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Charles Barkley: ‘We Are Brainwashed To Think, If You’re Not A Thug Or An Idiot, You’re Not Black Enough’

On an interview Thursday with Philadelphia radio host Anthony Garano, ex-NBA all star Charles Barkley responded to the rumors over Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s receiving criticism over not being “black enough” from some of his teammates. He then addressed a larger issue within the black community, one Barkley described as a “dirty, dark secret.”…

Shaq Brags He’s a “Real” Freemason

Shaquille O’Neal brags that he’s a real Freemason and shows off his enormous Masonic ring on national Television, saying “You don’t know anything about my profession.” Related articles Trick Shot Titus ( Fineman: Brags About HuffPo Having A Labor Reporter ( Earned Not Entitled ( The Unemployed Children of Today are America’s Future? ( Freemasons…

Lebron Wins It In Overtime; Where Was Hibbert?

Lebron James drives to the basket in the final seconds of overtime to win the game for the Heat. The question being asked all over the sports world this morning, why was the 7’2″ star Hibbert sitting on the bench for the final play of the game?