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Citizen Journalist Exposes The Lies, Deception & Silence of Politicians and Media on Gun Statistics

This stunning video will show the true statistics on guns & violence based on demographic. You will learn where most violence takes place in the US and see a side-by-side comparison of the US to Western Europe. Don’t expect to see this expose on network TV.

  • Bill Hill

    Something is really wrong with our POLITICIANS where are their brains, have they been sniffing gun power? Why don’t they set up another committee to investigate the ones who had control of the guns that were involved in the murders. IT was not the Guns, it was the controller.


    I would have to agree with him. The reason we don’t get this information is because it doesn’t fit the presidents agenda. The media is Obama cheerleaders, they stopped being an unbiased, report the truth organization a long time ago. I DON’T TRUST OR BELIEVE THE MAINSTREAM MEIA

  • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    Let me say this. There isn’t any interest in curbing or stopping crime. The more crime there is, the more Government jobs there will be.The elite does not give a rat’s a33 about the regular citizens of the world. We are nothing more than tools by which the live like kings from our tax dollars. Stop being stupid folk. Nobody loves you but your mother and in far too many cases that is about as true as the fraud that divides us for his and his muslim scumbags gain of control of our country. Get your head out people.

    • JC

      The more criminal the government…the more laws they make.
      And law enforcement is a for profit and control – business.

  • scott dutra

    thank you but the democrat communist party have the goal of nazi germany….facts just get in the way

    • Gaylan

      democrats are socialist, republican is communist..

      the facts that get in the way are blocking the forest for the trees. It’s ALL fraud. (vanity)

  • Career Soldier

    This is an outstanding work of journalism that I totally agree with. Mainstream media is full of lies , deception, and misinformation. The “Talking Heads” cannot even get the true facts and spout-off with a lot of untruths and are unworthy of being on TV News. They are a disgrace to their profession.

    • JC

      They “are” doing their job. Disseminating propaganda in the pursuit of Globalism.
      We patriots will have to be very well prepared if we are to retain a free and sovereign nation.

  • Rachel

    Well done. This young man is more of a journalist than ANY of them doing the “news” today. THEY are propagandists, liars, hypocrites, and obfuscators.

  • Jack

    I like to see what happen,s if these same leaders and people in the media.If they move in Britain where they don’t allow people to not have guns.But you can’t even protect your home from a person that trys to rob you .Because if you do you will be arrest in that country. Now they are trying to ban kitchen knifes .Just like you saw on here.The crime rates have gone up . Now I like to see the same leaders and people in the media.Go over there and live there without there guards that carry guns.Since they think that nobody should be allow to have guns .They live there and still tell me and most americans that like to bare to arms if they,think we should not have guns.I like to see that

  • Sniper

    Be prepared to protect your rights the perfect storm is coming.

  • Tahoe Andy

    Well said Leonard. A lot of people better wake up real fast. We are headed for muslim take over.
    He has a goal to bankrupt America, and he is well on his way. And like u say, everyone has their
    Heads up their ass, or has their hands out. God help us.

  • freedomringsforall

    Thank you very much.

    Just like the Demo-Nazis to demand our guns before they know the problem.

    Kind of like pass it before we know what is in it.

    • JC

      They are an hysterical and emotional lot with the collective IQ of a house plant.

  • Bruce

    It is also telling that the media includes, without explanation or disclaimer, those gun crimes which occur in “gun-free” zones (such as Chicago, schools, theaters and shopping malls) as a reason to curtail gun ownership elsewhere. If they honestly wanted to make a case that gun ownership or carrying is bad policy which should be changed, they would exclude ‘gun-free’ zones from consideration and only concentrate on those places where guns are allowed. But of course they are not honest. Out of all mass shootings in the last 30 years, only one (in Tucson AZ where Giffords was shot) happened in a place where citizens were allowed to carry guns. Every other one – Columbine, VA Tech, the Aurora CO Cinemark theater, Sandy Hook – happened in a place where armed citizens were prohibited.

  • Carol Fryer

    Sure why stop it when it not only makes stories but it makes money. They never stop to think they are cutting their own throats along with ours. Love of money seems to stop reasoning.

  • jdangiel

    When they put on their boots and go to those neighborhoods, they also have to figure out how to convince those people to not want to live off the dole, leave strings of fatherless babies behind them, to actually value education, etc. Bill Bennet got a call on his show the other morning from a black man (conservative) who is successful and was able to pay for his daughter’s college education himself. His daughter was NOT raised ghetto. She however, CHOSE it, and now lives in a not so nice part of Ann Arbor with son from a baby daddy who is long gone. He has family members, as does his wife, who are of the same mind – live for free off of someone else. You’re a fool to do otherwise. This change must go hand in hand with any other proposed solutions, or the others just won’t work. For them to choose the education, jobs, etc,, they must also want the lifestyle that comes from it as opposed to the dependent lifestyle they have now.

  • madmemere

    Here’s another factor politicians and the lamestream media propaganda machine are ignoring; recently, a private blogger did his own research, on all the mass shootings and school massacres that have taken place, since (and including) Columbine, in 1999. He found that ALL of those shootings were committed by “liberal democrats”, OR their children!! So, if we want “real gun safety”, ALL liberal democrats should be “banned” from having weapons!! Better still, just ban ALL liberal democrats!

  • mike88

    It has nothing to do with violent crimes, it is only about creating more restrictive laws to Control the Law Abiding citizens. What we need is Politician Control, We The People need to become more active and place Controls over the laws that the Politicians wish to pass onto is.

  • bigsteve

    I’m British so I see how total gun control works. If you have an intruder here it would never occur to you that he may have a gun. You just can’t get them here. The trouble with statistics however is that can be used to say anything you want them to. This guy may be right or he may be lying through his teeth.

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