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Chris Christie Tears Into Obama

  • David Peacock

    Christie is another getter done conservative;; good job my man

    • tncdel

      No he isn’t Christie is a RINO fraud. I’m voting for Romney. But I wouldn’t be doing so if he had chosen Christie as his VP.

  • Benjamin Raines

    So what if he is the president? Obama should be respectful and not interrupt.

  • donl

    All the more reason to vote for Romney, and I will!!

    • vanguard7

      I already did! At this point, I’d vote for Carter before I’d vote for Obumass.

    • RacerJim

      All the more reason to vote for Romney, and more than once!!!

  • surjit kaila

    Time to wake up.for Americans. Now see and

  • caskinner

    Obammie didn’t do anything positive for this country in 4 yrs. Game over….go home Obammie. Go Chris Christie

  • ginger

    Go Christy…telling it like it is,.wish we had some more honor and boldness in Wash. We have a few and the left is after them like a bad suit.

  • Robert Stone

    what Obama means is that he can’t change the country to complete socialistic state from within side

  • David Veselenak

    Now that is what we need more of – in your face attitude by the opposition! Way to go Christie!

  • Jack Parker

    Christie for president!

  • Kimberly Severtson

    New Jersey….get out there and get voters to vote for Romney…We’re DONE with Oblamer!

  • AnOldGuyThatsPOd

    Go Chris!!!!!!!!!

  • vanguard7

    He failed to mention Obama saying it was the Japanese Tsunami’s fault too!

  • JamesPF

    Amen to that, Chris says the truth. My vote is for Romney !

  • Dwightmannn

    That was good. He speaks just like I feel. . . The only thing he left out is that we have a Gay, Muslim, communist, lying murderer in the WH/

  • diablito_6

    This title should have read: Chris Christie tears into a side of beef.

  • Army Wife

    He still isn’t leading, never has. He Hates the USA, so I think we should send him to another country, OH the one he’s from, that would be good!!

  • Hubcap

    Christie is a loud mouth abusive person. We have had enough of blame from Obama. Christie is a double crossing RHINO and he likes to ride the coat tails of others. He appointed a Shari Muslim Judge and he is a CAIR puppet. See the last time he celebrated a Ramadan at his governor residence with CAIR. He is not predictible. He backed the casiono off track and goes for the Union and Casinos does this me the Unions and the Casinos are for Romney?

    • tncdel

      I see you got a lot of down votes for stating the truth about Christie. Have we inadvertently stumbled into a Liberal hornet’s nest? Initially I had believed we were on a Conservative website, but no true Conservative would have voted down what you stated.

      As the Bible warn us, “By the fruits shall ye know them.”

  • bobmann101

    This illegal, phony, lying, foreign national, Muslim POTUS, is not leading anything. He does what his big money, string pulling puppet masters tell him to do. He is nothing by himself NOTHING!!!

  • effgjamis

    tax payer pay + million for family vacations… Obam does not know the truth as he has lied so much he can’t even remember his last lie. Mitt will be the next President.. He has my vote

  • Val

    A must watch video, its SO IMPORTANT.

  • fredh

    I would not give obama a bus ride back to Chicago , I would give a bus ride to Levenworth prison

  • M. Andrews

    i like htis christie guy.. i really like him!

  • AppraisHer

    “For the first time in my life, I’m proud to be “…from NJ. Spreadin’ a little Jersey truth, tell it on em’ Chis.

  • tncdel

    Every time I see a supposedly Conservative website featuring this RINO, it serves to make us true Conservatives question a site’s credibility as a Conservative website, not a shill for neocons and the NWO undercover.

    Lest you need your memory stimulated, please recall that, among other things, Chris Christie appointed a Muslim with ties to Hamas who supports Sharia Law as a judge.

    I strongly urge the person responsible for choosing content to, in the future, not again feature anything about Christie, unless it’s to denounce him. I really hate to see that FRAUD getting news space.

  • tncdel

    Christie is a fraud
    The unnecessary trips and over the limit hotel stays are just a sampling of the corrupt behavior Christie was involved in during his tenure as U.S. attorney for NJ.

    Christie discussed his candidacy with Karl Rove while still serving as U.S. attorney, a clear violation of the Hatch Act.….

    Christie held stock in a company he was investigating while U.S. attorney.….

    Christie gave no bid contracts worth tens of millions to John Ashcroft and former U.S. attorneys.

  • tncdel

    [continued from my post below]

    Christie gave one of those contracts to David Kelley, former U.S. attorney for Manhattan. I wonder why.

    Christie gave a subordinate in the U.S. attorney office, Michele Brown (currently hired as Christie’s appointments counsel —
    — ) a loan he failed to disclose or pay taxes on.
    http://emptywheel.firedoglake… /

    Christie also hired several attorneys from his former U.S. attorney office as advisers as governor and increased his staff budget by $440K over the Corzine administration’s staff budget.….

    Christie may also have received improper aid from Brown during the gubernatorial election.

  • tncdel

    [continued from my below posts]

    “October 20, 2009
    Christie May Have Gotten Improper Aid
    When news broke in August that the former United States attorney, Christopher J. Christie, had lent $46,000 to a top aide in the federal prosecutor’s office, he said he was merely helping a friend in need. He also said the aide, Michele Brown, had done nothing to help his gubernatorial campaign.

    But interviews with federal law enforcement officials suggest that Ms. Brown used her position in two significant and possibly improper ways to try to aid Mr. Christie in his run for governor.

    In March, when Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s campaign requested public records about Mr. Christie’s tenure as prosecutor, Ms. Brown interceded to oversee the responses to the inquiries, taking over for the staff member who normally oversaw Freedom of Information Act requests, according to federal law enforcement officials in Newark and Washington. The requested information included records about Mr. Christie’s travel and expenses, along with Ms. Brown’s travel records.

    In mid-June, when F.B.I. agents and prosecutors gathered to set a date for the arrests of more than 40 targets of a corruption and money-laundering probe, Ms. Brown alone argued for the arrests to be made before July 1. She later told colleagues that she wanted to ensure that the arrests occurred before Mr. Christie’s permanent successor took office, according to three federal law enforcement officials briefed on the conversation, presumably so that Mr. Christie would be given credit for the roundup.”

    Christie opened an investigation into Senator Robert Menendez that was wholly without merit and designed to influence the election.

  • tncdel

    To save someone the trouble of mentioning it, let me mention that the links with what I stated are no good. I’m well aware of that. Because the website from which I obtained the info truncates the link addresses. HOWEVER, anyone who wants the complete links can obtain them by copying the gist of the subject matter, then googling it. Each statement exposing Christie was covered in the news, mostly local New Jersey media.

  • Shane

    Obama is not a leader. He is far better at being a community organizing radical.

  • jeff

    Chris C will eventually be a great president!!!

  • Concerned American

    Obama must go. He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to this nation. the most immature, deceitful president we have ever had. Elect Romney on Nov. 6th.

  • Daniel

    its people like this wannabe stand up comic that make it easier for obama to win! have fun when romney starts taking your jobs and giving them to the chinese! Have fun when romney takes Fema away and another Sandy comes and tears up your house.

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