CNN Panel Bursts Out Laughing At State Dept’s Answer About Hillary’s Accomplishments


Tuesday morning, a reporter asked a State Department official to identify “one tangible achievement” of the Department during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary. Tuesday evening, CNN’s John King and his panel laughed out loud at the answer. As we reported yesterday, the flustered spokesperson was not alone in her inability to come up with an example; neither members of the Democratic National Committee nor Hillary herself were able to do so either.

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  • Macjamm

    Everyone knows the answer to that question is that Hillary’s biggest achievement has been to stay out of prison, that’s why they always laugh nervously,…

  • caskinner

    She got our ambassador killed along with 3 other brave Americans.

  • Rham

    That is the quality of the fed employee…Washington wants dumb citizens so when they need to hire someone they get the dummy.

  • pointdan

    Ms Psaki needs to fabricate answers as quickly as her former boss Hilliary the Serial Liar.
    However, you can’t create gold out of lead and Mrs Clinton’s reign as SOS was sheer garbage.
    She did survive those phoney “corkscrew landings” as First Lady however . . . .

  • UGADawg09

    Vince Foster.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Only a crass Republican would ask such a question about Queen Hillary.

  • T. Copps

    Hillary really has no accomplishments at all, unless sucking p to Obama was one.. and she hated that!

  • Too shy

    The fact is she had no accomplishments as a Senator either. We all know why she was elected, NewYorker that she is.
    Hillary was also in charge of dealing with Bill’s bimbo eruptions, as democrats called them. She trashed women who spoke up. Feminist?
    As Secty of State Hillary started running for president. Nothing. Zip. Meh.
    Enough already with the Clintons. They are wealthy beyond belief. How?
    They are income inequality personified. They made it off the people’s backs.
    Screw Hillary. Screw the democrats.

    • Bill Morin

      Obama had no legislative accomplishments or foreign experience either when he was elected..goes to show you..democrats wanted the popular vote with Obama, and the fact that he had the first ever highest black voter turnout. Chris Mathews of MSNBC interviewed senator kirk Watson back during Obama’s first bid for President about naming just one of Obama’s Legislative accomplishments and he couldn’t name one. that one is on youtube. another video of an interview with Obama two full years prior to running that he wasn’t going to run for president because he felt he lacked the experience and he felt also that it would be a dis-service to the Country in doing so. Democrats are so full of it..anything to get a democrat back in the white house.Then they pull the race card if you so much as dare criticize Obama, march and hold signs demanding smaller Gov….they get branded old white bible thumping racists..

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