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Dem. Congressman Hank Johnson: Amend Constitution To Restrict Freedom Of Speech

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) says, “corporations control the patterns of thinking” in the United States and that the Bill of Rights to the Constitution should be amended so that the government is given the power to restrict freedom of speech.

“We need a constitutional amendment to allow the legislature to control the so-called free speech rights of corporations,” said Johnson.

  • mrbp

    How about we just shut this idiot up. He represents what stupid is. Also what the nazis did. He should be kicked out of the congress, and sent to live in; say nigeria or kenya (obama’s birth country).

    • mtncrusr

      Did he get elected because he is the smartest person in his district?

      • jude

        No probably because he is black, someone please shut him up, he sounds like he had cotton in his mouth and a cotton brain

        • Jonathan

          That isnt cotton, thats $hit.

      • Irma

        If Hank Johnson was the “smartest man in his district” it’s scary as hell that his constituents were even more crazy stupid. God help us!

      • 820 REDHORSE

        Probably so, We here in South Georgia don’t claim any of the scum outta the atlanta area!

        • racefish

          I used to live in that district. It used to be more upscale.

          • 820 REDHORSE

            Yeah I know, same as Buckhead area, Alot of it used to be upscale, but the whole area is dunghole now! And full of assclowns like hank

          • bananafanafo

            Upscale SHEEP! They don’t THINK for THEMSELVES Let everyone who is the loudest do that for them!

      • randy

        It’s not that. James Carville described it best when he said that 80% of Dems are politically ignorant and are like a herd of sheep. Just make a lot of noise and herd them a certain direction and they follow one another. He said that made his job getting Clinton elected very easy.

    • Linda Lee

      He and Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Diane Feinstein, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi. Send the to Devil’s Island

  • john stephano

    Another stupid statement from this jerk.

  • Harold

    Another ignorant braying male donkey, who is so stupid someone probably has to tie his shoes.

    • Linda Lee

      There are quite a few females like him in both houses. Maxine waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, need I go on?


    BS keep the government OUT of our LIVES. They only screw things up. Why would we want some racist congressman telling us what we can say out loud

  • TheTexasCooke

    And everything the Federal Government has touched has turned out so well….why didn’t we all think of this? Oh, yeah…..because it is so stupid that it doesn’t even merit the comment I’ve already made…..

  • Mr Conservative

    And this from the guy who was afraid Guam would capsize if too many of our people were on one side of the island. Yet another example of the failure of our educational system. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • TM

      Comes from all that father daughter breeding, and brother and sister breeding too.

      • racefish

        Somehow I don’t think there were two humans involved.

    • rosech

      Well, he truly is ignorant and stupid with it! Where did he study and how in the world did he get elected. is beyond me. Is the educational system even worse in his state than in others? I guess so. To state such a stupid thing shows he does not have brains, and is definitely a Demo sheeple!

      • Sol_of_Texas

        Seems he is an accurate representation of the quality of most government school systems.

        Please don’t say “it can’t happen where I live”. It has been happening where we all live for decades and we can blame no one but ourselves for allowing it to happen.

    • yougotyourwhatstuck

      Mr. Con was this that bufoon who said the island would tip over? I am scared now, people. Dim witted mindless upright slabs of no brain activity driven bidens?

    • Arthur Anderson

      Now don’t be too hard on the moron, his teachers were blak union Democrats….how could he possibly know any better…????

  • tom

    Let’s start with Hank Johnson’s freedom of speech.

  • VirgoVince

    How about WE restrict his Freedom of Speech?? he’s another NON-American!!

  • freedomforall

    What a stupid, foolish, uneducated, socialist, black man. He uses fear to instill his warped sense of freedom. He should be grateful that he’s allowed to say what he is saying. He sure didn’t think this through did he? How in the hell did he ever get elected? Reps like him should be censored.

    • TM

      Crap votes for crap, you cannot fix stupid.

  • John Beam

    This man is a mental retard, and it is a national crisis that an imbecile like this can be in our legislature. It is also a crisis with the GOP that they cannot generate a campaign to defeat a mental midget like Hank Johnson. I mean, it has nothing to do with this man’s skin color, but rather the mental capacity of a man who thought that 8000 marines could “capsize” the island of Guam. Anyone thinking this has no place in government. In fact, he has no place anywhere, other than perhaps being in fast-food service.

    • DrSique

      I wouldn’t swallow anything that the man is selling now, why would I do it at Micky D’s???

    • dogwithoutslippers

      If that was his job then it would be slow food service!

    • bdq4

      It has Everything to do with skin color since he is in a majority black district. Black Democrats will Never vote for a Republican.

    • RedMeatState

      I wouldn’t hire him, would you?? At any job!!

  • downs1

    That’s not what the Constitution says, Congressman! How did you get elected? It is people like you who think you are so great, but are really little men! And, Congressman, this has nothing to do with the fact that you are Black, but everything to do with the fact you are a fool!

    • John Beam

      Go to youtube and plug in “Hank Johnson” and “Guam” into the browser, watch him in a video asking questions about marines who he’s afraid will “capsize” Guam, and then ask yourself how he keeps getting reelected. The man is a MORON.

      • RedMeatState

        he must represent this constituents very well then!!

    • Linda Lee

      It’s a marxist mental disease.


    Freedom of speech, our most basic freedom…

  • chamuiel

    And yet another Liberal fruitcake. Oh Well it is that season. Color of the skin has nothing to do with being a crazy idiot.

  • Cherock, the Indian

    What a freaking idiot, How did this SOB get elected to Congress, probably the same way BO did. Pathetic. We, OH so need to get rid of this government altogether and replace it with Citizen Legislature that don’t have Liberals or Progressives in the government…

  • Viet Vet

    So, this communist fool needs to be muzzled, and perhaps thrown in jail!

  • rc

    What an idiot!

  • davienne

    johnson is really hard to take too seriously… after all he’s still worried about guam tipping over if too many people go there

  • Debbie Radziewicz

    He is the definition of stupid, ignorant and racist! Do these idiots not understand why the US was formed in the first place. Please, someone, take this man and put him on a slow boat to china where speech is controlled. He may like it there!

    • rosech

      Actually speech is no as controlled in China as many think. I see more and more of it here with Obama and his superfluous executive orders and failure to go thru Congress, and his constant lying!

  • The_American_Way

    This guy is almost as stupid as Obama. What an embarrassment this man is. He is exhibit “A” on why we need to reduce the size of government and amend the voting laws.

  • Kini AlohaGuy

    Stupid people elect stupid politicians. This clown thought Guam would tip over.


    This is the main reason that we need a court of the public to prosecute ignorance of the constitution. This man would be at the top of the list. The constitution does not give us our rights. Who elected this guy? And we wonder why America will now be spelled Amerika.
    God bless America.

  • knowsit

    I thought he was still busy preventing Guam from capsizing because too may people were moving to one side of the island.
    He apparently never heard the saying: It is better for a fool to remain silent, than to open his mouth and remove all doubt.

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    Congressman, What is your approximate current net worth? (Pause for congressional hemming and hawing.) And a follow up sir, what was it before you were first elected to congress?

  • R S

    they should rip his lips off and restrict his freedom of speech.

  • gmhunt4

    This idiot is confused, Obama and the Liberal Demo’s control the Media. This idiot needs to be recalled. If he is not an idiot, then he is a Communist.

  • R S

    A spade is a spade,not a diamond or heart

  • Sol of Texas

    This man clearly does not understand the Bill of Rights or the role of government.

    • hurclees

      doubt he knows what the bill o f rights IS..He gfets voted in because he is BLACK and most everybody in his district is BLACK.

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    This is totally unacceptable—–why would anyone want a politican is charge of free speech—-is it because they have done a great job with the taxation and spending!!!!! No this guy is a fool.

  • rs

    just another black idiot try to sound educated not realizing how stupid he really sounds.This is America,not Kenya bubba!

  • Jim Forsythe

    What an idiot! He should move to one of the arab countries where free speech is not allowed. Then he could be happy.

  • R S

    I see this site is politically correct also.In bed with Obama. They sensored 2 of my posts which weren’t bad.

  • annarose13

    Whaaaaaat? Restrict freedom of speech?? Does he want to go back to the days of “Gone w/ The Wind”?? What is happening to my beloved country w/ people like this speaking such trash?? God help all of us

  • jvb1980808

    Any doubt now where liberals stand on the sovereignty of the Constitution?

  • cuervo

    this is the same guy who asked trhe admiral of the navy, if when we stationed more men on Guam, it would tip over….
    what a tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Delores109

    What’s your problem? Does your wife talk too much? I guarantee you will not keep her quiet. Bet when you get home this weekend, your wife says, “Put out the trash, and shut up.” You cannot control your wife by controlling others.
    Delores Smith

  • Tired of Liberals

    If he wants corporations to be disallowed free speech, INCLUDE THE UNION TOO!

  • Jim480

    Well, Plato said it best, “One cannot argue with a fool.” We need an amendment that restricts fools like him from holding any office. Perhaps our founders did not foresee the gross ignorance and immorality of the populace that would actually elect such an idiot.

  • bwheeler

    restriction of speech is what this administration would like to see so that no one would be allowed to criticize them no matter what they did there has been a lot of hiding information by this administration I would like to see it back like it was under George Bush ‘what you see is what you get’ ideologue

  • Douglas Lang

    This guy is one of the many scary congressmen/women that exists and all because of an uneducated district that put him in office. How about this Hank? How about a constitutional amendment that says you have to pass a test on things like the difference between senate and house? Or what Obama believes vs Romney? Bet you 70 percent of democrats would not be allowed to vote.

  • fedup


  • spidermike

    Who controls this twit’s thinking? Louie Farrakhan’s mythical “mother ship” in the sky? Isn’t this the “brain trust” that was worried about the island of Guam tipping over? It’s a wonder Democrats are ever elected at all.

    “What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.” ~ Adolf Hitler

  • Nellie3

    WHAT? In other words I can say anything I want about other races but you can’t. What rock did he crawl out of?

  • Earl Hudgins

    Wow…He can HARDLY say “Amend Constitution To Restrict Freedom Of Speech” …sounds like he needs to learn HOW to speak English. It amazes me how these idiots get elected in the first place.

  • Sharr

    BO and the thuggary. Wow!

  • URKiddinMee

    This is the same moron who was worried that Guam would capsize if 8,000 more Marines were stationed there. The geniuses in “da hood” re-elected this dimwit. Another example of the mental capacity of most Obozo voters.

  • Walt Hobbs

    What an idiot!!! This guy is a moonbat,look at the people he represents-all moochers and takers !

  • MarDo

    Do his keeper at the funny farm know that he escaped? This guy is so nutty that he is dangeous.

  • a believer

    Grat idea lets start this restriction with him!

  • ARMYOF69

    Hey, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga., here’s what I say……PHUKKYOU.

  • T. Copps

    Good God! How about we start the restriction with this idiot. No freedom of speech, no America. Just what I would expect an obamsass to say. Who elected this communist. Because restricting Americans is nothing less than communism. I say he should shut the hell up, and go away!

  • 820 REDHORSE

    String this commie up from the biggest Oak limb in Georgia and let him swing!!!

  • James McEnanly

    Where do they find these people?

  • Star

    Not another nut in government, where do they all come from, the woodworks

  • R.Young

    Freedom of Speech is only a right for the Regime (Govt.)?

  • Ruby_Con

    This man is coo coo for coco puffs. I love it, this is the same dude who said the island of Guam would capsize. This is everything you need to know about todays racist demoncrat party. This is living proof that there is obviously no minimum mental or psychological eligibility requirements to be elected to congress. We are doomed

  • suzy2


  • voter suppression

    this is one of the people who Allan West was talking about.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    That’s OK! Because any “attempt” to restrict ANY Constitutional RIGHT will result in the 2nd Amendment being expanded “10 FOLD”! Bring it on Liberal, Socialist, PHAGGETT!!!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Proof that even a dunce can be elected to Congress – if he serves the right district.

  • eddyjames

    Unions are stealing your country right out from under you by getting lackeys like Hank Johnson elected time after time.. He gets elected because he was the easiest to buy and control.

  • Bob Marshall

    They don’t control people who are capable of critical thinking and sound reasoning.

  • The Shadow

    The people who voted for this man are totally illiterate, ignorant, and mindless! Anyone who tampers with our Constitution is suspect as one who is anti-American, anti-Constitutional, and out to destroy our way of life!
    Sane people would never elect such an individual knowingly! Anyone who agrees with this man is an enemy of the United States and a threat to the security of the American people!
    This man should hand in his resignation effective immediately! He, of course, won’t do it; so we the people must take steps to see to it that he does! That goes for the rest of the congressional members who think they can destroy this nation with their Communist Socialistic form of government!

  • Jack Parker

    As long as we have recist, demoncrap, demagogues like Johnson in congress, we will never get our once great republic back from the edge of ruin.

  • Nonne

    When does Congressman Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) come up for re-election? Is the answer simply, “Not soon enough?”

  • nancy miller

    I suggest that he return to the country that his ancestors came from. That is if they would have him. He sure doesn’t belong here.

  • jimdandi

    He said “We are all confused”. OK, I guess he must be the KING of the confused.

  • 1swordsman

    Naw, he right! Dem mofos is talkin bad about our presidunt. Has the bar been lowered THAT far in the interest of diversity? The dude cant even use the language, now thats something to look up to, huh?

  • Matt39

    Another liberal District that picked someone because of their liabilities like lack of intelligence, poor communication skills but the right color for them.

  • Rampart22

    Just what this country needs — another ____ for brains socialist. If they are really so anxious
    to live under socialism, why don’t they move to Europe ? Since they don’t move, could it be
    because they are so comfortable in their fat-cat-member-of-congress status ?

  • Mort Leith

    What a dumba55,,, maybe we should amend the Constitution to bring back slavery ? ? ?

    Duuuuh ! ! ! Fidiot

  • Rampart22

    Here’s an idea…kick this around in your head and tell us what you think……….
    Declare the Republican party dead, void, and buried – organize a new party
    and call it the Tea Party.

    • rosech

      Sounds good to me. I am not a Repub but they become indistinguishable from the Demos. We need more Tea Party members in Congress. Lots of chatter now about a 3rd party, so let’s do it. We need representation because we are being taxed to death. With or without the fiscal cliff, we will be taxed super high starting in 2013. All part of the communist’s plan, folks. We have got t stop the man in his tracks before America is truly lost!

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    He’s right! Corporations like MSNBC, ABC,CBS, etcetera, etcetera.!!!!! Hey Johnson, who got oblowhole elected again? Hint, the aforementioned corporations.
    You are the poster child of “JUST PLAIN STUPID!”

  • WES

    another one of obamitlers brothers of theift and lieing,to rob and steal all we have been given by god almighty,,so they the corrupt can control,manipulate and brainwash the iggnorant and blind,,,,WAKE-UP AMERICA,,THESE LIEING THIEFS MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COST

  • Kelly Kafir

    This is the guy who thought Guam would capsize if there were more people on it! He is an idiot!!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    During the past couple of centuries there have been many idiotic things said by
    Congressmen but … no, let me amend that, … there have been many idiotic Congressmen, but Hank Johnson really stands out.

  • rosech

    Another one that should never have been elected! Excuse me! but if you do not want freedom of speech, please go Europe, Russian, Venezuela or Cuba and leave OUR Constitution alone. Obviously, you were free to speechify yourself into office on false pretenses, so you can shut up and not stop us. You should be recalled by those who voted you in. If not, then they deserve a representative? that is stupid, greedy, selfish, and non-patriotic American! Stupid you are and we have enough stupid around with your!

  • Kelly Kafir

    This moron is crying an whining about the Citizens United decision… Demonrats cry about corporations being able to give but have NOOOOO problem letting Unions give… So how is a Union different from a corporation in this situation??? They are both made up of PEOPLE!!!

  • Kelly Kafir

    Seriously, is he high? He acts like he is on something.

  • Angry Andy

    What a douche bag, now the LEFTYS want my voice too!

  • Anthony Alexander

    Now if a white politician came out and said the same thing he would be labeled as prejudice and extreme and dangerous….but it is ok for this black SOB to do it. He states corporations control the patterns of thinking………….. how naïve credulous and neurotic. Dressed in a fancy suit doesn’t hide his true ignorance…….These jerkoffs are always trying to attach a solution to a problem that has nothing to do with the problem and passing it off as good social science, WHY??…..They suffer from Liberalism. Liberalism is a disease because the liberal agenda’s principles violate the
    rules of ordered liberty, their most determined efforts to realize its
    visionary fantasies inevitably fall short. Yet, despite all the evidence
    against it, the modern liberal mind believes his agenda is good social science.
    It is, in fact, bad science fiction. In spite of all the data that shows their
    visionary fantasies are all failures, they persist in this agenda, despite its
    madness, and therefore fall under the old saying insanity is doing the same
    things over and over again expecting different results. Moreover the liberal
    always has scapegoats, far flung theories, distortions and above all LYING, to
    prop up and keep their mindless fantasies moving, and when the modern liberal
    mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains, speaks
    of conspiracies and credulous statements seeks above all else to run the lives
    of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind
    becomes painfully obvious. Liberalism IS a disease, common sense is the cure.
    But as Ron White the comedian says……there ain’t no fixin STUPID in this
    case the same applies……………… There ain’t no fixin liberalism

  • Big John

    This is the dumb ass that thought an island would tip over if too many people were on it. A perfect example of affirmative action.

  • Al Neuman

    When he says “Millionaires are controlling your government”, i wonder if he means Barack Husein Obama, who has somehow accumulated a fortune of about $12 million, while working for the govt. his whole career!
    Do you think?

  • ste1021

    Does that mean he won’t be able to spout his racist statements any more?

  • Dracula131

    Hay Hank, I have a tope just for YOU! Perhaps you should reZd your oath of office and see what your leader of the senate and the democrap party along with yo bro in the wh is doing to the country as to eho is to blame. Oh, it’s clear YOU cannot think straight. . .why do I continue? Can’t fix stupid!

  • Edward

    It’s a great idea if it’s applied to slime like John Sterling, MIchael Kay, Ton Darling, & a few seolect others who have used their mediocre broadcast talents to utter statements like someone getting someone to suck their cock off and having someone suck their balls on Public airwaves. it’s all true and if no one believes it, GO ASK THEM!!

  • MaxEffectUSA

    While were at it let’s repeal the 13th ammendment?

  • Dwightmannn

    How do people like this get elected. We need to make these people woprk for free, because that is what they are worth. . .

  • BMF 2012

    He is nothing more than a sympton of the bigger problem……Fear not the king who is a fool, but fear those who made him king!!!

  • Fred

    This is the same Senator that told a general the island of Guam would tip over! Go watch the video! It’s amazing as is the general being able to keep a straight face and respectfully reply to Johnson’s remarks.

    Does Johnson really think that islands can tip over (they all float you know) and limiting freedom of speech is a good thing?

    God, please help us…and Hank. Amen.

  • concerned

    Just another Idiot and we know there are countless numbers of them now!

  • gypsy314

    Another sorry lying negro man have we had enough of this racist trash. Give a inch and they will take all of our rights and you be there slave so prepare for the worst to come and like our fore fathers that fought and die for our freedoms we will have the same feat to over come the attack within face folks we ask for it giving out all the free passes The media is at fault because they choose not to report the truth and Americans face it one chance only to clean up the liberal socialist and the liberal media that choose not to report the truth.


    This is the moronic genus who thought that Guam would tip over from adding too many extra servicemen. And it had to be explained to him that islands do not tip over.

  • ccnova67

    If you want to live in a country that can restrict citizen’s freedoms – Why don’t you move your butt to one of the countries with a dictator.

  • Julian DH

    This “representative” is a prime example of socialism and hatred gone wild. Taking responsibility is as vulgar to him as honoring his oath of office. This man is not fit to hold office. He must be treated as a traitor to his oath of office, and treated accordingly. He has forgotten the main purpose of the Constitution. He wants to control what we think, feel, and need. Sorry Bozo only the Lord God Almightily and ourselves have that right. Man, especially, intolerant folks like you DO NOT.

  • Erin Jenkinson

    Of course, the same 1st Amendment protects this idiot. Why are all the stupid ones Dems?

  • Bippy Bellito

    This Congressman could be the Dumbest Ever elected to office of any kind. I have never heard a more moronic individual. Can we ever forget his comments on the island of Guam tipping over because of increased military presence?? How proud those people must be who are in his district to have this man represent them as that district’s “Best and Brightest”. Wow! I thought Philadelphia and New Jersey had idiot representation. Not even close.

  • sgtshel

    So I guess ” Give me liberty or death’ doesn’t mean jack to you! Or ‘When the government fears the people-it’s called liberty….and when the people fear the goverment it’s called tyanny!
    Hank Johnson…’re a ‘jack wagon’!

  • Dante M. Puccetti

    He should be impeached for disregarding his oath of office.

  • Ray Allen

    this guy is what this government is all about, some of the most idiotic things have been said and done by this administration in 100 years these people need to be in their own country cause they seem to be in some other world . thank you Obama

  • Southern Sis

    This coming from a moron who thinks Guam might tip over if too many people land? This ass ought to be kicked to Nassau

  • Dale Boyles

    This liberal is an example of what can happen to our country if enough of his kind get voted into office in DC. He’s a socialist who has no patriotism. Vote him out of office. He should move to Cuba!

  • Sheffield Swearingen

    He was using the M word the other day.

  • Darlene Thecolaratlady

    Ofcourse, freedom of speech is only for the libs, to hell with us conservatives who believe in our constitutuion, freedoms. our forefathers fought so hard to give us and they also knew that americans would blow it, and we are


    STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES, and he does it very well! Free speech also allows him to open his mouth and prove what an IDIOT he really is!

  • joe

    We should add another ammendment to ban idiots.

  • Don

    This Bast#### and Obama can go back to the plantation where they belong if they want to limit speech like was done when these kind of people were slaves.

  • Joanne

    How do these losers get elected? Do they want to be labeled a communist or marxist or just a nutjob?

  • ‘John Beam

    It’s scary as all hell that nobody from EITHER party can or will oppose this MORON for his seat in the House. I mean, all one needs do is simply run the idiotic nonsense that’s been recorded from his own mouth as ads, unless, of course, his constituency is stupider than HE is. There is a SERIOUS “stupid problem” in America!

  • Mike11C

    If they succeed in taking away our guns, which they won’t, our freedom of speech will be next on the agenda. Mark my words.

  • marineh2ominer

    Just one more communist moron , the same stupid SOB that thought we were going to tilt and sink Guam by putting too many troops on one side . What we really need to ban is morons , jerks , and fruitcakes from running for office , of course then their would be no demonrat party .


    Yup, only a liberal would come up with something so asinine!

  • Don Rushing

    That is exactly what the democRAT commie party wants to happen along with taking away the guns from
    law abiding citizens. The US Constitution is not to be used by the demoncRATS to wipe themselves with, yet that is what they want to do. When times get tough, it will always be the dems to make things
    worse for American citizens to try to survive. The blame rests squarely upon Obama and all of his minions that are working to make America a mirror image of Zimbawbe.

  • Mort Leith

    How did thisNi66a EVER get off the plantation ? ?

    What a RacistPOS

  • Bucko27

    This is the same path Hitler used to take over Germany in the 30’S! Obama and his commies will not rest until they destroy the Constitution!! Ger Ready for war!

  • Noni77

    Recommending the undercutting of the Constitution he swore to defend and uphold? He should be fired immediately.

    • Beedogs

      Call it what it is: Treason, malfeasance of office, violation of oath of office. He belongs in GITMO for advocating ending the Bill of Rights First Ammendment as written.

  • Brian

    this ia the idiot that was concerned about guam tipping over if too many people went to one side of the island , THIS guy is an idiot, moron,knitwit, I don’t think we have a word for a person of this caliber of freakin dumb

  • The_American_Way

    We now have 537 people in Washington who are the least effective problem solvers we have in America. I mean do you want Barney Frank (whorehouse Barn), Maxine Waters (insideside trading Max), Hank Johnson (Guam will tip over), Raul Grijalva (boycott my state) , Sheila Jackson Lee (we landed on Mars) Charlie Rangel (I’m in charge of the Ways and Means Committee but I didn’t pay all my taxes), Barack Obama (we need to spend more money to reduce our dept). I mean, come on, can you
    think of a group of people less qualified to solve problems? These people couldn’t run a lemonade stand. They are an embarrassment.

  • Beedogs

    This is the same genius that worried that Guam would “tip over” if more troops and equipment were stationed there:…0l4j41.………..0.cPQA2SCyq_I

  • Sol_of_Texas

    As long as there are individuals and elected representatives without principle, shame, integrity, or conscience then money will continue to buy the votes of those willing to sell theirs – as it has been throughout the recorded history of mankind.

    One can see that campaign finance laws have only served to change the specific mechanisms through which influence is purchased. I expect no less from a corrupted people.

  • Stealth

    HOW did this idiot moron ever get to be in his position??? What an A-h**e!

  • Sol_of_Texas

    and while I’m at it … :-)

    “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.”
    — Mark Twain

  • bananafanafo

    Yes it’s OK for the UNIONS to control THE Government just not your hard working BUSINESSMEN! DEMOCRAT POLICIES ARE SELF CONTRADICTIVE!


    While it’s still legal for me to say so, I want to make it plain that you are an IDIOT, a BoneHead, an illiterate, an Un-American, and a traitor. No, I’m not racist, just someone that understands freedom. You, sir (and I use the term lightly) shou;d leave this country if you don’t like it the Constitution. Liberals like you are MENTALLY ILL.

  • Richard-USMC

    You no some of my very best friends are black people. In fact my wife and go out a lot with a black couple. But his niggah just needs to go back to Nairobi

  • El Camino

    This is the brain trust that thought Guam was going to tip over because of us building our base up on one side of the island…..not the brightest bulb in the strand.

    • Dingbat36

      And even after that monumentally stupid remark, the people of his district re-elected the mental midget. Doesn’t say much for his constituent’s intelligence does it?

  • Linda Lee

    He’s no more coherent here than when he said if they put too many more people on Guam that it might tip over. ROFL… how does this guy manage to put on his pants in the morning?

  • Bob Marshall

    President James A. Garfield, “Now,more than ever,the people are responsible for the character of their congress. If that body be ignorant,reckless and corrupt, the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption.”

  • NObama EVER

    What happened to having to be intelligent to be in Congress?

  • Jeff Horton

    So this is two out of ten from the bill of rights the government wants shut down.

  • Wayne Graff

    Let’s start with this idiot, in other words shut him up until he learns how to speak.

  • Pat Pettie

    “The Constitution is for a moral people. It is unfit for any other.”

  • Joseph g

    There is no$ fool like an old fool. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Sunrise2

    Saying on T-shirt, “Ever feel like you are just one dumb ass away from losing it?” Enough said.

  • Bill Collins

    His constituents must never listen to him or if they do, then they are the most ignorant group in America!

  • Gaylan

    There is a problem with this… as above so below. When one sets out to re-strict the federal government.. it’s policy enforcers think their laws apply to the people. The fact is their private laws do not apply to the people period. When you apply this to the federal government, they will begin shooting people for redressing the government claiming it is against the ‘law’ when in fact it is NOT against the law, it is JUST against THEIR law.

    Their laws only apply to those who WORK for them. Are you a government employee? Do you receive a benefit? If you answer YES to either of those questions then their laws WILL APPLY to YOU. You reap what you sow.

    What will happen when you say.. No more free speech, no more religion, arms, etc…for the “corporations”?

    They will take you out back and hang you in the gallows.

    ANYONE who is a ‘US citizen, had better begin making preparations for your lives to be taken into magistrates for violating your own laws. You are simply hypocrites of your own faith. You are following Hitler the same way and you will certainly deserve what comes after this.

    Anyone who creates a law for themselves surely deserves nothing in return because the laws were already written ages ago.

    Just listen to the stupidity coming from someone who “thinks” he is free …

    My social security, My benefits, My retirement, My job, My … all mine…

    Does the law not say “He who receives a benefit should also bear the burden of it?

    He killed them with their love…

    enjoy hell.

  • Strangerinmyownland

    Hank Johnson, if memory serves, was the Congressman concerned that if too many people were to be on the island of Guam, it would tip over and they would drown. That answers all.

  • obhfwb

    What a stupid boy thinks does not matter to anyone but the idiots who voted for the other boy obama.

    This boy is a real McCoy some one raised the simpleton and they are responsible for his stupidity.

  • llardog

    I’m thinking more about the ideology of intolerance, the classic
    liberal. That intolerant teacher in North Carolina was a bully,
    telling her students that it was criminal to criticize Obama. You
    know, when you get right down to it, maybe one of the best ways to
    explain liberalism to the uninitiated is to simply say that it is
    intolerant. It’s a philosophy of “no.” It’s a philosophy of
    domination and “no,” and it’s not at all what people think it

    It’s not open-mindedness. It’s not tolerance. It’s not good
    intentions. It’s not sweetness and light and love and all that.
    It’s a philosophy of “no.” It is intolerant. Socialism,
    fascism, communism, all forms of liberalism dictate behavior. You
    must conform. Individuals? Private businesses? You must conform to
    what they say. And if you don’t they’ll pass laws and regulations
    that force you to. And in order to have uniformity, there must be an
    enforcement mechanism, because people are not the same.

    People don’t want the same things. They don’t believe the same
    things. But if you are going to have uniformity — which is what
    liberalism wants, ’cause that’s equality to them: Everybody being
    the same. Outcomes especially. Being the same. Nobody richer than
    anybody else. If you are to have that, you must have an enforcement
    mechanism that shuts down what? Creativity, choice, and innovation.
    You have to shut down all the things that differentiate people.

  • Diane Nixon

    Just the Rants of a “Dumb Southern Ham bone”

  • Susan Huggett

    How can people like this be so ignorant? This guy can hardly speak. He sounds like he was barely let out of diapers! What the hell is wrong with us that we would even allow this idiot in government where he gets a platform to spew this garbage! I pray to God that we get someone in government to have the courage to stand up to this liberal BS!

  • Vazir Mukhtar

    The congressman can advocate a constitutional amendment limiting free speech because he knows as well as the rest of us that such an amendment stands no chance of getting out of Congress. Had he more friends in the Senate he might have an opportunity to influence the choice of the next associate justice to be appointed to the Supreme Court. As it is, he’ll be ignored, as well he should be.

  • Dave

    They hide their inherent savage self but once in power their modus operandi is to deny others the freedom. That ,man ,is a true African ,which is what Africa is all about . Remember ,Liberia ,the land carved for African Americans .They went over ,and became tyrants, despite having lived & educated in America. Freedom & democracy is not part of their DNA

  • Michial Lawrence

    He sounds like the same man that said that if everyone on Guam were to go one end of the island that it would tip over and capsize. He raly does need to shut his mouth and just sit down.

  • Vic Bailey

    One more Socialist Pig heard from, just like his pal John Lewis the Socialist need removed from our government, they will soon out number the others that Don’t care! Semper Fi.

  • bs7sden

    The ignorant Hank Johnson (Democrap) got elected because he is black!

  • sly311

    Wouldn’t it be funny if some folks wanted to amend the constitution to make black people 2/3 of a person like it used to be? We could cut the whole black voting block down by 1/3, and of course we could get rid of BHO, Sharpton, Moochelle, Rangel and every other black moron out there since they wouldn’t be a full black person any longer. Think of the money this country would save. And no black congressional a**holes either. Maybe this joker has an idea worth pursuing.

  • Susan

    Isn’t this the same moron who thought that Guam was going to tip if more military were sent there???

  • Greg

    Is this the “sinking Guam” guy? After the Guam thing I’m surprised he has the balls to say a word in public. Guy is as dumb as a sack of hair.

    A graphic artist needs to come up with a simple “torches &
    pitchforks” logo for ideological opponents of those who seek to destroy
    this nation from within.

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