Watch What Happens When Reporter Asks College Students to Point to New Hampshire on a Map

With the New Hampshire primary less than a week out, MRCTV visited one of the country’s top universities Tuesday to see if students could point to the state on a map. The results were painful, to put it mildly. MRCTV’s Dan Joseph began by asking students at the University of Maryland what they knew about the Iowa Caucus, which took place the night before. Not not only were most students completely unaware that the Iowa Caucuses had even happened, they couldn’t even find New Hampshire, the state that will be hosting the next major presidential primary, on a map of the United States.

Liberals Try To Explain Who Qualifies As A ‘Worker’

In liberal land, you hear the term “worker” thrown around a lot. But you never hear politicians or activists describe what types of jobs qualify a person to actually be “working.” Traditionally, the term has been used to describe those who belong to labor unions, which is why liberals and Democrats use the word so…

Some Students Don’t Know About The Gettysburg Address

Tuesday was the 150th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. The Civil War era speech is held up as one of the most important pieces of oratory ever written and cemented the legacy of Abraham Lincoln as one of our greatest Presidents.It used to be that every child learned about the Address in elementary school….