Clueless Voters Explain Why They Voted for Obama

Director John Ziegler captured the utter ignorance of people who voted for Obama in November of 2008. After his “last election,” President Obama’s Gallup approval rating is now 16 points upside down: Only 39% approve of the president, while 55% disapprove. Why people have to go through five years of utter nonsense to figure out that “it’s not working” just goes to show absolutely insulated from reality “low information voters” are: they live in cocoons of politically biased entertainment and pop culture, and any news they are likely to get is slanted towards Democrats.
Five years into Obama’s presidency, here we are with a disastrous economy, a crumbling foreign policy, an unmanageable nightmare called Obamacare, and nearly $7 trillion more in debt.

via ijreview


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