‘Cut His Mic Off!’: Ed Schultz Boots Conservative Guest After Losing Indiana Law Debate

In a spectacular display of bad journalistic form, Ed Schultz cut the microphone of Heritage Foundation Fellow Ryan Anderson in the midst of a heated debate on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act during The Ed Show on Tuesday night. As an exasperated Schultz found his back to the wall, he shouted to his producer: “Cut his mic off, cut his mic off! I gave him a chance. We’ll bring him back if he wants to be courteous.” The discussion had begun with Anderson emphasizing that the Indiana act “doesn’t open the door for discrimination,” noting that a version of the law has “been on the federal books governing federal law and federal courts for 20 years.” When Schultz insisted that corporations do not have rights, Anderson parried with a flurry of examples of corporate rights, including those of MSNBC as a journalistic enterprise.

via Breitbart

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