CNN Panel Spirals Into Name-Calling When Black Conservative Gives Her Opinion On Bruce Jenner

A CNN panel on Caitlyn Jenner got pretty heated tonight after Crystal Wright said she wasn’t impressed with Jenner’s publicity-heavy gender transition. Transgender reporter Zoey Tur wasn’t impressed with how Jenner’s transition looks like the “rollout of a product,” but Wright went a lot further, saying, “Bruce Jenner is doing this from Bruce Jenner… I don’t think it’s good for the transgender community.” “What’s next?” she asked. “Black people, we’re going to all of a sudden start bleaching our skin because we don’t like being black?” She got heated with Tur, Don Lemon, and Perez Hilton as she argued, “Real courage is not trying to make money, millions of dollars off of coming out.” In the second segment, Tur scolded Wright––calling her “obviously a narcissist” for conflating the totality of gender transition with “publicity-seeking behavior.” Wright said she knows someone going through this same issue, and finds the calculated nature of Jenner’s transition “repugnant.”

via Mediaite

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