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Going For Broke: Another California City Files for Bankruptcy

Now three California cities are bankrupt. San Bernardino, CA filed for bankruptcy after announcing that it could not meet payroll. Add to the list Stockton, CA and Mammoth Lakes, CA. Which cities are next? Who is to blame? Is America facing a wave of municipal bankruptcies? Find out as Terry Jones of IBD and Don…

Front Page: JP Morgan Trading Loss Aftermath

JPMorgan Chase posted huge trading losses on what it called a hedge. Should regulators prevent banks from trading and hedging? Could New Deal era regulations prevent future losses by banks? Find out as the Allen Barton talks to Terry Jones of IBD, and Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute, on this Front Page.

Front Page: Does Mitt Romney Pay Less Taxes Than You?

Those dang rich people are at it again. We all know Mitt Romney was born with silver spoon in hand, but does he also pay less taxes than you? Have no fear. The Barack Obama re-elect is here to help you calculate how millionaires are screwing America over. Learn more about the Buffett Rule calculator…