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What The Chinese Hack Of OPM Means

The federal Office of Personnel Management may have been hit by a second data breach that gave hackers access to an entirely different, and potentially more damaging, set of data, officials said Friday. The stolen files are believed to have included highly sensitive information from forms filled out by people applying for jobs that require…

Why Jonathan Gruber is Important

In a 2011 conversation about the Affordable Care Act, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of the law more commonly known as Obamacare, talked about how the bill would get rid of all tax credits for employer-based health insurance through “mislabeling” what the tax is and who it would hit. In recent days,…

Should Doctors Be Quarantined if They Treat Ebola Patients?

When Dr. Thomas M. Kerkering of Virginia Tech’s Carilion School of Medicine returned in late September after volunteering at an Ebola treatment clinic in Sierra Leone, he adhered closely to the routine established by other medical professionals. He checked his temperature twice a day and avoided shaking hands with people and hugging even family members….