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Clarke: Dem Debate ‘Plantation Politics,’ Emotional ‘Enslavement of Black People,’ and ‘Whoring for Votes

Milwaukee County, WI Sheriff David Clarke (D) declared the Democratic presidential debate “plantation politics in its finest hour, the continued enslavement of black people, emotionally by the Democrat Party” and “whoring for votes” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel. Clarke stated [relevant remarks begin around 1:50] “Sean, it was a pathetic display. It…

Iraq: Romney Was Right, Obama Was Wrong…Again

Mitt Romney warned that if the U.S. completely withdrew from Iraq, it would crumble and for that Barack Obama called him a foreign policy novice. Islamic militants have thrown Iraq into a tailspin and the country is on the verge of an all-out civil war. So, we have to ask, who’s the foreign policy novice…

Denver City Councilwoman: I Want To Control Your Behavior

Denver City Councilwoman Debbie Ortega is hoping to pass a five cent tax on every grocery bag used in Denver. During a city council meeting Tuesday, August 13 the Councilwoman honestly told us why she wanted such a tax: “My focus on doing this ordinance has never been about but rather to affect the behavior…

Nixon and Obama: Like Brothers from Another Mother

Many pundits and journalists, including CBS’ Bob Schieffer, have drawn parallels between the Obama White House’s handling of scandals plaguing the administration and Former President Nixon’s management of Watergate. We looked back in the archives to see just how close they were.

Think You Need An ID to Register to Vote in CO? Nope!

Revealing Politics’ Brandon Morse proves just how easy it is to register to vote in Colorado without an ID. The Colorado legislature is in the midst of considering a bill to pass same day voter registration, so if Brandon had done this on election day, he would have subsequently been given a ballot and could…

CO House Democrat: Clear Priorities

Despite Colorado’s consistently struggling economy, Colorado Representative Claire Levy (D-Boulder) used one of her bills in the 2013 legislative session to tackle the critical issue of where in Colorado’s statute the theft of free newspapers should located.

2012: A Revealing Year

2012 was a great year for Revealing Politics. From the RNC to the DNC. From vaginas to Marijuana. From the Illuminati to the danger of corn, 2012 is a year that will be remembered for how much we saw of what drives national opinion and what the general public knows about what’s going on in…

Should the Government Regulate Christmas?

Revealing Politics’ Caleb Bonham hit the streets to talk with his fellow man in this Christmas themed double-feature. Revealing Politics was curious how far some people think our government should go to regulate carbon emissions during this busy shopping season. “Should the government regulate Christmas to save the environment? ” and “What is more important,…

Politics and Pensions: Where Hope Goes to Die

When President Barack Obama ran in 2008, an aspect of his platform was protecting pensions . . . unfortunately for phi’s non-union retirees the President ACTUALLY meant that he would protect only union pensions. Revealing Politics interviews retirees who are living with the ramifications of Obama’s broken promises.

Obama Supporters Clueless About Libya Attack

Revealing Politics went to the Ohio University campus to an Obama event on October 17th to find out what the President’s supporters thought about the September 11 Benghazi attacks. Turns out they didn’t think much, as most of the event attendees we interviewed had never even heard of it.