Dashcam Shows Police With Guns Drawn, Ordering Zimmerman to the Ground

Police dashcam video has emerged showing Lake May, Fla., officers with guns drawn, ordering George Zimmerman to the ground before handcuffing and briefly detaining him in relation to an alleged domestic dispute. Zimmerman was held in police custody on Monday afternoon after his estranged wife Shellie called police alerting them that the recently-acquitted 29-year-old had physically threatened her and her father. After several hours of questioning, Zimmerman was released and his wife and father-in-law opted not to press charges. Ultimately, based on the frequency of changes in Shellie’s story, the police could not pursue “domestic violence” charges against Zimmerman. “Domestic violence can’t be invoked because she has changed her story and says she didn’t see a firearm,” Police Chief Steve Bracknell said on Monday.

via Mediaite

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