The Most Concerning Disclosures in the Hillary FBI Documents

Judicial Watch Tom Fitton has key concerns about the disclosure in the FBI documents.

Clinton said she had no recollection of several key moments when it came to her email server, including briefings on how to handle classified information and key conversations about her server. This is one of many concerns that Fitton had. Hear what he had to say below.

Other things Clinton could “not recall” or “did not remember,” according to the summary of her interview with the FBI:

  • a briefing or training given by the State Department on the retention of federal records or handling of classified information
  • how often she used her Original Classification Authority (OCA) or any training or guidance that State Department provided on that
  • any specific briefing on handling classified information associated with Special Access Programs (SAP)
  • a specific process for nominating a target for a drone strike
  • why the State Department was unable to provide her with a secure BlackBerry



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