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College Students Try & Fail To Tell The Story of Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving, a time to celebrate our blessings, our family, our friends, and the rich heritage of why we give thanks. Before the ceremonial carving of the turkey, reserve a period of remembrance, a time to reflect on the blessings bestowed upon your life. Take some time to recite the story of the first Thanksgiving. If you are having difficulty recalling the events that transpired, fret not. Campus Reform asked festive college students to tell the story of the late November holiday as only they see it. Their reciting of the first Thanksgiving is as inaccurate as it is hilarious.

via CampusReform

  • Proudamerican

    They have been trained to wait until the dems have re-written history so they dont look so bad.

  • eman

    God help us, what a bunch of dopes. Also remember, these are the “BEST” we have.

    • Whitebird

      What do you want? At least they all appeared sober.

      • sandman

        sober and straight are two very different things

        • Whitebird

          And guess where they are going upon graduating? Attorney General, Secretary of State, Congress, POTUS etc., etc!

    • bob machaffy

      And they were raised by the clueless who?

      • Ted Crawford

        COMMON CORE! Little Jimmy’s Department of Indoctrination!

    • patricia dahleen

      Dopes! That was the word I used to summarize these twits. That was the “nice” word.

    • sandman

      Not the best, but the “brightest”? the best are in uniform! either in the Armed Forces, or Public Safety, there is a uniform! Now how it is the “blond” can see how “awful that is”, so what does that tell us? that they are nothing but educated idiots! But it really is not their fault as they are just a product of society, perpetuated by the repeated belief you need to go to “college” to get ahead, but you have to be born with a head first! there are many more good folks out there in the trade schools, who build and fix and make America what She is today, and then we have all the overeducated fools that get into the positions of higher authority who think they know better than the rest of U.S., and not only that, they make U.S. PAY for it! not only build it, and fix it, but pay for it, with their design, filled with corruption and a total lacking of morals and common sense that can not be taught in any school, but perhaps a military type of school, with the inherent efficiency that goes with it, but sadly, even that is changing under obalmer!

      • eman

        Very well said, sandman. I hope you are representative of the majority of our population but sadly, I know you (and me) are a minority.

  • regulus30

    the product of our communist indoctrination centers [aka schrools]. what dumbass666es and where the hell are their nonfunctional parents in this mix of stupid?

    • sandman

      In most instances, paying for this nonsense! and paying a LOT!!!

      • regulus30

        unfortunately you are correct;;just send them off and forget that they have been ruined by the communist state run institutions.

  • theronald

    At least that last one said summed it up correctly when she said “that was awful”.

  • Macjamm

    “Stole the Land”, “Murdered the Poor Turkeys”.. This is what Liberals teach.
    I would say all land on this planet has belonged to different people at different times.
    Through settlement, conquest or purchase one way or the other land changes hands.

    • BigJohnL

      The Indians stole our land before we got here to claim it.

    • gfsomsel

      Deer, not turkeys.

      • BlueViolets

        And fish too.

    • Edward Ebersole

      Agree with you there Macjamm.

    • Frederikahere

      This was indeed “awful.”

  • Sum Suk Dong

    Butter the blonde. I’ll take her.

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    Little do these brainwashed students know that so-called Native Americans WANT to be referred to as Indians. I know this by going to powwows held in New York State. And, yes, these college students have been told that the early European settlers STOLE this gigantic country from the Indians.

    • drattastic

      The “native Americans” were of many tribes who engaged in constant warfare with other tribes for territory and were vicious to their enemies . What were Europeans to do when they found that this vast land was occupied by more primitive peoples ? Simply sail away ? The Indians and their culture were doomed not because of racism but because civilization was inevitable , there was no escaping it .

      • Carolyn Ferrante

        Yes, you’re right. The only no-no that the European settlers committed was of exposing the Indians to “fire water,” almost knowing that they would become alcoholics. Of course, such a big land had to be settled in by other cultures.

        • drattastic

          Speaking as someone who has a great deal of Indian blood running through his veins , I don’t think Europeans could have known about the natives propensity to alcoholism initially . Did some use that to advantage ,sure , there were a lot of atrocities from both sides but the dominate civilization won out , it’s just the nature of things .

          Every people of any decent has had atrocities perpetrated on their people by outsiders . Europeans have suffered some of the most brutal in history at the hands of Islam and multiple invasions from the east but that doesn’t fit into today’s anti-White multiculturalism push. Now we must ONLY focus on the sins of the European as if history started only as Europeans moved out of Europe coming into their own .

          • sandman

            That is a very good point, that has always been in my thoughts also, and most of what you say is still going on today from radical islam, in all of Europe, even Russian and China have problems! but for some reason those in power tend to just either ignore, or just have their collective heads in the sand!

  • oat21

    What a shame, what the left wing liberal commies have done to our kids sucks, not to mention what their parents haven’t done for their children. Shame on all of you..

  • Todd

    pathetic people!

    • TheSunDidIt

      These people should not even be in “higher” education. SECOND GRADE would have taught them this much. WHAT THE H_LL ARE THEY TEACHING THE KIDS TODAY? HOW can a teacher have the GALL to EVER cash a check if this is what they’re putting out into the world.

      • rosech

        Yep, and now they are teaching the communist program called Common Core and states and cities took the fed’s money (our money) to further teach them to hate America, blame America, and forget about free market, freedom, etc. Yep, our bad, people but never to late to get the courage to stop all this trash.

  • Stanley

    You should all know the brats are dumb as hell! What do you expect from a bunch of morons?! Look at the stupid parents! You people have lost your country. Give it to the Mexicans and Arabs someone that has some backbones!!!!

  • rosech

    How pathetic. They are not taught in school or home why we give thanks on this special day. Pilgrims came, pilgrims died, and more would have died if not for the Indians to show them how to plant and grow food. Yes, thanks for arriving at Plymouth safely and surviving a terrible winter. Thanks to Indians who were compassionate, a lot more than we are. Sad, the teachers don’t teach our history.

  • Mathematical certainty

    So, many of the posts herein are upset that todays college students are being educated by left-wing-liberal Troglodytes. I agree to an extent! However you should be concerned about the inability of these students to “THINK”.

    • sandman

      That is what as known in the “real” world as using the brains God gave you, or for an atheist, using the brain first! and having your head on straight!

    • Ted Crawford

      That was driven out long ago, by the Philosophy of Authoritative Intimidation!

  • lfhpueblo

    “Oh that was just awful!” Yep girly, that was just awful, get an I.Q., or better yet a good to read that hasn’t been skewed by the liberal agenda of rewriting history.

    • sandman

      To her, and her generation of empty headed nitwits thinks an I.Q. is some new electronic toy! I myself have no children, by choice as I knew I could not give them as much as my dad was able to give us, and I am so glad! as it would just be such a disappointment to me how this is all turning out! I do have nieces and nephews though, and it pains me to see I can not even have a conversation with any of them since they have “grown up” there are exception though, as there are half, that have not gone to college, but either into the Armed Forces (1) of trade school (3) and when I sit back and see what is what? and can have a conversation with them? I can see first hand what the “college education” has done to decent kids! and when I compare it to either the Military or Trade school training the kids are getting? is it any wonder those that are getting ahead are those who are NOT the ones with a piece of paper on the wall telling anyone who cares to look at it the recipient has an “education” and is able to do wonderful things? give me a break! as they not only can not fix anything, but can not do anything on their own! and that is most painful to me! and when I try and help them? all I get is ridicule and scorn, thank you dept. of education, which should be the first thing to go!

  • drattastic

    I say this with all due respect ,F@ckin empty headed brainwashed morons.

  • Larry Sears

    The result of years of substandard education techniques. 8th graders 150 years ago knew more than college students today. All they know is who is on America’s got Talent and what video game is the top seller.

  • Sunshine Kid


  • goldenvessel

    Our Elementry schools taught History( national and foriegn) up till the 60’s and when they took prayer and the Bible out of our schools and progresives took over our school boards, they removed anything that had to do with our Foundinng Fathers being of Christian faith so that meant that our history had to be turned into trash! So we are offended now because we have generations of kids who have NO IDEA about our history. These Schoool boards voted to revise our history books and now you want to blame the kids for not knowing their history and their parents for trusting our school boards to teach our kids the TRUTH????????? If the people had NOT been so busy trying to aquire the American dream and checked their childrens school books and what they were studying maybe we would see a different generation than we have now. Many parents did check to see what they were studying and chose to opt out of public education and home school and our government has come down on them wih a hammer. But home schooler were shwn to be a lot smarter than those educatied in public schools. So people you can laugh at yourselves for being sucked into the lie that has given us this very bad joke! May prayers of the Saints turn this nation around and back to the GOD of creation!

    • Snake Arbusto

      “maybe we would see a different generation than we have now”
      What’s wrong with the generation we have now? I have a son in college and he and all his friends are smart and hard-working, respect their elders, and have no illusions about the shape the world is in today. They also know a lot about history, and they don’t believe all the propaganda about what US foreign policy since WWI is really about. God bless ’em!

  • hrandym

    The First Thanksgiving took place at Berkley Plantation on the James River in Virginia, December 4, 1619 as a matter of recorded history.

    • sandman

      Try again oh public school graduate. Every story of such in Google says it was in the autumn of 1621 in the Plimouth Plantation with the Wampanoag’s help.

      • hrandym

        Recorded history bears out the facts in the long run. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) at what original historical records offer compared to your ‘public school history books’. So you are depending on “Google” for your history? Try a respected library to back it up. Please check the following by Charles Miller / Richmond Times-Dispatch.

        “Each first Sunday in November a Thanksgiving Festival is held at the Berkeley Plantation in accordance with documentation from 1619. The event fulfills instructions given to the 38 settlers who arrived on the banks of the James River at Berkeley Hundred as documented in the proclamation:
        “Wee ordaine that the day of our ships arrival at the place assigned for plantacon in the land of Virginia shall be yearly and perpetually kept holy as a day of thanksgiving to Almighty God.”

        The settlers set sail in a ship called The Margaret from the Port of Bristol in England, where at the Berkeley Castle funding for the journey was supplied by landowners including Sir Richard Berkeley and William Throckmorton. Agriculture was going through difficult times and many people in the area wanted to start a new life for themselves in America, and so they joined the leaders Sir John Woodleefe, George Thorpe, and John Smyth, who had planned this remarkable and historic voyage. Although they encountered severe weather that delayed their journey, the landing on December 4, 1619, is well documented by the Virginia Company of London.”

        “Charles Berkeley from the Berkeley Castle stressed in his speech for the 1994 Virginia First Thanksgiving Festival that “this was the first thanksgiving to be held on American soil but it was not officially recognized until President Kennedy’s term of office in the 1960s, as beforehand the Pilgrim Fathers were considered to have been the first American settlers to offer Thanksgiving. The Berkeleys in fact preceded them . . . .”
        Posted by Editor at November 21, 2005 01:55 AM

  • C. Grinder

    This just proves that the I.Q. of Americans has gone down. This is not funny at all listening to the stupidity of todays youth.

  • The Bob

    Control the education of the youth, and you, the Government, will control the minds of the adults. It’s simple, logical and it works, just look at history.

  • looneytoonsindville

    We have raised a generation of propaganda-laden idiots. If it’s not in the propaganda, then they don’t know it.

  • Frederikahere

    If these “kids” are the future, we’re screwed.

  • Ken Bowman

    Testament to the communist propaganda replacing education in America. Time to identify and remove all communist Scum from American society.

    • Snake Arbusto

      Balls. You didn’t even listen. Didn’t you hear the young man say “Dear God, thank you for our turkey”? If there’s propaganda replacing education in America it’s corporate-financial-military-security propaganda.

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