YOU CALL THAT FOOTBALL????? Obama Calls Soccer ‘Football’

YOU CALL THAT FOOTBALL????? Obama Calls Soccer ‘Football’

Pandering. Seeking the approval of the global elite much? Related articles White House Stonewalls Congress in Closed-Door Bergdahl Brief ( Ted Cruz: We’re Hearing That Obama Wants to Release Another GITMO Terrorist ( OUT OF THE CLOSET: Soccer Officially Announces It Is Gay ( Barack Obama: I’m ‘Sure’ I Probably Got Concussions Playing Football (

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Super Bowl Ads: America, Land of the Defeated?

Trifecta examines the Super Bowl commercials, and asks what these ads tell us about the American spirit. Did Bob Dylan’s Superbowl ad confirm that America has finally given up on manufacturing anything other than Chryslers? Did the Coca Cola, “America the Beautiful” ad show that there is no longer a common American spirit? Hear what…

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9/11 “Truther” Invades Post-Super Bowl Press Conference

Riding high after last night’s Super Bowl XLVIII win, Seattle Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith was speaking to reporters Sunday night when something truly bizarre happened: a 9/11 truther stormed in, grabbed the microphone and briefly stole Smith’s thunder. It all happened very quickly, leaving the NFL star, who took home honors as last night’s MVP,…