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Comic Sarah Silverman Completely Misses The Point in New ‘Black NRA’ Sketch

Below ColionNoir reponds to this funny or die video where Sarah Silverman facetiously advocates the start a BLACK NRA, if you haven’t watched it, the video makes its pretty clear that Sarah Silverman has the comedic acuity of a possum, than again, what do you expect from Alanis Morissettes’s, female discharge obsessed, suggestively slow, twin sister?

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  • SammysDad

    Hey, we don’t have to arm them. They are already armed and darn dangerous because they are without conscience and common sense. Without our ability to have firearms, they would be even more violent. Hey, Silverman, don’t you know every gun must be considered loaded and never point it at anything you don’t want to blow away??? On second thought, forget those rules. Go ahead, play with that gun a little more.

    • LittleMoose

      Did you notice that when she had the gun pointed at herself it was cocked and she had her finger on the trigger. So much for gun safety. I guess she wasn’t concerned about that.

      • dragonfire777

        Too bad it wasn’t loaded. It would have been a great training video on what not to do.

        • brucethompson22

          You have that right. Real smart pointing a loaded gun at your head with your finger on the trigger. There’s some G-2 there. How do I know it’s loaded,because I didn’t clear it myself.

    • conservativemind

      See now that is racist. see i know black-americans that i have nothing but respect for and they have earned every damned bit of it. now that being said the fact that you think the color of there skin means more then the content of there character just means you been watching to many liberal media new casts. try rethinking the meaning of the word “freedom” with an accent on the free (which is possibly the best 4 letter word ever invented) by being born free these black-americans ( i use the term “black-american” because if you are in the us legally and this is the only nationality you claim your an american plain and simple) have the right to be free of your hateful racist profiling. first try to see what kind of person they are and then decide if they are senseless violent criminals or if they are law-abiding citizens. just sayin

  • T Rowe Lamont Bentlyprice

    What a stupid effing whore.

  • Mileaway

    Dude, your color whining lost me about 30 seconds into your boring monologue.

  • Knybee

    Unbelievable cowardice to skip over the everyday stories of “blacks” killing “whites” to portray the “white” people as the ones who are “racist”. I use the quotations because this is how the real haters show themselves by making these distinctions with their own words. God said make no distinctions amongst yourselves. But now almost everyone has accepted the lefts definition by category of what group we are each a “member” of. BET anyone?

  • fletch19609

    who is sarah siverman?

    • Centurian2010

      Another no talented bloodsucker.

      • dragonfire777

        I never have found her funny. Stupid is not funny.

        • Blitzer

          Stupid IS funny to the stupid.

        • intheleupp

          Unless it ends up as a Darwin Award.

    • 820 REDHORSE


    • MatthewS

      Sad to say I share a home state and date of birth with that woman…….

  • dandeman

    Hi my name is sarah silverman and I’m a spokesperson for the NRA. Not the NRA you all know but the one that stands for NOT REALLY AMERICAN. Yes, we at the NRA don’t believe in the 2nd amendment because– hey that was “Really” a long time ago and us at the NRA — well, we know better than a bunch of guys who were around 200 years ago. So our goal is to violate the rights of every American so they have to obey our ideological rules. Yes, even the low IQ blacks are on board.. So the new BLACKS for NOT REALLY AMERICAN (BNRA) wants to pull all of the guns from law abiding folks.. Why? well it’s really hard these days to know if the person you want to rob (with our stolen guns) is going to shot back or not. So the BNRA is pushing really hard to make sure no crackers carry guns. It makes it much easier to rob, rape, and steal without the fear of being shot for our crimes. And me, Sara Silverman your NRA spokesperson. well this is the only way I get to be on TV anymore. Yes I know I’m white, but I’m really trying hard to show all my low IQ blacks that I’m smart enough to tell the world about their suffering during the Civil War. Oh! well no, none of my friends were “REALLY” slaves and they make a bunch of money.. but racism is all we got to fall back on. And guns are a really easy target for us lazy liberals..

  • Paladin67

    I really, really like Colion Noir. The man is speaks the truth, always! And is a true 2nd Amendment Patriot.
    Thank you, Sir!

  • mikeledo

    She is great

    • 1catfish

      She is a slut.

      • mikeledo

        So is your mother.

        • 1catfish

          My mother has been deceasd for over 20 years, It is evident you you are morally deicient and don’t have a clue who Sarah is. You are without a soul.

          • mikeledo

            It appears you just hate all women.

          • TheSunDidIt

            No, just stupid sluts. And, actually, I just feel sorry for them generally. I have more women in my home than you probably have in your whole family. I don’t believe it’s “liberation” for men OR women to denigrate themselves or others sexually. You know what the term means and that is not “denigrating to women”. It applies equally to men AND women.

          • mikeledo

            But is okay for morons to call them sluts. You have the same stupid white fat man mentality as Rush.

          • 1catfish

            Only morons don’t recognize sluts. It is apparent you are a follower fo Al and and the hair lip Jesse. Like I said, you have no soul.

          • 1catfish

            The picture is a close up,. this great grandpa is solid as a rockand not one bit fat.

          • 1catfish

            No stupid, this great granpa has two daughters, two grand sons, two grand daughters, two great grandsons. Evidently you fill your mind with tras and you think everyone is just like you, wrong.

        • fliteking

          – – hey buddie, long time no see . . .tell that story again about the
          time you were at the OWS event running toward the “free balloons”
          stand and then you slipped in the mess your boyfriend deposited on the sidewalk . . . fell and hit your head . . .and your pals at OWS took your wallet while you were lying on the sidewalk crying.

          Tell it again, you tell it much better than me . . . really funny stuff . . . lighten up . . .we should all be laughing . . . at you.

      • fliteking

        Ignore “mike-lead-head”, he is a hissing pantie-waste liberal with a rotten core and an empty soul. Oh how I’d like to be there when the light goes “On” in his head and he realizes he has wasted his life.

        • 1catfish

          Thak you. It was evident he has been turned over to a reprobated mind.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Bravo to Colin Noir for keeping it classy.

  • Johnnygard

    Hopefully the anti-gun nuts will never learn the basic safety rule of keeping your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. This way, one quick glance at photos (remember Pelosi) of someone with a gun lets us know which side they are on.

  • Centurian2010

    Love how people against gun rights like Silverman obviously have never fired a gun or understand gun safety themselves, otherwise her finger would never be on the trigger during the making of this stupid video. Another liberal buffoon who is just so excited to be giving away her God given rights to the government.

  • Sephichan125

    Did anyone notice all the Trayvon Martin references in that Silverman video? That is just beyond low for that sad excuse for a woman to do such a thing, especially since that issue should never have been politicized to involve race. I’m surprised Colion Noir didn’t mention it, but maybe it was just obvious enough to need to mention.

    I speak for my brother, a life member of the NRA, when I say this: the NRA is an organization of which to be proud. They defend the Second Amendment when no one else will, and they have common sense about gun safety (unlike Silverman, who is stupidly pointing a cocked gun at the camera and her own face – WRONG!). I’m considering getting my own firearm and joining the NRA myself, and thankfully this video won’t deter me. Of course, she ought to be ashamed of herself for making stereotypical claims about men who happen to be black and then trying to make this sound funny. It’s pathetic.

  • dragonfire777

    The Black community does need more guns in the hands of the law abiding people; It sure would cut a swathe in crime and they may be able to take their communities back,

  • Ctaj

    Silverman thought she was being sarcastic, but when everyone has a gun, no one has power over anyone else. I was in a basecamp of 4,000 troops in Vietnam, and everyone had an M-16, loaded with 15+ round clips. It’s amazing how nice people are to other people who can blow them away. In my year there, 4,000 men with over 4,000 guns never once shot each other.

  • Jack Parker

    Sarah Silverman”? A comic is suppose to be funny. In that context, she’s a complete failure.

  • jaminjayman

    The video is a parody and so is Sarah Silverman. She’s a parody of a real person. The only people that would think this video is funy is other brain-dead liberal morons like Sarah Silvermen. And like Sarah, that ain’t funny!

  • Klatt

    Colion………..Well said!!! I am sure they aren’t the first and won’t be the last racists to attack you. The cool thing is that you really get under their skin. The sad thing is it is a parody that attacks black America. Since Obama, it seems like 1 step forward and 2 steps back when it comes to race and just about everything else. Colion, as Joe Dirt says, “Keep on keepin on.”

  • kal1and2

    poor confused little girl, I am sure she is more than welcome in Isreal where most do have guns to protect themselves. Maybe she will get a clue as to why all her shows FAIL, now go drive your german car and keep saying the holocaust never hapened.

  • kal1and2

    an armed society is a polite society, how many gun associated murders were there in Switzerland in the last decade, of course there is another element removed from their society

  • The_American_Way

    Why should anyone be surprised. Sarah Silverman is dumb as a stump. She is trying to use politics to stay relevant. Ahhhhhh, Sarah, it’s not working. Your political commentary is almost as bad as your comedy sketches.

  • Russ

    She can not think outside the box. She sure did miss the point.

  • jvb1980808

    She has a lot of people convinced she PRETENDS to be dumb. I’ve never been fooled.


    Thanks. I needed that. My two-pound can of YUCKS was nearly empty, and this was as funny as a limping liberal when you hand him a rubber crutch.

  • 7734daniel

    I know a lot of Black Americans. I will stand beside any of them. and call them friends.
    As for african Americans, I wonder — If your are white and immigrate to American from Africa what are you called. ? Is not african American the 90’s term for stupid n#gg#r. ??

  • TOm

    So typical of the left. Goofy with no basis of truth.

  • bobwhite1935

    You don’t have to arm black young men Sarah they are already armed & they’ve been killing each other for years so thanks but no thanks they seem to do OK without your help IE: Chicago & any big city in the USA.

  • Stan Parrish

    I thought

    Sarah Silverman’s sketch was very racist and the people she hired were no better than Uncle Tom’s.

  • chetohimler

    They already have guns! They are called the Bloods, the Crypts, the Black Panther’s, the Islamic revolution, Jesse’s and Al’s gang…etc.

  • standtallall

    Why did they feel it was necessary to start a Black NRA? There are plenty blacks in the NRA who would not be in favor of arming anyone who mishandles a weapon the way Sarah does.

  • Destry

    Sarah Silverman is a comedienne? Nothing funny about her, just dumb as a post. Anyone with a modicum of sense knows that all firearms are loaded and you never point one at anything you don’t intend to destroy. I guess she intended to blow her brains out and discovered there was nothing there to blow out.

  • 09dogg38

    She’s as loony as Pelosi,Boxer,and all the rest of the far left loons.Sarah,S.T.F.Up.STUPID!!

  • Jack Parker

    Silverman is a typical libtard. Long on rhetoric, short on logic.

  • Johnny

    Sarah Silverman is an idiot. Perhaps, [IF] she actually read the 2ND Amendment, but, then she may not know how to read.

  • fletch

    Duh, Young black men already have guns…………..

    • CombatVet


  • CombatVet


  • junkmailbin

    history, after the civil war, the white southern democrats restricted the blacks right to own guns. Why, control. You cannot control armed people. Democrats still want to control the population and they still want to remove guns from the public so they can do it.

  • 09dogg38

    You don’t need the nra dude,Just ask your corner drug dealer.He’ll get you a gun.No serial numbers to worry about.

  • Jadam

    Mr. Noir: You’re tactful, appear intuitively insightful with a patriotic and searing wisp of being a righteous American. Your words pierced through the thinly vailed cloak of those individuals’ attempt at mocking a hard fought implementation of our rights. You sir, would be a delight to have dinner with and share witisizms and common sense views now not present and blinding America.
    The offer stands for dinner if you’re ever in Crooked County, IL. Drop me a line or stop by. You’ve got a brother and fellow American right with you in Spirit. You made me smile deeply, thank you!

  • Pablo Descartes

    Sarah Silverman is a comedian? I actually rented one of her dvd’s a while back and it was so lame, I couldn’t finish it. Perhaps if she spent more time crafting her skill, and less mocking our Constitutional right for defense she’d have a chance of being funny. Perhaps not.

  • Call me, Carlos

    Except in this case it stands for “Negros Rioting Allover”

  • Stan Parrish

    That was a racist skit.
    But Sarah Silverman is a liberal so she gets a pass.

  • intheleupp

    WOOT! Way to go. Fine response.

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