Cop Left Speechless After He Confronts Citizens Over “Bizarre” Ammo Sales

(Content Warning: Language)

In a video posted to LiveLeak, a Eureka, Calif., confronts two Second Amendment activists selling .22 caliber ammunition on the street. The officer calls the behavior “bizarre.” According to TheBlaze, police responded after receiving several calls about the men selling ammo. “One of the pro-gun activists grew immediately confrontational when the officer approached them, refusing to provide any identification or answer any questions, citing his constitutional rights and maintaining that he had broken no laws,” wrote TheBlaze. “It’s 100 percent legal. Don’t answer any of his questions,” said one of the activists. The officer then asks for the duo’s business license. “Absolutely not, sir. Check your law. It’s our constitutional right, you can check it in the city of California laws,” the activist said. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” he later adds.

What do you think about this encounter? Was the citizen acting within his rights under the law? Was the police officer ignorant of the law? Comment below.

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