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Clueless Voters Explain Why They Voted for Obama

Director John Ziegler captured the utter ignorance of people who voted for Obama in November of 2008. After his “last election,” President Obama’s Gallup approval rating is now 16 points upside down: Only 39% approve of the president, while 55% disapprove. Why people have to go through five years of utter nonsense to figure out that “it’s not working” just goes to show absolutely insulated from reality “low information voters” are: they live in cocoons of politically biased entertainment and pop culture, and any news they are likely to get is slanted towards Democrats.
Five years into Obama’s presidency, here we are with a disastrous economy, a crumbling foreign policy, an unmanageable nightmare called Obamacare, and nearly $7 trillion more in debt.

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  • Mac Boy

    This is so Sad ……. They should All be bussed to FEMA Camps ASAP, for re-education !!

    • VicccUs65

      They should be put to sleep!…Da*n them! Da*n them all to hell, stupid, brainless pieces of walking vomit…

      • mbnick

        You can’t totally blame them. Both parents and Democrats have allowed the schools to turn into greedy sheeple.

      • Fox

        “They should be put to sleep!”

        I doubt that any of them would notice the difference.

    • regulus30

      it is NOT SAD; you can look at the stupid beeatch and tell she doesn’t know what day it is;;; Call Orkin………….

      • bob machaffy

        what about the old grey guy, looks like he might have served in the military
        wore the uniform but checked out mentally

    • TheSunDidIt

      I think you have to EDUCATE before you can try to RE-EDUCATE these morons. I have little or no respect for fellow citizens who DO NOT EVEN KNOW the leadership that GOVERNS THEIR LIVES.

      • TheSunDidIt

        And a second to that is, HOW STUPID CAN THEY BE that they know about what someone wears but, NOT what is important, their SAFETY AND SECURITY AND THEIR FREEDOM.

      • regulus30

        not going to happen as long as FEDERAL TEACHERS UNIONS ARE IN CHARGE;; GET THE communist fools out of our schools. terminate Bill “the terrorist” Ayers…….

        • TheSunDidIt

          Not racist but, I DO hate socialists, communists and progressives. I can stomach an honest liberal but, that tends to be a dichotomy in terms.

          • regulus30

            you are right; find an honest liberal ; that is an oxymoron;;you are none of those political correct labels given to anyone refusing to accept the progressive vomit. stupid is just stupid;;

    • ^Kings_kid^

      that is sad, I have some family that don’t want to hear anything about politics and think everything that is being said is a conspiracy theory, some people think ignorance is bliss i guess.

    • bradybunch

      In order to be re-educated, they would need to be educated, first!

    • Tom K.

      @ Mac Boy: These are the folks that will be TEACHING in the F.E.M.A. camps ! It’s called brainwashing.

  • jimoaklanduniv

    What Mindless obamabot IDIOTS!!

  • mathchopper

    The idiot with Obama scribbled on her shirt. I wonder if she’s ever seen this video. Or for that matter, the rest of them too. I wonder if they’re smart enough to understand how they look to the achievers of our country?

    • Jayne Nielsen

      Obviously these fricken morons don’t care. In fact they’re so clueless, whatever is left in their little spit-wad brain bubbles would pop at the slightest “intelligent” thought, such as “how many fingers can you see?”. Oh, that’s right. These people probably couldn’t count past two and that would be a stretch!!!

      • mathchopper

        This shows that our founders really intercoursed up. I think citizens should be at least required to count up to 12 to be qualified to vote. This video shows why our country is terminal since these ED Democrap idiots have become the majority vote.

  • regulus30

    anyone with a hint of engagement knew we were over run by the stupid and ignorant…..

  • citruscnb

    How pathetic. Just where do these clueless numb skulls come from? One things for sure they’re not in our universe.

    • Jayne Nielsen

      It’s worse than that. They walk our earth AND PROCREATE.

      • regulus30

        and much faster than the intelligent people do;; heard a black PROFETHER say in my restaurant one day in 1994, we will become the majority if we can keep producing illegitimate little bast66rds fast enough.

    • Old1946vet

      “Public school education”

      • Mac Boy

        … and they ALL ride the SHORT bus !!! . ……………

    • dontdoitagain

      I think they are in our UNIVERSities. How’s that for a pun?

  • T. Copps

    … and this is the kind of group that made this community organizer into our president.. how stupid! and mindless can you be!

  • bless2live

    I turned the video off on the 3rd person. Most sickening, and most devastating but oh so real! Such ignorance as this will not be forgotten for many years yet to come. With the debt this enemy was aloud to create, maybe decades or even centuries!.These folks and all of us have to pay the price for ignorance, greed and stupidity! Not knowing what is going on about your government and the attitude that I don’t owe any persons or this country for anything is like putting a rope around your neck. So America is announcing that you pay the piper now for your actions!

  • Doc

    These are the mindless drones who feed from the government teet. About as useless as sand in the desert.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    OMG…the worst thing about having these clueless zombies stepping into voting booths is that they can and probably have procreated….many times over!!!!

  • WhiteFalcon

    This is why it was originally thought that only land owners should have the vote. Whereas I,in this day and age, disagree with that, I do agree that there should be some way, and I don;t know what it would be, to eliminate the stupid and uninfomred and low information voters from the voting booths. These people in this clip, and I admit that I couldn’t bring myself to watch all of this clip, shouldn’t have the vote. They are to ignorant to be able to even consider what they are doing.

    • luci

      i agree with you, a person should be asked some simple question before they can vote. like who is the v.p. now that would stop a lot of them from going into the voting booth. i dont know how anyone can be living and be so dumb.

      • 1228wt

        They are not the only problem. Voting without ID and our vote count being done in Spain by a company that is partially owned by Soros is the problem. Obama could not have won without voting fraud. Speaking of dumb, where the hell are the American people on the ruins of America?

    • Preacher Cruz

      As an army war vet I’ve always liked Robert A Heinlein’s idea from Starship Troopers that ONLY veterans should be allowed to vote as they are the only ones who have truly shouldered the responsibility of caretaking society. I’m not saying I totally agree with it but it does have the merit of NOT letting uninformed clueless idjits who don’t care about the country vote…

      • TheSunDidIt

        I used to not agree with you. Naively I believed that people were basically at least as intelligent as myself. Apparently, though intelligent, I’m also naive. I trusted the basic goodness of Americans to AT LEAST be responsible enough to LEARN about the issues, who was for what and WHO SUPPORTED THE CONSTITUTION AS WRITTEN. Bad assumption. American lemmings are IDIOTS. And I AGREE. ONLY veterans should get to vote. NO one else.

        • Preacher Cruz

          As I said, I’m not entirely sure it is the best option. That being said, I think that many of us mistakenly assume that just because WE happen to be reasonably intelligent and honest that MOST people are too. We always seem to be surprised at the idiocy and dishonesty around us… We need to wake up.

      • Mark

        The only problem is there are many intelligent people, who are/were unable to serve.

        • Preacher Cruz

          Agreed. I did say that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with ONLY vets voting but it sure would be better than what we have now.

      • WhiteFalcon

        I agree with you and Luci above. I don’t know exactly what should be involved, but I do believe that a basic education at the high school level that includes American History and Civics should be included and a grade level of at least a “C” should be required.

        • Preacher Cruz

          I believe that every voter should have to take a basic citizenship and current affairs survey once a year at your voters registration office. Of course the Democrats DON’T want that. They survive ONLY through the ignorance of their voters statistically. They don’t even teach Civics or Social Studies in most schools today…. Gee, I wonder why.

          • WhiteFalcon

            Curious isn’t it.

  • TAM44

    obama make the sane sick to their stomach and the idiots lick the sweat off his nads.

  • Macjamm

    Martin Luther King
    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    • TheSunDidIt

      Top 5 quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.

      “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
      have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation
      where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the
      content of their character.”
      asks the question, ‘Is it safe?’ Expediency asks the question, ‘Is it
      politic?’ Vanity asks the question, ‘Is it popular?’ But, conscience
      asks the question, ‘Is it right?’ And there comes a time when one must
      take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one
      must take it because one’s conscience tells one that it is right.”
      “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
      ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort,
      but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

    • TheSunDidIt

      Scripturally speaking: Proverbs 19:10 It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury—
      how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!
      New International Version (NIV)
      I would say that this is America today. There’s a reason you do not elevate those not trained for the role into leadership. They are TRAINED FOLLOWERS. NOT trained leaders.

  • Rham

    It’s like this: These young bozos will go for the latest gadget and disregard previous versions when they get bored. Obama was their gadget for a while but now they are bored with it, so they replaced him with IPhone 5 and the latest IPad. The dems want no voter ID, so the brainless can vote. I go the other route: unless citizens are at least 50 years old and have extensively traveled to other countries to see what is out there, and learn to appreciate what they have here and how it came to be, they cannot vote.

  • HDMania

    Their mothers should have swallowed.

  • racindavid

    I want to barf after watching this….

  • pduffy

    The power of the media – to deceive the sheeple – is enormous. “And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie” (2 Thessalonians 2, Holy Bible)


    As they say, It’s mighty hard to fix “stupid”. But on the other hand, when young kids are taught in such a way to be brainwashed, the end product is “stupid” – That’s our higher education system in action.

  • Jude O’Connor

    i held the puke down while I voted for McCain but I just could not vote for a community organizer, so glad I did.

  • frog-out-of-kettle

    I almost puked listening to the 0bama chants in the beginning. Oh how I would have loved to be the one doing the interviews and seen the look on peoples faces when I told them their hero said he campaigned in 57 states and still had one to go. They laughed and thought it was dingy Palin because that is what the media paints her to be. I think everyone should be required to take a test to demonstrate they have at least a basic awareness of what is going on. Even the founders said in order for the republic to work it will take a well informed public.

  • Old1946vet

    These people voted for a “Fad” and nothing else. Remember how popular “pet rocks” were? Young people who go through a rebellious phase voted for Obummer to punish “the man.” Then there are the leeches, they would vote for Hitler if it would give them what they want. My sister in law voted twice for Obummer. The first time was because she didn’t like Bush…..? The second time because she didn’t stop and think before voting…….yup, for Obummer, came home complaining she didn’t mean to vote for him…….she doesn’t like him now. How many people did the last election in “automatic mode?”

  • paperpushermj

    Democrats win elections by knowing who these voters are and shaping their message accordingly. Republicans need to learn how to simplify, simplify, simplify everything down until it fits on a bumper sticker. I know it’s dumbing down but as I said, Know who your trying to reach.

  • Gary

    This convinces me the 26th amendment needs repealed. I wasn’t a big fan of it at the time and now it seems absolute idiocy. In fact, since Obama (via his healthcare law) seems to think childhood extends to 26 years old, lets make that the national voting age and work up from there to a point that the voter at least knows who the leaders of the congress are. Then we can start to work on educating them about what those leaders are doing. Right now, they vote for Obama strictly because it’s cool to do it, and that’s not really working out.

    • Beverly Miller

      This is the fault of letting he federal Government setting what is taught in the schools. Can you imagine who will be running our Government in the near future. Dumb nitwits like Obama.

  • The Truth

    70+ years of BRAINWASHING from Left-Wing, Progressive teachers/professors and Leftists in our media and newspapers……and…..PARENTS – who DIDN’T take the time to EDUCATE their KIDS.

    • paperpushermj

      After endless studies,countless papers on how to shape opinions Democrats have winning elections down to a Merchandising Science.Obama was Sold to the American Public just like a New Breakfast Cereal.

  • 250 savage

    we are doomed. what a bunch of idiots and they aren’t even stoned

    • Mac Boy

      ……. YET! ………….

  • Old Salt

    My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge. Mr. Ben Franklin was asked what kind of government the continental congress had given us back in 1789, and he answered,…”A Republic, if you can keep it.” It only took 225 years for us to produce a posterity of complete fools to not only lose it but to come dangerously close to completely destroying it. In the time it would take to educate these idiots as to what they have done so they may become part of it’s rescue, the powers that engineerd them into this ignorance, will have finished the job and made it irretrievable. The weapon of choice for our demise is socialism.

  • Willy D

    Now you know what Obama Zombies are. These idiots are lucky if they don’t have their underwear on backwards.

  • larrylunts

    Wow. The brainlessness and the depth of hate of the commenters on this website is mind-boggling. Ironically, most of them would probably self-identify as “Christians.” even as they spew the most vile, un-Christian hate speech.

    • paperpushermj

      Give examples please.

      • larrylunts

        Here are a few:
        “They should be put to sleep!…Da*n them! Da*n them all to hell, stupid, brainless pieces of walking vomit…”
        “it is NOT SAD; you can look at the stupid beeatch and tell she doesn’t know what day it is;;; Call Orkin………….”
        “obama make the sane sick to their stomach and the idiots lick the sweat off his nads.”
        “Their mothers should have swallowed.”
        “Obviously these fricken morons don’t care. In fact they’re so clueless, whatever is left in their little spit-wad brain bubbles would pop at the slightest “intelligent” thought, such as “how many fingers can you see?”. Oh, that’s right. These people probably couldn’t count past two and that would be a stretch!!!”

        • paperpushermj

          Thank You. Now as to your saying these example are UnChristian hate speech please defend that.

          • Fox

            (4 HOURS later),



            My goodness. Whatever has happened to larry?

            (insert crickets chirping)

          • paperpushermj

            He’s thinking ….tic tock… tic tock

          • Fox

            You know, I THOUGH that I smelled wood burning!

          • paperpushermj

            I don’t understand this perception that some have that if you consider yourself a Christian you have to be perfect. Not understanding that Christians seek perfection through Christ and it’s the journey that matters.

          • Fox

            Too true.
            In all the history of the world, there has only been one perfect man to walk upon the earth.

            (and look what we did to him)

          • paperpushermj

            It wasn’t me I’m to young and don’t have thumbs.

        • Mac Boy

          Did you know?: – if you forget to secure your Tinfoil hat with Duct-tape, the “Voices” can still get inside and talk to you? .. Like NOW?

    • Sheplot

      Don’t put the Christians in such a category, please. Few Christians voted for Obumma in the first election, and more fewer in the second.

    • Mac Boy

      Did you know, if you turn off your ObamaPhone, and quit drinking
      the Kool-Aid, your headaches will stop – and the “voices” will go away?

    • Jayne Nielsen

      Let’s see if we can wake up the sleeping brainless….Larry….Hellooooo. Before you start pointing fingers, why don’t you start looking at YOUR “Christian” Democrats such as Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson. Talking about vile, un-Christian hate speech. If you look up the definition of “vile and un-Christian”, you would find the pictures of those three “God fearing, America lovin’ Christians”.

  • combatvet52

    This is why Obama got voted in by the first class idiots these moronic people will produce and vote we are in deep horse dung.

  • racindavid

    And their vote counts as much as yours…. pathetic huh ?

  • Frederikahere

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Censored_WND

    This is an old interview but still just unbelievable. and Why do we not have to show an ID at a polling place? Because these types of Under-informed or Low-information voter may forget to bring it with them on voting day? That is the real reason.

  • Allen

    This is why the public school system is a failure they teach them nothing, but I’ll bet everyone of them can put a condom on a cucumber.. These people are idiots.

  • regulus30

    you must laugh at the libocrats theory in the 1960’s that if we integrate the schools , the blacks will raise their performance levels to equal their white counterparts;;that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what actually happened.. the schools LOWERED the academic standards to accommodate the blacks ineptness to learning. lowering everyone to lowest common denominator. Blacks even do well in charter schools however, so this proves the teachers unions are the culprit.

  • Marsha

    I never knew there were so many STUPID people!!! Leave it to the party of DemocRATS and their “Ilk”!!! No wonder Obama got elected with these Idiots!!!

  • pysco

    I am totally convinced that there should be a literacy test before allowing people to vote. These people, and people like them, are the exact reason, for the condition of our dysfunctional government.

  • NeoracerX

    All idiots

  • Truth Teller

    And we can expect the same exact thing in November!

  • SheriffJon

    How can these people go into a polling place without covering their faces in utter shame? And they think conservatives are stupid and ignorant. This is truly disheartening. Are they really so mentally malleable? Do they question nothing? God help us!

  • rodstew

    Be the first to demand that a test be passed in order to vote so you can hear what it is like to be called a racist.

  • suzy2

    What a bunch of stupid voters. They should not be allowed to vote until they get some intelligent s

  • suzy2

    Please tell people not to vote if they are ignorant to politics. DUMB AZZ VOTER MORONS!

  • toomuchsense

    Ignorance brought to you by your local public schools and their teachers.

  • 1228wt

    “We the people” have and are letting the leftist media, schools, and politicians get away with this dumbing down of America. They have an excuse, what’s ours? Where is the outrage? Really, who are the stupid ones.

  • johnC

    They really don’t explain why the voted for Obozzo, but the video speaks for itself. Sheeple blindly following whatever the government controlled propaganda machine tells them to do/think/say/believe.

  • hagar2935

    None of those people are QUALIFIED to vote in ANY election! You have to have an IQ at least in excess of 25……

  • Stanley

    Strange, how people put me down for saying how stupid the American public truely is! Now I find how much they agree with me! You people are getting everything you deserve and you deserve more!

  • regulus30

    yeah bob machaffey;;problem is the old boy is highly engaged and extremely knowledgeable; how you ?

  • djw663

    And these are the same people that call Conservatives uneducated?

  • iamcurious

    No surprise here. You can see how shallow and uninformed they are by the questions they couldn’t answer versus the ones they could. These aren’t low information voters, they’re “no” information voters.

  • bix2246


  • 2War Abn Vet

    No wonder our poor Republic is being destroyed. And, these people are the reason.

  • ActualConundrum

    People who know this little about Congress, what is going on, or even who the people are in congress should not be voting while stupid. It’s like driving drunk. These people are morons. They know only the lies and jokes. Have zero working knowledge of the government and what is going on. Idiots.

  • Patriot

    There’s not enough current stulf going on, that you have to recycle this almost 6-yr old video? Please.

  • johnhorse


  • a_browning

    the epitome of stupid have cursed us all to be doomed by socialist garbage

  • Phillip Derrick Gray

    Morons, all of em. And unfortunately, they seem to outnumber the rest of us. They have no desire to educate themselves. They just rely on what they’re told by others. I know that many would say its a violation of Constitutional law, but I really do believe there should be an amendment requiring voters to have to pass a simple current events quiz in order to vote. Nothing deeply involved, just a basic knowledge of what the candidates’ general political stance is to show they have the responsibility to vote, just like driving a car. I mean if you’re gonna vote for a person, u should know about them. People don’t realize what a powerful tool or even weapon voting is. Obama and the democrats do and they use it to prey on the ignorant and uninformed to get what they want by making these “articulate” speeches, well spoken, that’s basically like putting a bow on the crappiest gift they can find but his supporters are so happy about the pretty shiny bow, they don’t even look at the crap they’re being given, nor do they seem to care. To take a page out of Obama’s book, it’s like putting lipstick on a pig. As long as he looks good, uses alotta big words, they really think he knows what he’s talking about and that’s all that matters, even if it’s the worst thing for the country, Obama said it, so it must be ok

    • willhen50

      You have to admit Obama majestically campaigned and mesmerized these fools with the help of the liberal press. However, see what happens when it effects their pocketbook. People do not realize the circumstances of higher taxes, higher minimum wage, or government run healthcare. A $15 minimum salary for fast food workers will have a devastating effect on that business and/or employees. Tax a business and the cost gets passed on to the consumer. Government run healthcare will have government run health.
      The hypocrisy is nauseating and it seems that eventually anger and disgust will replace patriotism and destroy this country. Obama seems to be unconcerned or contrite about what is transpiring. Even lying to push healthcare, he denies wrongdoing.

      • paperpushermj

        I don’t think obama at this point cares. He is Ego driven and he knows in a Hundred years Historians will give one sentence to describe each President.Washington was the First, Obama the First Black President.

        • willhen50

          I believe the correct title would be the first African- President in America. Historians will never find his real birth certificate because it doesn’t exist.

      • Phillip Derrick Gray

        Mesmerizing a moron is easy, running a country, that’s hard. Not calling children morons, but just as a comparison… free candy on halloween brings out all kinda weirdos lol just as redistribution of wealth brings out the desparate, pathetic and ill-informed. Amazing feat most of these ppl know how to tie their own shoelaces much less know how to read well enough to know who they’re voting for, despite knowing very little about them. A guy I work with can’t wait for the min wage to go up to $10, even though I’ve tried my best to explain why that’ll be detrimental to the economy. All he’s thinking about is what $10 is worth now, not what it’ll be worth if that actually happens. He just doesn’t get it. Obama on the other hand does, which is exactly what he wants. A child doesn’t understand why mom and dad say it’s not ok to accept the candy from the suspicious, creepy looking weirdo that entirely too nice and inviting, just as a democrat doesn’t understand why government run healthcare, higher min wage and higher taxes on those who make more than they do is just not as good as it sounds. There’s poison in that candy and unfortunately, we’re all gonna be hit with it because the kids won’t listen to the responsible parent

  • Charlie

    Just goes to show how well the democrat party pushes their agenda to the dolts.

  • s1974x

    This is pretty old now. I’m curious if any of these dolts have commented on their appearance in this video.

  • /doreyjo

    They should never hold a job, get a driver’s license, be allowed to vote, or have children for being so dumb.

  • nightingayle

    too bad they are too ignorant to realize how stupid they are…disgusting..they should hang their heads in shame…

  • Jose

    That is just like Obama wants them dumb and Ignorant

    • willhen50

      And …. keep them that way.

    • paperpushermj

      You forgot …Pregnant/Needy

  • Coffee49

    The scary thing is that these zombies have higher education and are placed in supervisor and management positions within private and public sector. And we wonder why this country is like an amusement park

  • Cyn Lee

    WHY does this not surprise me? America – Destroyed by Stupid.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    America is doomed! This is our voting electorate, result of propaganda and brainwashed by the MSM, these complete babbling idiots will vote for who the media tells them to! Product of public education, no clue about critical thinking, have never made a rational decision, are not equipped to handle their own affairs! Chickens for the plucking and eating!

  • HappyG

    Propaganda works well for the democrats…and they’re hoping their base stays stupid…I blame the teachers…

  • HappyG

    For fifty years the dems have used the same tactics as common drug dealers who front load their freebies to hook their victims for life…and this is the result…

  • Henry

    This represents all obama voters.

  • ceholley01

    great examples of common core…dumbing down the population, makes it easier to control.

  • gbandy

    The real job of any President is to surround himself with the smartest and best. In the case of Obama he choses by skin color and the most corrupt and off the wall fools. It all makes Obama look in comparison very smart. Imagine just the last 6 appointees some to be Ambassadors to countries they have never visited or just a bunch of campaign contributors. This is not good for the Nation but only political payback. Sad to have the first Affirmative Action president who is such a failure voted in by the clueless.

  • American

    Thay all need an intelligence’s test befoe voting!!!


    They all swallowed OBUMMERS bait, Hook Line & Sinker and obviously could not get it out before
    2012 or he would not have been re-elected.
    These people are just plane phucking stupid and should be put to sleep to help cleanse their family gene pool.

  • Helen Tritt

    Really deplorable as to why so many Americans are REALLY BRAIN DEAD! What a disgusting and embarrassing MESS AMERICA HAS BECOME. Those people should be ASHAMED OF AMERICA as to why the situation has gotten so bad. More than likely, they are not going to volunteer the facts that they and their parents could be part of the blame by VOTING DEMOCRAT.

  • Call me, Carlos

    Please, do not call these people “low information voters”.
    They’re just stupid people.

    • paperpushermj

      I beg to differ. They just don’t have the same passion for politics as many of the posters here do. Would I have it otherwise Yes, but most people don’t see how politics effects their lives.

  • allanholtz

    Almost makes one want to reconsider the appropriateness of abortion…

  • Call me, Carlos

    Ask them if Kim Kardashian, bleaches her rectum?

  • Call me, Carlos

    Based on this, I move to raise the voting age to 35.

  • Bob

    Hillary is tired and is sleeping is these days, what difference does it make at this point. She should keep sleeping as should Obama that would help to stop all the screw ups and regulations destroying America.

  • Mr T

    “I like Jon Stewart, duh ha ha.” What a maroon!

  • I.m. Strandedinsonoma

    I only know the name, I don’t know the face.

    I wish I didn’t know Nancy Pelosi’s face either!

  • I.m. Strandedinsonoma

    In other words, the “news” media that these brain-donors watch and read told them NOTHING about how Pelosi, Reid, Frank,, are screwing them politically, but they know all about Sarah Palin’s PERSONAL life and it was presented to them in a very negative way.

    I’ll bet now that Sarah Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe doesn’t seem like much next to the zillions that Mooshell spends on vacations.

  • Stan Parrish

    Interesting. Obama voters know nothing about government but know meaningless trivia that the democrats and the liberal media pumps out about Palin.

  • Daniel Corcoran

    But you can’t lead the blind into sight! They just don’t see for the sun!

  • Laura

    Not everyone should be allowed to vote, this video supports my thinking.

  • chetohimler

    Among Hispanic’s it’s worst. All they know is that the Democrats are for the poor and the Republicans are for the rich. No other information or issues are important to them.

  • yaki534


  • Tom K.

    The Government Schools’ and Corrupt Media’s disinformation campaign has certainly worked on these folks. It is bad enough that those Americans in this video voted even once – some may have voted more than once. We’ve got a lot of hard work to do to save America. Wait until these folks get their Obama Care Bill for $20,000 a year plus co-pay ! Some will blame it on Bush.

  • Mort Leith

    ALL of Obammy voters are dum**ber than a bag of hammers..

    Scary huh

  • robert

    they are all bad loads.i wonder if there parents ever had children.they should all have to wear signs saying,dangerously dumb,out look of attening sense nil.

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