Julie Borowski

How to Win the Gun Debate

“Guns are a hot button issue right now. Gun rights advocates have stats and facts on our side. Why then are some people just not getting it? How can we win this debate? I give my thoughts.” -JulieBorowski

The Economics of Sandwiches

I, Sandwich. In 1958, Leonard E. Read wrote I, Pencil. Here’s a modern day version with sandwiches. How many people does it take to make one simple sandwich? More than you might think.

Feminism: Then Vs. Now

“First wave feminism vs. feminism today. A bit different. Exaggerated and all in good fun. I ruined my pants. I hate ketchup. It smells bad.” – JulieBorowski

Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly

“Donald Trump got asked tough questions? Good. He should have. He’s running for PRESIDENT. C’mon now.” -Julie Borowski What do you think? Are Trump’s supporters ignoring his past (less than conservative) stances on the issues?

Republican Primary Debate Parody

“Ladies and gentleman, the FIRST GOP debate of the campaign season! Disclaimer: This is exaggerated parody and satire. None of this actually happened. No one said any of this. No one did any of this. Thanks.” -JulieBorowski Do you think Donald Trump is a joke? Comment below.