Dave Ramsey Unleashes Epic Rant About Victimhood & EVERY Presidential Candidate

It’s neither the talking heads on the left or the talking heads on the right that can fix anyone’s life, says American financial author and radio show host Dave Ramsey. That is a job for every person to do for himself or herself, he said. Ramsey said the presidential election cycle exacerbates the degree to which Americans wait for someone else to fix the problems in their lives and believe, wrongly “that you can sit around and wait on one of those morons to fix your life.” “There’s no government program that’s gonna fix your life,” he said in a video message filmed in his car and released Jan. 18. “There’s no Republican that if he gets elected is going to become Jesus. And there’s no Democrat that if they get elected is going to be Jesus of your life and give you everything you ever wanted. It’s an absolute lie.”

via WesternJournalism

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