Let God Be True and Gays Be Gays

Carly Hill talks about her Christianity-infused libertarian view on gay marriage. Read her recent article on the topic at Patriot Update – “On Gay Marriage: I’m Right and You’re Wrong” – and follow Carly on @CarlyDHill. via YoungPatriots

SCRAM RINOS! Liberty is Taking Over…

Carly Hill of discusses how the Liberty Movement is succeeding in pushing out RINOS and interviews Bonnie Kristian, Director of Communications at Young Americans for Liberty. Follow Carly on @CarlyDHill via YoungPatriots

How to Be Lovingly Intolerant

Is it possible to be socially conservative, but still be kind to your opposition? Can you be loving to people you disagree with, without lowering your standards or “selling out?” Is it possibly to be a friendly activist? via