Chris Matthews: ‘Domestic Terrorists Tend to Be on the Far Right’

  • Big Dan

    Chris Matthews is an idiot. Tim McVeigh was a registered democRAT. The man at Sandy Hook was a registered democRAT. Now if he is setting the tone that Christians are just like those who follow Shar’ia Law, then he is so far off base it is not funny. Christians will try to protect those who have been injured, visit people in hospitals, take their own money to help others. I have a friend that says that democrats have more of a view that Christ would have taken. Christ gave of himself. DemocRATS take from others to give to the less fortunate, well actually give to those who will readily vote for more democRATS because they get more free stuff and not follow Biblical teachings.

    • budman

      Big Dan: I don’t think it is fair to say all Democrats are Liberal. It is just that the present administration and a large group in Congress, including most the of Black Caucus, Pelosi, Waxman and many others are Socialist Democrats which make them extreme Liberal. The Blue dogs have been pushed to the side. If you are offered free stuff and not expected to do anything to be provided for, most will get on the bandwagon. This is what this administration has created, all in the name of Socialism. Exactly what Obama wants and what he stands for.

      • Luckyme52

        I don’t think he stands for much of anything !!

        • budman

          Luckyman52: Oh, but he does and he is the puppet for George Soros who is the one running the country whether you know it or not. You can bet every member of Congress knows who he is and most are under his thumb.

          Look up the biographical information on Soros and you will find he is one of the New World Order Group also known as the Bilderberg Group and New World Order. He is the money behind this and owns most of the Liberal media outlets.

          I ask you; did you know that the United Nations recently declared their desire for a New World Order? Bill and Hillary Clinton have spent a lot of time involved in initiatives with the United Nations. Who but the Vice President just the other day flat out stated it is time for a “New World Order”. Bernanke, I believe, is in lock step with them as well and precisely why Ron Paul wants an audit of the Federal Reserve.

          I knew who they were all along (over 3 years now) and the only person who announced their desire for a New World Order until recently was Soros. You will see in his bio that he makes no bones about the fact he is a Socialist and desires for the United States to join a New World Order which will be based on Socialism and one currency. These people are not all democrats either as at least two Republicans are known to have attended the secret Bildergerg meetings; George Bush and Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas.

          • panors77

            Thing is for that NWO……there IS NO currency! All is handled by the one great world leader and his minions.

      • Noni77

        I think it IS fair. Where are the “good” Democrats? Cowards, do nothing cowards. The Tea Party arose to take back the Republican Party from the greedy and the sell outs, where is such a movement from the “non-liberal Democrats”? There IS NONE. Because these almost fictional people are despicable cowards supporting the destruction of our nation by DOING NOTHING. You have no room to complain, you are complicit.

        • Bill Sanders

          You are very right in your assessment. As a young man I was a registered, living, breathing, voting, supporting and working liberal. At 42 the Democrat party left me and I do mean ‘Left’, just as it left Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrats in 1948. For far different reasons I became a Reagan Republican and am very proud to be. What saddens me is that the party of my birthright, the Dems, have moved so far left there is no voice to take them back from the brink of Socialism and Communism or worse.

          • rmwayne

            I agree Bill. I’m from Louisiana and at one time nearly all white Louisianians voted Democrat along with the rest of what was then called the Solid South. To us, the Republicans were the party of rich Lincoln yankees. After WWII, the Democrats became the party of welfare blacks, communists and every other left wing extremist group so most of we white southerners resorted to voting Republican as the lesser of two evils. Now that the GOP keeps moving to the left or refusing to stand up to Obama, we really have no major party to align ourselves with. I now vote Constitution Party, but probably less than 1% of Americans are registered as Constitution Party voters.

          • MalikTous

            Funny, isn’t it. During the times of the Civil War, the Democrats were the pro-slavery party and the Republicans ran the underground railroad and Abolitionist movement. The KKK was started by Democrats.

          • rmwayne

            And now 99% of the blacks are diehard Democrats, mainly because of Lyndon Johnson’s so called “Great Society”, in reality welfare society that was started in the early ’60s. The Democrats had it right until they all decided to become communists.

          • panors77

            Thank you….beat me to it.

          • John OMalia

            You only register to vote, you do not register in any party. In closed primary states you declare a party in the primary only and can vote for anyone in the general election. In the Spring how many Constitution candidates are usually on your ballot? Next to none? Thought so. How’s this working out for you?

          • rmwayne

            I am registered as a member of the Constitution Party. I refuse to be a member of the same party as left wing communists like Obama or neocon phonies like McCain.

          • John OMalia

            How do you register as a member of any party? I first registered to vote when I was 18, never missed a vote, worked at the election polls, have a degree in Politics and I never knew any state had a system in which you registered in any party. Don’t you mean you declare that party when asked in a closed election which ballot you want? Folks opine all the time that they are registered this or that, but to my knowledge there is no such thing. What state are you from so I can research this?

          • panors77

            It’s also the southern democrats who were the slave owners, started the Klan after the civil war and instituted “Jim Crow” laws, but yet the commie democrats of today want to call the Republicans “racist”. I don’t know about “rich Lincoln yankees”, but Lincoln himself was not “rich” getting to the WH, and his party were the abolitionists.

          • rmwayne

            The Southern Democrats were the only Democrats who had it right. As for the Lincoln abolitionist yankees, all they were interested in was making the South a colony of this country. That’s why white southerners were fighting for their independence. You yankees are still only interested in stealing what you can from white southerners. As for modern times, it wasn’t we white southerners who put this communist Obama in the White House. It was blacks, mexicans and idiotic white yankees from New England and the West Coast….the so called blue states. Thanks for nothing yankee scum.

        • carver

          Those who support the destruction of America they in turn will be destroyed,

        • budman

          For the record, I am a conservative and Independent. My view is there are many in the Tea Party who are Democrats just like former Republicans which I was. I am not a member of the Tea Party but support what they represent and that being bringing back common sense to government.

          I think most people will agree that neither party is serving the best interests of the people now and it seems to me that the only people in Congress that are trying to right this are those who were elected with the support of the Tea Party. All others just seem to be interested in keeping their job and could care less what we think.

          • geneiejean

            I feel the same way. My Mom and Dad were democrats and I think that is why I use to be a Demoncrats I wised up in my old age, but I’m also upset with the way the Repubs are preforming.

          • panors77

            As a repub……I am also upset with them.

        • freedomringsforall

          I think people who used to be scary semi-socialists like Kennedy, Johnson, Humphrey, etc. would are probably thinking what the Heck these guys today are real lefty, commie, socialist, fascists.
          I think those old liberals would today be calling this crowd today a bunch of commie traitors.

          • rmwayne

            I don’t know about that. Look at this Ted Kennedy. He was on his death bed kissing Obama’s behind because he was nothing more than a left wing extremist communist.

          • MalikTous

            Ha ha, that fat fraud died and I celebrated, Wish we could have buried all gun control with him!

          • dragonfire777

            Ted is paying for his crimes. In hell!

          • panors77

            That’s “comrade Ted” tho………….I think JFK would’ve become a repub in our climate today.

          • panors77

            I really think JFK would’ve switched parties like Reagan did. I think he was more conservative than people might’ve thought.

        • JIMMIMAC

          Amen! god is the final answer and in Isaiah he says: when the King returns (Jesus) the vial liberal shall be no more! ok SO LIBERALS ARE DEAD!!!

      • missnellie

        Are you serious!!???

        • budman

          Yes and when you look at what I asked you to look into, you will find the evidence for yourself.
          I am not one to just throw out rumor or innuendo. It is all known declarations by Soros and things like who attended Bilderberg meetings by news reporters standing outside the meeting place and recording names by facial recognition because there is no published list of attendees at these secret meetings. The support provided Obama in both presidential campaigns is clearly documented in the news to include some very innovative campaign financing, campaign workers and their tactics and blatant election fraud in several states, most notably in Ohio and Florida.
          Soros meets with members of Congress quite frequently. It seems they have an “open door” policy for him likely because he is a genius in the money markets but not one I would want anywhere near them because of his plan for the United States. He is also the one who caused gas prices to skyrocket last year due to his manipulation in the stock market by biding up the price of oil on the market.and made a cool six billion off us. This guy was a Nazi collaborator who has no remorse for being one; a naturalized citizen who has great influence in what happens in this country.

          • panors77

            Emphasis on “voter fraud” for sure and “most notably”. I’m still fuming about that.

      • jaxb

        Yeah, I agree. I just saw a ten minute video on Detroit, which was the most liberal run city within the U.S., and the place is utterly destroyed by it. It literally looks as if a nuclear bomb hit the place, or there was a zombie apocalypse there thirty years ago. It is solid evidence of what socialist policies do to communities.

        • MalikTous

          Yeah, the place sure fell apart after most of the car companies either died (AMC) or took the government handout… Ford’s the only one left. Then there’s the problem with the rivers catching fire in Ohio…

      • Take 2

        Its overly reasonable based on the 2/3 DNC Vote to remove God from the DEM platform that a majority are Atheist – Communist – Marxist – Islamist lovers as their new Leftist liberal President indicates via not only his premature biography BUT through self reflective actions i.e. now legitimate dot to dot facts of beyond even far left liberal scopes.

        The 3/4 of the full house i.e. DEM party complexity’s of believing they are not a Communist or a form of many historical minded Collective bodies is asinine. This group in power has taken over 2/3 or more and once they get the Infrastructure Bank i.e. as did Adolf Hitler – they will ask or tell both the DEM and GOP to stay home.

      • debra steinman

        Budman, McVeigh was a Democrat. Sorry but it is fair. As many times as dems falsely accused all conservative women of supporting child abuse, and rapists; as many times as u dems falsely accused all Republicans of murder each time a shooting or attack occurred only to have the shooters turn out to be registered democrats, known satanists, and left wing nut cases; it is absolutely ‘fair’.

      • JMWinPR

        Why would anyone, unless there are severe mental issues align themselves with anyone remotely connected with, James Earl Ray, Nidal Hasan, Ted Kacznyski, Jared Lougher, James Holmes, Lee Harvey Oswald, Chris Dorner.

      • Bob

        All the comments are spot on. But what bothers me is the Blacks being democrats when it was the Republicans that freed them (Lincoln), gave them the first civil rights (Eisenhower) further pushed the civil rights act when democrats didn’t want it. Are Balcks just plain stupid, or are they drinking the kool-aide?

        • panors77

          they’re drinking the kool aide that the racist dems are serving. The dems figure the black man “needs help” cuz he’s not smart enough to make it on his own, so I guess these days the dems put up a facade of being FOR the black man by giving him stuff….only to keep him in his place and get his vote in the process.

    • honestjim

      I agree with you Big Dan, Chris Mattews is an idiot. Most of these radicals have been registered far left liberal democrats. I will not watch MSNBC again until Chris Matthews is replaced. There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe nasty sticking mouth Chris Matthews.

      • Postal Retired

        They have to replace more idiots on MSNBC than Chris “tingle up my leg” Matthews for me to watch it. But I agree with you.

        • dragonfire777

          All of the main stream media have turned into mind numbing soap operas. There is no real news or indepth thought any longer.

        • hummingharpman

          As another postal retiree sick of dealing with bureaucratic self serving idiots, NO ARGUMENT here!

      • Jeanie

        He is a has-been…..his days are numbered thank goodness. And, above all things his voice is very irritating.

      • kimjim4042

        Nor any other liberal station. Everyone of the alphabet stations are so far left they smell of mental illness. I have called

        and sent e-mail message to everyone of the networks how I feel. Soon I will contact their sponsors and advertisors and let them know as well. Let them all know how you feel as well. Maybe we can get some of the lying and cover-ups off the airways to misinform the public.

      • graphsmith

        Perhaps not adjectives, but expletives.

      • Raymond

        Chris Matthews iss a muslims best friend.

    • Mark Fazio

      It’s only left wing hacks (the Media) that want to take the spotlight of them when it was their “Peaceful Left Wings Extremist” that blew up Police Buildings in Chicago in the 70’s that are currently working in this White House Administration. So blaming it on “Right wing Extremist” is the ONLY ANSWER> Isn’t that right Chris? You just showed your ignorance and stupidity. That’s why I don’t watch you or your station. You’re all Communist hacks.

      • Jeanie


    • John McCracken

      what about Barry’s denied chum Bill Ayers ? He’s a right winger.

      • bluejacket.

        :Yea, and Christopher Dorner, right winger, Bush supporter, murderer. (sic)

      • panors77

        Ayers a right winger?? Are you kidding? lol.



    • kpjlaw

      Don’t forget Koczinski the Unibomber.

    • Mac Robertson

      Chris Matthews sucks!

    • Mary

      Big Dan,
      If anything, we should feel sorry for this poor man.
      I think the tingle that Obama caused to go up Chris’ leg hit him in the butt and caused brain damage.

    • BobM001

      Bill Ayers, OBAMA’S BUDDY was “Weather Underground” from the FAR LEFT. The Black Panthers…..FAR LEFT! Shall I continue?

    • DoingMoreWithLes

      He can tell that lie to Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground and also the Black Panthers.

    • gingerjo

      none worse but some close

      • Big Dan

        Keith Olbermann is in the same league and playing field.

    • Baf

      Don’t forget that the man who shot Gabrielle Gifford was a registered democrat. The KKK started with the democrats and Senator Byrd was one of its leaders. Add Stennis and Fulbright to those titles as well and they were all dems.

      • Big Dan

        The kids at Columbine were too young to be registered, but their parents were registered DemocRATS. The muslim at Ft. Hood – DemocRAT. The list is long and notorious. I believe that Dillinger was a registered democRAT. Black on Black, Hispanic on Hispanic and all those in between are all democRAT

    • elmcqueen3

      Exactly…Those far right militant groups are not a bunch of Republican’s running around in the woods playing war games…They are persons who vote Democrat and or are on the Independent ticket…They love their guns and Bible more than Jerry Farwell does….However we must recognize that the CommieCrats in this country will feed this country with all the distortion, hafl truths and complete false reporting that they can muster…MSNBC is an example of one of their propaganda machines…Just like Pravda was in the old USSR….Personally it doesn’t bother me one iota what these folks do with their guns or their Bibles…Power to em…That is their business!

      • Big Dan

        Not sure who you are trying to slam here. I have had my own rifle since my 8th birthday. I was taught gun safety by my father and uncles. After that I was instructed even more by the Boy Scouts. Yes, I carry my Bible with me and I am a missionary, which means that you are insulting me with your words. There are very few democRATS in a true Bible believing church, that would just not make any sense at all. And yes, it is our business not Washington to decide to re-write the US Constitution into a gender bending socialist paper.

    • Sue

      How do they say anyone is responsible if they don’t know who they are? Maybe someone has inside information so blame the other side?

    • RonW

      This is true, and what about all those moosleems. They are certainly NOT far right guys.

      • Big Dan

        They are considered as religious zealots, thus they are extreme right. But, they would be voting democRAT if they were in the USA. Go figure.

    • The Steins

      There was an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman that looked into the bombing and found that (I believe) Nicols’ Phillipino wife was tied to Abu Sayeff which is tied to Al Queda. Neither McVeigh nor Nichols had the intelligence to build that bomb. It is a complete falsehood that it was an act of “domestic terrorism”.
      Matthews is in fact an idiot. You can tell by just listening to him.

    • graphsmith

      It may be that we should ban DEMOCRATS from owning guns.

  • ExpertWitness

    Himself excluded of course…

  • monkeypox69

    Yeah, just like Ovomit’s good buddy Bill Ayers.

  • Alan Chwick

    Chris Matthews…What a putz!

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      He’s a schmeckel licker, what can you expect.

  • nancis

    Chris matthews is insan. Maybe his family should have him put away

  • Proudamerican

    Hey chris- what about your lord and savior’s good friend bill ayers? Name the far right terrorists?

  • Elsie Elaine Connelly

    I wish Chris Matthews would just go away, far, far, far away. I would mortgage my house to buy him a one-way ticket to anywhere. Anywhere that would be NOT IN THE US OR ANY OF IT’S TERRITORIES.

  • Ron Obvious

    Duffus Matthews is shameless in his venom and hatred of the Tea Party and anything that dares stand up against his messiah, Obama! So any kinda of mud he can try to sling at conservatives/ Tea Party members, he will not hesitate to use… even though what he is saying is a complete and utter lie!

    • June

      Make no mistake – they have us in the crosshairs. We are fixing to see how badly we are hated very soon I fear.

    • colkid

      This isn’t mud. This is outright lying. That what chris does best is lie.His expert, “somebody will be
      taking credit, then nobody might take credit”. Let’s just ignore this liberal (in the worst way). Don’t
      give any credence to anything he says or does.

      • Centurian2010

        Absolutely liberal lying which is about all we get from them ever. This is all liberal corruption and the movement away from God by the Democrat party.

    • missnellie

      Duffus Matthews is a showman….you want to listen to his drible do so…to believe this hateful spew of vomit ain’t happenig around here.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Really? Like Bill Ayres? Bernadine Dhorn? Jared Loughner? Major Nidal Hassan? James Holmes? Adam Lanza? Ted Kazinski? Kathy Boudin? Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine)? Seung-Hui Cho (VA Tech)? REALLY??? All these were lefty liberals. ALL terrorists have been liberal lefty loons or muslims.

    • SBFLA

      YOu want to go back a little further we can throw in James Earl Ray and JOhn Wilkes Booth. They were registered dems. Throw in the KKK as one of the first known domestic terrorist groups as well and they were all dems as well including one senator from WV as recently as 2010 Robert Byrd who was a GRand Dragon in the KKK. Dems are delusional and obviously will do pretty much anything to slander the names of other people, religions or political affiliations to take the target off their back as the bad guys. THeir motto is blame it on someone else and never take responsibility for their actions. Its always someone elses fault.

      • gingerjo

        We have a bunch of leftys finger pointing as soon as they see something they don’t like so they say it is a right winger talking, I have no use for the far left

    • Ralph Collier

      Hey antiliberalcryptonite…you forgot Rev Wright and his down-low club of followers,,,,but other than that you are 100% correct…….socialist, terrorist, idiots all of them, and as you pointed out, all of them left-radicals…..

    • missnellie

      Lets not forget Sean Penn, Jamie Foxx…and the like.

      • Sniper

        Don;t forget Jane Fonder, Treason.

    • Jeanie

      They don’t do their homework do they? Just like Obama they all read their speech or news from teleprompters….something written for them…..they don’t care what they read

  • Samurai_Sam

    Yes Chrissy my boy and left wing liberals like yourself tend to be ignorant morons. It’s amazing that you haven’t been committed to a home yet. But while your still allowed to walk the streets with the sane people maybe you could show us some proof of your accusations because we have plenty of proof that the liberals are the terrorists. Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn to name a few. You have got to be the saddest excuse for a human being that has ever been hatched. But living proof that liberals can actually exist without ever requiring a brain.

  • jvb1980808

    Unless they’re liberals and then liberals are SUPER quick to refer to them as ANARCHISTS….the Uni-Bomber is a perfect example. Find a liberal who won’t quickly correct the term DOMESTIC TERRORIST to an anarchist when you credit liberals with the Uni-bomber (in their addled minds an anarchist is somehow SUPERIOR to a domestic terrorist even though they both do the very same thing). Same goes for anyone connected to Weather Underground (Bill Ayers)…he’s become a cult hero to liberals for his cowardly acts of terrorism…even to the height of advising our President and ghost writing his books. Terrorists by any other name are terrorists…except when they are liberals.

  • Melanie Burns

    Put him on a boat…dump him on a deserted island…..see ya! It worked in England. No guns, no media, no mess!

  • southie55

    Chris Matthews is the poster child for the far left evil Dems.

  • Arvil Bankston

    far left wing media loons tend to be garbage, just like chris matthews.

  • Rainman

    Mathews is an idiot, even the left knows this. What about ACORN, PETA, all the tree hugger orgs that blow things up and terrorize people. What about the Black Panthers? They are all left and far left. Chris Mathews is a one way psycho neo journalist with and agenda.

    • budman

      I think calling Mathews a journalist is a stretch but phycho neo and Liberal, left wing mouthpiece surely fits him well.

  • Dwight Harrison

    Chrissy is in love with Ohomo and most homos are at the far left and perverted. Conservative Christians would never harm the innocent.

    • Dr. Evil

      I bet he would blow him given the opportunity.

  • Dwight Harrison

    Chrissy is just another empty skull.

  • releggneh

    Where’s your proof, you fricking moron? It seems that their are more radical left nutjobs like yourself. You start out blaming the right then when the truth comes out, It shows the left was to blame, but never a retraction from your liberal arse!

  • apfl

    Somebody needs to backhand this idiot, maybe it will straighten out his thinking

  • Suzan Walker Spurlin

    Really??? I think that the tingle Chris has running up his leg for Obama has now traveled to his brain!

  • bikerdogred1

    The gay media tend to be on the left right Chris!

  • George Hotaling

    Boycott his sponsors and write them letters of disgust so they are aware that a boycott is in progress. This is the way that these left wing extremists operate, so let’s do the same to them. Yes, Chris Matthews is a sun human fool!

    • Centurian2010


  • retvet

    Baby killers tend to be from the far left.

  • Chuck

    Chris Matthews, the reason I quit watching MSNBC.

  • TheTexasCooke

    And since Chris has bombed all of his predictions so far….He’s my number one suspect!

  • Hank

    Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris. You live in a mono world, full of trees and no forest.

  • HongryHawg

    Well Chris. What would you call the democrats responsible for the surge in mass killings? What’s your word for them?

  • agbjr

    Unfounded accusations, idiotic statements, and asinine commentaries tend to be on the far left … and always excused by liberals.

  • Dario

    When one uses the logic of Chris Matthews it must be carried out to the inevitable conclusion. Therefore, If domestic “terrorists” usually come from the far right, then we must conclude that all mainstream media personnel are Communists who do not believe in God.

  • singer23

    Idiots tend to be on the, “Far, Middle And Near Left!”

  • Jose Renato

    Chis Mattews should have very sore knees by now.It’s been five years since he admitted that Obama raised his temperature. I’m sure evey time he sees this fraud, he gets on his knees and pretends that he is monica lewinski then prays for obama to come into the room.What a sick M—–F—– this pig is. The jerk-off station that keeps him on the air is just as bad.
    I’m amazed that all liberals are not suffering from aids..They are as queer as sin….


    Too many things done to promote gun control and I wonder who is really at thte center of the repeated attempts to villianize the gun toting crowd of law abiding citizens??
    People like this mouth piece for the liberal far left.

  • Emmit Jones

    Ol’ Chris is a pure 100% leftist. He loathes conservatives. Lies and manipualtes but always with a “aw shucks” smile. Chris is a true believer; an Obama worshiper of the first water.

  • Moose_Hunter

    OK, Chris, and domestic morons tend to occupy the electric chairs at MSNBC.

    • Edward Goode

      Chris is lower than a earthworm

  • Patriot46

    Ignoramuses tend to inhabit the far left. Chris knows all about them.

  • Luckyme52

    If your looking for a terrorist this is the man>>> moron Chris Matthews

  • Spyder Dalton

    Sociopathic malignant personalities tend to be on the far left… FACT!

    • Noni77

      Of course! Liberals teach their feral children there is no God, they descend from apes, there is no right or wrong, life has no value, THEY are “special” “just because”, they are “entitled”, they are “better than those horrible pillars of civilization – conservative Christians, AND Liberal parents turn their kids over to violent, perverted videos and DVDs “to raise” because THEY are too SELFISH and SELF-INVOLVED to give their own offspring proper attention.

  • vietnamvet1971

    Poor little boy Chrissy Matthews is so full of BS and the sad fact is he is Serious about it so he sounds Stupid. I am a Right wing Terrorist with Guns & a Bible they make us Dangerous according to this Clown and MSNBC pays him to be a Fool, oh well people will do any thing for money.

  • raccman

    Matthews is sadly one of the most stupid and inept of the Left-Wing Newscasters, getting less believable the longer they allow him to stay at the job !

  • Anone Amouse

    This just goes to show how out of touch the loony left is. They are always the first to stick they head in the sand and not face the truth the true terrorists are usually on the left….only issue is years later they look at lefty terrorist with respect and make them teachers. Besides, who listened to sissy Matthews anyway. He’s nothing but a Lonny lush

  • FedUpToHere

    Looks like Chrissy’s lobotomy and reprogramming is complete and have worked marvelously. This “reporter” or “newsman”, pardon the expression, is so far to the left he can see obamauranus without a telescope! Bet THAT gives him a tingle….. Why is he still employed??????

  • act

    If that is the case why are they Democraps?

  • George Vieto

    If a right wing nut did harm those people in Boston, then I am Sad Sack. Chris Matthews has been watching too many horror television shows on the idiot box again.

  • Herkpilot

    This is outrageous even for MSNBC standards. Time to consider taking this reactionary off the air. Some may say these sorts of comments incite hard feelings the 1st Amendment is written to suppress.

  • Mary Speicher

    “Ding-Dong” Matthews is just “thrilling” himself with this “garbage.” Occupy Wall Street was ALL PEACE and RESPECT for private and public property.

  • 820 REDHORSE

    chris matthews ,like the rest of lefty scum pray it was someone who is in the NRA, GOP, Tea party, Militia, They are slobbering that its a white ,right wing, gun totin, bible believeing,pro-life type. But as we all know its one of 3 , moosluts , or a lone wolf mooslut, or an inside job from our liberturd administration!

  • G W

    What douche

  • Mark Caplinger

    So the FBI, who has gained a pretty good reputation for supplying “terror suspects”with live ammo, will investigate this…. I’m sure it will be done “by the book”.

  • Bryan W.

    Well, Mathews, a better bet would be muslim. You know the “religion” that the media pukes like you like to ignore.

  • moberndorf

    This gay boy is a hate monger trying to gin up hatred and violence against conservatives. Thus, the 1st Amendment does not apply to him, nor to MSNBC for that matter. This is what the Nazis did in the 1930s with the Jews. Wake up, America. These people are the Enemy!

    • jaxb

      That is what I have been thinking lately. They are seriously behaving more and more like the Nazis during the thirties. When their Reichstag building was burned, they immediately said the Jews did it. those on the left would love to put Christian conservatives in camps…I don’t doubt it for a second.

  • SID41

    I wonder what kind of dope this fool is smoking !!!

  • ActualConundrum

    Chris Matthews is as usual wrong on every count. Mad bombers are exclusively left wing terrorist. They know that and they protect them by blaming others. Then exalt the freakshow murderers. Ayers holds a teaching position in a University. Molding young minds, producing more mad bombers in his image. Bombing and killing is a democrat thing. Obama killed four Americans outright by Firebombing them by his own arms supplied killers. Domestic Terrorist bombers are always registered democrats.

  • Pakinpastor

    I will say it again. There is only EVIL and GOOD. This guy is on the side of EVIL. He may or may not know it, but I’m certain he’s there. He cannot show any proof that these extremists are on the right, he just says it and it must be so. But the facts have been there for anyone to see. It is the left and the muslim jihadists that are all in for terror. As many have sited here, the list is long and true. But remember, Yeshua said that they would hate us if we love him, because they hated him first. So, keep your head up, and know that it is going to get worse before it gets better. Otherwise the Word would be untrue. And there is NO DOUBT, He is right. So just wait for everything to burn….

    • jaxb

      That’s right and that is why I no longer get too upset over these people. Unless they repent and accept Christ they are bound for Hell, so I actually feel sorry for them.

  • dntmkmecomoverther


    Adam Lanza: Libtard

    Columbine shooters: 2 libtards

    Virginia Tech shooter: Libtard

    Knife wielding idiot in Texas: Libtard

    Gabby Gifford shooter Jared Loughner: independent but his rhetorical posts are truly liberal/communist and his parents are postcard liberals

    I could go on and on; but it would be more of the same. The truth is that conservatives, until backed into a corner with no place to go, rarely if ever act out in violence. Tim McVeigh being ONE exception (not condoning his behavior AT ALL)

  • Fred Riess

    drooling chris’m is obozo’s lapdog, who is sorass’s lapdog and anyone who pays him and gives him enough praise to boost his narcissistic bark, including the America hating muslames and the idiot social libtard commies!!
    Only watering the tree of Liberty will save the declining might of our erstwhile US of America REPUBLIC from destructive communism!!

  • Billy GrahamCracker

    Of course Chris M. who gets a thrill up to his butt when he sees 0bama, is convinced that Christians are extremists, & far right, so he is actually slandering Christianity and all Christians, let him slander lsIam.

  • lee

    Chris Mathews is a faggot…

  • lawrence morris

    Chris Matthews is a piece of garbage, he is a real disgrace to the news industry.

  • VocalYokel

    And domestic Libtard loons are all on the Left.

  • marineh2ominer

    A deaf , dumb , and blind lunatic would have more insight than Chris Mathews .

  • james crawford

    But only if morons like you, Chris, say it is so.

  • Debra JM Smith

    I caught that yesterday, recorded it and typed out the text of it too and posted it online, as well.

  • Peter

    How does this Obama fool Mathews stay on the air? His head is sooo far up Obama’s butt he can’t breath. Mathews is a joke, he can’t talk unless Obama has his arm up his arse. He spent his show yesterday doing his best to somehow blame the right for this cowardly attack. Not once did he mention the human side of this story, the loss of life, etc. Chris Mathews sickens me!!

    • jaxb

      seriously, I have heard the guy is a lush. I think alcohol must have literally done massive irreversible brain damage. How does he stay on the air? Because the NBC staff is also made up of socialists who love to play God.

  • Scott E

    And brain dead idiots (Chris Matthews included) tend to be on the far left.

  • Tony

    Well Chris Mathews. You tend to be an idiot.

  • popham

    So typical of Chrissy Matthews. He never does any research and does not know his history.
    He just enjoys making spurious and moronic remarks, that incite his detractors even more.
    The solution of course is to just never watch any MSNBC.
    BTW…..Matthews is looking more haggard, wrinkly and pale in his pictures.
    The drinking is really starting to show.

    • jaxb

      I have heard from good sources that he is a lush. that his brain is practically pickled. I think he has literally lost his mind and become completely emotionally imbalanced. I used to watch him in the nineties, and he often made sense…now he is just like a raving madman.

  • AZWarrior

    And all walking, talking douchebags are on the far left.

  • Art Zacher

    Of course it was the far right. Most people living are to the far right of Matthews. Otherwise they would have to be institutionalzsed.

  • HarryTC

    Chris Matthews, you are an embarrassment to Society! Rather than seek answers to serious issues, you manufacture fuzzy logic to push your Socialist Agenda!

  • Mario Salassa

    Insted of trying to disarm American citizens this government should seal the border as per citizens wish. For terrorists to get through this unguarded border it’s the easiest thing to do. Wake up America before it’s to late

  • JoeBideyourtime

    Hey Chris you are crazy and you must be friends with Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn also good friends of Barack Hussein Obama. I think they were the leaders of the Weather Underground who planted bombs and killed police.

  • Rustytruck

    Mathews, you are such an idiot! You have never seen what we can do if it WAS one of us. Would you like to see the difference? Didn’t think so, so shut your yap you ignorant pawn before you provoke someone to show you the difference and then make you right for once! Friggn moron, what idiot pays you to run off at the mouth needs to lose their job.

  • atlas007

    Domestic terrorists are often Liberal/Socialists like Obama’s friends, Bill Ayers and his wife, the Weatherman organization, the Black Panthers. Chris Matthews has zero credibility.

  • freedomforall

    He can believe that. And all idiots, socialists, communists, fascists, illegals, are from the left. Matthews has lost his mind. He is the voice of stupidity for the left…I hope he is proud. He is in good company with the likes of Bill Mayer and Joy Behar (bewhore).

  • Anonymous Patriot

    Actually, most domestic terrorists (the ones that actually commit acts of terror, not the ones that just terrify the government LOL) are FAR LEFT. Most cases of domestic terrorism are committed by whacked out hippies and environmentalists. Blowing up SUVs, vandalizing construction equipment, sinking fishing vessels, ect, ect.

    But those facts are not convenient to Matthews and his ilk so they are ignored and not reported.

  • tncdel

    Actually what he said is true, since Muslims [who commit over 95% of all acts of terrorism] are rightwing. But almost the entire remaining 5% are leftwingers. Yet the left is in unholy alliance with Muslims. See:

  • LittleMoose

    Hey Chris, all the mass shootings since the Clinton Assault Weapons ban were registered Democrats or came from Democrat families. I would say that the left has more of a tendency to be violent extremists.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Chris Matthews is, of course, an idiotic liar. He knows very well that such activity is very indicative of socialists, communists, nazis, fascists, muslim extremists, labor unions and Democrats. Time and time again, even though such idiots as Chris Matthews hope their hardest that they could tie something like this to some conservative or true patriotic group, he can’t do it in the long run because the truth seems to inconviently come out and squash what he says. That will be the case here also.

  • dhm

    Chris Matthews us a delta bravo and a complete idiot. I would never take anything this toilet jockey says with anything more than a grain of salt. He cannot back up anything he claims anyway. Chris Matthews belongs in North Korea…

  • John Brozovich

    somebody needs to help this guy out…..OUT of this country!! Him and his ilk do not belong in a free country!!

  • John McBride

    Chris Matthews is more than an idiot, he is a liar. He spouts BS and does not give an example. If he is the representative of the left, no wonder they go crazy and kill, he is on the edge!

  • thunderbob

    This is a our right lie! this twit is so blatantly ignorant the only reason he stays around is his liberal followers are the same! Who was the most recent ‘right winger” that kill people? Timothy McVeigh and he didn’t declare himself to be a right wing person, but a person who didn’t like what the government did at Waco! That was wrong, wrong, wrong. While the left caudals people like; bill aires, doren doran, just to mention a few all proven terrorist. The problem is; the lemming following this mental giant.

  • jmac67

    Matthews is a moron. As far as domestic terrorists being from the right I think maybe he talk to animal rights terrorists or some eco terrorists. I don’t think that any of them come from the right but then that tingle up his let went all the way to his brain 5 years ago.

  • Tiredofbs

    Bill Ayers, you remember the terrorist who now hob nobs with the president…ass clown anyway

  • Johnny Geetar

    And domestic Ballbags tend to be on the far left. This guy needs new batteries in his propeller hat……What an uber-douche…….

  • ufosrreal

    Chris Matthews is a number one grand A-hole! Forget about him already.

  • dagriz

    Can’t say as Chris interprets FACTS correctly (being nice)

  • Donna Fallis

    Liberals tend to be psychotic and therefore, much-more likely to kill someone. Chris Madhews is a perfect example of how completely unhinged they all are.


    Chris Mattehws is sick. He is demented and I cant believe he is still talking on tv. Ft. Hood terrori,st massacre is being called work place crime. They are crazy, deliberately pulling down America. Starting with the man that lives in the White House, people call the president, down to the last mediocre media. .

  • Joseph Gary Hunt

    He always has his head up his butt………

  • Tonto

    OWS v. Tea Party…..I’ll take the Tea Party every time. I wouldn’t even give you two dead flies for Chris Matthews and the entire Democratic Party. They have proven themselves to be the most intolerant, hateful, bigoted, fascistic, immoral, racist, and intolerant set of human filth on planet earth…over and over. I find them as disgusting as radical muslims.

  • Jerry

    The Democrat party has been hijacked by people like Chris Matthews, and what does the old guard Democrats do about it, nothing!!! Most Democrats have learned from Obama that the best strategy is to lie because there are so many “low information voters” that they will believe you. So disgusting that the Dems will not stand up for what made America great. There is a day of reckoning coming for the Democrats.

    • dagriz

      although we sharte the same name and is kinda disheartening——–I luv your leanings———carry on good job

  • Terry Adams

    These people are nuts. most of the serial shooter’s have been liberal dems. but they wont talk about anything that makes their side look bad. they are so full of bs its not funny. maybe when something happens to them they might begin to understand. lets hope its soon

  • Patriot_765

    Lets just call them almost always a Democrat.

  • anniebakerandmurphy

    Chris mathews makes shirley jackson lee look like a Rhodes scholar.He’s had so much of obama’s tingle running down his leg that this fool can’t even form coherent sentences. He’s so in love with obama that he probably forgot he has a family which must be mighty proud of this fool.

  • dagriz

    Can see it now:::::: Regime accounts Boston bombing to Right wing nuts celebrating Patriots Day

  • J. Richardson

    hmmm, i have always found the far left to be the more terrorist type than the conservative right.

  • D. Hanes

    Matthews is an idiot… this is not political… this is insanity.. the insane come from all political fields… Trouble is a ssholes like Matthews who try to make this political so he can turn people against each other.. just another Obama communist.. sltupid fool!

  • dagriz

    Left wing needs no FACTS to publisize——————JUST AIR IT

  • gtm615

    I am sorry Christine Ass YOUs, but some of us are old enough to recollect that the likes of William Ayres (a Weather Underground member who blew up police stations and self avowed communist who’s goal was to destroy the American Republic and murder 24 million die hard patriots to do so), John Kerry, Saul Alinsky, and Cloward and Piven – all of which Obama aligns himself with – were all left wing extremists and the real domestic terrorists. Less than 3 months after King Obama took office “right” (or anyone who disagreed with his royal heighness) suddenly get labeled “domestic terrorists” by none other than Janet “Napolean” in her DHS report. And idiots like you – Chris – have been clinging to that edict ever since than. So go flatulate somewhere else. Your presence in public is a vomit causing stench.

  • bravesky

    I am afraid I could not leave a comment without being so far out of Christian caracter when speaking of this 2 legged piece of crap. How he can look at himself in the mirror after being so much a panderer to the dark side. He just has to keep himself as a toilet sniffer and a rump swab for the marxest crap that has crept int governmenthigh seats. My disgust for him is beyond the pale. I really hope we see that there is an appropriate place for treasonous sociopathic b–t–ds like him and we can all watch him crawl around in it. Now would anyone like to know how I really feel?

  • dagriz

    anybody know who chrise’s advertisers are??????????? I don’t watch and don’t know

  • dagriz

    the PEOPLE’S influence on our Reps may be low, but our influence on the advertisers on advertisers supporting lefties is growing————–CHIC FIL A

  • Billy Camota

    I don’t know what happened to Matthews mind. The devil seems totally in control of him. Nothing good comes out of him. It’s destroy destroy destroy. When he dies, that’s when he knows he is in the wrong side of God.

  • dagriz

    the left made a big thing about Rush losing ads after the Fluke (or slut) thing———–could be Matthews is heading that way——————–SINK MATTHEWS

  • Dr. Evil

    Like Bill Ayers?

  • BH206L3

    Saying don’t make it so, another bold face lie as usual.

  • ccnova67

    Their is no public purpose served by the statements and innuendo that flows out of the orifice Chris Matthews uses as a mouth.

  • dagriz

    The RIGHT plays politics to damned nice. TRUTH left politics years ago

  • oliviadee55

    When is someone going to muzzle this media terrorist?

  • Larry Kroninger

    Chris Matthews does not have any brains that are functioning except those that keep him alive and spewing his ignorant comments.

  • Jeff Horton

    Typical reaction from him. he flaps his mouth with out any since or reason to feed his agenda. You never hear Fox News acuse with out justification. What he says, is like if Rush Said. ” Chris Mathews sent the ricen letter to Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi. His comments makes the same since,none at all.

  • George Wentzel

    How do you say w o r t h l e s s c o c k s u c k e r? You say chris mathews

  • Joe

    Chris Matthews is the biggest fool by far, even beats Joe Biden. Why do we even give him the time of day? He needs to crawl back in the hole he came out of.

  • Demetri Sarinopoulos

    Just another d*** fool that acts as a “newsman”. He should be banned from the airwaves along with the rest of the fools on CNN, ABC, NBC and the other medias. Does anyone believe this man?

  • John Robert Whiteside

    Why would anyone care to address a parasite like him?

  • Bill Sanders

    Let me count the ways: Ft. Hood, leftist, Columbine, leftist kids, Aurora, leftist trained, 9-11 foreign leftists, and many more. Where exactly are these ‘far right’ terrorist hanging out and bombing? The last I remember was put to death, as he should have been: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Murrah building bombing.And now we have Sandy Hook to look at along with the nuts who want us subjugated to Islam and Shariah law. Yep, all far right! So is Matthews, if these all are.

  • Old Gringo

    Slobbering Chris is still trembling from the tingle that runs up his leg when Obama speaks….what a silly little man!

  • Mark Kuykendall

    It was just a matter of time for this dimwit to flap his yap.

  • jim

    Matthews is a typical liberal coward. He doesnt know what he’s talking, but it doesnt stop him. He will make up a lie when he doesnt know the real story. Which is most of the time. Like most cowards, its easier for him to lie and blame others for his
    own stupidity.

    • texan texan

      Broth is Bill O’reilly and Sean Hannity. All LSM clowns. Younguys have been duped. Big time

  • Jim Angielczyk

    Chris Matthews nibbles my anal sphincter.

  • CMY

    Amazing how Chris M. follows the Left wing wakkos, always blaming someone else for their lack of direction and picking on conservatives the really care about America, and their People.

  • MIKE6080

    Is everything that he says something that he learned from books , has he ever met a conservative?

    • texan texan

      Not too hard to avoid in DC. They do, as you know, control the a house. He follows politicians. Duh.

  • Darreld Studie

    Dyslexic Chris gets it right again. Domestic terrorists tend to be on the far left. Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, George Hennard, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, Christopher Dorner, James Holmes, Adam Lanza, left wing liberals all. Good work Chris for pointing it out. Let’s disarm all liberals and make sure they can never own guns or be able to get a gun. They simply can’t be trusted.

  • Charles Wilson

    Does anyone think Chris looks a little retarded? It would explain a lot.

  • Mickey Davis

    NO ONE believes one word Chris Matthews says. the man is a nut job, has the understanding of fungus. His biggest desire is to kiss Juan every day

    • texan texan

      Too bad the right wing nutcases obviously watch him. Who thinks Hannity is sane. Not too many except his brainwashed followers. Left wing …. Right wing.

      • VT Patriot

        Hey Tex, go back to moms basement and watch chrissy-baby. You wouldn’t know facts if they hit you in the face. It’s the left loonies like you that believe all the horse-$hit they are fed, and think the’re right because they ‘heard it on the news’.

  • Gloria

    Chris Mathews is himself a terrorist. Just listen to the things he says.

  • Pat Schmidt

    Chris Matthews is so stupid he doesn’t deserve our time!

  • Joseph Taylor

    Try to convince the family members that lost loved one’s from the Weather Underground bombings or the policemen that got killed in an armored car robbery and one of the persons involved is NOW teaching in one of our collages and policemen died from her actions! Bill Ayers works with Obama in the WH after he did the same thing in the same radical leftwing group Weather underground! Go figure? Maybe we need to ask Obama what’s going on?

    • texan texan

      Yea. That was the hippies of the 60s. Most are old or dead. Chris is talking about current times. Get over the hippies and Bill Ayers. So lame. Go Sarah. Palin arou d with terrorists. Timothy McVeigh…too bad he was not on a terrorist list.

      • Joseph Taylor

        It’s hard to forget them 60s Hippies as you call them, I call THEM Communist, when their still killing our country today, just not with bombs but by weaving themselves into our government and undermining our Constitution, hell they got a Illegal Immigrant in the WH. This tyrannical government is more dangerous to the American way of life than ANY homegrown defender of the constitution & our rights has ever been, cause that’s what they label you as if your a tea party person or conservative. The government makes these people into terrorist because they fight against an over bearing government hell bent on total control over us. You can spin this but time will show your Commie Muslim will fail in his agenda.

  • John Jones

    This moron was abducted by aliens, and had his nether regions probed so far that they extracted his brains and replaced them with a 4-track player, stuck on glam-rock faves of the 80’s. His network uses his show as a test site to see how their viewers – a selection of shut-ins and forcibly restrained drug abusers – react to various audio frequencies. Tests show that dogs exposed to this host’s voice begin to urinate un-controllably, then howl until they collapse.

  • Kimcalaho

    Now what did people expect from Chris Matthews?

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    He is a disgrace to The College of The Holy Cross.

  • KJ

    Bill Ayers is a domestic terrorist. His associate in the White House is undeniably the polar opposite of the far right. I’m pretty sure that makes Chris Matthews wrong again.

  • jd1958

    Chris Matthews is “STUCK ON STUPID.”

  • Derekf900

    Chris Matthews is a Marxist and should be deported to North Korea

  • peace

    Chris Matthews, you are a dumb bonehead. You pissed me off every time you think and open your mouth.

    • MalikTous

      When did he think? I must’ve missed it, it’s so short lived!

  • MalikTous

    Most domestic terrorists are lefty loons like Chris Matthews. The conservatives tend to organise peaceful protests and occasionally mark graffiti or egg some retard liberal or liberal facility, but avoid physically harming people. Extremists from either side are dangerous, and there’s lots more liberal extremists right now than conservative extremists…

  • Light_V_Dark

    TERRORISM was invented by the Satanic_French and has morphed a few times since the end of their Bloodbath. Atheists are NIHILISTS. The Communists’ RELIGION, was/IS Nihilism.@@

    Right wing Atheists are kind of silly, getting dressed up in their 3 cornered hats and misinterpreting the Constitution. Blowing things up is not on their itinerary, though.

    Tim McVeigh, just hated what Janet Rambo did at Waco and he got revenge. NOBODY ON THE RIGHT CONDONED OR CHEERED FOR MCVEIGH. He deserved to die.
    When somebody like Jerry Ford, Falwell, Tony Snow, Margaret Thatcher, et al, dies, the Left goes Carnivale, in celebration. They can’t wait for Doomsday.
    also Nihilism A diffuse, revolutionary movement of mid 19th-century Russia that scorned authority and tradition and believed in reason, materialism, and radical change in society and government through terrorism and assassination.
    Psychiatry A delusion, experienced in some mental disorders, that the world or one’s mind, body, or self does not exist.

  • Atillathe Hungry

    By the way Chris, you neglected to mention those two far right extremists, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

  • Jim28thReg

    This clown is from the same club of bend over billies as Pierce Morgan . Their brains (what’s left of them ) is where they sit and ha been punched full of holes.

  • Kenneth Rogers

    Guess good ole Chris thinks Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorne, the Weather Underground, the Animal Liberatation Front, the Earth Liberation Front etc. are far right people and groups.

  • William Tracey

    Call a spade a spade. They are not extremists, they are Domestic Terrorists, but they are not from the far right or even the right, they are people who have totally lost their moral values and have been corrupted and brainwashed into believing in the teachings of Radical Islamic’s or Socialism. There are some 40 odd El Queda cells that have been identified by the FBI in this country, but I don’t see any of them being rounded up. Hell they could bust hem on a traffic violation, no papers, put them on a watch list and deport them. Oh! I forgot “Big Sis” is giving free passes to them, even felons, compliments of Obama.

    • icemancold

      WELL do you think that OBAMA is going to put forth any effort to catch his MUSLIM brothers? He supports the MUSLIM BROTHER HOOD maybe Iran ,Egypt ,Syria was behind the bombing as a way to even the score with OBAMA for his SUPPORT OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN THOSE COUNTRIES.

  • icemancold

    I want to know just where Chris Matthews is at? He definitely is not on this planet so he must be somewhere out in space. AH That explains why he is such a space case. This IDIOT NEEDS TO HAVE HIS MOUTH SEWN SHUT OR HIS VOCAL CORDS CLIPPED.

  • Nancy

    Ben Carson for President.

  • Nancy

    Chris Matthews is our typical radical liberal wanting to bring government control to America, like all communists do.

  • Nancy

    There is only one group of radicals in America and those are the liberal democrats!!! Period. Nothing is better the last five years. Everything is worse and the liberal lies continue and the uninformed and uneducated believe them. Maybe when our economy collapses and the welfare stops, they may get a wake up call. Get a job!

  • Nancy

    Ben Carson for President!!!!!

  • Jerald

    Matthews – have you forgot about William Ayers – obama’s good friend? In 1969 Ayers co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group[2] that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings (including police stations, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Pentagon) during the 1960s and 1970s in response to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War

  • rangerrebew

    Does Chrissy mean right wing like Obama’s good friend Bill Ayers?

  • HombreGratis13

    in his 2001 book, Fugitive Days. Ayers writes:

    Although the bomb that rocked the Pentagon was itsy-bitsy – weighing
    close to two pounds – it caused ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ of

  • Richard Gibbard

    Oh, please. More domestic terrorism has been committed by environmentalists than any other group except labor unions and the KKK, and these are all Democrat groups. That’s from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

  • Traphill25

    Matthews is an devowed communists! He has his head so far up obama’s blow hole he can’t see the truth. He attempts to brainwash people with his made up commie philosophy.

  • Traphill25

    There is a very high possibility of a civil war, if that happens this loon will not last 48 hours!! America will be purged of the America haters like this commie.

  • Donelle Capriotti

    Ask Chris Matthews if Bill Ayers is part of the “Far RIght”.

  • anybodybutobama

    Once again, the idiot opens his big trap before thinking. Getting to be a habit. He should just stick to those ideas or people that produce “a tingle up his leg”. Actually, I’m an idiot for giving this moron the time of day.

  • Robert Carvo

    Was Bill Ayers on the far right.I doubt it!

  • Oldman66

    Hey Chris Mathews. What about the Presidents best friends Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn? I’m sure they were “Far Right” extremist. You can even get you history right let along your facts.

  • Veronica Ferrante

    Chris Matthews is a stone Idiot!!!

  • Chiefbuck

    The MSNBC rating speak for themselves and Chrissy is a big reason for the dreadful ratings. But then if you are one who would rather watch Chrissy than the Fox journalists, exactly what does that say about you? Full disclosure, with very few exceptions, I have not watched any news or political opinion programs other than Fox since it started. What is the point of watching any news program unless it is fact based, valid reporting? If you haven’t watched “The Five” yet why are you paying for cable or a DVR? My FIOS is programmed to record Fox News weekdays from 1700-1900 and Saturday from 1400-1500.

  • Sofjax

    you all got to remember scumbags like Matthews are among the idiots that will do or say anything
    for ratings he has no talent is a hasbeen the only ones who even watch his dumbass show are as
    bad as he is he is one sided and if you disagree with him you’re dismissed as a rightwing radical
    he will defend the left right or wrong and when the left is caught lying well we all know they simply missopke no get me wrong the right has it’s share of idiots as well (RUSH) but at least with Rush
    I beleave he will be closer to truths than any brainwashed lifty..another Idiots on the left who claims
    to be rightous is the stupid Rev.Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson who rapes his own people of anything
    they can but uses blacks for thier hate of white people for thier own praise the only thing I wish for in
    this world is to be presant on thier judgement day Godbless all Americans

  • G-Ma

    The terriost, in my opinion, is Chris Matthews and his idiot ideaS!!!! He spews hate every time he opens his mouth! From all the evidence, all of the shootings were from registered democrats. What does THAT tell you?

  • Karl M Williams

    Seems to me most domestic terrorist have been the Earth Liberation crowd doing nasty things for over 25 years. You couldn’t get farther left than these clowns.

  • Greg

    The recent shooting monsters wer liberals.

  • coconuisse

    Gosh, think of all the money that could be saved by retiring all the FBI agents and Boston Police officers who are trying to figure out who committed this horrendous act when Chris Matthews has it all figured out with absolutely NO evidence whatsoever!

  • FLBuck

    That is by far the most stupid, idiotic comment that I have ever read that came from the mouth of any libtard that I encountered in my present lifetime.

  • paco12348

    Leftist idiots abound on the Left.

  • brabbie2002

    Yep. Right wing terrorists are the worst the world has to offer. Right after Mickey Mouse and Bozo the Clown. However, idiots are always on the left and prove it every day by just opening their mouths.

  • Ronald Dixon

    Oh really? I consider the national media political terrorists!

  • dragonfire777

    The culprits are entitlement minded liberals. They didn’t get what they thought they were entitled to so using the liberal chant of “Make them pay!” these murders blew up some people. Only liberals blow up people or places when thinbgs don’t go their way. All of the mass shootings have beenone by liberals.

  • Paul Christensen

    Is this guy for real. I do not know where he get his information from but he needs a reality check. But since the far right is being blamed should we do?

  • Bruce Feher

    Out of the mouth of an ass…..

  • Jack Parker

    Just when you think Matthews couldn’t get more inane he tops himself. He has transcended idiocy, stupidity and naivete and entered the realm of insanity. But then he’s a libtard so that’s not saying much.

  • Mike B Martisko

    Does he mean “Terrorist” like Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, and most of the others that have committed acts of Domestic Terrorism, but then Matthews mind is so narrow, that he can only focus on an extremely narrow frame of reference. This idiot needs to be removed from the airways, he has caused more Terroristic acts to take place, the Al Quaeda.

  • Ben Stone

    Chris Mathews is one who should be charged with trying to overthrow the government with his seditious commentary and his dis belief and support of the Constitution, especially when it is with respect to others

  • Donald York

    Bill Ayers and Bernatte Dorhn WERE domestic terrorists Chris. If you are not a propagandist, why aren’t you mentioning them?Wow, i just answered my own question.

  • John

    We all know that Chris Matthews has such a horrendous view of any position other than his, he is not even creditable as a commentator. It’s a waste of precious time listening to the rantings of this idiot!!

  • Robert Allocca

    Chris Matthews is the lowest of the low. Someone should ask him what the following were/are:

    Kathy Boudin, Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayes, Mark Rudd, Michael Klonsky, Alice Palmer, Jeremiah Wright. They are LEFT WING RADICALS then and now. BTW, they are Obama supporters

  • don

    Someone should let this idiot know that Barrack Obama is a Terrorist and he is on the far left and a Liberal Democrat. Chris Mathews is not very smart in fact he is a Moron with a Big Mouth that can’t back up what he says. The only thing he is able to do is to move his lips jest like Joe Biden and stick both feet in as far as he can shove them down his throat.

  • Maggietish

    Chris Matthews will do and say anything to make himself relevant. Every time he opens his mouth its an embarrassment. Its pathetic in a way that a man would demean himself the way he is doing just for camera time. MSNBC’s ratings are going down the toilet and rightfully so–they breed nothing but hate all the time. If poor Chris Matthews isn’t on meds he definitely needs to be. He has attacked Christians, used ever vile act of crfiminals and blamed it on the right, has attempted to turn everyting (even when not related) into a race issue, and has, without measure, supported everything that Presidnet Obama and the far left support and twists his commentary trying to intimate and blame those who don’t agree with him. Isn’t he the one who said he gets a thrill up his leg knowing Presidnet Obama was elected–I certaninly don’t want to know the meaning of that. Comcast is the primary owner of MSNBC and is therefore responsible for the content of the programming and those who work there. Its time we all came together and boycotted Comcast to “help” them understand that we won’t tolerate this any longer.

  • nancy miller

    You have it wrong, Chris. If anyone has the impetus to do something like this, it is the leftist extremists to take the spotlight off of all the failures they have been up to.
    What ever happened to the investigation of the murder of our ambassador?? What ever happened to the monthly vacations by the phoney Prez?? What is happening now in Alabama to disqualify Barry from being in a Presidential election. Need I go on??? Don’t think so

  • Pizzed Off

    Guess the rest of what little brain Matthews had has finally worked it’s way down his leg to the floor. His ignorance can only be the prattling of a brainless moron since ALL the facts known about domestic terrorism indicate they all came from Matthews side of the political spectrum.
    Which mean nothing to “useless idiots” like him.

  • robert1407

    If I have seen a person that needs to be in a straight jacket and place in a rubber room this guy is one. If he really wanted to do something to help the citizens of what is left of the Republic he could stop the FDA and Government from Poisoning the Children with toxic laced foods and Drugs that Kill not cure.

  • DNN

    Just the fact that he said this now makes me think this was a another Democratic ploy rigged by them so that can blame Christians and Republicans… This whole thing is rigged.

  • Bill Senior

    Mathews – Dope-Head!!!!!
    For your information AH … “all” the killing of late throughout America were Leftwing Liberals, from Liberal Parents and/or Backgrounds, DUH!!
    This Guy needs to be taken off the “Air” and stopped from spewing “LIES” … everytime he shits out of his mouth!!!!!!

  • Charlie


  • Bill Senior

    It’s too bad Nitwits like “Chris Mathews” … wasn’t in Boston and got the Blast that better people had/have to endure!!!! What an A$$hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John OMalia

    CM ia an A hole

  • Beepster

    Why is it that most of “terrorists” attacks done by Americans have been by people who call themselves Democrats? Yet, the “Lefties” insist that it’s the “far right fringe” that does all the damage?? Something wrong with this picture?? Actually, it could have been Holder and his troops just looking for another “crisis” to not let go to waste.

  • not a fool

    Go to ‘Obama admits he is a muslim.’-you tube.

  • Robert Dean

    A really very special kind of stupid!!!

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Chrissy Spacedout thinks the leftists who shoot people are to the right of himself? That puts him WAY OUT THERE in the leftist dingles.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Oh, wait! Is he admitting that most terrorists are islamic? Yeah, they’re on the “right”, in that they hate everything liberal… Hey Chrissy – that’s a DIFFERENT KIND OF “right”.

  • jb80538

    And loser lefties like CHris Matthews are usually wrong

  • Hudmar

    Yes, Mr .Matthews, and the Far Left is exclusive.

  • pcsrocky

    NO, Mr. Mathews, most mass murderers and “domestice terrorists” tend to be LIBERAL or LEFT!! Do some real reporting and research and then get put out “facts” not inuendo!!!

  • Johnny Walker

    Everyone is to the ‘far right’ of this pathetic, embarrassing, latter-day Maoist.

  • David

    Scotty , beam Chris Matthews out into vast space In between his ears .

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    If Chris Matthews would simply leave out the left-wing slant on everything he has to say, he may actually develop a program that people would want to watch. With his constant spewing of looney tunes left-wing propaganda, he sounds like an idiot.

  • rs1123

    Oh? Like Bill Ayers? The Weathermen? The rest of Obama’s old radical college buddies? Chris Mathews is a complete schwanz.

  • Bonnie Wheeler

    Chris, are you saying then that Bill Ayers, Obama’s good friend, is far right? He committed acts of terror – remember?

  • djw663

    Of course they are Chris just ask Bill Maher.

  • camoman

    yeah thats scumbag chris mathews born a moron

  • standtall909

    Bill Ayers on the FAR RIGHT? Chris Matthews is a JOKE. I don’t know when this will happen, but I’m hoping soon the people that listen to this idiot will start to wake up and smell the coffee. This man is only a puppet for the administration.

  • John A. Naguski

    The idiot Matthews once again forgets to engage brain before opening his mouth.

  • Flolady

    Can’t someone tell Chris Matthews to sit down and be quiet? For that matter, does anyone listen to him anyway??

  • Stan Parrish

    Stalin said (not word for word) “When you tell a lie, make it a really big one. Then repeat it over and over. Eventually someone will believe it.”
    So apparently Chris Mathews is a Stalinist.


    This person is a bias fool who is full of HATE for anyone that on the right as he call them, Amen!

    Any destructiveness, he relates to conservatives, but have things running up his legs for those that are progressives, this man is a mass, Amen!

    This person does not have an unbiased bone in his whole body!

    Mr. Matthews need much prayer, so he will overcome his one-sided HATE, Amen!

    Mr. Matthews need to change his shows name to “THIS IS A FOOL WORLD”!

    MR. Evans

  • Persuasive

    I expose Chris Mathews and others in a section of my book I’d Much Rather Laugh! How You Can Save America from Ridicule and Ruin, which is a serious look at democratic decay with a way to revitalize this nation. Look for it everywhere books are sold or take a peek at couragetolaugh[dot]com. Keep up the good fight.

  • Lane Eason

    Chris, it appears you are much more stupid than I ever thought you could be. In fact, I am surprised you are not in an institution for crazies and they should be doing the news.

  • Ken

    Chris Mathews tends to be a dumb Ass

  • Patriot Gal

    Matthews is a lame-brain, lying fool!! What is wrong with these people? ….Oh Yeah, they are communists who want nothing more than to destroy America. Unfortunately, they are doing a good job at doing bad.

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