Civil Rights Attorney Absolutely Loses It on Hannity In Unhinged Tirade Over Race Relations

Fox News guest Leo Terrell really lit up on Sean Hannity‘s show tonight, yelling at both Hannity and guest Deroy Murdock about how they’ve embarrassed themselves and how they’re supposedly ignoring the racist chants by Oklahoma frat members. Terrell was amazed at them for, as he put it, talking about President Obama‘s connection to various race cases in a “negative manner” when “white privileged kids used the n-word about people like me.” He was particularly offended by Murdock’s very presence and cried, “You have embarrassed yourself!” Murdock confusedly told him they’re talking about Selma, but Terrell said the point is to discuss racism, and again shouted, “I am embarrassed to be on the show with you!” When Hannity jumped in, Terrell turned to him and started shouting at him about ignoring the DOJ findings about racist police practices.

via Mediaite

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