Women, We Can Win!

At RNC 2012, Penny Nance talked to PolitiChick anchor Gina Loudon about the importance of women during election season. We thought going into the 2014 elections this message is even more relevant than ever. via PolitiChicks

“Liberalism Is…A Psychosis”

Ann-Marie Murrell interviews singer/musician Dee Rock Country at the Rally for Common Sense in Missouri. And if you’re not familiar with Dee Rock’s music, please check it out because he is AWESOME: http://deerockcountry.com via PolitiChicks

Beaten to Death in Plain Sight: 8-Year-Old Gabriel’s Story

In May 2013, Gabriel Fernandez was beaten to death (allegedly) by his mother & her boyfriend. The main person who tried to save his life was his 1st grade teacher, Jennifer Garcia. PolitiChick anchor Ann-Marie Murrell interviews Jennifer about her important role in Gabriel’s very brief life. via PolitiChicks

Madison Rising and Ava Aston: Yes, Republicans DO Rock!

From NY PolitiChick Ava Aston:  ”One of many Parody videos I have made for my compadres at Politichicks.tv ~ In them I make light of many stereotypes and misconceptions about different political ideologies. So many left-leaning people seem to have this idea that they are too cool for school and Republicans/Conservatives are not hip or…

Egyptian Former Muslim: “The Goal of Islam is to Conquer the World”

Egyptian Nonie Darwish talks to Ann-Marie Murrell about Islamic rule in her home country & why Islamist will never stop until they have ‘conquered the world’. “I don’t care about ‘moderate Muslims’—there are enough radicals ones to destroy western civilization & freedom.” Nonie Darwish is an Egyptian-American human rights activist, and founder of Arabs For…

Geert Wilders on Islamic Terrorism in EU & US

Ann-Marie Murrell talks to world renowned freedom fighter Geert Wilders about the spread of Sharia throughout Europe and ways America seems to be following suit. “Don’t make the same mistakes in America that we did in Europe.” From the American Freedom Alliance conference in Century City, California. via PolitiChicks.TV

From Rape Victim to 2nd Amendment Activist

After being brutally raped on her college campus, Amanda Hughes has now become a predominant voice in the pro-2nd Amendment movement. Ann-Marie Murrell talks to Amanda about what happened to her and how she has turned a horrible negative into a positive. From the “Women For the 2nd Amendment Rally” in Sacramento, California. via PolitiChicks