CNN Tries Its Hardest To Corner Carson On Race, But They Forget Who They Are Talking To

In an interview on Thursday, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer tried to get Ben Carson to say that Barack Obama is a “real black president”–but the candidate was not willing to play his “semantics” game. Blitzer’s question came in response to this tweet by News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch on Wednesday. Murdoch apologized later that day, tweeting that he personally finds both Carson and Obama to be “perfectly charming men.” Blitzer asked Carson about the famous CEO’s statement. “I know Rupert Murdoch. He’s not a racist by any stretch of the imagination,” Carson said. “He’s just expressing his opinion. I think it’s much to do about nothing.” “But he is suggesting President Obama is not a real black president,” Blitzer retorted. “I believe what he was making reference to is that here was a man, who was a black president, who the black community was very excited about, who came in and whose policies have not really elevated the black community. Whose policies have not been beneficial. There’s more unemployment. More poverty. I believe that is what he was referring to,” said Carson. Blitzer was not willing to let the subject go. “You believe the president is a real black president, right?” the newsman asked. “Well, he’s the president and he’s black,” Carson responded.

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