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Christie: ‘I Wouldn’t Call What I Did an Embrace of Barack Obama’

  • Yellowjacket2

    You thanked him for doing a great job responding to the devastation wrought by Sandy. Then he hopped back onto Air Force One and left your people shivering in the dark and dumpster diving
    for food while he focuse on the election. Yeah, he did a great job…and so did you. You allowed union thugs to chase the volunteers from right to work Alabama because they weren’t slaves to
    the union. And when they turned around and went home is disgust your citizens
    went back to the cold and the dark and tried to fight off the thugs who came to
    rob them. Yep…you sure have a lot to thank Obama for.

    And let me thank you for being the perfect model for a spineless, turncoat, opportunist RINO. We’ll remember you if you ever try for national office. Jersey has you and they can keep
    you…if they’re foolish enough to ever trust you again. But then again, after all this they still voted for Obama. And they’re still sitting in the dark waiting for Obama to come rescue them…what idiots you
    people are!


      You sure said a mouth full man. keep on trucking, never give up.

    • Madlady

      You notice the “I” syndrome he has, kind of like “O”. Where is the power, the gas and all that “O” is going to do?

    • Carla

      You got that right. It’s time for Christie to join the “other party.”

  • Concerned voter

    He should have asked him to delay his visit until after the election, or until after he told everyone the truth and the full story about what happened in Libya. After all, what was the President really going to do for him, it was a photo op. Did the President not quickly assemble his security team, get updates from his advisors, ask questions, and give guidance on how to proceed. How about the so called video and the guy that made the video – if this was not ever an issue, is not that guy still in jail – if so, is that not criminal that someone is in jail for this? How come the news media does not cover it. They are far too busy doing photo ops for our Rock Star President

  • Anonymous

    Whether he likes it or not, whether he admits it or not, Christie had a hand in this HUGE loss for our country. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this man has his own “personal” agenda that just doesn’t comport with us hard-working, freedom-loving conservatives. Selfish swine!

    • Constance

      He did not have to go over board in this thanks,. after all, it was Obama’s job to do something about Fema and such but Christie really went out of his way to thank him and created a great photo op.

  • jim o’really

    Sorry Governor, you don’t get a pass. Maybe you did your job, but there was no reason to give credibility to President Obama at this stage of a presidential campaign. And no offense, but you and the other 29 Republican governors have very little impact on the policies of the country. You probably could not have changed the outcome of the election, but you certainly negated all of the time you previously spent endorsing Romney. It’s time to be honest with yourself. When presented with a great opportunity to challenge the president, you chose to be politically correct. Very disappointing.

  • LeonOfFlyOver

    I hate to be rude, I hate to be cruel.

    Why do people stay in an area that is prone to disasters. Why then do they cry out for somebody else to take care of them, when bad things happen.

    If only there was not some kind of warning.

    Who knew that Living so close to the ocean could be dangerous?

    How could these unforgettably, unlucky folks realize that FEMA would be unsuited, unsuitable, inappropriate, unfit, to help them?

    After all it has been several years, for FEMA to be change from the horrors of the Bush Administration.

    And the horrors of the unthinkable tragedy of New Orleans. (Building a City lower the the sea, who could have seen a problem there)

    At least the west coast is safe.

    Haft of the People of this Wonderful Country are Smart, Haft of the People of this Wonderful Country are Not.

    But don’t blame the Governor for this disaster, He knows who boots will need to be licked.

    • Beedogs

      You are part of the “haft”.

    • Proud Texan

      And you live in the “not” half!!!

  • polmutant

    brown on the nose, brown on the tounge, christie must have inhaled during the embrace and still does not know what he is doing. he should deflate his gas sack, perhaps that may let some oxygen get back to his brain.

  • stonemike

    Why is my message being censored? Some obammi surrogate must be running this site!

  • wisconsin observer

    You sure could have fooled me! All the people there still need help. Where is Obama now? Playing golf or basket ball?

    • Constance

      Wisconsin observer: He is on his Asia tour right now with Mrs. Obama.

      • Kittyhane

        wanna’ bet? He’s meeting with the rest of the conivers in the Benghazi loop. Getting more to fire so he can put the blame on the book writer. I hope Pretraeus doesn’t have a sudden heart attack like Brietbart did. Wouldn’t surprise me. If Petraeus doesn’t ‘fess up’ in court he should be tried for

    • Kittyhane

      I’ll never support you again Chris

  • Susy

    Well, I would call what you did delibrate. I hope your career goes down big time. You didn’t do it for your people. You did it for the elite Republicans that hopefully will be voted out soon. That is if there are to be any more elections. Doubltful.

  • stonemike

    The rotund back stabbing politician is finished as a possible national office holder! I dont know what kind of deal was made, these actions help save the “janitor turned president” and puts christie in the same league with petraeus, and I hope Trey Gowdy and the investigation team crucifies the once respected soldier!

  • I’will’Remember

    Obama diddled you in the back seat of Marine One while you gushed about how wonderful it was that he showed up. Obama was there less than 3 hours and after your back seat romp with Obama he pulled over and kicked you to the curb like a piece of used garbage.
    Obama shuts down the red cross for 4 hours just as they are trying to get up and running for his photo opp then jets over to diddle you and then off to Vegas. You could have told Obama we’ll take a joint victory lap after we see whether or not we desire one. Two weeks later 10’s of thousands still without power … water … Gas … sewer. No food, no dry warm clothes, lines for gasoline and now the’re getting kick out of what’s left of their homes with no where to go.

  • Susitna

    I believe that Obama brought Chris Christie some BigMac’s and CC just lost it……..

  • tod

    Gluttony is a Abomination to God,and so is Christie !!!

  • The Truth

    Wasn’t “Forward” Obama’s slogan Mr. Christie – you RINO traitor!

    • Kittyhane

      you just ruined any hope for re-election

  • mocha10

    Christi, get your brain on straight. You have lost the trust of the conservative party. Become the democrat you really are and stop lying to yourself.

  • ARMYOF69

    You wrapped your whole circumference around obozo. What do you call that?

  • What Ever

    It wasn’t your just thanking him for coming, it was you falling all over him. He is the President of The United States and he did what his job required. I am glad he came, but you need to take care of your state and not worry about the hipe and his desire to have his picture taken with a Republican Governor falling all over him, right before the election. He hasn’t done his job in 4 years and has not done anything to reach across the isle to Republicans. Please quit bashing the Electric people and all the ones that are working so hard to get your state back together. They are working just as hard as you. God be with you and all the people in your state.

  • jvb1980808

    No, Christie…what I’d call it is POLITICAL SUICIDE. Hope Obama was worth it.

  • John Brashear

    how can Chris Christy claim he is a “conservative”, he is for GUN Control, and he’s an Idiot……

  • Tim

    Boy u sure did ur job, It’s to bad your state went blue not Red. Yea u sure did a job for Romney!!

  • Uncle Doug

    You ruined any hope that Romney had with your over the top of Obama’s so called help.You are truly a RINO and I will consider you a traitor to your own party. You had me fooled, but no more.

  • gun1

    Hell, you did about everything but kissed his ass, you stupid idiot!!

  • guest on this planet

    I now consider him one of barrys boys , dont ever run for office again we will remember

  • carolrhill814

    I don’t know all the politics that goes on in New Jersy but what I saw that was not a hug he thanked him because he said what he would be doing because Obama has the purse strings. He said he would do anything for his state and that is exactly what he did “thanked” Obama.

  • Sam

    I don’t understand why Christy had to play kiss butt with obama right before the election. He is a RINO in my book! Forget about getting elected again, Mr. Christy. You are done.

  • Tim

    Everyone was hugging him and commiserating, he was in an overwhelming situation his heart was going out to everyone he met, he was simply in that mode, it doesn’t negate who he is or what he has stood for his entire career. Lets not be like the liberal media and turn on one of the good guys over one lapse that can be more than justified if we were in his shoes.

  • DaveNTejas

    I wouldd not call you a lard asss either,, but that is because I am being polite.

  • G W

    Yes, RINO you did a lot of good for Romney only to then kiss the arse of the socialist.

  • Joanne

    Sorry but you should have just thanked Obama, you kind of looked pretty friendly with him unfortunately for our country because it was right before the election. Maybe it was unintentional but you gave him a great photo op at a time when he used it to his advantage.

  • VirgoVince

    Maybe, maybe not, but you’re too much of a RINO to be able to tell the difference!! KEEP right, don’t go centrist!!

  • Hadenough

    Looking forward to when he needs to change parties!

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    In a farm pond this idiot would be a Large Mouth Ass.

  • Proud Texan

    Then what exactly would you call it Chris??? If you think you didn’t embrace him, I don’t know what the word embrace means. You even hugged him….that’s a matter of public record! If nothing else, that is an embrace!!! Then, we were traveling back south on I-75 and we saw convoy after convoy of electrical service employees who were driving as rapidly north as they could go, rushing up there to restore your citizens to where they were prior to Sandy as possible. To repay that act of kindness, you allowed your union thugs to spit on them and shout profanity at them. Just hope it doesn’t happen to you again and you need help. Some of those citizens who rushed to your aid and left their homes to do it might not be so anxious next time. You are not a conservative. That you made crystal clear. The man you lauded for “doing such a fabulous job” clearly cares less than nothing about you and the citizens of your state. His “drop in” there was simply for a photo op to give him one up on November 6th and quickly off again to hob nob with his CA and NV elite in Las Vegas. Your citizens deserve more than you or him!!!

  • ARMYOF69

    Chris, you did what you did, now live with it. You showed your true colors.

  • Loralee Merritt Carey

    I would! And now I wouldn’t EVER consider voting for you in the next Republican primary, so don’t waste any of your time and your contributor’s money. Shame on you.

  • Amber

    I would’t call kissing someone’s dirriere an embrace either. I would call it kissing someone’s ass.

  • catnip24

    i used to have some respect for this guy but the more i see and hear about him i can’t even stand to listen to him. hey christie there are pictures of you embracing obama. you either did this because you’re an absolute moron, or you have aspirations for something more sinister and political. i think the latter is the probably correct. you’re a traitor for even associating with the communist obama. you were a traitor at the republican national convention where you couldn’t stop talking about yourself. you’re a typical arrogant big mouth who is out for only one person-yourself.

  • XX

    He should have waited until O was standing there with trucks of food, tents, crews with chainsaws, electricians, carpenters, and as they cut the ribbon to start the rescue, he could have said thanks. In the meantime he could have been at Republican meetings where Romney was helping load up actual food and supplies instead of campaigning, and was being reviled and called names while he did it. NJ was stupid, they have exactly what they voted to have, and will get no sympathy from me. Let them learn the hard way what believing in Obama and his stooges from both sides of the fence really means.

  • Mad Mike

    Yeah it was, you R.I.N.O.! You are a flip flopping weasel. Just another self-serving politician with a personal agenda and no conservative compass. Willing to jump aboard any train that will get you where you want to go. You are not a reliable, or even predictible representative of the people. I’m just glad that you showed the whole country who you really are, before you announce your bid for president. You will not be getting my endorsement, money, or vote.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Christie can’t be stupid enough to believe what he is saying.

  • Donald L. Wheatley

    Governor Christie, JUST WHAT WOULD YOU CALL IT?

  • sashamanda

    According to Christie, “I’m a guy who tells the truth… all the time.” And those lies he told about Gingrich originally on Meet the Press and later on every venue he could find? (Only a few in the “conservative” media bothered to point out the easily-verifiable truth.) Surely the GOP elites owe Christie for his slander of Gingrich just when it was most needed to secure the primaries for Romney.

  • Atilla the hungry

    “I Wouldn’t Call What I Did an Embrace of Barack Obama”……. of course you wouldn’t governor and

    Bill Clinton wouldn’t call the activity he engaged in with “that woman, Monica Lewinsky,” as having sex.

  • Jerry Miller

    Fat boy turned out to be a RINO. What a shame…

  • Jerry Miller

    Let us true Conservatives make sure Christie, doesn’t hold another political office.

  • T. Copps

    No matter what you might call it the time it was done.. it changed a lot of votes TO obama… screwed the country good. sorry, you are not my man anymore!

  • Jillian

    No, you didn’t embrace him, you phoney, fatuous, fawning fathead! He was too anxious to get on his plane and get the hell out of Dodge. I’m surprised you didn’t bow to him the way he bows to his Muslims. I hope the voters remember your actions at election time.

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