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Confrontation 101

  • Donald York

    Thanks Wild Bill.I took the oath, and i’m still learning a lot about our rights under the Constitution.

  • Lloyd

    To Marine Sgt Dyer
    I too served, but in the army. And I ask you sir to accept this in the manner it is truly meant. I sir , salute you. And thank you for standing by your oath, I’m getting old now, but rest assured that I stand with you,as I am sure, do many others. You sir are a true patriot.
    Again, thank you.

  • Lloyd

    Wild Bill
    Yes sir, the first amendment. The right to peacably assemble.
    Too many of our rights are being trampled upon and it is long past time to take a stand. Keep up the good work. Until recent years so many of us sar back and thought that it could not happen here. Now that it is happening, it will be hard, but not impossible to stop. Complacency and the old “better red than dead” attitude is ripping this country apart. People like yourself and a few others help to refresh the knowledge and memory of our rights.Thank you

  • Lloyd

    To the guy who thinks the American militia are pussies:
    You, and I will not call you sir, because you are not ndeserving, have no idea of what speak of.
    #1 You are sitting there bad mouthing the very people who stood in defense of the very right you are exercising. They are the people who stood on the Boston commons over 200 years ago. They are the ones who stepped forward to fight and die for their beliefs during the Civil War. They are the ones who fought and died on the soils of Japan and Europe in the first and second world wars. They are people who unlike you WILL step up and stand together when the come and try to forcibly take your rights.
    #2 You seem to think that the military is the military. Again, you have no idea of what you are saying. Our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are professional military, gathered together nfrom across the country. The militia are the people, apparently excluding youself, who willpick up there arms to stand together to fight for and defend people like you who have to hide behind a mask when they want to speak what they think. The militia are people who openly speak out and fight for what they “know” is right, and will defend The Constitution that was written for them as well as you. They don’t hide behind masks, they don’t go nameless when they voice their opinion and they certainly don’t disrespect those who defend them.
    #3 Before you go running your mouth, perhaps you should inlist in the professional military and find out what the militia AND military know they may have to face when they take a stand. Even our subversive government officials understand what can be done wit a citizen militia. Why do you think they want to take our guns? When you inlist and have bullets an shrapnel buzzing past your ears, I promise you, your opinion of the militia AND military will do a complete 180.
    #4 Untill then, apply your closing words to yourself. Because, although you have the right, you have not earned and do not deserve the right to speak of them in that manner.

    • Lloyd

      #5 Those desasters you spoke of, The militia was there the whole time helping those people. The farmers, factory workers, police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, shop owners business executives, even the homeless in some cases. Those are the people that protect and keep our freedoms and rights. It will never be faceless, nameless people like yourself who think the crooked politicians are going to listen to a big foul mouth like yours. “Those” politicians could care less how much you run your mouth in a protest.
      Remember, MY NAME IS LLOYD

    • har82

      Well stated. :)

  • joepotato

    The tyrannical rat ___tards are trying to get their ducks in a row. Divide & conquer is a tried and true strategy, and the ensuing chaos if incited by the regime will have all the sheeple baaa, baaa, baaaaing for security for the price of TRUE freedom. Let the games begin…. Coming up next, could be another false flag event…. tyrannical governments love these things.

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