Couple Whose Pregnancy Announcement With a Twist Went Viral Shares News That ‘Hit Us Like a Bomb’

A Texas couple, who less than a week ago announced to the world in a viral video they were pregnant with their third child, over the weekend had a sad update. The hosts of the Sam and Nia YouTube channel, also well-known for their viral video singing a song from Disney’s “Frozen,” shared that there were expecting another child in a video where Sam, the dad, managed to pull off a the surprise announcement on his wife, informing her that she was pregnant before she even officially knew. This video, dubbed the “first time ever daddy announces the pregnancy to mommy,” garnered over 10 million views within four days of it being posted. But on Saturday, the couple revealed that they discovered they had a miscarriage. “It just hit us like a bomb,” Nia said in the video, explaining that they had been so excited at their pregnancy news and then were devastated by the miscarriage.

via TheBlaze


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