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Charlie Rangel: ‘There Is No Reason Why a Young Person Should Have to Pay for College’

On Martin Bashir’s Thursday MSNBC program, New York Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel said that no students should have to pay for college. Rangel was reacting to President Barack Obama’s higher education proposal rollout that would put in place requirements for students and institutions to receive federal financial aid assistance.

  • WardMD

    How about BECAUSE IT COSTS MONEY, and you don’t have A RIGHT to a FREE College Education!


    Now, Charlie, if YOU and the Liberal Democrats want to pay for EVERYONE’S college education – go right ahead… NO ONE is going to stop you…

    BUT, to suggest that it’s MY responsibility to pay for ANYONE’s college education (other than my daughter’s) is arrogant and WRONG!

    • StephenFR

      Ward, Only disagree with one thing here. It is NOT your responsibility to pay for your daughters college education. You might feel obligated, but it not a requirement or a law or a responsibility. I hop she realizes that.

      • jayleigh

        My daughter earned enough scholarships on account of her high school grades and also because her boss at her part time, after school job appreciated her hard work and gave her the first ever scholarship his company had ever given! After her first two years of college, she worked to pay most of her next years’ schooling. i helped her because i wanted to and because she deserved it. She graduated with high distinction and a 4.0 gpa even though she worked that last two years of college, and she is working in her field and a highly respected cardio-pulmonary nurse! So, if kids want to go to college, they should buckle down in high school; prove their worth and then they are likely to earn scholarships that will help. But, if they want to party all through college, they’ll never make it academically or financially. College is serious biz – it’s not playtime!

      • Blomsoy

        Stephen, Ward may WANT to pay for his daughter’s education
        because he loves her and she is worth the investment.

        • StephenFR

          You apparently did not understand what I was saying. It is great that he intends to pay for her college. It is not, however, his responsibility.

          • Blomsoy

            Stephen, I read you. Happy Thanksgiving !

    • stonemike

      He will pay with YOUR MONEY!

  • Mac Boy

    THEN YOU and the NAACP pay for it, Sambo! –
    Not on MY dime!!!!

    • Fox


  • duif100

    Did he say: There is no reason why a congressman should pay taxes????????????

    • KJ

      Congressmen like Rangel should pay twice what they legally owe and never use tax harbors, exemptions, and deductions. Let the socialists start double paying for their idiotic ideology.

      • duif100

        I am more in favor of that the people who voted for Obama should pay for Obamacare and that anyone who has not paid their taxes cannot hold a position in government and/or public office..

    • jayleigh

      Yep, he surely did. They earn way and above what the average American wage-earner takes home, and look at all their bennies, to boot! But why should they pay taxes? Well, that’s to “give back” to the American people what they steal from us by their booze-sodden parties, freebies, golf club memberships, limousines, outrageous numbers of staff (that WE pay for), luxurious offices (that we pay for), vacations abroad, retirement plans that will break American taxpayer’s finances… did i miss anything? And he thinks he should skate free on my sidewalk? i don’t think so! i think he could manage with two staffers and 1/20th of the salary and NO retirement plan, and let him manage on O-Care!. Let him get a real job when he’s booted out of Congress! TERM LIMITS is my battle cry!

  • Jim480

    A great video of an idiot explaining idiotic ideas to another idiot.

    • Blomsoy

      Thank you, Jim480, I like the way you put that. Could not have done
      it better myself.

  • Mr_DAA

    Chuck, I am struggling to make ends meet with my own little family.
    I really can’t afford your vote buying schemes and want you to know that if you can’t cease and desist on these little Nation Ruining scams you help support, I wish you the most treacherous of treks through the rest of your ebbing years. I want you to feel like ME trying to make it on by with an endless line of hands picking my back pocket for my weary wallet.

    Did ya understand my letter, Chuck? Or do I have to get a translator?+

  • robert

    right rangal,just like you you racist,who doesn,t pay his taxes.or like weiner{sex scandals}

  • Barbaree

    Oh, just great! When people are given everything and don’t have to pay for anything, all this does is raise generations of stoned “occupy groups” who will just be taking up time and space in the colleges, and learn nothing except liberal propaganda.

    • sandman

      Then vote as well also!

  • Guest

    No way would I go to a school that was operated by government- or one that sold itself like a common whore just to get the money. Look what it did for Obama and HIS crowd. Ignorant fools, the bunch.

  • sandman

    Or pay their taxes, huh mr rangler?

  • longduckdong2

    That’s how Affirmative Action programs work, eh Charlie and your left hand man, Mr. Obama, and your colleges in the NAACP!!!!!!!

  • sandman

    Answer me this mr rangler, why is college so dam expensive anyway, I mean isn’t it all your professor friends there? teaching? and I use that term very loosely, all of them, every one a liberal who believes no-one should have to pay the exorbitant prices that they are charged in the colleges? but then on the other hand are paying themselves very handsomely? you know, like the fake indian? the one who stated the costs are too high? while being paid high six figures for teaching what? 2-3 classes a week? you and your friends on the left are nothing but a dirty bunch of hypocrites.

    • KJ

      When the government becomes involved in (over)regulation and taxation of companies and industries, costs skyrocket. Paying for the bureaucratic inefficiency of big government distorts costs in almost any instance you can imagine.

      • sandman

        That KJ is a whole nother kettle of fish! as I am not talking about private industry, but public schools, or places of “higher learning” actually more like learning higher! as there might be some in more private schools, but mostly in public schools, is the “curriculum” more a bunch of liberal nonsense than anything appropriate and constructive, mostly just a bunch of social BS ! and there are good folks out thee, mortgaging the family house to pay for this employment of socialist to do nothing but “teach” little Johnny or Jane to hate this Great Country, and that man is changing the climate, and big business is evil and government is the answer! So no, it is not the regulations that drive higher educations cost thru the roof, but the over inflated payments to the over educated m o r o n s who are filling the youth with these crazy ideas, and calling it an education for the future?

  • RetiredTpr

    These kids are listening to this crap about a free education. They do not realize that IF they get the degree, they can’t find a job and then if and when they do find employment, they are going to have to pay, through taxes, all the kids behind themselves for their free education. They are too stupid to realize that the liberal promise is not true and it is going to bite them in the a**!

  • Harold

    This dumb N and the democrat party are the reason that America is so deep in debt that who knows if we will ever be able to get it paid off. All because of tax cheats like this moron and the stupid imbecile’s that are sitting in the congress and senate.

    • ScarletDove

      And look what the democrats have done to Detroit. And also look at DC, druggie mayors, blacks voting out extremely good black mayors, and on and on, they only want corrupt low-lives in office. I live in the DC suburbs and have watched this distorted political fiasco for decades. The ignorance is deafening……………

    • jayleigh

      And speaking of tax cheats – the IRS workers are guilty of income tax evasion. How’s that for having confidence in an agency that has access to everything you ever say or do and can come after you and put you in the poor house or in federal prison for income tax evasion. And now they’re to be in charge of health care? Along with dear K. Sebelius? Wow! Such a deal!

  • itsfun

    Just more tax for me to pay, and never get anything back. If he wants to give free college to young folks, how about giving it to me too instead of sticking it to me.

  • Mac Boy

    Just another RACIST “N” –
    Let the NAACP pay for the “Trayvons” college !!!!!

  • OttoKnowbetter

    I think what Charlie meant was that no young person should be able to pay off his college education. From the rates these colleges are charging, it will take decades to pay off the note–the ‘student’ will be nearing retirement by the time the bill is paid off.
    I realize Charlie thinks the students are too stupid to see that they will be forced to pay for all of his largesse through higher taxes on their incomes, spending, and possessions. (Maybe he’s right…)

  • Shofar threading

    Of course cheating (us) Charlie, if pressed, will say he means all BLACK young people.

  • u.s.patriot001

    there is no good reason why we are paying rangel another black bigot!

  • artarlo1

    If Rangel paid his taxes would help

  • BlueViolets

    Then Charlie I suggest you put your hands in your pockets and do something besides play with yourself. Drag out some money and pay for it yourself.


    Let me put it this way, simple way that many, even Mr. Rangel could understand: If they do not pay, other people that has nothing to do with them (you insinuate) has to pay. That again is one of many faces of re-distribution of wealth. The other person (tax payer) is always the one who works, the one who is punished (instead of rewarded) for his “crime” of being productive, but the lazy bum, for whom you are insinuating (creating) a fake right, the one who does not work, and expects everything to be given to him, is rewarded for not working. That proposal from Mr Rangel, which is nothing new, gives an idea from what means he live, or would like to live. If instead of being (allegedly) a representative of the people, he be a low class factory worker, probably he would not be talking foolishly. WHEN IS PEOPLE GOING TO WAKE UP AND UNDERSTAND THAT THERE IS NOT SUCH A THING AS A FREE LUNCH? There is one free thing only, and that is A GIFT. And that is what Mr. R. apparently is advocating. No wonder the nation is in the condition that it is!

  • lucitee

    And get the GOVERNMENT out of the entire education business! They had a profit last year off students of almost sixty BILLION dollars! Who benefitted from all those billions? The Middle East MBH, other extreme rebels and radical factions! My daddy used to tell we kids and his congregations; If the churches did what God had intended, there would BE no poor! The extravagant and luxurious mega-churches won’t get you any closer to Heaven than the ones my Dad used to minister in! It is sickening to watch anti-Americans in our Country take over and completely controlling every aspect of our lives! That is NOT what our Constitution lays out in plain English! WE the people form the State, States form the Government, and Government answers to the STATES! How the AITCH did we get HERE?

  • Clint

    My guess is that in Charlie’s world that same logic applies to taxes on property in the tropics. Sorry Charlie, in the world we live in you are supposed to pay your own way. There are no free lunches, except for politicians of course.

  • ScarletDove

    What do you expect from this corrupt, tax-evading old fool!

  • spyderdalton

    Yea there are plenty of reasons… Especially since all your redistribution of wealth ends up in the hands of politicians and does nothing to help the poor. the middle class are disappearing thanks to your socialist communist agendas and you go unscathed after comitting fraud and tax evasion!

    • jayleigh

      Yep, the promised “classless” society of socialist Europe never happened. There were two classes – the class that stole everything from everybody and lived in luxury, and the class that lived in poverty. But, hey, the wealth was redistributed and that was the promise Herr Hitler and Stalin made, wasn’t it? Who said they weren’t men of their word?!

  • don

    Charlie Rangel feels that they should do jest like he does and that is not to pay for so many things when you can get it free jest like Charlie Rangel has been doing for many decades now sense he is in congress. The thing is that congress has never paid there fair share exactly like the President and and every Government officials do not pay there fair share and many of them pay nothing for what they take from the tax payers.

  • Art Hock

    Rangel is a fine example of electing a thieving racist idiot just to get a black man in congress. If the fools in Washington had a spine that a##hole would be in prison.

  • ufosrreal

    Yeah Charlie, there’s no reason a young person should have to pay for school, and never mind whether they are qualified for college so long as they will help meed the diversity goals. Also, there’s no reason a hideous old imbecile should pay his taxes either, like you, right Charlie? Paying is only for the working fools and taxpaying slaves right Charlie?

  • Lowell

    Of course they shouldn’t have to pay for it. Us old people who never went to college should have to pay for it!! Like my dad used to say “If you don’t earn it, you don’t appreciate it”.

  • Stan Parrish

    Between myself, my wife, and my son we figured out a way to send my son to a highly respected university. My son graduated with honors and put himself on an accelerated payback program. He will be free and clear after about 7 years from graduation. He has never complained. He just went about the business of taking care of business. We taught him to be self-sufficient and to never stick his hand out unless it is to give somebody else a hand up. These are some of the founding principles that made our country great. We need to get back to that and that means eliminating the liberal thought processes that are making us a nation of weenies as well as bankrupting us.

  • Guest

    Actually, is there ANY reason we should pay those a*holes in DC? They already milk the system for all it’s worth. And more. Some even do it legally, though not many.

    • jayleigh

      Nope – most of them have siphoned enough of the taxpayer’s dollars that they could live in luxury until the 23rd century without lifting a finger. The Founding Fathers did NOT want this to become a career; nor did they want it to break the economy of the people. They also didn’t want Congress to rule, but to listen to the people. They wanted a limited government and an even more limited central government, leaving the bulk of regulations to the townships, counties and states. How far away from the dream we have strayed!

  • WardMD

    ACTUALLY, he has a point…

    There’s NO REASON (in THIS ECONOMY) for young people to even BOTHER with college (MOST won’t be able to find work anyway, once they graduate):

    “The report, from the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, concludes that while college-educated Americans are less likely to collect unemployment, many of the jobs they do have aren’t worth the price of their diplomas.

    Of 41.7 million working college graduates in 2010, about 48 percent of the class of 2010 work jobs that require less than a bachelor’s degree, and 38 percent of those polled didn’t even need high school diplomas, the report found.”

    BUT You know Democrats… IF it’s NOT WORKING, throw MORE TAXPAYER DOLLARS at it!

    • jayleigh

      Community colleges teach useful classes that take as little as 9 months to two years to complete. Those include nursing, drafting, automotive, dietary, truck driving, radiology tech, early childhood education. Many of those jobs can help pay for an advanced degree in a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral program if the student wishes to go on. Although, i don’t think anyone has gotten a doctorate in truck driving (heh heh) But, the point is well-taken that a community college doesn’t mess with the non-essentials – they teach the core classes that prepare the student to actually work in the chosen field.

  • dandeman

    This is a prime example of laziness and ignorance. Instead of generalities, how about providing a solid plan on why and how this makes our college system better. However, I would say that as the Democratic socialist dumb-down the education system, it’s probably not worth a dime anyway.

    BTW, how many Government funded college’s are you planning to support? Is this sort of like medicare for kids? Can we say corruption and waste..

    • jayleigh

      i assume you are directly your comments to Charlie-boy, aren’t you? Not to us the taxpaying public who have worked to support ourselves and our children.. And yep, a general B.S. or B.A. degree is worthless. Classes are dumbed down and feminine studies make up the core of the first four years at most colleges. The other classes are basically socialist propaganda.

  • Dale Patterson

    Charlie Rangel is a smarmy butt nugget left over from the Dean Martin Rat Pack days… He belongs in Las Vegas with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank…

  • artarlo1

    Hey Rangel you cheat on taxes. You liberals have more ways to take our money and keep yours

  • Susan

    Ya—such evil Marxists who “think” that getting something for nothing makes great people. Hard work—perseverance is what makes for greatness….and they are destroying children (Communist Common Core) so they are weaklings/feminized boys—self-absorbed—obsessed with sex organs (sexualized with Marxist Sex ED) and have no morality—expects everything for nothing/no work—–like all worthless Socialists.

  • munimula

    Liberalism is a mental illness!

  • don

    Charlie Rangel does not pay for anything today or at anytime he has been in congress Charlie Rangel is a tax cheat that was caught but his coworkers bailed him out. But this is why no one in congress has ever got to pay for anything they jest pass laws that exempts themselves and forces the tax payers to pay for there crimes.

  • jmach11

    There is no reason why taxpayers should pay a salary to Rangel.


    More to the point there is no reason for legitimate American citizens to pay for benefits for elected officials that exceed the benefits of the average legitimate taxpaying American citizen.

  • CelticRune

    …..another liberal moron who thinks money can just be printed when you need it. People like this DB need to be booted for an adult with common sense.

  • Elmer Goetz

    Charlie the crook is not a Democratic rep. He is a democrat rep. There is a huge difference in these words. Democratic implies the person believes and supports democracy. Democrat only means you belong to the democrat party. And we know very few of them believe in democracy.

    • jayleigh

      Yes – that grammatical error is made frequently. The Democrat Party is anything but Democratic in philosophy!

  • Mort Leith

    So WHO IS going to pay for it ? /
    HIM ! !

  • junkmailbin

    slime slimimg us with more slime.

  • Mort Leith

    So WHO IS going to pay for it ? ??
    HIM, the tax dodger he has been proven to be!

  • ARMYOF69

    Communism at its very best.
    Rangell the black crime instigator is at it again.

  • G.O. Vanni

    I agree and by the same token there is no reason for you not to pay for your own health care like the rest of us. Your staff also.


    For that matter, Charlie, there’s no reason why a young person should have to go to college. If we send everyone to college, how much will that shiny new degree be worth? Many of these young people think they should have to study, either. So, they get degrees in useful things like UNDERWATER KNIFE SHARPENING. I’m sure someone paid for your degree, huh, Charlie?

    • jayleigh

      A University education isn’t really very good anymore anyway, unless it is in a legitimate degree, like a degree in one of the medical fields, engineering, drafting, law, or science, that sort of thing. A general education degree is worthless. The first couple years, kids have take classes in “feminine theology,” “Feminist writings” and trash like that. There were many women writers who produced great literature for centuries. But those aren’t the themes of the Feminist writings classes. It is really sick stuff. My grandson had to take those two classes – feminist theology dealt with the “goddesses” and the lit class was absolute pornography that dealt mostly with lesbian sex and attraction. His sociology class was also taught by a feminist who spent the whole class period bashing men, and exhorting the female students to try lesbian sex before absolutely committing to a heterosexual relationship because at least it would help her understand her female children and her peers who may be lesbian. He dropped out after that first semester because he wasn’t allowed to take classes in what he had defined as his major (World and American History – he wanted to teach those subjects in high school), until he’d taken all the “feminine studies” classes. He is now a U.S. Marine. Take a look at college and university catalogues for a four year B.A. or B.S. degree. Even if a student’s major is in the math or science fields, chances are they will have to take a core of feminist study and minority studies, as well, before they even get to take anything in their major field! And Rangel wants the taxpayer to pay for these exploitive classes? huh!

  • Roby Robertson

    Who the hell is going to pay for it You idiot!!!!

  • TAM44

    Blacks don’t pay for anything I know of charlie rangel, they are all low life’s like your worthless self.

    • jayleigh

      That’s not true. i have many, many Black friends who are hard working, industrious and have always paid their bills, sent their kids to college, and have led productive lives. So, don’t charge a whole race with the scofflaws. i know it seems like none of them are held accountable, but that’s simply not true. Rangel is a cheat and he should be brought up on charges, thrown out of office and never given credence for anything he says. But don’t smear a whole race of people because you know some who stiff the system.

  • Harold

    What the tax cheat means is; ‘Free for all the N—- and free loaders.

    • jayleigh

      He isn’t the only “Federal Employee” who has failed to pay income tax. There are i don’t remember how many IRS agents who are delinquent on their taxes. It wasn’t just a handful; it’s a huge number. Think they’ll end up in a Federal facility supervised by men with guns? i doubt it.

  • Ruby_Con

    Well that is clearly how you get the young demographic to vote perpetually for democrats. Promise them free education, free health care, tell them that when they graduate in gay, lesbian and transgendered or environmental studies that they will be paid 150K a year with three months vacation. They will buy it hook, line, and sinker. Oh wait thats right they already use that strategy, sorry.

    • jayleigh

      works every time though, doesn’t it? Why change a model that is so effective at getting the votes? Like the dems forgetfulness when it comes to their record on integration…. i guess if you give away enough goodies, people will forget the evil of the past. Short memories, but they’ll end up a long time on the bread lines after all when the $$ run out. You can’t get blood out of a turnip and the aging population is quickly becoming turnips at the rate taxes are increasing. It isn’t just income tax, there is a tax on everything; and each state has taxes, counties have taxes, villages have taxes… i turned into a turnip about the time i hit 40. i worked two jobs while raising my kids as a single parent, and every time the landlord raised the rent, i had to find a cheaper place to live. But, my kids are both employed and not on any dole. i used up my retirement account for a major illness a long time ago when the insurance company went belly up and left me with nothing! And now we have “O-care” that doesn’t work, but has monthly rates that make the richest of people gasp in fear, and this is supposed to be a benefit? Congress and the POTUS have become too comfortable with the salaries that the GAO sets for them and we must pay or go to jail. It’s time for a major over-haul which may just require a new Constitutional Convention to get us back to what our Founding Fathers dreamed and intended for this country to be!

      • Ruby_Con

        You really nailed it. This quote by Alexis de Tocqueville sums it up perfectly. “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

        • jayleigh

          Alexis was astute and far-sighted, wasn’t he?! He also said that America’s success was due to her “goodness” but the day she ceased to be “good” is the day she would cease to be great. That’s a paraphrase, but it’s the essence. I think we reached the point of losing both our goodness and our greatness 20+ years ago. We had a brief reprieve under Reagan, but the downhill slide has been gaining speed since then. Thanks for the quote; it’s a keeper!

  • DAY8293A

    There is no need for us to pay for Sambo’s salary,,,

  • jose

    This clown is so full of stupidity

  • persuasive

    And just turn it into the public school sort of education we currently have and are at our wits end trying to figure out how to fix? Probably not such a great idea in practice as it sounds spoken by a representative way past his welcome in public office.

  • Albert Loyd Mccawley

    Or food, phone, transportation
    what a joke

  • Mr T

    Then you and Barry can pay for it.

    This guy looks like a gay black Jackie Gleason!

  • LittleMoose

    Sorry Charlie, If it wasn’t for the student loan program the cost of college would be lower. Having the government out of tuitions would go a long way in lowering costs.

  • Stan Parrish

    Rangel is retarded. Tax rates would have to exceed a thousand percent to cover everybodies college costs. Cost of college would skyrocket but hey. So long as everybody paid $100 for every $1 earned we should be okay.

    • jayleigh

      heh heh heh! Your estimate is probably too low, but it’s a start! lol

  • Jim28thReg

    WELL WELL well finally here’s something Rangel Dangle finally said something I can agree with. Can you believe it ? College has turned into an institution of of brain washed traitors and those are the ones that really did attend the classes. One out of a hundred college teachers is a patriot all the rest are America haters and don’t deserve to even be in this country.

  • The_American_Way

    This man is truly a MORON. With that said, I will back up and say that I would be perfectly okay with whorehouse Charlie paying the tuition for all college students.

    Did you ever notice how fast liberals are willing to pay for something with other people’s money. As soon as they have to reach in their own pocket their entire position changes.

  • A Patriot

    How does this lying criminal not get hit by a bus when he crosses a street.

  • KJ

    There is no reason that anyone outside Charlie Rangel’s district should have to pay for his salary now or a bloated pension for his bloated carcass later.

    He and his Democrat party are saddling future generations with a massive debt load. Who is going to pay for that?

    • rosech

      Their salaries are outrageous and last their whole lifetime. This is ridiculous as once they are out of government, no lifetime salary. We don’t get them and neither should they. He is one stupid Democrat but then again he lives in New York which for me tells it all.

      • jayleigh

        TERM LIMITS! Yep, i’m yelling when i type that! TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS TERM LIMITS and NOT one dime of taxpayer money when they leave office!

  • rosech

    Well, Rangel, why not use your overpaying salary to cover college tuition for some worthwhile students? Free college? You are also brain dead and way past your sell by date as well. I had hoped your arrest would have kept you in jail for a very long time so you could in touch with the ral world.

  • Seven Bears

    How about us old people if we want to attend college?

    • jayleigh

      Nah, we old folk ain’t worth nuthin’ dontcha know? We’re just a waste of breath and space here. The world belongs to the young and inexperienced who bungle along until they finally learn something and by that time, it’s time to put them out to pasture because there’s a new crop of under-educated but over-degreed, under-achieving college kids who need the work to support their expensive habits. dontcha know?

  • jsnh

    Another reason why our country is going broke. Members of Congress like Rep. Rangel.

    • jayleigh

      Why on earth was he not incarcerated like any other tax cheat? Why is he still sitting in Congress on the taxpayer’s bill?

  • stonemike

    What a “communist old bas–rd , his whole life has been one huge ‘dose of affirmative action”! Never had a job any time at all, accepted a military award hes openly admitted was “questionable at best”! The man is a crook, owes the govt money and has never liked paying his full share of taxes! if this “clown” had not stumbled upon ‘naive voters” as a way to get in office, he would more than likely been a “lifetime’ welfare recipient!

  • ARMYOF69

    Fund them for 50% of their income for the next 20 years.

  • CombatVet


  • Don

    The reason Charlie Rangel says that kids should not have to pay for an education is because the Government has always paid for everything he has ever received. From his childhood he has gotten welfare and he has never had to ever work for a living because he has been in congress the majority of his life and even to this vary day he has never earned anything that the Government has given to him. That does include all of the money he has ever owed to the IRS because he did get a waiver from the rest of congress from having to pay back all he owes. All congress asks of him is to give any other of his coworkers the same vote when they get caught cheating on there taxes. When congress passes laws and bills they exempt themselves from the same laws and same bills they make into law for every citizen to obey. Hell congress has given Illegals Immigrants the same exemption from the laws and bills they pass

  • 1catfish

    All an idiot like Rangel has to do is make a dumb ass sggestion and the freeloaders jump on board. When these freeloaders come out of college they find out there is no demand for phylosiphy and basket weaving. We need more trained mechanucs, plumbers and electricians that do not need a college degree just a good mental apptitude.

  • jim Bob

    I’ve got a Great Idea. Let’s vote for Black Politicians who actually care about this Country and want to serve All citizens, regardless of their Race and Color.

  • Dale_G1

    Sorry Charlie. But if you want to pay for it, feel free to take it out of your over-paid paychecks.
    Why this scandal ridden piece of garbage is STILL an elected official I’ll never know. Oh wait. It’s because he panders to low income, low information, low morals voters to keep him in office so he
    can give them taxpayer funded freebies. We need a new definition for treason in this country. But then that would fill our prisons even more. Especially in the DC area.

  • dontdoitagain

    Now we know what happened to Hank Johnson and the immortal (comedy) skit about Guam capsizing! He didn’t have the money for college…

  • MIKE6080

    My wife and I paid for our college education by working , not even a student loan . We paid for our childrens education without any government aid , we make about 70,000 a year not nearly what a government hack makes . why should I pay for someone elses kids to go to college , hell my property and income taxes pay for them all the way thru high school

  • Raymond Michael Borland

    Rangel needs to have a 100% tax on all liberal politicians and government workers and the money can be used to pay for free college education. This idiot , I presume, would also be in favor of enslaving some people to provide free education, either forcing all college teachers and professors and all the support staff that run a college to work for nothing, or enslave people who work their butts off to earn a living, put a gun to their head, and take their money.

  • jon

    when one gets somthing for nothing they treat it as the joke that it then becomes ask the president he spent his time doing drugs by his own word at Occidental.

  • jon

    sorry Charley you must have missed the class on common scene . for some reason free equated to lets trash it in the all for free means no sweat equity ! even jimmy carter be leaves you do not give something for nothing you have to help to build your new home ! so Charley why don’t you give your own money to help the students !

  • 2shinyshoes

    How much money does this Ancient Drunkard think taxpayers have? G*d, how do we rid ourselves of these chains around our necks, called Senators?

  • Charlie

    If there ever was a corrupt freaking dolt Charlie Rangel is it !!

  • Visitor

    So, Rangel, does that mean you and those other race-baiting basturds Jackson and Sharpton are going to pay?


    The best reason for a young person paying for college is that you appreciate something more when you pay for it. Plus you are more likely to question your professors when the money for the classes they are teaching come from your earnings. I know what I am talking about because I grew up in the projects in south Louisiana [raised by a single mother and grandmother] and I worked full time to put myself through college [while going to school full time]. Because I had to work for it I also wanted to make sure I didn’t waste what I worked for. A lot different than the big zero [who went to school on a taxpayer scholarship and never has worked at a real job].

  • jvb1980808

    You can lead a liberal to logic but he’ll just try to hump it.

  • MontieR

    There in no reason this idiot has not been institutionalised for being delusional.

  • Russ

    The Dem. are the ones that are killing the jobs.

  • IvyDevilDog

    Well, there is no reason tax-paying Americans should have to pay the salaries of House and Senate members. They should serve (and do nothing) for free!!

  • Ann Rand

    There is no reason why Daddy Warbucks should be shooting off his mouth… Maybe if he and the other thieves would repay what they have stolen from the taxpayers, we could all have FREE everything.

  • Brama

    I’m all for it, if it is your money. Unfortunately, the Federal Government doesn’t use its brain when paying for Liberal Arts Degrees that add next to nothing in terms of our economy.

    Mr. Wrangell, are you donating to any other cause other than the United Negro College Fund? Just asking…. cause there are more than just young blacks that I’m sure want their college education paid for.

  • missnellie

    Is this idiot on drugs????????? Sure seems so or why else would he spew out such absurb, ignorant garbarge

  • Ed Shick

    Charlie If all Congress men including you would pay your income tax < we might be able to get our students better tuition ,, I was in Korea also , and our Insuranc where I worked was doing pretty well so I never bothered checking on GI ,Insurance when I did I was put in catagory 8,, 21 mos a combat medic then back to state side and observed an Atomic blast in Nevada in 1953 , They did not help when I wanted to go to College ether but I got to be skilled trades man , So it has been real good to be an American and proud of America ,, Quit your Crying!!

  • bucidart

    Top ten list of Ding Bats in Washington:
    #10 Boxer
    #9 Waters
    #8 Hillary
    #7 Charlie
    #6 Nancy
    #5 Nancy
    #4 Nancy
    #3 Barry
    #2 Obama
    #1 Obama

  • Ray

    We wouldn’t be bothered with these cockroaches if the rich guys would have just picked their own cotton and left these Sambos in Africa

  • D. Guardian

    …..poor Rangel, before he went into politics he was white, afterwards, apparently, he lost his whiteness when he went into politics and became black, and now, after so many years, looks like he is losing whatever is left of his mind, too….democrats can do that to you, if you don’t watch it,…he didn’t…

  • Ron

    why do these piople always think some one else should pay their way,how many of our recent collage graduates have jobs comunsurate with their degree.I really get tires of these same people always telling orhers what we should do.–dumb asses

  • stonemike

    Sounds good from a MOOCH who never worked another day after he was”fraudulently” awarded a medal in Korea! Being the “law breaking ” hustler that he is, he decided quickly to use that “purloined honor” to get on the real gravy train, POLITICS!

  • 2egypt

    The more freebies you give a child, the less appreciative and desire he has to work for anything else…that’s called spoiled and have you seen any spoiled brat a success???

  • Anthony DiMinno

    Interesting view coming from a NOTORIOUS tax cheat who gets reelected by people who don’t care if he cheats as long as he provides them with someone else’s money.

  • Freedom_Road

    There is no reason I should pay for their college you freakin leaches!!! Enough already!!! Then use every last dime of your money to pay for it, I’m tired of phucks always looking in my wallet!!!

  • Ken Bowman

    Communist Party should pay for them. After all students are not being educated in anything useful to society and themselves. Students are being indoctrinated into communist propaganda and fooled into believing LIES.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Why does he always look, act and sound like the devil himself whenever he speaks?

  • disqus_2AF1QOhOSp

    How do these idiots get in and keep their positions?

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