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Chris Matthews: What Kind Of Statement Is There To Make? They Lost [Video]

In a recent report by Real Clear Politics we learned that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews does not grasp the reality that the protestors don’t actually have a reason for protesting. They are clearly doing this because most are being instigated, poor education from College, and straight up anarchists.

Chris Matthews reacted to the people protesting the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. “I’m always open to the economic argument,” Matthews said on the Thursday broadcast of his show Hardball. “I do accept that Marxist tradition, really, which is a good one which is always try to explain elections by economics. And I think it always works.

“How about those protestors,” Matthews said. “What would you say to those kids? Most of them in their 20s. I think they do go to school during the day. I think they came out of NYC last night up from downtown in the [West] Village and they marched all the way past Trump Tower to make their statement.” “What kind of a statement is it really there to make?” Matthews asked. “They lost.” …. read the full story here

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