out in the open now

  • pete0097

    She is only correct in matters pertaining to the discussions of the individual political parties. Dems don’t have the right to know what the reps are planning and vice versa. That is what Nixon did. He wanted to know what devious things the dems had in store for him in the upcoming election. As far as legislation, they have every right to know all.

  • W Edward Trumble

    Quite a few of the comments on this video mention that DC’s non-voting Congressional delegate is black. That has nothing to do with what she said. The fact that she is an idiot, pure and simple, says it all!

    • Michael E Heis

      You have obviously never had to deal with the typical DC resident have you? Guess what 99% black and m0r0ns. Gee I see a link between her color and her lack of intelligence.

  • wizard

    I, for one, do not agree! Where did this woman get her education? This is not the concept of separation of powers. The purpose of the separation of powers is to keep each of the branches of government in check, under control, and answerable to the people. It is therefore essential that they do know what the other branches are doing.

  • Yankee_Biker

    What an ignorant b***h. How could she take an oath to defend the constitution when she has no clue what it stands for.

  • scpatriot13038


  • 1JBRice1

    I also lived in the DC area from 1961 – 1967. We would take my nieces to the zoo, Smithsonian, Fort Washington, etc. at least once or twice a month. When I went back for a visit and took my kids to the zoo (for example) it was horrible. Mud, weeds, dirty conditions. Home rule put a lot of money into a few peoples pockets, but did nothing to preserve our National treasures.

  • JT1964

    Hmmm…..Most Transparent Administration ever? I don’t think so.


    WTF……over??? Thank god she is a none voting member! It will be interesting to see how her tune changes when the Republicans take full control next January! I promise, that tap dance will have a whole different tune!

  • JimBob

    Transparency? Idiot hypocrites.

  • dbinpv

    Is she really that stupid? A complete moron who obviously was elected by a city of morons.

  • Casey Dial

    Eleanor Holmes Norton is a good example of the kinds of fools we are sending to Washington DC. These people believe that we landed on Mars, or that an island is going to tip over, or that you have to pass a bill to find out what is in it. My God, who left the gate to the insane asylum open.

  • bikerchick22

    What these idiots forget is that they are ” supposedly ” suppose to be working for us– WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  • J G

    Have this socialist delinquent provide the data that corroborates her statement!

  • Michael E Heis

    Gee sh~t rises to it’s own level and this mor0n that was voted in by the f00ls in DC totally proves it.

  • willhen50

    Congress has the power to subpoena any unelected person regardless of which branch of government he works for.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    WE the people have every right to know everything. What part of history did she miss?

  • digdeeper

    What she forgets, as do most of our representatives these days….and “representatives” is the key word, is that we don’t elect politicians or rulers, we elect REPRESENTATIVES to represent their electorate, aka We the People. We don’t elect them to run the country as they wish, according to their ideology, which of course they didn’t much talk about during their campaign. Get politicians out of Washington and lets get back to our representative Constitutional Republic. That means getting all the communists in congress kicked out too. to check that out.

  • Bravo Two Six

    And who appointed her the guardian of all data? It is because of the Constitution we dare to demand the information we have a right to. This woman is dead wrong and a waste of whatever she is being paid (probably too much anyway). Boy, we get the smart ones, don’t we?

  • robert

    thats if the moran can read,if ovomit/satan had a moran daughter she would look like dem norton,i mean dumb norton.when the lord was handing out brains norton thought he said trains and got can lead an imbecile to politicis,and norton is one

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