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Don’t Let The Left Dominate The Imagination Industry

The imagination is nothing to toy with or be dismissive of. The imagination of the left has steered the country far from the foundlings of our republic. They didn’t use guns to do it. They used their imagination. It’s a powerful weapon in the wrong hands; it can be equally powerful for defending too. via…

Why God Allows Evil

Atheists say they believe in ‘science,’ but are unwilling to accept scientific human causes for the evils they use to argue against God…huh? Zo explains! via AlfonzoRachel

We’re Causing Climate Change To Rain Bullets?

Liberals to blame everything except the actual problem, and demand others fix problems that aren’t really the problem, and that the ones who didn’t cause the problem fix the problems liberals keep promoting. In this case Climate change and guns are the problem. Hear in this ZoNation. via AlfonzoRachel