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Crowd Erupts In Cheers When Panelist Gives Fantastic Response to Muslim Student’s Claim

In June, The Heritage Foundation held an event on Benghazi, with the left claiming the event turned ‘ugly‘ and that the Muslim woman was ‘pounced on’ and ‘bullied’ by members of the panel. But after watching it myself, that characterization couldn’t be more wrong. In fact Brigitte Gabriel’s answer to this Muslim woman is perhaps the best answer I’ve ever heard to the ‘peaceful Muslims’ question.

via TheRightScoop

  • Guest2

    I love this woman! Brigitte Gabrille (sp) hit a home run – facts, truth, and forthright. “PC” will not help nor save us, it will annihilate us – it does ‘belong in the garbage’.

    • Joan

      I agree Bridgitte is one fabulous lady!! Bravo!!!!

      • Evermyrtle

        What a brave lady with a fantastic nerve to speak her mind. If all of us stood up against this evil, like this, we could run them out of our country. Far to many are afraid to speak out. Thank you Brigitte!!! I give you my heartfelt vote.

    • Gorni

      Perfect! I going to take a guess at this but I think the real reason that “peaceful” muslims in the US don’t speak up is because if they do, they become a target of jihad as well.

      • Howard Terry

        No Gorna, they every one goes by their Koran, and everyone knows just what that allah b ook demands of them, That anything done in the name of allah is very much the thing to do and that is even wiping their rear end with their bare hand after a bowl-movement. Anyone should know that this kind of behaior is to be considered insane. and you are very ignorant or just plain stupid if you think he is not a full blown Muslim and is doing away with our form of Government. It is happening right now and is at least 1/4 finished if not Half finished. We must wake the hell up and stop him and his allies.

        • Melia Sese

          Let’s assume for one second what you are saying is true – how are you planning to “stop him” (we all know who you mean) and what will you do when they cart your butt off to jail – eh Howie?

          • margo1942

            why will they cart him off to jail? the truth hurts doesn’t it.freedom of speech!

          • Melia Sese

            Try to think for a minute (I know it hurts) … if the Prez is so all-powerful and a wanna-be dictator, does it not stand to reason that any open opposition to him will be silenced? Hmm? And, to hear the right-wingers, you’d think the 1st Amendment was only a formality and not actually observed in practice … so there is no “freedom of speech” any more. Capiche?

          • DukeBlue

            But his opponents are being silenced everyday—through the media and pundits calling them racists. Sadly, it tends to work.

      • Buzz


      • ChiTownGal

        That’s exactly what I was told by Muslims living here. They actually live in fear of retribution from the radicals.

        • Orrie Froloff

          So, they keep their mouths shut for lack of courage to stand up to tyrants! No, that is not the reason! They follow their Koran to the letter. If they truly want to be free they would burn it and fight for their freedom but that will never happen here in America among Muslims who claim to be peaceful. Don’t be fooled by this! Americans should never let their guard down because the threat will always be here as long as they are here.

  • Pclages

    Truly outstanding answer !!

  • GQ4U

    The majority of people on earth are peaceful and yet persecution & wars persist.
    Brigitte Gabrille is really, really sharp and I’ve never heard a better response to the “religion of peace”

    • Harold

      You are correct because of political beliefs like the Muslim’s.

      • rosech

        So 8 million muslims and they do not rebel nor overcome their radicals, and many are on the dole, thanks to Obama importing them. I see them as sleepers and not at all “peaceful” but awaiting the call to turn against us. 8 million and why are they quiet on islamists and terrorists. Probably because they support them. Islam is a cult of murder, pedophilia, and a brainwashed primitive group with 1400 years of genes of murder and mayhem, rape, and pedophilia. They must be removed from America and no more allowed in, and the rest of the world better get its act together to fight them. Reminds me of the Crusades with the same war, and Spain taking 700 years to get rid of the Moors (muslim plague). We do not HAVE 700 years!

        • Orrie Froloff

          Absolutely! The threat is here and as long as Muslims are here in America you can bet it’s not for peaceful coexistence with Americans. We know their agenda and we should never forget what their Koran says about infidels.

      • Buzz

        Don’t see the Buddhist causing problems here.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    She has my vote for MOST AWESOME RESPONDER!!!

  • briscuit

    I am awestruck! Fabulous, unwavering, cogent and welcome.

    • rosech

      And super informed as well as eloquent.

  • sk1951

    OMG…that was byond wonderful.

  • Harold

    Good for this very bright and truthful lady, The Muslim’s have for years been nothing but a murdering bunch of cowards who murder children , women and the innocent with their suicide bombers, using their own children in some cases to carry the bombs. They have one goal, that is to turn the whole world into a Muslim world. Peaceful? OH yes that’s why they want to kill everyone who does not convert to being a Muslim. “Behead, slit throats etc.!”

    • GQ4U

      Thank our God that Sunnis are fighting the Shiites. It seems they are incapable of “peace” with their fellow Muslims.

  • Tygar

    Man do I want more of her.

    • GQ4U

      Careful — how you phrased that can be taken in several ways.

      • Rick

        Funny, but I see your point.

      • gene457

        And I mean it in all of them. She’s HOT!

  • noodles5

    I never have and I never will ascribe to political correctness. Has it cost me? Sure but I will not participate in evil and I feel the tide turning. People are sick of this crap.

    • Robert Madrid

      Political Correctness is the belief that you can pick up a turd by the clean end.

  • Gwen

    Congrats to you, Brigitte. We need more people like you that will stand up to our and with our country. BRAVO !!!!!!!This is not bullying at all, facts!!!

  • Rham

    Wow, perfect!

  • rangers53

    We need MORE Brigitte Gabriel’s who has the courage to call terrorism what it is! And God bless her for putting this excuse for an “American citizen” in her place.

    • JENJEN

      I think that a lot of people come to America with the delusion that they can receive “special” rights rather than “equal” rights. That is obviously this “American citizen’s” delusion. If you are a murderer you deserve equal punishment no matter where you came from or what your religion is or what color you are, etc. etc. NO SPECIAL RIGHTS! ONLY EQUAL RIGHTS! (That includes our government officials!)

      • rangers53

        You got that right. My wife and boys are from Vietnam. They had to go thru all the red tape and expense our immigration laws require. They’ve learned our language and they work hard for what they have, never asking that anything be given them. They also do NOT expect to be treated different from anyone else in the U.S. They just want the equality guaranteed by our Constitution unlike the way they were treated in Vietnam where my wife went to college but declined to accept her degree when she discovered she would have to pay off corrupt officials and/or provide sexual favors to them. Instead, she made it clear to her family that she wanted to come to the U.S. where she has gone to school and is a very productive member of our society.

        • JENJEN

          We welcome people like your wife to America! Tell her thank you for being an important part of the solution!

  • diana

    Agree with this Woman have been saying writing the same thing for years p.c. Is a fancy way to say Lie Lie we need to start putting our gov. In the light liers, cheaters, immoral, and law breakers those who don’t stand for our OUR Laws Constitution as written over 200 yrs ago and get our Country Back as the God, Country, Home that it was and should be, instead we just set back and let people clinton, obama, holder, reid, and many others, distroy the best in the world for Greed and Power that no one No One should be aloud to Ever Have.

    • GQ4U

      I agree and would add that there are plenty of republicans that are guilty as well.

    • suzieq

      So true! Even w/ misspellings of “liar” and “destroy,” clearly a product of union teachers I was once forced to be.

      • Casmige

        @Suzeq?? You forgot to include the “ALOUD” in lieu of what should have been: ‘Allowed’…..But what do I know? I’m one of those idiot Emigrants from French Canada (Where we genetically loathe L’anglaise) who once thought this Country was something to not only legally emigrate to but aspire to assimilate into as well.

        Thank G*D I had my Canadienne Scholastic back-ground & parentage as well…or I’d be just as confused & imbecilic as “diana” in her writing content (Not her content over-all tho~)….

  • Jane18

    Oh man! I wish I could have been at this meeting… What a great response, way to go Brigitte!!

  • SaneZidane

    It pays to do your homework, huh Bridget! Our Muslim president had to turne purple if he listened to this fact based response.

    • GQ4U

      Yes, and his white half turned blue.

    • gene457

      He already is purple – his lips are, anyway.

  • GQ4U

    She’s got my vote to become Secretary of State — she’s has more balls than John (the traitor) Kerry and she doesn’t dance around the truth like Hill-liar E. Clinton.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    I have seen Brigitte on Fox

    • GQ4U


      • RobertNorwood

        And what dense burger?

        • GQ4U

          Her original post has been edited — it did say “I have seen Brigitte on Fox.” and nothing more. Thus the “And?” question which she later answered.
          Now shove your indignant misplaced insult where the sun don’t shine. Have a nice day.

          • Barbara

            In all fairness to Bob I thought the same thing….however it was more of a confusion to which I would have refrained from calling one a dense burger. That is just rude!

          • RobertNorwood

            I know, but that’s me. Shoot first and ask questions later but when you’ve seen a way too many liberals commenting you just get itchy on the trigger.
            I know GQ ain’t a liberal so…Sorry GQ and good response! Okay if we put it up Obama’s @s…sorry, don’t need that visual.

          • GQ4U

            Understood and apology accepted.

          • GQ4U

            My thoughts as well. Something as innocuous as the word (And) deserves an inquiry not a lynching.

          • RobertNorwood

            Well how did we know? Anyway, I stand corrected and accept my rebuke.

          • GQ4U

            All’s well.

  • Jim

    She knows what the Muslims are like personally. She grew up in the middle east as an Arab Christian under constant siege.

    • SheNemo

      She is saying what she is paid to say, she hates it, you can tell, what woman would ever like it?????
      They are not even a plant as a muslim woman, they are nothing, how sad!!!!

      • Jim

        I meant Brigitte is an Arab Christian who grew up in the middle east and knows how psycho the Muslims are. I was not talking about the Muslim woman!

  • hagar2935

    I applaud you too, young lady!

  • pinksugar

    I especially loved the point she made – asking this young student IF she was an American citizen – YES? So instead of asking what we Americans can do to find out what happened to those 4 Americans and how we can prevent that & work with Our gov’t ~ all she was doing is whining and clearly, She does not see herself as an American, but a Muslim in America… Kiddo – newsflash! You don’t have to stay here! You can go to the Middle East because clearly you consider yourself one of Them, NOT an American.. OH but you can’t take any of the American ‘goodies’ with you!!


      As an AMERICAN CITIZEN (myself formerly Canadian) I couldn’t agree with you MORE!!!

      I am an American FIRST and FOREMOST! Yes, like millions of others across this great land, I have a different HERITAGE. My children and grandson are the FIRST Americans born in either side of our family. Talk about PROUD!!!

      I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution and the United States against ALL enemies/threats foreign and DOMESTIC (so called law makers). That oath did not and still does not come with an expiration date.

      Hell, I’ll even foot the bill for a one way ticket to ANY one of them (or TWO half way tickets for two of them) that hate America and deserve to go back to their sand boxes!

      Hoorah pinksugar!!!

      • pinksugar

        @SFCUSARMYRET:disqus Thank You for your service to – and your love of our country! You are an example of what immigration used to be. People who came to America didn’t just want to ‘be here’ they wanted to Be American. You’ve worked hard and enriched this nation and we Salute you!

  • Foxmuldar

    When Gabrille was finished I’d bet this Muslim asking the question left thinking see their always bashing Muslims. Muslims are never willing to accept the truth. They get brainwashed everyday in their mosques by those radical Imams. Another fact, Gabrille should have pointed out, Christians don’t walk around telling their world their Christians. They don’t walk around wearing bags on their heads. No other religion other then Islam wants to push their image upon the rest of society. They cant and will never assimilate into our culture. Not here, not in europe, nowhere do you see Muslims accepting the culture they forced their way into. And they wonder why we don’t want them in our neighborhoods.

  • pointdan

    Luv ya Brigitte !

  • George

    Why is this country kissing murdering muslim cowards butts? Send them back to camel crap country

  • Kyrunner

    WOW! Best answer to this lingering question about those moderate Muslims I have ever heard. Kudos to Bridgette!

  • Brendajanetorres

    WOW!!! Love this Woman, She tells it like it is….Now, all we need is for more people to listen!!!

  • gene457

    I am in LOVE!!!!

  • Ovomit1

    God bless you Miss Bridgitte…you have more integrity and class than any Islamist apologist or puke in the democommie party


    Brigitte Gabrille did a great job an her line about Political Correctness is one that should be shown over an over because she is right on the money.

  • isaiah14

    She made a mistake. The Nazi’s were not murderers, and there was no holocaust. It is the Jews that are causing all the problems. The Nazi’s wanted to keep the white race separated from other races. Also, 911 was a hoax. There actually isn’t any proof that anybody died at the twin towers, and also, no airplanes flew into them.

    • Cap’n Over

      ….and I will still respect you in the morning!!!

      • isaiah14

        I’m just telling the truth. There was no holocaust, it has already been proven to be a fake. Besides what most people don’t know is that Islam is actually a Jewish religion.Mohammed was illiterate, and Islam was started by Jewish Rabbi’s. Mohammed’s mother was a Jewess, that means that Mohammed was a Jew according to the Jewish Talmud. In fact, the Saudi’s of Saudi Arabia are true Muslims because Mohammed was a Saudi. Still King Fahd (who died in 2006) was a Jew, and so was the rest of his family. In other words, the royal Fahd family who control the Muslim state of Saudi Arabia, and true Muslims, who the Saudi’s are, are Jews.

        • SheNemo

          What a total fool you are!!!
          I’ve been to the camps in Germany, they are real, believe me!!!

          • isaiah14

            Yes and you have been fooled by Jewish propaganda. I suppose you don’t care that the Jews murdered at least 100 million white Christian Israelites. Stalin a Jew, Trotsky A Jew, and Lenin A Jew. Were you ever at Treblinka? I suppose you know that no bodies or graves were found there. Were you at Dachau? I suppose you know that there were no gas chambers there. So if you were at the camps in Germany I suppose you just don’t believe the great Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal who stated in an interview with the magazine “Stars and Stripes,” in 1973 and 1993 that there were no gas chambers in any of the German concentration camps. Maybe you would like to explain why the camps had their own orchestras, their own stage plays, and Auschwitz had an Olympic size swimming pool, a stage theater, and also a Brothel.

          • Cap’n Over

            A very dear friend of mine was among the first US troops to enter Treblinka. If it was not real, why is it he would tear up when he spoke of the atrocities he saw there, and the nightmares it gave him for the rest of his life? You are indeed a delusional person, please call the asylum you escaped from and beg them to take you back.

          • isaiah14

            Well we do like to get emotional. Your friend wasn’t there because Treblinka wasn’t even a concentration camp. I guess what you better do is to tell your story to the Australian research team that went to Treblinka with sophisticated equipment and spent three weeks search the entire area of Treblinka. They found nothing. Their equipment reach down to 30 feet below the surface of the ground, and they found nothing. They went back to Australia and stated that no atrocities happened at Treblinka. They found no graves, no gas chambers, nothing. Besides, I think the millions of people that the Jews murdered are a whole lot more important. After all, the Bolshevik Revolution was a much bigger atrocity. Millions of Russians were murdered by Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin all Jews. In fact, if it wasn’t for Hitler the Ukrainians would have been totally annihilated. The Jews murdered at least 10 million of them, plus at least 7 million Armenians. I suppose you don’t even know that those numbers are a whole lot bigger than 6 million. Besides, the 6 million number has been put in the news since 1905. That’s right. At least 5 times the Jews were complaining about the 6 million before Hitler even took power in Germany. Since 1905 to 1938 news of the 6 million dead Jews was written about.

          • Cap’n Over

            Thank you for disrespecting my old friend by calling him a liar. May my God rest his soul. You, sir, may kiss my Christian, white, proud AMERICAN ass.

          • SheNemo


          • SheNemo

            Bless you Cap, yes he is delusional and dumb, a troublemaker, a nut to be ignored. I just did!!!!

          • Cap’n Over

            Thank you.

          • SheNemo

            You are more than a fool, you are just stupid.
            The proof is everywhere. Google it and see the REAL pic. the real proof. Yes, I saw them at Dachau, you bet your boots I did, they are/were real.
            Disgusting that you try to make it sound like these places were for having a party??????
            There were a lot of Jews that hid the fact that they were in those days too. Wiesenthal is a fool too!

            You are a nut and I want nothing else to do with you nor your posts.
            You disgrace yourself by ignoring the truth of history.
            You probably don’t believe 911 happened either, do you??
            How about the truth that Jesus Christ is the one true Son of God????
            And is the only way to Heaven???

          • isaiah14

            Those pictures were fabricated. That has been proven. They are what is called montages, and you believe those lies. I’ve been to Dachau 4 times, once in college, once in the Air National Guard, and twice in the National Guard. I remember walking through the shower room that we were told was actually a gas chamber. I could smell gas in the chamber, and I thought that was kind of odd after 25 years. I saw the vents up in the ceiling, but could never figure out where the gas came from until I heard a clinking sound above me. I started to walk through the chamber looking up at the vents. As I was looking I heard another clink. I looked up at one of the vents, and I saw a small canister. They dropped a couple of canisters into the vents. That is where the smell of gas was coming from. I know. In the military I used to work with smoke grenades, flash bang grenades, and so forth. It was a hoax. When I was in the Air National Guard I trained with the 3rd. Mobile Comm. Group at Tinker AFB Oklahoma. The instructors there actually told us that the holocaust was a lie. They said that it was impossible to gas anybody when they are taking a shower. The water dissipates the gas and makes it harmless.

            Besides, Hitler was a Christian. He was a part of the German Christian movement. Hitler wanted to get rid of the Jews by sending them out of German held territory, and that is what he did. There were only about 2 million Jews in Germany. In 1937 a census was taken and it was found out that there were 15 million Jews in the world. In 1947 another census was taken and it was found that there were 15 million 800 thousand Jews in the world. Boy those Jews must multiply like rabbits.

            Maybe we should be more concerned about the millions of people that the Jews murdered this past century. The Bolshevik Revolution which was all Jewish murdered millions. Stalin, a Jew, murdered at least 60 million Russians. Hitler put a stop to Stalin murdering the Ukrainians. However, at least 10 million were starved to death. Also, at least 7 million Armenians. Maybe what you need to do is to do some research. The Jews hate white people because they hate Israel, and they have a plan to kill off white people. However, Yahweh (Yes I know Jesus Christ. Anybody who thinks that the Jews are God’s chosen people has no relationship with Jesus Christ because the Jews are not God’s chosen people) will destroy the Jews (the book of Obadiah. The Edomites (Jews) will be totally annihilated). Malachai 1:1-4 Jacob (the white Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people) I love, but Esau (the Jews. Edomites, Canaanites, and Khazars. The Jews are the most mixed race people in the world today. They have at least 112 different genetic diseases. This is one of the many proofs that they are not God’s chosen people) I hated.

        • Barbara

          OH MY GOD I don’ know whether to laugh or just shake my head in sympathy for you! Where the hell did you get your information you clueless lemming??? Would your real name by any chance be Barry Soetero…or maybe Barack Hussein Obama???

          • isaiah14

            My information comes from those that were there and as well as true history. The problem is, you get your information from Obama. There was no holocaust, it is a Jewish hoax, and the Jews know it. It is a fact the Islam was actually started by Jewish Rabbi’s. I know for a fact that the royal family of Fahd are Jews.

          • SheNemo

            OHHHHH, believe me, I know what he did, and what he saw!!!
            You are in denial…….grow up, LOOK at the pictures of history showing what happened, if you really want the truth!! You don’t. That makes you such a FOOL!
            People like you are exactly why Patton ordered tons of pictures taken so the silly/stupid/evil cynical doubters as yourself could be laughed at in the future, like now, like today:
            Idiot……….look around you, try helping – world’s a mess now, always has been, but seems the evil is growing faster now, satan working overtime?

            Try talking to Jesus Christ, He has the answers, alllllll the answers…….again…..His name is Jesus Christ!!!!!
            Try Him, you might like Him!!!

          • isaiah14

            Those pictures were forgeries. Patton even knew that because he went through many of the camps. He didn’t believe in the holocaust, and that was probably one reason he was murdered. He was going to expose the truth about the holocaust. I suppose your father help liberate the concentration camp Dachau. After all, elements of Pattons third army liberated the camp. Was he there when he saw civilians from the town of Dachau meet the Americans to tell them that only a small group of German soldiers (about 100) were in the camp, and wanted to surrender to the Americans under a white flag. I suppose that he saw the weapons that the civilians were carrying, right. Yes that’s right. Hitler gave the German people back their guns. The guns that were taken a way from them by the Jews who were running the government before Hitler came to power. Was he there when the American’s entered the camp, and did he see the German soldiers walk toward the Americans under a white flag and carrying no weapons. Did he see the Americans pull out a 50 Cal (I have fired these) and kill all of the Germans that were surrendering. Maybe you should ask him sometime. Why would each concentration camp have a camp orchestra, a chorus, soccer teams, and so forth. Auschwitz even had an Olympic size swimming pool, and even a brothel as most camps did. Sorry you are so deceived. The piles of bodies that you see in those pictures were victims of starvation and typhoid.

            You better do some research. Maybe your father had to go through an indoctrination program, and was told not to say anything. Sort of like when the Jews attacked the U.S.S. Liberty in the summer of 1967. The surviving crew members were told to say nothing simply because the United States didn’t want to embarrass the Jews, even though the Jews committed an act of war. 34 naval personal died that day, and it was all hushed up until recently. There was a German doctor that had to watch one of those propaganda films that your dad saw. The film was about Dachau and he was in the film taking care of injured people. The only problem was, he had never been to Dachau. The film was actually showing him in Dresden after allies bombed the city to rubble and over 250 thousand people were murdered for no reason. The closest German military instillation was at least 20 miles a way.

            You don’t listen to reason and that is because you don’t know Jesus Christ.

    • jrboozer

      You are joking…right??

      • isaiah14

        No I’m telling the truth. I know first hand since I was in Saudi Arabia under combat conditions when I was in the National Guard. The royal Fahd family will tell you that they are Jews, and only a few historians actually have come out and said that Mohammed was a Jew. I think that the historians Gibbons said this. Islam is known as Arabic Judaism.

        • laxmom1

          Combat conditions…that explains it, you got a head injury???

          • isaiah14

            Well you believe in the false Jewish propaganda. There was no holocaust of Jews in any of the concentration camps. The real holocaust is what happened in Russia, Ukraine, and so forth when the Jews murdered millions of white Christian Israelites. Something that is hidden from the American public. It is true, the royal Fahd family is Jewish, they even say that they are. The Jews control our media, our news, our movies, and so forth. Soon Yahweh will annihilate them.

      • suzyshopper

        No, and the scary part is, he’s not joking!!!

    • jer295

      You can’t possibly be that stupid, at least I hope not!!!

      • isaiah14

        Why are you so stupid to believe Jewish lies?? There was no holocaust, it has been proven. You will have to explain to me why there were articles in New York papers about the holocaust that goes back to 1905. The Jews were already talking about the holocaust years before WW II. Th Nazi’s weren’t even around when the holocaust myth was being written about.

        Hitler went out of his way not to have war. Churchill kept on pushing for war. Churchill would also conduct staff meetings while he was in the nude. Something that Hitler never did. Hitler was actually a Christian. He was a part of the German Christian movement. The Jews have lied to you. God Yahweh wants his people Israel (the white Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people) to separate from other races. it is interesting that only white countries are suppose to integrate. If you went to Mexico you would have to abide by their rules. If Mexicans and illegal aliens (most Mexicans are) come to the U.S.A. they go by their own rules.

        Now it has been proven that no planes flew into the towers on 911. Those planes that you saw were holograms, and there were crisis actors that were used at the scene.

        You have been lied to, and you really believe those lies. I got another truth for you. Mohammed was a Jew. His mother was a Jewess and according to the most holiest book of the Jews, the Talmud, that makes Mohammed a Jew. The royal family of Fahd who controls Saudi Arabia are Jews. They even say that they are, and the Saudi’s are the true Muslims. Islam is known as Arabic Judaism.

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          You have absolutely no knowlege of world history. Smoke another spliff, Biff!

          • isaiah14

            And what world history do you know? Nothing but Jew history. It was the Jews that came up with the holocaust, even though it never happened. I know enough because I research. The Jews are not God’s chosen people, they are Satanic seed line. Apparently I know more about world history than you do, because I know that it was the Jews that did all the murdering. Hitler saved the Ukrainians and the Armenians from total annihilation at the ends of Stalin (a Jew) and the Russian Jews. Hitler stopped Stalin from taking over Europe for communism.

  • suz

    Brigitte Gabrille is a great speaker and she speaks from her knowledge and heart. She’s one smart lady. Keep up the good work and the heck with the PC

    • SheNemo

      Yeah, as in the helllll with the stupid PC crap, and that’s allll it is!!

  • Marlin208

    Wow, to give such a wonderful response without the use of a teleprompter, Kudos.

    • SheNemo

      Hey Marlin, get em……………

  • Sandy

    saw her in person. She is as beautiful as she is smart and courageous. Excellent summation of the problem we face – when good people will not stand up to evil.

  • zio davide

    Wow… please let me know what she is running for? She would be a homerun in anything.

  • Maria castro

    Muslims, are feeble minded. The interbreeding, their venereal diseases, like syphilis and others have taken a toll in their ability to think, reason, and be moral, they are blinded fanatics only to be compared to rabid dogs. They are like a cancer, invading mother earth. We have no choice but to cut it, no matter how deep we have to go in.

  • Casmige

    Hey, what isn’t being pointed out is that the ‘Lady’ asking the question is a propagandist spokesperson for C.A.I.R……

    • SheNemo

      Yes, she is, I have seen her many times, but she can be “caught” real fast, real easy…….it’s almost funny, just point out some of the bad -REALLY SICK SCHITT THE MUSLIMS DO- and she goes silent, they all do that, she is nothing but a joke!!
      And she – like ALL WOMEN – hate being muslim, ask her that, she really won’t answer, she didn’t on Fox News that night, she just smiled and said welllllll, there are bad things alllll over the world……………duh..yeah…….soooooo????? Same O- same O- they won’t answer, they hate being muslim, I sure as helllll would!!!!
      Crack a dam skillet over the muslim man’s head!!!! They are pure evil!!!!

  • sengal

    Wow!!! What a woman. She has more cojones than most men. Great Answer!

  • gmhunt4

    The Muslim woman did not ask a question about the four dead Americans, because she does not care about the four dead Americans. There is NO such person as a moderate or peaceful Muslim.

  • SheNemo

    AMEN , I really admire this woman!!!!!
    She has been on Fox News, and one night with the muslim here, she shut her up real fast too!!
    It’s easy, just ask if they like/love/believe in what the bad muslims do, she as most, won’t answer that question, they are afraid to!
    They also cannot admit that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, they sink their ship there!!!!!!

    I totally believe there are NO good peaceful muslims, none, because when the going gets tough, they willllllll side with their koran, don’t EVER DOUBT THAT!!!!!

  • sonwamac

    it’s foolish…it’s not an intelligent answer at all…it’s more hate mongering…what percentage of white people still believe in white people still believe in white supremacy?…enough for the entire world to still have a problem….the most serious one humanity has…it’s a hypocritical answer….

    • Cap’n Over

      So you obviously belong in the radical side who believe you belong to a religion of peace. You wouldn’t recognize the truth if it smacked you in the face.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Take the racial blinders off fool! I brains were gunpowder, you couldn’t blow your nose! Now that is NOT hate mongering, it stating my perception of you through your offered post. PC IS BS!

  • Barbara

    I was so impressed with Bridgette the first time I saw her speak in a video that I actually joined her organization called ACT! They hook you up with a group in your area and it is amazing. I would encourage everyone who agrees with this woman to look into this organization and listen to her life story it is incredible.

    • No Central Banks

      I also belong to ACT. Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her husband Niall Ferguson are other brave and thoughtful commenters and activist on this issue. You should check them out if you haven’t already.

  • nevadarny

    WOW! Maybe she could run for President.

  • No Central Banks

    The problem with Islam is not only the hundreds of millions of terrorists, it is also the teachings of the Koran which is full of hate and peace ONLY by submissions to Islam. We must take into consideration that apostasy is punishable by death in Islam, so among those majority of Muslims who are peaceful are surely to be millions who have been forced into this so called religion and dare not convert or reject Islam for fear being killed. There is a Christian genocide occurring in the Muslim world. Muslims are very mercenary and most of the leaders of the Muslim World belong to the Satanic Cult of Free Masons. They sold out their people to Rothschild Zionists and they make money by perpetuating wars between countries and religions. So far all that the war on terror has gotten the U.S. is debt, and who benefits from this debt; the people who control our money (Rothschild Zionists.) If you listen to or read the Zionist control news (Reuters-A.P. ) you could not know that faithful Jews oppose Zionism which is anti-Jewish and anti-religion. Our leaders in the U.S. have been controlled by this band of thieves since they were permitted to open a Central Bank in our country and therefore control our money and charge US interest on money they made from fractional reserve lending (meaning they could lend money they didn’t even have and for interest.) The Catholic Church ban this practice for centuries and Islam bands it still (which is the only real issue the Rothschilds have with Islam. But the terrorists they pay and the Arab leaders they have invited into their cult-the Free Masons will allow them to inslave their people through ruthless lending and wars they create while financing both sides of ever conflict.
    I love Brigitte Gabrille. But if she ever spoke out on this truth she would probably be killed just like Kennedy was for his speech on secret societies.

  • Herman L. McCloud

    Very well said and very much true, I’m glad that this tape is on on the internet so that everyone
    abroad can hear and be compelled to adjust their attitude on this matter, We intercede and help
    those to help them selves, By no means are we taking over the problems and issues of any other governments and countries, As the old saying goes and was once practiced, “When in Rome, Do
    as the Romans”, But the muslim population has migrated to the United States, to seek freedoms,
    educational opportunities along with the milk and honey which we have to offer in our country not
    to mention the naturalized citizenship which many have achieved but with them they have brought
    with them their traditional values which they are accustom to from their original country, In short
    what I have seen to be accurate is a class of people whom want to share our bread and butter but
    do not except our western cultural as their own and refuse to change many of whom have not and
    will not learn the American language, I see this every time I go to a public grocery store, many of
    whom speak American but chadder in their own tongue in public, which in my view is nothing but
    a form of disrespect and deceitfulness. and to these people I say, “May the flea’s of a 1000 camels
    infest your armpits” !

  • laxmom1

    The left always lies when the facts are against them…even when the evidence is on tape. Pretty amazing response by this well spoken young lady. My only question is who are the 10 (so far) who voted down this video?

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Liberal idiots and obamabots!

  • jeff

    WOW!!! Brigitte that was great. Now the rest of the “good” Muslims need to stand up against the “bad” Muslims. In addition, the non-Muslims need to stand up against the terroristic threat these “bad” Muslims present.

  • Brian P.

    WOW!!! I love this woman. That dope that had the nerve to ask that stupid question just got schooled down one side and up the other.

  • Brian P.

    If I were president, THIS woman, Ms.Gabrielle, would be one of my advisers. I would certainly want her help crafting my speeches to politically correct morons.

  • souper

    She is the definition of beauty and brains.

  • Shane

    Muhammad was a Warlord who created a Religion of War. Those Muslims who kill and rape in the name of Islam are following the example of Muhammad. Our politicians are lying about Islam being a religion of peace.

  • jorgi crews sanders

    AMEN , I agree , and the Muslim people who claim to be peaceful never say one thing against the Jihadist who have murdered in the name of Islam !


    It’s always the radicals that scream they were mistreated when they were not. They have the delusion that they are “special” rather than “equal.” If you murder, you deserve EQUAL punishment no matter what religion you are, where you come from, or what color you are, etc. etc. PERIOD!

  • Buzz

    Return to Common Sense and now! The First does not protect the state from the churches, it is vice versa…

  • Charlie Chan

    This Lady told it like it is.The scumbag muslims should be packing with their camels out of America back to their heathenland mound of camelsh*t countries and stay their.ISIS wouldn’t fair well in the US since us old redneck Americans who drive our picku[p trucks and carry our guns would shoot their azzes off.And also there are many of us old Americans who have guns but don’t drive PU trucks who would shoot their camelhumpping azzes off also.So Muzzies my advice to you is to stay out of America.

  • phil62

    Finally – FINALLY – someone had the nerve to stand up and YELL out to these people on the left and tell them to stick their political “correctness” and SHOVE IT!!!!

  • Max

    Such propaganda and lies. she is either ignorant of history or just another psychotic.
    To begin with, she destroyed her credibility and demonstrated the IQ of a moron by simply failing to acknowledge 9/11 was an inside job. Sounds like hse got her education from watching TV and the back of cereal boxes.

    • masonman

      I didn’t see an argument in your post, just insults

    • Cap’n Over

      Looks like we have another of those peace loving, tolerant followers of mohammed the child molester here. Please buy yourself a ticket to whatever flea infested Hell hole you think is any better and get out of MY country.

  • larry

    Hoooray! finallly someone with the courage to speak out and tell it like it is! PC is destroying our great culture!

  • ECwashr

    Obama the muslim has been funding the terrorist with our tax dollars. I remember hearing Brigitte Gabrille about 8 years ago say that Political Correctness will destroy the United States. And what is Obama, the King of Political Correctness…

  • willhen50

    That is all you see on corners, protesting Muslims against us or Christians, just today they were on the corner protesting the Israeli incursion into the Gaza. They were not protesting the 1200 plus missiles being fired upon Israel, the slain Israeli teenagers, or the takeover of the Gaza strip by Iran.
    The Muslims have also invoked a religious doctrine on to our laws which is accepted by public leaders and schools who has outlawed even the propriety of Christianity. An organization that has given to terrorists has succeeded in undermining the search and shakedown procedure at numerous airports to Muslims but makes toddlers, invalids, and bonafide Americans go through the process as if they were the guilty party.
    I think that this is what Obama wants, to force us to the point of a revolution or civil war because then he can invoke his martial law and suspend the Constitution and it is nearing the boiling point. Congress needs to disprove the eligibility of Obama, impeachment is nothing the Constitution is; at least they took an oath to preserve, protect, and obey it.

  • londontubes

    Where does she live and when is she going to run for office. I will vote for her!!!!

  • Stargazerlily17

    Now Brigitte is my kinda gal! She has bigger cahones than most of the metrosexuals in office today!

  • Arizona Don

    It is obvious Brigitte is correct but how many actually realize the real (other) point(s) she made here because there was more then just the one pertaining to muslims. Should we not look in the mirror as well.

    There is more then one point here and she is absolutely correct. It is not just the muslims who are standing back and watching as the radical element within the group(s) change the world we (citizens of this once great nation) are doing the exact thing right here in America. The liberal progressive democrats are doing the same thing just not violently “yet.” We are currently allowing a fundamental transformation no American asked for, very few if any want, and most will not accept at least peacefully. But it is still happening and no one seems to care, some even cheer the rhetoric of obama and his administration. So you see most in America know we are being led down a dead end road to destruction but we allow it. The question is, WHY? Are we blindly being led to the slaughter? You answer that question!

    It is extremely easy to sit back and blame others for what is happening right here in the United States of America and the world but it is us and the other citizens of the world who allow it. We can do nothing realistically to change other nations but we sure can this nation. And if we continue to allow the current administration to fundamentally transform this once great nation into something we do not even understand it is us, this generation that is at fault no one else. When the time comes and it may be soon, It will be our bill to pay and the cost may be more then we can bear.

    America is not a democracy! It is not rule by a majority. It is a democratic Republic, in other words a nation of laws, not of people. Power is not in the hands of one or several individuals in a Republic. It is by consent of the governed. (Read the Constitution) The people! However, who at this point cannot see just exactly what we ARE being transformed into? The laws are being ignored at the very top and sooner or later we will be ruled by a majority of one. Once the rule of law is gone this will no longer be a proud nation the citizens of the world wish to become a part of. Instead we like China and the Former Soviet Union will need fences to keep our citizens in not illegal intruders out.

    Be very careful what you wish for liberal progressives because what you get may not be what you now perceive. History is the best teacher if we would just allow it and do some studying we could all see much more clearly what is happening. But first Americans have to care about what is happening and right now many, perhaps even a majority, do not.

  • Dempsey Coleman

    This Woman is GREAT and the other so called peaceful like CAR are always shouting her down.

  • Kevin Miller

    Bridgette is a Courageous woman who put this muscum B***h in her place.But I still think,like many people in this world,she doesn’t Truly understand the ideaology from which she came.People of islam,be they terrorists or so-called “peaceful”,are ALL Radical and Potentially a danger to the rest of us in America because they are taught from the same book of hate,murder and deception! Thus these people don’t even belong in this Country! Islam itself IS Radical….PERIOD!

  • millerstwo

    WOW!, she said it all, she covered all the bases too fantastic display of anti-political correctness and I’m loving it! Also, it was great to hear the applause from the REAL Americans in the audience who agreed with Ms. Gabriel ….hell I don’t mind admitting that my hands came together once or twice while sitting here all by myself, weird huh.
    Wouldn’t it be refreshing if just one of our sissy coward politicians made a similar comment?

  • Kimcalaho

    Yep, I love this woman Brigitte Gabrille too! A voice of reason and common sense in the midst of insanity. God Bless this American.

  • FishinBuddy

    Brigitte is excellent as always. Chris Plante looks like he had a few cocktails at lunch.

  • James Anton Hake

    Nice answer.

  • sdva

    Yep-spot on! The information she provided, specifically with regards to not just Fascist/Socialists but Communists/Socialists, was germane to our current situation. I also liked the inclusive, not diverse, aspect of her response at the end of the video.

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