CAUGHT ON TAPE: NY Times Reporters Discuss Whether to HISS or BOO Trump Presser [Video]

As reporters and people waited for the presser by President-Elect Donald Trump with the New York Times an amazing hot mic moment was heard. It seems that reporters were discussing how they would handle Trump and whether to BOO or HISS. They did not know that their mics were on apparently.  It’s not clear who, exactly, made the statements, and it’s impossible to know if they were actually reporters for the Times.

There’s another possibility which seems to make more sense to me — the individuals in question could’ve been debating how the crowd in front of them would react upon Trump’s arrival.  Again, there’s nothing to provide any context or additional information.

The Gateway Pundit posted a transcript of the video:

Reporter 1: Tommy… Tommy… Tommy… They’re rolling…

Reporter 2: They’re rolling.



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