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Steven Crowder

Star Wars Parody: Social Justice WARS! (No Spoilers)

A long time ago in a menstruating, cis-gendered, rainbow flagged galaxy you wish was super far away… SOCIAL JUSTICE WARS! The Empire is back, but this time it urges you to check your privilege. Do not make assumptions, do not make judgments, for you know not of the intricacies of culture. Also, “Sand People” is…

The Politically Incorrect Guide To Thanksgiving

Happens every Thanksgiving, doesn’t? Some bleeding heart liberal you’re “related to” gets on their moral high Crazy Horse and lectures about how horribly rotten the white man was to the Native Americans. Which is why this year we’re throwing in the tomahawk. Time to scalp the facts about the Indians. Feathers not dots. via LouderWithCrowder

How Liberals Think The 1st Amendment Was Written

On June 7th, 1789, the night before James Madison proposed The Bill of Rights to the House of Representatives, he sat down to pen the first draft of the first amendment. The following is what many scholars believe to be the original and unedited version of that amendment. via LouderWithCrowder

The REAL CNBC Debate

We all agree the CNBC debate was a disaster. Heck, even CNBC agrees that it was a disaster. Well, here’s a take which you may enjoy a little more… if not enjoy, at least you won’t be filled with a strong desire to harm yourself. Though of course, we make no guarantees. CNBC: where facts…

What If Jihadi Witnesses Tried To Proselytize Door-To-Door?

Jehovah’s witnesses come to my house nearly every saturday. At best, they stay too long trying to convince me of their craziness. At worst, they get offended when I tell them that they’re wrong. Still, let’s put it in context. They’re mildly annoying, but they aren’t trying to kill me. Which is more than I…

Is “Thug” The New “N-Word”?

Time to put your learning hats on, because we’re going to take you through the modern Social Justice Warrior (#SJW for short) dictionary. Thug is the new “N” word, “riot” is inherently racist and “terrorism” doesn’t actually mean… terrorism. Yes, this is actually what people on the left believe. They protest over it, in fact….

Avengers: Age of Political Correctness

There’s been outrage over everything lately. Over cartoons, over the Avengers… well how about an Avengers cartoon? Better yet, how about the most politically incorrect cartoon you’ll watch this week? What would the world look like if our superheroes had to toe today’s lines of political correctness? Oh yes, we went there… via LouderWithCrowder

Hitler Reacts To Denied Gay Wedding Cake

Listen, here at we hate comparisons to Nazis as much as the next guy. Especially Hitler. But this recent deal with bakeries, pizzerias and religious freedom has created a line in the sand. When people want the government to be able to tell its citizens exactly HOW they should do business… or be allowed…

Would Jesus Drink Beer?

This is an argument that rages on at religious institutions across this whole country. Did Jesus condone the use of alcohol? Would Jesus drink beer? Was wine back then really wine like we know it today? Well, if you do a little reading on the historical context of fermentation techniques, or if you, you know……

Dana Loesch Gives EPIC Rant On Feminism!

In case you missed the show this week, we’ve got you covered with a full video-cast! Lucky for you, this video happens to include the very fetching Dana Loesch. Not only does she discuss her personal transition from liberal to conservative, but at about 9:20 she goes into an epic rant on teenage feminists and…

Black Conservative Woman Rips Starbucks

This week on LouderWithCrowder we’re joined by two STRONG, Conservative women. First up, Dana Loesch tells us about her upbringing as a liberal, her transition into Conservatism, and just why becoming a mom has caused her to loathe feminists! Then we have Kira Davis, a strong, black woman who absolutely tears Starbucks a new one,…