Hair of the Dog

Hair of the Dog: Pelosi Makes Sense on Taxes?!

On this week’s show, Stephen Green gives the “Eyebrow of Total Disdain” to a likely candidate. Also, Mitch McConnell hit the Sunday Shows to speak some truth. , every girl’s favorite, Paul Ryan, was featured on the Sunday Shows. You ready to get fiscal?

Hair of the Dog: Obama Campaign Kicks Off to Half Empty Stadium

Is Mitt Romney a vampire? Does Obama eat dog? Find out on this Hair of the Dog as Stephen Green looks at big stories on the Sunday shows. Hear about Marco Rubio’s potential run for Vice President, Joe Biden’s attempt to act like a Vice President, and George Stephanopoulos’s trip to Disneyland. Is Obama to…

Hair of the Dog: Don’t Like ObamaCare? Shut Up, Racist!

It was non-stop accusations of racism on the Sunday shows, especially with respect to critics of ObamaCare. Hear the details. , Newt Gingrich basically conceded to Mitt Romney, but could Gov. John Kasich (OH) be on Romney’s VP short list? Find out about these stories and more on this week’s Hair of the Dog with…