CNN Panel Goes Wonderfully Berserk After Don Lemon Asks This Question About the NRA

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if the love child of Eric Bana and an extremely expressive chihuahua got into a huge argument with a man-sized baby, CNN had your number tonight. CNN Tonight host Don Lemon led a panel debate between ThinkProgress‘ Igor Volsky and Republican CNN contributor Ben Ferguson that featured a predictable set of talking points, but which immediately went to 11 and stayed there. The subject of the segment was the largely cosmetic executive actions on gun policy that President Obama rolled out today, which somehow immediately brought Solyndra to Ferguson’s mind. Before 2012 could call and ask for its talking point back, an incensed Volsky lit into Ferguson. Backed into a corner, Ferguson eventually let slip that he had been a “victim of a gun crime,” later adding that he had been shot at by a three-time felon.

via Mediaite

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