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Dad Objects to School’s Sexually Explicit Book, Gets Arrested For It

William Baer attempted to express his concern at a New Hampshire school board meeting Monday about a controversial book containing graphic sexual content that was assigned to his daughter. An unidentified school board member tried to cut him off. That’s when the fun began. Incidentally, the book, “Nineteen Minutes,” contains a graphic description of rough sex between two teenagers. Parents were unaware of its content until it had already been distributed to their children.

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  • DSmith6605

    Big bad cop what a moron pig

    • Down to Earth Thinking

      I completely agree . That guy is the enemy not a servant or any kind or assistance? So what gives the cop the right to arrest somebody for no obvious reason? There isn’t any.

  • Don

    Sex in Schools play right into part of Barrack Obama’s hands sense his real Father Frank Marshal Davis was a Child Pornographer. Frank Marshal Davis played a very big role in Barrack Obama or whatever true name he is because Barrack Obama was taught by Frank Marshal Davis about everything he knows and that does include Child Pornography and Obama learned about it first hand and Frank Marshal Davis was a card Carrying Comunist and he did use many photos as well as filmed Obama’s mother and he had sexual relations with Obamas Mother when she was underage and as well Frank Marshal Davis did also have Sexual relations with Barrack Obama at a very young age. Frank Marshal Davis did teach Barrack Obama everything he knows about Child Pornography.

    • Edward Ebersole

      The officer, in my opinion, was acting like a Nazi pig. I mean he was acting out like the Nazi’s or the Communist’s did before they got any real authority or power over the people. Children do not need to be learning about sex at such a young age for crying out loud. I didn’t, I behaved myself, and I turned out okay. Of course now I am only speaking for myself. If Obama or whoever he really is got damaged by some sick SOB he should be seeking help.

    • John Layer

      WOW I did not know that YOU personally where there when all of this was taking place,
      so where is the PROOF?
      I don’t trust dictator obama as far as he can through his voice but still that is a lot to just take at face value

  • mikeledo

    What a great way to get kids to read.

  • GB

    What happened to “Live Free Or Die”. New Hampshire don’t put up with this intrusion into your freedom by a misguided policeman. He should be handcuffed and led out then fired for such a gross intrusion into a public meeting.

  • joy

    This is how they, school and school administration, get what they want…they refuse to answer and then when you object they have you arrested, or the student suspended, or the teacher fired . When everyone else sees this… how many do you think will stand up for common decency, and morality…no one wants to get arrested

  • freedomringsforall

    This is not about the cop

    This is about us citizens starting to take the reigns of our power in our civil duties again.

    The school board and any other public officials collaborating with these scum need to be recalled and fired!

    Then the civilians need to be sure not to elect anyone that will not support and defend the Constitution of these United States of America.

    Sue, sue, sue

    Recall, Recall, Recall

    Fire, Fire, Fire

    Sue the crap out of them for 1st amendment violations, recall all the school
    board members that are compliant with the insurrectionists that are against the
    exercising of constitutional rights in their school district and fire all
    administration and teachers and staff that are also against upholding the
    tenants of the constitution.

    The answers to these problems plaguing American communities seem to be a secret to many people.

    They are not really secrets, but only seem to be secrets to many, because many people do not want to take back their civil duties and to hear or believe in the simple truthful solutions handed down to us by God in the rights and freedoms that he has given us and people do not seem to want to follow the simple road-map that our founders forged for us by using those simple truths, rights, and freedoms that God has handed us.

    Are we no longer responsible enough to pick up the hammer of those rights and freedoms that our Lord has given us and to again use that hammer to strike our future on the anvil of our Constitution that our founders gave us to forge our future down
    the roadmap and across the bridge to the future and destiny that God desires
    for us?

    Are we all so faint and week of heart that we cannot pick up that hammer of truth and right and freedom that God has blessed us with?

    I do not believe so!

    I believe that there are still many among us that have a heart of Iron and a wrist of steel to pick up that hammer of truth and right and freedom and to slam it down on the anvil of the great constitution that our founders set before us to continue to forge a still greater nation unto a greater future.

    The truth is that we can still stop those who wish to destroy this great nation; this beacon of hope unto the world.

    If we maintain our second amendment rights and freedoms we can retain our other
    rights and freedoms; and in the end, if necessary, by the end of the barrel.

    If we do that we can:

    Take back our local schools by recall and firing those who do not swear to support the constitutional principles that this nation was founded on.

    Take back our colleges and Universities the same way because those who run them are elected and/or appointed by our state governance.

    Take back our local elected governance by voting only for those who swear to uphold our constitution and protect it from all foreign and domestic foes.

    Vote out those who do not or get a big head and change while in office.

    Promote electorally and within the party structures only those who will swear to uphold our constitution and protect it from all enemies from without and within and again do not support those who do not or those that get a big head while in office
    and change from those ideals.

    If we will follow that road map that our founders set up, whether democrat or republican, we will (no maybes about it) take our nation back and we will retain it for the foreseeable future and if we train our sons and daughters to do the same they will retain it longer.

    Upon following that roadmap that our founders laid before us;

    Then we will also regain our standing amongst the world of nations as the beacon of light and the harbinger of hope of the ultimate God given (natural) rights and freedoms that God on high has handed down unto the people of this earth.

    God speed
    Long live the Republic!

    We must force the narrative:

    1.) Declare your support for The Constitution of these United States of America
    against all foreign and domestic opposition

    2.) Declare your opposition to The Constitution of these United States of America

    Either you stand for the constitution or you do not and we must force those who do not to publicly admit it.

  • surj

    Looks like USA is become a police state. I’m glad I don’t live in USA. The man got handcuffs because he objected ……

  • joy

    With Common Core…all decisions are made by big brother government…the control is being stripped from the families, communities, and even local school districts. If a teacher refuses or deviates to teach their curriculum they are fired, if a student does not take the common core testing they get suspended, or do not get their diploma…the required reading, book was filled with violent, abnormal, dysfunctional garbage…I would like to know WHO was the one great school administrator, counselor, teacher( who? ) recommended it and WHY? Then I would petition all those in that district to get that person fired.

  • Smilinjack

    Isn’t New Hampshires’ motto “Live Free or, Die”? I may be confusing it with some other New England state

  • elmcqueen3

    If I would have been the responsing Police officer…After sizing up the situation…I would have informed those in charge of the school board meeting…You created the two minute rule…You deal with it…This is not a matter for the Police…I would have turned my back and walked back to my cruiser and left those members responsible to deal with their own stupid dictorial policies…What a waste of taxpayer dollars as if the police don’t have anything better to do than arrest concerned citizens attending school board meetings…How low can the police get…But then again we must remember this country is being transformed into a national police state by both the Republican and Democratic Parties…The New World Order will rule supreme come hell or high water and the citizenry will suffer because of it…With the infringements and loss of our Bill Of Rights to include our civil liberties as our US Constitution is tossed aside by our Supreme Court in favor of statism and facism…The CommieCRats in this country are on a roll smashing everything to smitherines that once was good in this country…And we are allowing it to happen believing the lies of the global elitists and their one world government agenda…”Well know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American Public believes is false!”…William Casey, Director CIA 1981-1987.

  • Jim480

    He should sue the school district, the school, the principal, and the teacher for distributing child pornography, sexual abuse of a child and corruption of a minor placed in their care. This would be a civil suit. If the district attorney will not file criminal charges, add the district attorney to the civil suit as well.

  • Germansmith

    nothing like a cop with an over develop sense of importance to spoil your day.
    Between our percentage of incarcerated people (higher of any other country) overwhelming numbers of laws and regulations and an overabundance of police departments and their psychotic cops
    How in HELL we can call our self the “land of the free”
    And let us be fair…..this reality we can not just blame on Obama.
    This is a local issue… not approve any further increases to police departments, salary or benefits until they start focusing in REAL CRIMES and not in pushing regular taxpayers around no matter how rude they are.

  • Dave

    This was stupid and indicative of where the dictatorship developing in this country is heading. Here we have a Father concerned enough to come to the meeting to discuss a book he finds distasteful for his daughter to be forced to read for homework, and he gets arrested. We are heading down a path where our freedom is being taken away from us and those enforcing the dictator’s rules continue to show a basic lack of good commonsense and judgement. Heaven help us.

  • Down to Earth Thinking

    Just more control freak controlling ? These people are sick and completely unjustified ? They would not even read the paragraphs that were in question. and the guy was in no way out of line, 2 min rule who cares . The fat cop sucks , I hope he sues these asses.

  • T

    It’s happening right before our eyes folks America is no longer a free nation to voice objection to whatever the ruling class wants to do to us and our families!

  • Jan Goldsworthy

    The officer was DEAD WRONG. The school was DEAD WRONG. The father was acting like a “father” by ensuring his children were not reading this kind of crap. What is wrong with any teacher who distributes this kind of trash for the students to read? Every parent of a child of got a copy of this book or the order to read it should sue the crap out of that school system. Kids are exposed to enough sexual contents without it invading the schools.

  • bynbel

    The rest of the parents should have walked out with him in support of his right to free speech and his grievance. They just sat there and allowed the “meeting” to go on. What brainless morons.

  • Billy Bob Johnson

    This guy doesn’t know how to conduct himself at a public school board meeting. Great example for the children. He may have had a valid point but de went about his objections in the wrong manner. Did you see the eyes and faces of those around him at the meeting? A lot of eye rolling. He must have a history of this behavior. He could use some anger management.

    • Canned Heat

      You’re an idiot, or married to a School Board member. Maybe both.
      He didn’t raise his voice, he wasn’t objecting to some obscure issue, he was objecting to the District assigning a [partially] pornographic book to his daughter (which by the way, Einstein, they agreed was improperly assigned, without parental notice). What the video showed was his reaction to another parent who, apparently, thought his objection was the next step to Orwell and burning books. He was arrested for going over the two minutes allotted to him, initially. The jackwagons on the board overreacted, the toady cop overreacted, and you’re concerned, not with his very valid points and counterpoints, you’re concerned that he objected “in the wrong manner”. If he went over another 10 seconds, maybe he should have been tazored? You’re a cow.
      Anger Management? I think his passion to protect his daughter is commendable, and your overriding concern for the board’s decorum is deplorable.
      Last two points – I watched the video again. No one rolled their eyes. No one. One woman gently shakes her head and its impossible to tell what she’s responding to. So – besides being a sheep, you’re a liar. I’d much rather have him setting and “example”, as opposed to a cowed liar.

    • cougarman01

      You are completely out of your mind if you believe what you wrote, now go vote for another Liberal politician to screw the country up even more than it is.

      • Billy Bob Johnson

        Now what makes you think that I’m a liberal? I’m strictly a law and order guy, that’s all.

  • luvzforplay

    The whole school board should be fired , since when can’t a parent with legitimate concerns voice an opinion on a problem like this , Most people would look up to the man who was arrested by that idiot that some other idiot gave a badge and apparently a gun . Haven’t they heard of the first amendment ? Incedently the cop needs to be sued and fired also , he was probably pulling his pud looking at the text book !

  • Sue Huberty

    What kind of people were at this meeting an would not stand up!! They are sheeple! That school board should have been shut down by the tax payers and parents there! And as for the cop he is a jerk and should have stood by his oath to protect and serve the people that pay his wages, yup sue big time and fire those people on the board!!

  • PJ Gildernew

    What exactly would the charges be?!? Just curious?? Disturbing the peace?? How come protesters at colleges shouting down Jewish or Conservative speakers never get arrested?!?

  • Ann Elida Hodgkins

    and their moto is LIVE FREE OR DIE?

  • Herman L. McCloud

    This is a very good example of violations of our constitutional rights, where the hell is the freedom of speech at here, all I see is a bureaucratic system which enacts their pathetic and perverted policies
    of pornography and call it sex education, what a distorted and concealing smoke screen they use to
    expose and promote their agenda of perversion, If it were me, I would be seeking out a lawyer for
    a class action lawsuit against the police dept. as well as the Administration school board for infringement of civil and constitutional rights. Then I’d pull my daughter or son out of this school
    system and place them in a private school, leastwise until after the lawsuit was completed.

  • logicthinker

    How in the world can anyone blame the cop? Blame the school board and the teachers that are involved in this. Blame the brain-dead parents who say not to teach pornography is unfair to 14 year old children.

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